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Date: Sun May 30 11:34:38 EDT 1999
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This Issue:
1. The Devil May Care (DMC) 5
4. This was a night to be united in pride
5. I wish Bayern Munich had had more luck!!
6. Johan Cruyff: Fergie deserves it all


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CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: The Devil May Care (DMC) 5 In the last DMC special edition I said: "Well it seems as though some of you out there need cheering up and a more than a little encouragement. Don't you know this is what it's always like supporting United. It's not bland and boring like supporting any other club. Imagine what it must be like supporting Arsenal - bloody boring, that's what." So what's boring about supporting United now then? You may ask, "did we needed to live through 90 minutes of torture before the balls hit the back of the net." But don't we live for moments? Isn't it moments we recall when we're out chatting in the pub? Dramatic moments are the lifeblood of sport and it doesn't get any more dramatic than Wednesday night. Wednesday night was about belief. Having the belief to persevere until the very end. And that is what Manchester United is all about and what Manchester United supporters are all about. Why were there 60,000 or more of us there on Wednesday if that is not the case. And why did so many go without tickets if they didn't believe they would get in? After what happened on Wednesday night you have to believe that anything is possible if you want it enough. It is surely a valuable lesson to us all. This team believes in itself and anyone who comes into the team has to have the same belief or it doesn't work. I don't think Teddy had ever come across anything like it before and so he thought he could just amble through games and everything would be just as it always was. He didn't reckon on the Manchester United way. But now he's learnt, and now he knows. Teddy Sheringham has rewarded us with his most important goals ever and is now a member of the elite Red Army. There were tens of thousands of Reds all over the stadium and more seemed to arrive after half time. I saw one lad bunk in, run down some steps pursued by officials, jump over a wall into our bit and disappear. Top lad I thought. The song about Reds being here, there and everywhere has never been so apt as on Wednesday and maybe, just maybe, the collective will helped a little more than usual to overcome the showboating Germans. I'm afraid they got their just deserts when those two goals went in - tough shit mateys. I love all the stories about Becks spotting the Cup with the Bayern colours on. Teddy watching the Bayern players waving to their supporters as though they'd already won and he wasn't even on the pitch at that time. And what of the Hungarian who held up the ball as an offering before kissing it and throwing it back just before the first goal. But was something else going on? Didn't you think something else was afoot on Wednesday night? It was definitely an unreal experience, an almost out of body experience. Was there a supernatural force on our side? Think of the event, the date and the opposition. I know this has been said before, but we were playing Munich on what would have been Sir Matt's 90th birthday. Two of his Babes died this year - Dennis and Jackie, and two goals were scored after the 90th minute. Is this all down to the teams performance, is it purely co-incidence, is it supernatural or due to the collective will of the supporters and the team? I believe it is all of them combining together to form our destiny. And now will everyone understand what Manchester United is - it's you and me and anyone else who believes in it - truly believes in it. Yes, there were doubters amongst the Red faithful, you had to feel that all could be lost when the 90 minutes were up, but surely you always felt there was a chance didn't you? I know I did. To me it was always going to be our destiny as soon as we knew the four semi finalists. The only problem I could envisage was if we lost the Premier League I thought there was a chance we would lose the lot. But when that was won we had every chance of winning the lot. Adrenaline would see the lads through. And so it was, but without the belief they would have not been able to win. So let's applaud the man who has instilled that belief into the players, he is a Wizard for sure. He is without doubt the greatest manager ever - OK so he makes mistakes, but as a leader of men he is beyond reproach. And what of the celebrations, the joining together of team and fans choreographed by Superstar. You'd have thought he'd played in the sodding match. I forgot he hadn't!! But those celebrations proved the bond between them and us. They were part of us. You could have substituted anyone of them for anyone of us and not known the difference. We were in the stands, they were on the pitch but we were together as one - a true bond collectively known as Manchester United. Have a good summer and enjoy the glory - remember the moment and re-live the emotion again and again. DMC
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: AB FAB FOR UNITED By Paul Hetherington, Sunday Mirror Alex Ferguson has made a dramatic 11th hour move to line up France's Fabien Barthez as an alternative to Mark Bosnich as Peter Schmeichel's successor. If United can agree personal terms with 27-year-old Barthez, it will leave Aston Villa's Bosnich broken-hearted. Bosnich was expecting to sign for United this week and was at Old Trafford on Friday for talks with manager Ferguson and chairman Martin Edwards. But United have still not closed the deal, even though Bosnich is available on a free transfer under the Bosman ruling. In the meantime, Fergie has still been considering other targets after missing out on the keeper he really wanted - Ajax's Edwin van der Sar, who last week joined Juventus for £6m. That has coincided with Barthez, France's World Cup-winning goalkeeper, announcing: "I am leaving Monaco - I have played my last match for the club. "All the big clubs in Europe have been making inquiries about me, so it's now or never for me. If Monaco stand in my way, things will become very awkward." Barthez has two years remaining on his contract with Monaco, who would demand a £5m fee at least. His departure would open the door for Schmeichel to make his ideal move - to Monaco. Bosnich has rejected Liverpool and Roma to sign for United and he remains an option for Ferguson. But he has never been at the top of Fergie's list of possible targets, which have included Alex Manninger at Arsenal. Ferguson said of his search for a keeper: "Now, my immediate priority is to resolve this situation and hopefully, that will be done in the next week or so." © PA Sporting Life
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: BECKS PLEDGES TO STAY AT UNITED By Paul Hetherington, Sunday Mirror David Beckham has revealed his desire to stay with Manchester United for the rest of his career. The 24-year-old England midfielder has enjoyed his Treble-winning season at Old Trafford so much that he reckons there is no reason he would ever want to leave United. "I always want to be a Manchester United player," he said. "When you achieve what we have this season why would you want anything else? Why go anywhere else? It couldn't get better wherever you went." Beckham has been arguably United's most consistent player as Alex Ferguson's men completed an unprecedented Treble of European Champions' Cup, FA Cup and Premiership title. But he is keen to give the credit for United's success to the team spirit under Ferguson. "You can tell there is a great spirit, friendship and feeling of togetherness between us. For a group of young lads to grow up and go on to win titles, FA Cups and now the European Cup is a dream come true, amazing. "I have never wanted to be out of the side. I haven't felt I've needed to rest or anything like that." © PA Sporting Life
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: This was a night to be united in pride By Patrick Collins Sunday, May 30, 1999 When social historians consider the condition of England in the late 20th century they may conclude that May 26, 1999, was a date of some significance. For it was on this day that the English finally cast off years of denial and announced that they were truly, madly and deeply in love with their national game. One night of passion did the trick. One evening in Catalonia, made glorious by improbable accomplishment, brought them scrambling from the closet to embrace the sport that dared not speak its name at the start of this decade. As a result of this extraordinary renaissance, English football now enjoys the kind of popular acceptance and approval that it has not known since a certain sun-spattered Wembley afternoon in 1966. And that, I suggest, is the true measure of Manchester United's achievement. Of course, the trend was well advanced long before events in the Nou Camp acquired their dramatic shape. Tragedy had provoked reform and reform had engendered prosperity. And as the new money flooded in, the nature of football's following began to change. Suddenly, the game acquired distinctly cool credentials. Where once it was patronised by soap stars and club comedians, it now seemed that every member of the artistic and scientific establishments was claiming eternal allegiance to Lincoln or Leyton Orient. Why, the DG of the BBC openly admitted that he played for a parks team. No, football was never more cool. And the politicians were not slow to spot the signs; thus, John Major could sit at Chelsea and give every indication that he knew which team played in blue, while Tony Blair could play respectable head tennis with Keegan and take thumping penalties against Ferguson. It was all in happy contrast to the days of Margaret Thatcher, for whom football was a game attended by hooligan hordes of anarchic proles and Chelsea was simply a desirable address in south-west London. Naturally, the game was in danger of alienating its traditional support in desperate efforts to woo the bourgeoisie. Why, this very week I saw a father hand in hand with his young son as they hurried for the Barcelona plane. 'Will Keane be playing, Daddy?' inquired one lad, in tones of purest Knightsbridge. 'Unfortunately not,' replied his father. 'And it's not Keane, it's "Keane-oh". Remember?' The child nodded, the man smiled, and together they burst into a chant of 'Keane-oh! Keane-oh!' as they took their seats in business class. I found myself shuddering, and I wasn't sure why. Just before the match, I told the story to a Man City fan. 'That's bloody United all over,' he said. 'D'you know, if they win the Treble, they're going to have a parade. Round the M25.' A couple of hours later I saw him leaping from his seat and screaming in guilty glee as Sheringham and Solskjaer delivered their devastating blows. Some emotions run deeper than light-blue distaste for Manchester United. In truth, the reactions to victory have been as astonishing as the match itself. The club whose wealth and assurance most deeply divides the nation has succeeded, for a few days at least, in uniting the country in the glow of success. This was far more substantial than Euro '96, which was largely a bogus triumph of wishful thinking. This was a solid achievement of which we could all be proud. The fact that United's fans behaved almost impeccably was a welcome bonus and the fact that United's victims happened to be German did not detract from the general satisfaction. Sure, there were churls who hate Manchester United more than they love the game, and there was one hilarious luvvie who informed us that: 'This was politics, it was history, it was art, it was destiny.' But, if we discount the bile and ignore the tosh, we find a nation once more at ease with the game it gave to the world. Of course, things could go wrong. The hooligans could return in sickening force, the new customers could withdraw their patronage and the sport's financial foolishness could develop into full-blown insanity. And yet, as the miracle of Barcelona still lingers warmly in our memory, we hope that a corner has been turned and that the people have discovered a new joy in their most precious sporting possession. It was an hour after Wednesday's midnight when I left one of the thousands of victory celebrations. Waiting in the queue for taxis, close by the Nou Camp stadium, I was joined by a man in a United shirt. We spoke of the game and its goals, of Alex Ferguson's delight in the achievement and of how David Beckham was surely destined to become one of the legends of Old Trafford. The man then announced that his chartered bus had departed an hour earlier, with his passport in the luggage rack. 'Couldn't care less,' he said. 'I mean, it was some night, wasn't it? Some bloody night, was that.' A taxi arrived and the United fan jumped aboard. 'Calais, please' he said to the driver, and they disappeared into the darkness. Some night, indeed. And some team. And some glorious game that can turn grown men into capering children, and offer children the promise of a love to last a lifetime. ***** Now for a timely tap on the shoulder It is the overwhelming view of the British public that the manager of Manchester United should become Sir Alex Ferguson at the earliest opportunity. Yet, when it comes to regal swords falling on humble shoulders, football has fared rather poorly. There was Busby, of course, and an estimable group which includes Matthews, Ramsey, Charlton and, belatedly, Finney. Yet never a Stein, a Shankly, a Paisley or a Moore. Some of us still have hopes that the work of Ron Greenwood will find reward but, for the moment, Ferguson remains the only outstanding prospect. Cricket does rather better, yet still there are candidates yet to receive the accolade; Messrs Benaud, Richards, Lloyd, Taylor and, most certainly, Botham. Athletics can offer Thompson, Coe and Brasher, while it must be just a matter of time before rowing acclaims Sir Steven Redgrave. Now, some may feel that these are names which need no lofty adornment. But others will insist that sport has been shabbily rewarded. After all, it plays a far greater role in the life of the nation than the industrialists who pour calculated largesse into party coffers or compliant hacks who have warmed the back benches for obedient decades. We must hope that this shrewdest of Prime Ministers recognises the chance to distribute a spot of popular justice. And seizes it.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: I wish Bayern Munich had had more luck!! So, whiner Lothar Matthäus took his runner-up medal off as soon as he was presented with it and said our lads were lucky???? I guess he was disappointed, eh??. We weren't, were we!! There are always winners and losers in games, but whiners are losers in life. He didn't say anything about "heart" and "will to win", let alone "skill" that our lads had. It takes all of these to get far in this championship. I guess Matthäus was missing something. I really wish Bayern Munich had had more luck. Then they might have scored another goal and made a game of it!! As it was, we gave them 90 minutes to get a 2-goal start -- and they still couldn't do it. At the end, as time was getting short, our lads said "screw this, we can't wait any longer, we'll just have to finish it" -- and they did!!!!! Yeh!!Yeh!!!Yeh!!! Three Yehs for the triple -- and one BOO!! for whiner Matthäus. He should take lessons from his coach, and Beckenbauer. To all who were at the unforgettable match: You Lucky Buggers!! I'm sure you had a great time, especially afterwards. The weather looked great, and I've got a video -- so I'm happy. Best Wishes to REDS Everywhere. Richard TOF [The Oldest Fart], Connecticut, USA
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Johan Cruyff: Fergie deserves it all By David Walker Sunday, May 30, 1999 Alex Ferguson's all-conquering team have received the seal of approval from another member of that exclusive band of Treble winners, Johan Cruyff. During his days as Ajax coach the Dutch master tactician guided his team to three trophies in one season, including the European Cup. Cruyff was a spectator in Bareclona's Nou Camp stadium on Wednesday night and, for the good of the game, prays that Ferguson's tactical approach will now be copied around the globe. Cruyff said: 'United's consistent form, and their attacking style, has brought them three major trophies this season. United are Europe's only worthy champions. No team deserved it more than Ferguson's men. 'I didn't see the same wonderful football in Barcelona that I've enjoyed all season from them but Bayern Munich seemed to think they are the only ones with the willpower to turn things around and to get a result against the odds. 'United's crown in Europe is fully deserved. For almost 10 years they've been playing wonderful football. It was just so strange to see that they played their worst game of the year in the final. 'It would have been a body-blow, though, if Bayern had taken that big cup home. German football is still horrendous to watch. They would have been unworthy champions of Europe if they had triumphed. 'United follow my philosophy that entertaining and attacking football always pays off in the end. I am fed up and frustrated by all the negative styles of the coaches I see across Europe. They all come up with these modern game ideas and a variety of formations. Internationally the game is going wrong. 'Real Mallorca-Lazio was a shambles of a Cup-Winners' Cup Final. It did not entertain me for one second. There are too many boring, result-minded games in Europe. Real football-lovers want to be entertained and that is exactly what Ferguson has done this year. 'I'm a United fan and they taught the Germans a lesson. I feared during the match it was all going wrong for Alex and his boys. They were not creating the chances they normally create. 'All season United had produced good football and power. The Germans just had power. 'All United's qualities finally came together in those final moments. I was more excited than anyone else in the Nou Camp.' Given his son Jordi's inability to break through at Old Trafford and eventual loan transfer to Celta Vigo of Spain earlier this season, Cruyff Snr remains surprisingly supportive of Ferguson's management style. In fact, Johan believes he spotted one of Fergie's great strengths in the post-match celebrations that engulfed the Nou Camp pitch. He explained: 'It was amazing to see that during the celebrations Fergie, amid all the stress and nervous tension, brought all his substitutes and the rest of the United family on to the pitch. 'I even saw my own son Jordi out there. He's still a United player and was initially part of this season's squad. Alex didn't forget him. That means a lot to my son and I think it shows how much attention Alex pays to every detail of his management.'
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

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