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Date: Tue Jul 27 07:07:14 GMT+00:00 1999
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This Issue:
1. RED Concorde
2. Why United got FIFA call to sort
3. Cole starts fightback over slurs 
4. MUFC FAQ Update July 99


Daily MANCHESTER UNITED NEWS Tues 27th July 1999:

Barry Daily Comment:
Still no summer signings apart from Bosnich (free)
Future needs will most likely be covered by up and coming
youngsters such as Mark Wilson, Luke Chadwick and Jonathan Greening

99/2000 fixtures/match reports are at

Mark Bosnich's Personal Details 



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01-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Charity Shield, AWAY)
08-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Everton  (FA Premier League, AWAY)
11-AUG-1999 [20:00] Manchester Utd. vs Sheffield W  (FA Premier League, HOME)
14-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Leeds U  (FA Premier League, HOME)
22-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Premier League, AWAY)

August 3rd [??]    Omagh Town, St Julian's Road ground
August 4th [19:45] Wigan Athletic

UNITED Stats v All teams:
ALL FIXTURES at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/fix992000.htm


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Subject: RED Concorde RED DEVILS WANT £1m CONCORDE FLIGHT Manchester United want to catch a £1million Concorde flight to Brazil for the World Club Championship in January. The Treble-winners, who flew to Barcelona for their Champions Cup final against Bayern Munich on Concorde in May, fear weariness in the middle of the Premiership season. United will ask for permission by FIFA, who pay standard fares for the competing clubs as they are sponsors of the competition, but the Red Devils are likely to foot most of the bill. "We will want to get there and back with the minimum of disruption to our other objectives this season and Concorde is certainly the most sensible way of doing it," Manchester United chairman Martin Edwards told the Sunday Telegraph. "I feel sure that is what Sir Alex Ferguson will want to do."
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Subject: Why United got FIFA call to sort By Graham Hunter Tuesday, July 27, 1999 Manchester United are used to being the most envied club in England, but their invitation from UEFA to help in a total re-design of the worldwide football calendar will ironically have brought jealous glances from the rest of the Premiership. It is no exaggeration to describe this project as the most dramatic assault on the scheduling of football since the first World Cup in 1930. And the multi national clubs in England's top league stand to have their life made massively easier if it succeeds. FIFA, and all its member confederations, want to unify the times at which international football is played, whether it be the European Championships, the African Nations Cup or the Copa America. They also want to bring the domestic club seasons in South America, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe more in line with each other - despite the fact that summer in Europe is winter in South America and a Scandinavian February coincides with torrents of rain in many parts of Asia. There is belief in the corridors of power that something must be achieved, quickly, before the rampant and voracious club game in Europe takes over totally and re-writes the rules for itself. FIFA's bureaucrats have watched the exponential growth of the Champions League and been quick to realise on which side their bread is buttered. Without drastic action club football would become more sexy, more lucrative and more powerful than when nation meets nation. Yet the best example of an immediate beneficiary from a common-sense calendar would be Leeds United not Manchester United, despite the way they are currently being tortured for their decision to place more importance on FIFA's World Club Championship than on the FA Cup. The first aim of unifying world football's wildly varying timetables is that a club like Leeds would not have their competitiveness devastated by losing their European players to international football one week, then Lucas Radebe to South Africa a week or two later and finally Harry Kewell to Australia a few games after that. Now that United have Mark Bosnich and Dwight Yorke in their squad they can sympathise with the hair-tearing which David O'Leary and George Graham suffered over the last couple of seasons. And with the advent of talent schools all over the world affiliated to Arsenal, Manchester United and West Ham, let alone Ajax, AC Milan and Bayern Munich, the great powers of European football are now totally unwilling to see their highly-paid assets disappearing over the horizon to play for Cameroon, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Liberia or Japan every few weeks. UEFA spokesman Frits Ahlstrom said yesterday: 'Clubs pay lots of money to their star players and now there are increasing numbers of them in Europe who come from South America and Africa. We know that we must ensure that these guys are available for their clubs. 'Manchester United are involved on our advisory board, both as the European Champions and the title-holders in England, but that is a symbol of the fact that UEFAwants to link more directly and closely with our member clubs rather than only the member associations as in the past.' Football Association spokesman Steve Double yesterday agreed: 'In the interests of the future of the game it's an argument which needs to be looked at very closely. 'There is a long-term objective to unify the football calendar and you only need to look at the events of the last two months with Manchester United's problems to see why.' Explained simply, the idea is that all the international tournaments which pull players away from the European mega-clubs should be scheduled at the same time as Europe is playing its own international football. Even the men in grey suits, for whom sitting on a committee is at least as thrilling as watching a volleyed goal hit the net from 25 yards, understand that world football needs an injection of common sense. But in football, unsurprisingly, there is always a double agenda. This tide of change has a tributary in the fertile mind of Sepp Blatter. The FIFA president has made it clear that his first gift to the planet, now that he holds the reigns of power, is intended to be a World Cup every two years. But, as the eminently sensible Ahlstrom points out: 'UEFA told FIFA that the first priority, before that World Cup proposal could be a serious contention, was that a world calender for football should be agreed. 'The main problem is that we understand the Copa America and the African Nations Cup are both planned between now and 2003 - but after that everything should be OK and the new unified calendar would start in 2005. 'It is too soon to say whether our season in Europe would be played at a different time because, in fact, the arrangements in Europe work very, very well. 'UEFA feels strongly that there is no space for Confederation Cups and the World Club Championships, and the motto should be that we don't need new competitions because we have enough.' So it is unlikely that there will be drastic change in Europe, such as the total abandonment of winter football as some have suggested, but whether UEFA's stated aim of preventing the onset of new competitions in the calendar can be achieved is another matter. The mega clubs may just fall in love with the idea of a World Club Championship via which they can expose their sponsors to the biggest possible TV audience - and Blatter simply will not be denied his World Cup every two years.
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Subject: Cole starts fightback over slurs By Ken Lawrence Tuesday, July 27, 1999 Andy Cole arrived back at the sanctuary of Old Trafford yesterday, ready to begin the fight to clear his name for the tackle which could lead to court action. The striker, who flew in from China with his team-mates and agent Paul Stretford at the end of Manchester United's pre-season tour, will now hold talks with the club's legal representatives. The England international has been warned by Australian solicitor Janet ven der Kolk that he will be expected to attend court if Simon Colosimo, and his club Carlton of Melbourne, decide to sue over the challenge which resulted in serious knee damage for the 20-year-old. Cole and United, having strenuously rejected claims that the tackle for which he has been vilified was malicious, are certain to mount a strident defence. After the incident, during a Melbourne friendly against Australia, Carlton chairman Lou Sticca claimed that the challenge could have ruined Colosimo's career - his knee may need to be rebuilt - and stated: 'I hope he (Cole) can live with that.' But Stretford began a counter-offensive last night, declaring: 'How anybody could ever suggest that Andy Cole is malicious is beyond me. He has never been sent off in his senior career and averages about two bookings a season. 'I have seen the video of the incident and Andy's challenge catches Colosimo on the calf, not the knee. Andy was not booked and none of Colosimo's team-mates even reacted. 'Andy has already said he is sorry for what happened, yet people have been saying things that might damage his reputation and that has been a disgrace. 'I expect to be having discussions with United over what response will be made in the next two days.' Professional Footballers' Association deputy chief executive Brendon Batson said: 'Andy is one of our members and we would be in a position to offer any legal help he may need.' Roy Keane and his adviser, solicitor Michael Kennedy, will resume contract discussions with United this week. Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: 'Chairman Martin Edwards and Maurice Watkins will be meeting Keane and his adviser this week and I am very hopeful that something can be sorted out. No-one at this club wants to see a player like Roy leaving.' Keane, understood to want £40,000 per week, has warned he will not back down but United are determined to protect their wage scale and are thought to have initially offered £28,000 per week. Keane would be free to sign a FIFA pre-contract on January 1, 2000 and Inter Milan are ready to pay him £60,000 per week.
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Subject: MUFC FAQ Update July 99 With thanks to Paul Busby [founder] http://www.pitman.u-net.com/index.htm FAQ urls: http://www.netgate.net/~jem/mu/muhome.htm http://www.red11.org/mufc/faq.htm Manchester United FAQ MANCHESTER UNITED F.A.Q. 1999 Contents Premier League Results 1998/9 Introduction Directors and Staff Address and Telephone Numbers Home Grounds Ticket Availability Museum and Tour Centre Membership Scheme Supporters Club Branches (Overseas) Independent Manchester United Supporters Association Fanzines Manchester United WWW Pages Manchester United Electronic Mailing List Manchester United Internet Relay Chat Manchester United Radio Other Information and FAQ Honours INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Manchester United FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). I have tried do deal with the areas which will be of interest to both new and long-standing fans. If some of the information seems obvious, remember there will be those to whom it is new. If there are any areas you would like to see covered in future issues, please get in touch. Likewise, any comments, corrections, questions or additional information should be sent to me at jem@netgate.net This FAQ is available online via http://www.netgate.net/~jem/mu/muhome.htm *** FINAL PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE 98/99 CHAMPIONS *** Manchester United League champions: 12 times FA Premier League Champions 1993 1994 1996 1997 1999 Football League Division One Champions 1908 1911 1952 1956 1957 1965 1967 Pos Team P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Manchester United 38 14 4 1 45 18 8 9 2 35 19 43 79 2 Arsenal 38 14 5 0 34 5 8 7 4 25 12 42 78 3 Chelsea 38 12 6 1 29 13 8 9 2 28 17 27 75 4 Leeds United 38 12 5 2 32 9 6 8 5 30 25 28 67 5 West Ham United 38 11 3 5 32 26 5 6 8 14 27 -7 57 6 Aston Villa 38 10 3 6 33 28 5 7 7 18 18 5 55 7 Liverpool 38 10 5 4 44 24 5 4 10 24 25 19 54 8 Derby County 38 8 7 4 22 19 5 6 8 18 26 -5 52 9 Middlesbrough 38 7 9 3 25 18 5 6 8 23 36 -6 51 10 Leicester City 38 7 6 6 25 25 5 7 7 15 21 -6 49 11 Tottenham Hotspur 38 7 7 5 28 26 4 7 8 19 24 -3 47 12 Sheffield Wednesday 38 7 5 7 20 15 6 2 11 21 27 -1 46 13 Newcastle United 38 7 6 6 26 25 4 7 8 22 29 -6 46 14 Everton 38 6 8 5 22 12 5 2 12 20 35 -5 43 15 Coventry City 38 8 6 5 26 21 3 3 13 13 30 -12 42 16 Wimbledon 38 7 7 5 22 21 3 5 11 18 42 -23 42 17 Southampton 38 9 4 6 29 26 2 4 13 8 38 -27 41 18 Charlton Athletic 38 4 7 8 20 20 4 5 10 21 36 -15 36 19 Blackburn Rovers 38 6 5 8 21 24 1 9 9 17 28 -14 35 20 Nottingham Forest 38 3 7 9 18 31 4 2 13 17 38 -34 30 *** TEAM RESULTS - MANCHESTER UNITED - AS AT 05/05/99 *** Date Opposition Score Pos. Attend. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 15/08/98 Leicester City Home D 2-2 11 55,052 22/08/98 West Ham United Away D 0-0 11 26,039 09/09/98 Charlton Athletic Home W 4-1 9 55,147 12/09/98 Coventry City Home W 2-0 5 55,193 20/09/98 Arsenal Away L 0-3 10 38,142 24/09/98 Liverpool Home W 2-0 3 55,181 03/10/98 Southampton Away W 3-0 2 15,251 17/10/98 Wimbledon Home W 5-1 2 55,265 24/10/98 Derby County Away D 1-1 2 30,867 31/10/98 Everton Away W 4-1 2 40,079 08/11/98 Newcastle United Home D 0-0 3 55,174 14/11/98 Blackburn Rovers Home W 3-2 2 55,198 21/11/98 Sheffield Wednesday Away L 1-3 2 39,475 29/11/98 Leeds United Home W 3-2 2 55,172 05/12/98 Aston Villa Away D 1-1 2 39,241 12/12/98 Tottenham Hotspur Away D 2-2 1 36,079 16/12/98 Chelsea Home D 1-1 2 55,159 19/12/98 Middlesbrough Home L 2-3 3 55,152 26/12/98 Nottingham Forest Home W 3-0 3 55,216 29/12/98 Chelsea Away D 0-0 3 34,741 10/01/99 West Ham United Home W 4-1 3 55,180 16/01/99 Leicester City Away W 6-2 2 22,091 31/01/99 Charlton Athletic Away W 1-0 1 20,043 03/02/99 Derby County Home W 1-0 1 55,174 06/02/99 Nottingham Forest Away W 8-1 1 30,025 17/02/99 Arsenal Home D 1-1 1 55,171 20/02/99 Coventry City Away W 1-0 1 22,596 27/02/99 Southampton Home W 2-1 1 55,316 13/03/99 Newcastle United Away W 2-1 1 36,500 21/03/99 Everton Home W 3-1 1 55,182 03/04/99 Wimbledon Away D 1-1 1 26,121 17/04/99 Sheffield Wednesday Home W 3-0 1 55,270 25/04/99 Leeds United Away D 1-1 2 40,255 01/05/99 Aston Villa Home W 2-1 1 55,189 05/05/99 Liverpool Away D 2-2 2 44,702 09/05/99 Middlesbrough Away W 1-0 1 34,665 12/05/99 Blackburn Away D 0-0 1 30,436 16/05/99 Tottenham Hotspur Home W 2-1 1 55,189 *** TEAM STATISTICS - MANCHESTER UNITED - 1998/9 AVERAGE HOME ATTENDANCE: 55,188 HIGHEST HOME ATTENDANCE: 27/02/99 - Southampton (55,316) LOWEST HOME ATTENDANCE: 15/08/98 - Leicester City (55,052) BEST WIN: 06/02/99 - Nottingham Forest (8-1) HEAVIEST DEFEAT: 20/09/98 - Arsenal (0-3) BEST HOME WIN: 17/10/98 - Wimbledon (5-1) HEAVIEST HOME DEFEAT: 19/12/98 - Middlesbrough (2-3) BEST AWAY WIN: 06/02/99 - Nottingham Forest (8-1) HEAVIEST AWAY DEFEAT: 20/09/98 - Arsenal (0-3)***** May 22 FAC Final Wembley v Newcastle 2-0 TRIPLE DOUBLE CHAMPIONS 1998/1999 Champions League: Group D P W D L F A Pts Bayern Munich 6 3 2 1 9 6 11 Man United 6 2 4 0 20 11 10 Barcelona 6 2 2 2 11 9 8 Brondby 6 1 0 5 4 18 3 Dec 9 Brøndby 0-2 Barcelona Dec 9 Man Utd 1-1 Bayern Munich ****** CHAMPIONS' LEAGUE QUARTER-FINALS Manchester Utd 2 v 0 Inter Milan Real Madrid 1 v 1 Dynamo Kiev Juventus 2 v 1 Olympiakos Bayern Munich 2 v 0 Kaiserslautern **DYNAMO KIEV 2 v 0 REAL MADRID (Agg:3-1) FC KAISERSLAUTERN 0 v 4 **BAYERN MUNICH (Agg:0-6) INTERNAZIONALE FC 1 v 1 **MANCHESTER UNITED (Agg:1-3) OLYMPIAKOS 1 v 1 **JUVENTUS (Agg:2-3) Semi Final 2nd legs to be played 21st April Manchester United v Juventus [1-1] 3-2 agg 4-3 Bayern Munchen v Dynamo Kiev [3-3] 1-0 agg 4-3 26 May 1999 European Cup final Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich Nou Camp TRIPLE CHAMPIONS 1998/1999 ---------------------------------------------- First Team Fixtures 1999/2000 All dates/times subject to change Dates of possible cup ties also shown Date Opposition Score Pos. Attend. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 15/07/99 Melbourne Australia pre-season 2-0 - 60,000 18/07/99 Sydney Australia pre-season 1-0 - 78,000 21/07/99 Shanghai Shenhua pre-season 2-0 - 80,000 24/07/99 Hong Kong South China pre-season 2-0 - 40,000 1/08/99 Arsenal Wembley Charity Shield - 3/08/99 Omagh Town friendly in aid of Omagh Bomb Fund 4/08/99 Wigan Athletic friendly at JJB Stadium. 8/08/99 Everton away 16.00 11/08/99 Sheffield Wednesday home PL 20.00 14/08/99 Leeds United home PL 12.00 22/08/99 Arsenal away PL 16.00 25/08/99 Coventry City away PL 20.00 27/08/99 Monaco - Lazio ESC 19.45 30/08/99 Newcastle United home PL 13.00 11/09/99 Liverpool away PL 11.30 15/09/99 ? EC 18/09/99 Wimbledon home PL 15.00 22/09/99 ? EC 25/09/99 Southampton home PL 15.00 29/09/99 ? EC 3/10/99 Chelsea away PL 16.00 *11/10/99 Sir Alex Ferguson's testimonial OT [Schmeichel] 13/10/99 ? WC 3 16/10/99 Watford home PL 15.00 20/10/99 ? EC 23/10/99 Tottenham Hotspur away PL 15.00 27/10/99 ? EC 30/10/99 Aston Villa home PL 15.00 3/11/99 ? EC 6/11/99 Leicester City home PL 15.00 20/11/99 Derby County away PL 15.00 24/11/99 ? EC 27/11/99 Sheffield Wednesday away PL 15.00 30/11/99 Tokyo Palmeiras WCC 20.00 1/12/99 ? WC 4 4/12/99 Everton home PL 15.00 8/12/99 ? EC 11/12/99 FAC 3 Will not enter ... 15/12/99 ? WC 5 18/12/99 West Ham United away PL 15.00 26/12/99 Bradford City home PL 15.00 28/12/99 Sunderland away PL 20.00 3/01/2000 Middlesborough home PL 20.00 ***** 5-14 /01/2000 Brazil WTC ***** [3-4 games] * 8/01/2000 FAC 4 Will not enter ... 12/01/2000 ? WC sf i 15/01/2000 Leeds United away PL 15.00 22/01/2000 Arsenal home PL 15.00 26/01/2000 ? WC sf ii * 29/01/2000 FAC 5 Will not enter ... 5/02/2000 Coventry City home PL 15.00 12/02/2000 Newcastle United away PL 15.00 * 19/02/2000 FAC 6 Will not enter ... 26/02/2000 Wimbledon away PL 15.00 27/02/2000 ? Wembley WC f 1/03/2000 ? EC 4/03/2000 Liverpool home PL 15.00 8/03/2000 ? EC 11/03/2000 Derby County home PL 15.00 15/03/2000 ? EC 18/03/2000 Leicester City away PL 15.00 22/03/2000 ? EC 25/03/2000 Bradford City away PL 15.00 1/04/2000 West Ham United home PL 15.00 5/04/2000 ? EC qf i 8/04/2000 Middlesborough away PL 15.00 * 9/04/2000 FAC sf Will not enter ... 15/04/2000 Sunderland home PL 15.00 19/04/2000 ? EC qf ii 22/04/2000 Southampton away PL 15.00 24/04/2000 Chelsea home PL 15.00 29/04/2000 West Ham United away PL 15.00 3/05/2000 ? EC sf i 6/05/2000 Tottenham Hotspur home PL 15.00 10/05/2000 ? EC sf ii 14/05/2000 Aston Villa away PL 15.00 * 20/05/2000 Wembley FAC f Will not enter ... 24/05/2000 ? EC f ------------------------------------- MANCHESTER UNITED F.A.Q. - GENERAL AND HISTORIC INFORMATION DISCLAIMER This MUFC FAQ is not officially approved or endorsed in any other way by Manchester United Football Club. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Manchester United who do not directly contribute in any way. Although everything is accurate to the best of my knowledge, no reliance should be placed upon the information contained here. Directors and Staff Address and Telephone Numbers Home Grounds Ticket Availability Museum and Tour Centre Membership Scheme Supporters Club Branches (Overseas) Independent Manchester United Supporters Association Fanzines Manchester United WWW Pages Manchester United Electronic Mailing List Manchester United Radio Other Information and FAQ Honours DIRECTORS AND STAFF Directors CM Edwards (Chairman and Chief Executive), JM Edelson, Sir Bobby Charlton CBE, EM Watkins, RL Olive, Secretary Ken Merrett Ass. Secretary Ken Ramsden Membership Sec. Barry Moorhouse Manager Sir Alex Ferguson [CBE] Ass. Manager Steve McClaren (Jim Ryan) Reserves Manager (Raimond van der Gouw) Youth Teams Mgr. Dave Williams Physio Robert Swire Goalkeeping Coach: Tony Coton There is no email address at the club ADDRESS Manchester United Football Club, Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0RA, England. Maps: http://www.red11.org/mufc/map.htm TELEPHONE NUMBERS Callers from the UK outside Manchester should prefix numbers with 161. Callers from overseas should dial their international access code, followed by the code for the United Kingdom (usually 44), and then 161 and the relevant number as shown below. Office hours are 09:00-17:30 UTC (UTC+1 in summer) Main Switchboard 872-1661 or 930-1968 Ticket & Match Info 872-0199 (24 hours recorded message) Mail Order Merchandising 877-9777 Membership Office 872-5208 Museum & Tour Centre 877-4002 Fax (Offices) 876-5502 Fax (Merchandising) 872-0941 E-mail not available WWW http://manutd.com HOME GROUNDS First Team - Old Trafford (Capacity 55,000) Reserves - Old Trafford (Gigg Lane,Bury during November-March) 'A' Team - The Cliff, Lower Broughton Road, Lower Broughton, Salford. 'B' Team - Littleton Road, Lower Kersal, Salford. Youth Cup matches are usually played at Old Trafford. TICKET AVAILABILITY Overseas supporters should write for tickets to Old Trafford giving as much prior notice as possible. With the increased capacity now available, there should not be too much of a problem obtaining tickets for all but the biggest games. I believe that you can collect and pay for your tickets on the day of the game but check this with the ticket office. Ticket touts (scalpers) operate along Sir Matt Busby Way and generally ask 50 to 100 pounds sterling depending upon the opposition. Close to kick-off time, they will accept 30 to 50 pounds sterling. Fortunately, there are still a few genuine fans who will sell any spare tickets they have at face value. Best of luck! Tickets for away games are generally only available to Season Ticket holders only. Details, as available, are announced on the 24 hour Ticket and Match Information Service. Tickets are not required for reserve team games. Members can gain free admission and non-members pay Stlg. 2.00 for adults, 1.00 for children. Crowds are usually 3-4,000. Admission to Youth Cup games at Old Trafford is Stlg. 2.00 for adults and 1.00 for children. Crowds are usually 2-3,000 but reach 20-30,000 for a final! MUSEUM AND TOUR CENTRE The Manchester United museum was officially opened in 1986 by the mother of Duncan Edwards. Its popularity has rapidly grown to the extent that it now has more visitors than Wembley Stadium! The museum traces the entire history of United and contains replicas of trophies won, famous players' shirts and medals, historic programmes, and a wealth of other material. The stadium tour takes you 'behind the scenes' at Old Trafford and includes visits to the control centre, press conference room, director's lounge, dressing rooms and players 'dug-outs'. The popularity of the tours means it is advisable to book in advance and essential during school holidays. The museum is open six days a week (closed Mondays, except bank holidays) and stadium tours run hourly commencing at 10am. Last tour is at 2pm.No tours are run on match-days and restricted tours operate the days before and after a match, omitting the dressing rooms. Prices in pounds sterling Adult Child Museum only 2.95 1.95 Museum and Stadium Tour 4.95 2.95 Members can obtain a 1.00 discount by using the voucher in their book. MEMBERSHIP SCHEME The Manchester United Membership scheme was introduced in April 1987 in response to a government directive for controlling an increasing threat of hooliganism in English football. In its first season, United had around 40,000 members but thanks to recent sucesses, the number had risen by last season to over 120,000 from all over the globe. For those who may be interested in joining, season 1997/98 costs of membership were Prices in pounds sterling Adult Junior Great Britain 12.00 6.00 Europe 15.00 9.00 Rest of the World 20.00 15.00 All payments MUST be made in sterling. Cheques, postal orders and bank drafts should be made payable to 'Manchester United'. If paying by cheque, please write your full address on reverse. Cash can only be accepted from personal callers. Applications should be sent to the Membership Office at Old Trafford. Benefits of Membership Priority and a discount over non-members for first team match tickets Free admission to reserve team games Official Yearbook Official poster and results chart Christmas and End of Season brochures Voucher for 1.00 off admission price to Stadium Tour and/or Museum 10% off purchases from the souvenir shops 10% off subscriptions to programmes, magazines, videos etc. MANCHESTER UNITED SUPPORTERS CLUB BRANCHES Full details of all branches can be found in the Manchester United Official Yearbook sent to members. There are over 100 branches in the UK and Ireland and prospective members should contact Old Trafford for details of their nearest branch. Overseas branches have been formed in the following countries. MANCHESTER UNITED SUPPORTERS CLUB BRANCHES ========================================== (excluding U.K and Ireland) Full details of all branches can be found in the Manchester United Official Yearbook sent to members. AUSTRALIA (N.S.W.) AUSTRALIA (South) Fred Pollitt Mick Griffiths Branch Chairman Branch Secretary M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. P.O.Box 693 15 Seventh Street Sutherland 2232 Gawler New South Wales South Australia 5118 AUSTRALIA (Western) BELGIUM Graham Wyche, Freobook@omen.com.au Frederic De Bruyne Branch President Branch Secretary M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. 19 Frobisher Avenue, 3 Spreeuwstraat Sorrento 6020 B-9185 Wachtebeke Perth, Western Australia. Belgium Tel/Fax: 089 447 1144. CANADA CYPRUS Jim Poole Ronis Soteriades Branch Chairman Branch President M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. 1431 Lakeshore Road 4 Filokitis Street Penthouse B PO BOX 584 Burlington Limassol L7S 1B4 Cyprus Ontario Telephone: 05-337690 Canada FAX: 05-388652 GERMANY (German Friends) GERMANY (German Reds) Marco Hornfeck Ulrich Heumann Branch President Branch Secretary M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. Silberstein 2A Frankensteiner Strasse 3 Geroldsgrun 95179 D-59269 Beckum Germany Germany Telephone: 09267 8111 Telephone: 02521 16353 GERMANY (Krefeld Reds) GIBRALTAR Andrew Marsh Stanley Gomez Branch Secretary Branch Chairman M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. Innsbrucker Strasse 7 PO Box 893 47807 Krefeld Gibraltar Germany Telephone: 42921 Fax: 79680 ICELAND JAPAN (Tokyo) Palmi Gudmundsson Hiroki Miyaji Branch Chairman Branch Secretary M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. Ferjubakka 2 2-3-2 901 Tsukiji 109 Reykjavik Chou Ku Iceland Tokyo Japan LUXEMBOURG MALAYSIA Steve Kaiser Laurence How Branch Secretary Branch Secretary M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. 2 Vir Reischtert 47A Jalan SS 2/75 L-6948 Neideranven 47300 Petaling Jaya Luxembourg Selangor Telephone: 00352 240265 DE Malaysia Telephone: 6 03 7773070 or 6 03 7775339 Fax: 6 03 7774511 MALTA MAURITIUS Joe Glanville Atchia Yacoob Branch President Branch Secretary M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. 114 St Lucia Street Flamingo Pool House Valletta Remeno Street Malta Rose Hill Telephone: Valletta 231902 Thantitius FAX: 356 247254 Mauritius Indian Ocean FAX: 4543570 SCANDINAVIA SOUTH AFRICA Ole P. Pederson Branch Secretary Branch Secretary Ethel Sleith M.U.S.C. P O Box 13990 PO Box 4003 Witfield Dreggen 1467 N-5023 Bergen Phone: (011) 8262181 Norway InfoLine: (011) 8265605 Telephone: 00 4 755 313889 (Mon-Fri) Fax: 00 4 755 962033 SWITZERLAND (Swiss Devils) U.S.A. Marc Tanner Peter Holland Branch Secretary Branch Secretary M.U.S.C. M.U.S.C. Soodstrasse 64 49 Monaton Drive 8134 Adliswit Huntington Switzerland Long Island Telephone: (411) 710 5986 New York,11746 or (411) 267 5513 U.S.A. Fax: (411) 252 2020 Telephone: (516) 547-5500 Fax: (516) 547 6800 U.S.A. (muscusa@datacapture.com) INDEPENDENT MANCHESTER UNITED SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION http://www.imusa.org IMUSA was formed in 1995 to provide a vehicle whereby the ordinary fan canmake his or her voice heard by the club. They are also attempting to build up dialogue with the club so that the fans are kept in touch with events. If anyone is interested in joining IMUSA or would like more details then contact Nick Clay on or write to IMUSA PO Box 69 Stretford Manchester M32 0UZ or obtain information by ftp as follows: send mail to mailserver@dynamo.demon.co.uk with text message get imusa/membership FANZINES Fanzines are magazines writen by, and for, the fans. They are totally unofficial and are an outlet for the fans to voice their opinions. Needless to say, they are not sold in the souvenir shops but are on sale outside the ground on match days. United have well established fanzines which are available by subscription. They all welcome contributions written by supporters. Journalistic talent is not required, just an opinion! Red Issue, 4th floor, Clayton House, 59 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AQ or redissue@saqnet.co.uk Subscription (10 issues) Cheques/P.O. payable to 'Red Issue VOTF' U.K. 13.50 Europe 16.50 Rest of the World 25.00 United We Stand, PO Box 45, Manchester M41 1GQ Subscription (10 issues) Cheques/P.O. payable to 'United We Stand' U.K. 12.50 Rest of the World 15.00 Red News, PO Box 384, London WC1 N 3RJ Subscription (6 issues) Cheques/P.O. payable to 'Red News' U.K. 8.00 Rest of the World 11.00 MANCHESTER UNITED WWW PAGES MUFC now have their own official page at www.ManUtd.Com - Official Homepage latest official news/Virtual Reality tour! Sky Sports is at http://www.skysports.co.uk/skysports/football/ There are also an increasing number of unofficial pages produced by fans. Your best starting point for these sites is the Worldwide Manchester United Fans Webring. This is a WEBRING for all Man U related websites. To look at the sites or add your site (content should mainly be facts or anything related to Manchester United Football Club) go to Ringmaster: Barry Leeming's (barrylee@post3.tele.dk) page at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/manuring.htm LIST of all 300+ RED Manchester United websites are at: http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=manufan;list or http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/wrstats?ring=manufan;allsites The United Electronic Mail Digest is updated daily at http://www.red11.org/mufc/news/digest The following commercial pages contain match reports etc. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport.htm http://www.fa-premier.com/club/mu.fc http://www.the-times.co.uk http://www.skysports.co.uk/skysports/football/ http://www.footballunlimited.co.uk/ http://www.footballunlimited.co.uk/Clubs/0,1351,-158,00.html http://www.independent.co.uk/stories/indsport.html http://reuters.dailysoccer.com/pictures.html [Great site for latest pics] http://espn.go.com/soccer/standings/england/index.html http://www.sporting-life.com/soccer/premteams/manu.html http://www.imsport.co.uk/imsport/ims/tt/027/ http://www.soccernet.com/english/mufc/index.html http://www.fa-carling.com/club/mu.fc http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/editorials/sport/index.html http://www.sportserver.com/soccer/intl/archive/ http://www.yahoo.co.uk/teamtalk/man_united These addresses are, as always, subject to change. THE MANCHESTER UNITED ELECTRONIC MAILING LIST Many thanks to CP Cheah for maintaining the list. If you have any problems whatsoever with this list, please contact him at mufc@indiana.edu cleary stating what your problem is. A few common requests are detailed below. These commands MUST be sent to the listserver, listserv@listserv.indiana.edu , and NOT to the usual mailing list address. To receive complete digest of a day's postings rather than individual messages, send the command :- set mufc digests To receive up-to-the-minute mail whenever it is sent out, then send the command :- set mufc mail To temporarily stop receiving messages (because you are away on holiday for instance), send the command :- set mufc nomail To restore normal service, send the command :- set mufc mail To permanently leave the list, send the command :- signoff mufc Once again, if you have any questions regarding the list, please contact CP Cheah at, mufc@indiana.edu , AND NOT ME!!! Another recommended mailing list is RED DEVILS MAIL LIST: To debate ALL subjects about Manchester United Football Club: The "RED-DEVILS MAIL LIST" all subscription requests to: MANCHESTER UNITED RADIO Manchester United Radio broadcasts on 1413 KHz on the medium wave on matchdays only from 4 hours before kick-off to an hour or so after the game. The signal strength is very low and can only be picked up in a 4 or 5 mile radius of the ground. This is due to government broadcasting restrictions. Other local radio frequencies are Piccadilly Radio on 1152 KHz and Greater Manchester Radio on 95.1 MHz. BBC Radio 5 broadcasts nationally on 909KHz (or 693KHz in certain areas). Piccadilly Radio can be listened to over the Internet on RealAudio via the Key103 web site: http://www.key103fm.com/html/home.html Other UK radios stations such as BBC Radio 5 and Capitol Gold have match commentaries that may feature United over Real Audio. http://www.key103fm.com/sounds/Key103live.ram other Radio Stations: BBC Radio 5 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio5/live/live.html BBC World Sevice http://www.audionet.com/bbc/bbc_live.ram Capital Sport London http://CapitalGoldSport.co.uk/ Latest interviews & sounds real audio here: http://www.iol.ie/~redcafe/sounds.htm OTHER INFORMATION Date formed : 1878 as Newton Heath LYR (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway) 1890 LYR suffix dropped when support from railway company ended 1902 became Manchester United after Newton Heath bankruptcy Size of Old Trafford pitch : 116 x 76 yards Kit colours : 'Home' - Red shirts, White shorts, Black socks 'Away' - White shirts, White shorts, White socks '3rd' - Blue shirts, Blue shorts, Blue socks The 'Away' kit is not used at all away games but only where there is a colour clash e.g. Liverpool. At away games where the opposition wear white shorts, United may change to black shorts. The third kit is used at away games where both the 'home' and 'away' kits clash with the opposition eg Southampton, Sunderland. How do I get a merchandising catalogue? Write, phone, or fax the merchandising dept at Old Trafford requesting a catalogue. Although goods can be ordered by credit card, overseas supporters should be aware of the high shipping charges made. Europe - One item : Stlg. 5.00. More than one item : Stlg. 14.00 Rest of the World - Stlg. 35.00 per order or subject to weight if greater How do I get to Old Trafford? Bus - Buses leave Chorlton Street in central Manchester direct to the ground. Other areas of Manchester also have routes to Old Trafford. Car - Leave the M63 at junction 7 and take the A56 towards Manchester. Train - Special trains run from Oxford Road station in central Manchester direct to the ground. Tram - The Metrolink line between Altrincham and Bury runs through central Manchester and there is a station at Old Trafford. Can I watch United training? Supporters are usually allowed into The Cliff to watch the players train. On most days, training starts at about 10.00 and lasts until about 12.30. The players often drive over to Littleton Road (half a mile away) and do the training there. Although there are usually only 20 or 30 people watching, during school holidays the figure is more like 400 or 500. Players do not normally train on the day of a game. Most players are happy to spend some time with the fans after training to allow them to get autographs and take photos. How do I write to the players? Write c/o MUFC, Old Trafford. A signed photo is usually sent if asked for but you may have a long wait if you write to the most popular players. Who or what is Fred the Red? Fred the Red is the official mascot of Manchester United and is an anthropomorphic(!) representation of a red devil dressed in a United kit who appears before the kick-off and at half time at home games. He made his debut at the final game of the 1993/94 season against Coventry where he got lynched by the players! Although a source of considerable embarrassment to anyone over the age of puberty, he is very popular with the kids and generates considerable revenue via merchandising. What is Manchester United plc? Manchester United plc (public limited company) is the company formed in July 1991 to enable United to be a company quoted on the London Stock Exchange. For the year ending 31st July 1997, turnover was Stlg.88,000,000. Profit before taxation was Stlg.27,500,000. As of 3rd December 1995, the share price was 194p. As of 1 May 1997, they were priced at over 600p! With approximately 62,000,000 shares issued, that valued the company at over Stlg.350m. It is a sobering thought that in 1989, Chairman Martin Edwards agreed to sell the club to Michael Knighton for Stlg 10m. Most shares are owned by financial institutions but Martin Edwards remains the largest individual shareholder. Martin Edwards inherited his shares in the club from his father, Louis Edwards, who bought into the club in the late 50s. HONOURS European Champion Clubs' Cup Winners 1968 1999 European Cup Winners Cup Winners 1991 FA Premiership Champions 1993 1994 1996 1997 1999 Runners up 1995 Football League Div 1 Champions 1908 1911 1952 1956 1957 1965 1967 Runners up 1947 1948 1949 1951 1959 1964 1968 1980 1988 1992 FA Challenge Cup Winners 1909 1948 1963 1977 1983 1985 1990 1994 1996 1999 Runners up 1957 1958 1976 1979 1995 Football League Cup Winners 1992 Runners up 1983 1991 1994 World Club Championship Runners up 1968 European Super Cup Winners 1991 FA Charity Shield Winners 1908 1911 1952 1956 1957 1983 1993 1994 1996 1997 Joint Winners 1965 1967 1977 1990 Runners up 1948 1963 1985 1998 FA Youth Cup Winners 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1964 1992 1995 Runners up 1982 1986 1993 End of MUFC FAQ This FAQ is available on the web at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/faq.htm http://www.netgate.net/~jem/mu/mufaq.htm To receive "www.red11.org DAILY NEWS" by email Subscribe/Unsubscribe on the web: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/MufcDailyNews or email: MufcDailyNews-owner@onelist.com - Sends email to the list owners MufcDailyNews-subscribe@onelist.com - Subscribe to the list through email MufcDailyNews-unsubscribe@onelist.com - ** To Unsubscribe from the list MufcDailyNews-normal@onelist.com - Switch your subscription to normal MufcDailyNews-digest@onelist.com - Switch your subscription to digest The Manchester United Daily News is a concentrated edition of the BEST of the Manchester United News/Match Reports/Stats/Articles available including a "Daily Trivia Feature" www.red11.org Sound Archive [Real Audio] http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99 Match interviews and other HOT news in real audio as email attachments "WARNING" these are generally up to 250k 1-5 min clips: ** The MAX size is 10mins - 500k ** If you would like these mailings then send your email address and name to barrylee@post3.tele.dk please use Subject line ** remember to write either "subscribe Sound Archive" OR "unsubscribe Sound Archive" **ALL files require the latest REAL PLAYER G2 version download for free at http://pluszone.real.com/ http://www.real.com/products/player/index.html?src=dlbutton_all Theatre Of Dreams http://www.red11.org Mail: barry@www.red11.org RED news daily at: www.red11.org/mufc/news/digest.htm "RED Sky at Night UNITED delight" "There's Only One UNITED" MUFC Hon. Executive CP Cheah Webmasters: Barry Leeming & Bill McArthur Graphics: Sam Hayward Site Design Diana Low Stats: MUTV Masterfan 1999 Paul Hinson www.red11.org: Theatre Of Dreams World of Manchester United Football Club.
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