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 Manchester United FC - FA CUP WINNERS 1998/1999


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1998/1999 FA Cup Winners !!

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Fixtures & Results 1999/2000

Real Video Streaming Multi Media!
Recorded and presented by
Cecil Cheah  cecilcheah@bluewin.ch

Peter Schmeichel  Peter intro with Lou Macari - why is he leaving? 2.03m
David Beckham  Becks intro - free kicks? 1.52m
Roy Keane  Keano intro - Capt. tremendous desire to win 1.40m
Ryan Giggs  Ryan intro - that goal! 1.34m

Wembley tunnel  news from United camp before match 1.29m
Teams march out   Crowd build up 1.11m

Save 1  save one by Schmeichel 20secs
1st chance   A chance! 22secs
2nd chance  Becks corner 51secs
Roy struggles   Roy injured - goes off 1.08m
Teddy on  Teddy comes on for Roy 34secs
Teddy Scores!  teddy scores soon after coming on 1.14m
Teddy reaction  Teddy's goal reaction 25secs
Teddy celebration  Celebrations 22secs
3rd chance  Sheringham goes close 1.03m
1st half summary  Sum up of first half 51secs

Fun in dressing room   Dwight & Pete 22secs

Chance   Rob Lee 8secs
Scholsie scores  Paul Scholes makes it 2-0 1.11m
Goal summary  Goal! 17secs
Substitution  Cole off Yorke on 25secs
Giggsy cross  Giggs cross 40secs
Becks corner  Becks corner - Giggs shot 37secs
Teddy Chip  Teddy chip 37secs
Stam comes on  Jaap stam comes on for Scholes 28secs
Two goals  Both goals 34secs

Team celebrations   supreme champions - Third Double -
- FaCup Nr4 for Alex 1.31m

Lifting the Trophy  Roy picks up the trophy! 31 secs
Alex Ferguson  Alex interview 51secs
David Beckham  Becks interview 51secs
David & Peter  Becks & Schmikes celebrate 17secs
Ryan Giggs  Ryan after match interview 48secs
Peter Schmeichel  Big Pete interview last game in England 37secs
Paul Scholes  Scholsie chat after his first Cup final start 1.03m
Teddy Sheringham  Teddy interview 1min
Phil & Gary  Both Neville brothers together 1min
Dwight Yorke  Dwight interview 37secs
Celebration line up  End of game celebrations 51secs

1999/2000 ECL Quarter Final Reports
 v Real Madrid

19 Apr 2000
Manchester United (H) 2-3 Real Madrid CL
Captain's own goal REDS fall to a Real triple - Beckham(64) Scholes(88 pen) - comeback too late.

04 Apr 2000
Manchester United (A) 0-0 Real Madrid CL
REDS play out the draw in Madrid - MOM Mark Bosnich's brilliance keeps Real at bay

1999/2000 REDS Score SEVEN  
Paul Scholes scores goals!

01 Apr 2000
Manchester United (H) 7-1 West Ham United PL
Ten points clear! Scholes HAT-TRICK! (24 51 63pen) Irwin(26)pen Cole(45) Beckham(66) Sols(73)

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