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 Personal Barcelona '99 Reports



494k May 1999  3m 15sec Barcelona.rm Barcelona.rm Sing! "REDS Are Going To Barcelona!"


  1998/99 Treble Champions!

ead the many personal reports which have been submitted from UNITED Supporters around the globe. Amazing stories of the World coming together one night in Barcelona when Manchester United completed it's most successful season in history.


Solskjaer wins us the European Cup [MPEG - 3s]

  Real Audio: 458k/2.56m ECL Music original in full - enjoy! [STREAMING]

REAL VIDEO: 3.2meg/2.00m Sky News at 10 European Cup Final night! made by Cecil Cheah [STREAMING]

It's A Kinda Magic European Cup Film!  Edited by Cecil Cheah
If you prefer download this file to your hard disk.

REAL MEDIA ASF version: 2.7meg/4.24m
It's A Kinda Magic European Cup Film in ASF  Edited by Cecil Cheah

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made by Andrew Falconer<andrew_falconer@YAHOO.COM>
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mufc.pdf 365,702
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3.1 meg May 1999  3.15 reds_going_to_barcelona.mp3
 Mp3 version   Sing!"REDS Are Going To Barcelona!"

ecf_barry_radio5live.rm OR Streaming Real Audio
"ECF Barry Leeming Interview on Radio 5 "LIVE" [WAV]
mufc_a_kind_of_magic.mp3 MP3 Highlights MIX by Cecil Cheah
to Queen's "Its A Kind Of Magic" recommended! 4meg 4.28m
NEW! 42min - European Cup final 1999 Highlights! Lou Macari commentating
1.6M May26 13.48 Build up + 1st half highlights Stream
2.3M May26 19.29 2nd half highlights Stream
891k May26 7.15 3rd Part After Match Celebrations Stream  Incl. Alex "Football bloody hell"
121k Jun13 0.59 European cup Presentation Nou camp [Real Video]
27k May26 0.24 ECF Sheringham Radio 5[WAV] "Teddy Teddy - he might win the lot yet!"
90k May26 0.44 ECF Sheringham ITV-UK ""Can Manchester United score? They ALLWAYS score!"
1.1m May26 2.32 itv_solskjaer.mp3 [Mp3/1,1meg]"United have reached the promised land!"
315k May26 2.32 ECF Solskjaer ITV-UK Clive Tyldesley & Ron Atkinson.
342k May26 0.43 [Mp3/342k] Can Manchester United Score? THEY ALWAYS SCORE!
40k May26 0.36 ECF Solskjaer Radio 5 see wav ..
1meg May26 0.34 [WAV version] Munich players are on their knees!
134k May26 0.37 ECF Sheringham Danish TV 3 Danish commentator "Schmeichel comes forward"
108k May26 0.52 ECF Solskjaer Danish TV 3 Danish commentator "Total collapse of Bayern Munich"
123k May26 1.00 ECF Sheringham Talk Radio[WAV] "Teddy Teddy & he might win the lot yet!"
123k May26 1.00 ECF Solskjaer Talk Radio[WAV]"Unbelievable drama - incredible celebration!!"
134k May26 0.34 ECF Sheringham GMR [WAV] Wilf McGuiness! "The Dream is still alive"
123k May26 1.00 ECF Solskjaer GMR [WAV] Wilf McGuiness SCREAMS!!!!!!
35k May26 0.17 ECF Sheringham Martin Tyler [WAV]"The Treble Dreams are still alive"
108k May26 0.52 ECF Solskjaer Martin Tyler [WAV]"What a historic moment this could be"
134k May21 2.04 Player Interviews before the Cup Final"David - Ole - Jaap - Gary & more"
317k May16 4.53 Celebrations pt 2 Songs!"Sky commentators + singing"
382k May16 5.53 Celebrations at OT presentations of medals!
"Sky commentators - Peter will be a tough act to follow PL champions"
134k May16 2.04 David Beckham Interview after the PL Championship
"first touch was good & I managed to whip one in the corner"
218k May16 3.21 Dwight Yorke Interview after the PL Championship!"superb a great feeling"
157k May16 2.24 Alex Ferguson + Peter Schmeichel Interview after the PL Championship!
"Alex - best goalkeeper I've seen in my life" - Peter "Alex is the top man in football!"

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