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Europa League 2016/2017

TUE AUG 08 2017 - Manchester United were outclassed as Spanish and European champions Real Madrid retained the Uefa Super Cup with victory in a sweltering Skopje.   


A Seat In The Crowd by Paul Windridge & Linda Harvey

If you are a regular visitor to the Theatre of Dreams website, the names Paul Windridge and Linda Harvey may not be familiar to you, but their pseudonyms Red Kelly and Salford Lass most certainly will be. Paul and Linda wrote about Manchester United on the United mailing lists and on the website, for over three years prior to this book. What began as simple reports of the game, done by two people who were new to this writing business, developed into more complex narratives, each telling the story of a day and the experience, and including what goes on behind the scenes and the reactions to off-pitch issues.

Gradually they began to get reactions from people all over the world who asked again and again, when are you going to put it all in a book? Well now they did and the baby they nurtured for a full season was born.

Three In A Row by Paul Windridge & Linda Harvey

If you are a regular visitor to the Theatre of Dreams website, the names Paul Windridge and Linda Harvey may not be familiar to you, but their pseudonyms Red Kelly and Salford Lass most certainly will be.

A season of triumph for United or one of frustrated ambition? The jury was (sic) still out on season 2000-01, if only because another championship was followed by a hasty Champions League exit and trouble between Alex Ferguson and the board.

When Sir Alex Ferguson became the first manager to win three championships in a row, it set the seal on another successful season at Old Trafford. From August to the start of the New Year, United were as irresistible as usual. But by Spring, despite an imminent championship, there were rumours that United's most successful manager of all time had fallen out with the board.

Following United's exit from the Champions League, the grumbling at boardroom and terrace level grew to fever pitch. So much so that by the final fixture of the season rumour and theory had replaced sanity on the terraces, with most fans convinced 'the Wizard' was on his way out.

As ever there's rarely a dull moment at Old Trafford. From the debate over standing to the creeping (and not so creeping) commercialism within the club, to the threats made by Trafford Borough Council and the arrival of a new chairman, United supporters had more to worry about than mere football.  CLICK FOR MORE

Barcelona Reports * 1998/99 Treble Champions! *
ead the many personal reports which have been submitted from UNITED Supporters around the globe. Amazing stories of the World coming together one night in Barcelona when Manchester United completed it's most successful season in history.
| Paul Scully | Barry Leeming |
OUR SALFORD LASS | Pete Hargreaves | RED KELLY | ...

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Our fundamental objective is to secure meaningful permanent ownership of Manchester United FC for supporters.

Only through supporter ownership can we achieve the goals that every supporter has for our club.

  • MAXIMUM INVESTMENT IN THE TEAM by reinvesting profits rather than paying dividends or debt
  • UNRIVALLED ATMOSPHERE by making tickets more affordable and more fairly distributed, and encouraging safe standing

There was a time when your support meant something to the club & team. That time can come again. Please look around, read more about us and join for free today.

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Clockwise Tour of Old Trafford by P.Hargreaves
Pete takes you around the ground, explaining the history behind each section along the way.
10 Best Players of All Time by H.Hargreaves
Hal has been watching United for over 80 years - he's seen quite a few players come and go - here are his top 10.

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