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Date: Wed 22 Dec 1999 01:52 GMT
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This Issue:
2. West Ham match report of a sort by Paul
3. Paddy Answers Pete on MuTV - about Radio 5 Live Interview
4. Cole injury blow 
5. PREM - Fixtures and predictions



Webmaster comment:
United winger Luke Chadwick has joined Belgian outfit Royal Antwerp on loan
for the rest of the season.
Alex Ferguson is keen for the England under-21 international to earn some
much needed first team experience.

Barry & Bill at The Theatre Of Dreams wish all our Daily News readers a Very Merry Christmas!

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UNITED STARLET ON HIS TRAVELS Manchester United starlet Luke Chadwick is the latest Old Trafford player to go on loan at Royal Antwerp. The 19-year-old Cambridge-born midfielder has joined the United feeder club until the end of the season. Chadwick joins fellow juniors Kirk Hilton and George Clegg at Antwerp and should make his debut when the Belgian Second Division resumes after the mid-season break. Chadwick, who has already been called up for the England Under-21 side, is regarded as one of the best of the new crop of players at Old Trafford and he made his senior debut in the Worthington Cup defeat at Aston Villa in October. PA Sporting Life
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West Ham match report of a sort by Paul A rare weekend, United are playing ! or so it seems these days, so off Julie and I set to Upton Park. The journey down via A50, M1 (avoiding Birmingham)was very uneventful so no tails of motorway madness as you get in Paul's reports. We set off late but still managed to get parked up in Green Street just after 2. Down at the ground a Harry Enfield (loadsamoney)look-alike strides across the road with a large wad of cash on display and a load of kids in tow shouting "who wants a scarf then" whilst waving his cash around proudly and telling all the kids just how much he hates ManU (sorry pete, his words). Into the ground to find our seats up near the back and behind the goal, at least we got a good view for our 31. The teams were out warming up and after Raymond left to go back inside and Steve McLaren had finished with the rest of the players they came down to have a few shots at Masimo. The shots were raining in on him as usual and then Scholes hit one which skidded along the ground straight at Tiabi. He went down to gather the ball, which was in front of him, (ahh your ahead of me) and the ball somehow managed to find its way under him and into the net a la Southampton. Cue much laughter from the players and laughter mixed with sighs from the crowd. The teams came back out to start the match and this gave us our first sight of the linesman (sorry asst ref) with a moustache which would have looked excessive in Billy Meredith's day. Apparently one of the linesmen did not start the second half, maybe it was a moustache related injury ? Usually at West Ham they come out fired up, the crowd get going and United start nervously. Today was the opposite, United were in control from the off and the early goal gave us more confidence. West Ham were struggling to get out of there half and Keane got the ball, he floated the ball over the back of the defence to Beckham, taking two defenders out of the game with the pass, Beckham looked up and hit a ball in behind the defence where Yorke appeared unmarked to head past Hislop, so simple yet class. The second goal came very soon after, Yorke did well to control a bad pass and then find space on the left, he looked up and passed the ball into the six yard box and then as the West Ham defence stood still the ball went in. We did not know how, but who cares, mass delirium in our end and silence from 'the ammers'. The announcer then tells us it was Giggs who scored and renditions of 'Giggs will tear you apart' are sung. The atmosphere in our end is really good now with renditions of 'champions of Europe' and 'Yip Yapp Stam'(every time he makes a tackle) getting an airing. A rendition of 'Jingle bells' is sung but I am weary of this so early in the game, how many times have things like that come back to haunt us ? The West Ham crowd is now silent except for barracking their players when they cock things up. We press forward again but the ball is cleared, it comes out to Giggs about 30 yards out who hits it first time, left footed. Time seems to stand still as the ball goes straight into the bottom corner of the goal, the West Ham defence seemed to part like the Red Sea and Hislop just watched it go in. Later on MOTD the replays show Ruddock swinging his leg at the ball and missing completely :) 'Are you City in disguise ?' goes unanswered from the West Ham lot and talk of Forest last year is rife. West Ham look dead, nothing they do is coming off, when they get a break, a free kick just inside our half. City reject Lomas takes it and swings a high ball to our back post, the ball is headed back across goal by Wanchope or Foe and there best player (who is unmarked?) Dicanio fires a volley under Raymond, 3-1. The crowd wake up briefly but hey, we are in control, we won't let this slip, will we ? The second half starts with West Ham looking like a different team with Wanchope and Dicanio causing all sorts of problems. West Ham's tactic being hit it long to those two and see what happens. It works and our defence seem all at sea. A long ball is hit through, our back line do an Arsenal circa 1990 and stand in a line with their arms in the air looking for the offside. No whistle and Dicanio is away, Raymond comes out to meet him Dicanio goes to shoot then in the same movement takes the ball around Ray and slots it home. Even the great Dane would have been beaten by that one. The crowd now wake up and anyone who has been will tell you that Upton park can still be quite intimidating even though it is all seated. West Ham have now taken the game by the scruff of the neck and are pressing hard for an equalizer, another long ball leaves our defence lost and Dicanio is away again looking like completing his one man comeback. He reaches the edge of the box with Phil and Ray closing in on him, "s$*! this is a goal" I say to Julie. Dicanio then tries to be a bit too cocky, instead of laying the ball off to an unmarked teammate he dummies then tries to chip Raymond, good effort but thankfully he does not get enough height and Ray gathers the ball. The United end breathes a sigh of relief as Ray takes his time before the ball goes back into play. Within seconds the ball finds its way out to Giggs, who is having one of his better games, he beats Lomas again, crosses to the near post where Teddy helps the ball across the goal, "megs" shouts Julie as Dwight puts the ball through Hislops legs and our end finds its voice again. From a possible equalizer and looking like maybe winning it West Ham are now dead again all in the space of about a minute, 'Football eh, bloody hell!' indeed. We take control again after the goal and Beckham nearly scores with a curling cross, Hislop having to parry it over, Beckham turns to the West Ham fans and gives it an 'ooooh that was close' look, they don't like that. Nicky Butt comes on for Beckham and then outdoes his colleague by getting the ball in from 20 yds only for the ref to disallow it for offside. Nearly forgot the ref, it was our friend Mr Renney. After a quiet first half he decided to make his mark in the second by constantly stopping the game for petty fouls even though the other team had the advantage, annoying both sets of fans, 'your the worst !$*!$" ref we've ever seen' we sang. As the second half wore on we got festive and 'The Twelve Days of Cantona' got a very loud rendition and the song of the day 'is that a bally on your head' got a 10 minute blast from a few. We left the ground with all the points to be met by an angry crowd of Hammers who were being held back to let us out. They could so easily have been the ones with the smiles had Dicanio squared the ball 20 minutes earlier. A fairly quiet walk back to the car as the Police had everything under control up Green Street past the tube station. Back to the car and back up the M1 in the snow to civilization. All in all a good day out and a good game. Paul. copyright Paul Wheeler 1999
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Cole injury blow Andy Cole looks set to miss out on the club's push for points over the festive period with a painful rib injury. The in-form striker, who has bagged 14 goals so far this season, took a knock from a team-mate during training and the feeling is that the player is set for a long injury lay-off. Cole though must wait before discovering how long he will spend on the sidelines, and after missing the West Ham clash at the weekend, will not find out the full extent of the injury until the swelling has gone down. The England international is set to miss the Boxing Day clash with Bradford City at Old Trafford and may well be rested for the next two or three games after that. However, Cole's absence will present more first team opportunities to the reliable Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Teddy Sheringham. But with Cole in such devastating form this season, United boss Sir Alex Ferguson will be hoping that the striker will not be absent for too long.
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PREM - Fixtures and predictions *** FIXTURES ON 26/12/99 *** Coventry City v Arsenal Derby County v Aston Villa Everton v Sunderland Leeds United v Leicester City Manchester United v Bradford City Newcastle United v Liverpool Sheffield Wednesday v Middlesbrough Southampton v Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur v Watford Wimbledon v West Ham United -------------------------------------------- *** FIXTURE PREDICTIONS ON 26/12/99 *** Coventry City 1-2 Arsenal Derby County 2-1 Aston Villa Everton 1-2 Sunderland Leeds United 2-0 Leicester City Manchester United 3-0 Bradford City Newcastle United 1-1 Liverpool Sheffield Wednesday 1-3 Middlesbrough Southampton 1-1 Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 Watford Wimbledon 1-0 West Ham United
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COTON'S COUNSELLING CRUCIAL FOR 'KEEPERS For Tony Coton at Manchester United, read also Clare Rayner. Because United's goalkeeping coach has revealed how the plethora of goalkeepers at Old Trafford has turned him into a part-time agony aunt. With Mark Bosnich, Raimond van der Gouw and Massimo Taibi all competing for places, Coton says that he spends as much time consoling the disappointed keeper of the week as he does coaching. "It's not healthy having three senior keepers to a certain extent," he said on BBC GMR. "It's good for the club because you know if anyone gets an injury, we have a senior keeper to step in and if anything happens to him you still have another senior keeper to step in. "But you're always in the situation where you are putting your arm around one of them, certainly for the league games, and saying keep your head up, keep working, you're doing well, blah, blah, blah. "It's not an ideal situation from my point of view because you are a bit of a Clare Rayner, Marje Poops and goalkeeping coach rolled into one really." When Taibi is eligible for Champions League duty in March Coton's counselling service will be increasingly called upon as one of the three stoppers will always miss out on the trip.
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