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Date: Tue 21 Dec 1999 07:11 GMT
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This Issue:
1. Rivaldo pips Beckham to become European player of the year
2. Theatre Dreams News - Literature & Fiction
3. Sorry Posh but David is happy to stay at United
4. Why I'm Red... by Ezra
6. Telegraph's Monday report
7. Geordies are eyeing up Butt
8. United Cup pull-out hits TV as well



Webmaster comment:
  At 09:55 20-12-99 +0200, Tukiainen Tero wrote:
  >Does anyone have a clue, why Nicky Butt“s goal was disallowed ?
  >Just wondering.    Tero
The final score was 4-2 because Nicky Butt's goal was flagged offside by
the linesman although he was clearly onside.  Just one of those things that happen
sometimes in football. No goal.
Final score: West Ham 2-4 UNITED
Many news sources got it wrong :)
Cheers Barry & Bill at The Theatre Of Dreams

News for Oz fans:
ABC Shops in Australia have a video of the treble.
These can be brought online from www.abc.net.au

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Rivaldo pips Beckham to become European player of the year By Football Unlimited Monday December 20, 1999 Barcelona's Brazilian forward Rivaldo has been chosen as the European Player of the Year. Manchester United and England midfielder David Beckham came second in the poll, organised by France Football magazine. Rivaldo, who guided Brazil to the Copa America and Barcelona to the Spanish league title, was the second Brazilian after Ronaldo in 1997 to receive the award. He earned 219 points compared to Beckham's 154. AC Milan's Ukrainian striker Andriy Shevchenko came third with 64 points. Rivaldo came fifth in the same poll last year and takes over from France's Zinedine Zidane, who had his 1999 season marred by a knee injury. "I hope I can live up to the expecations of the voters but everything that has happened this year has made me very proud and happy," Rivaldo said. "I'm very satisfied with everything I have done with both Barcelona and Brazil. However I must pay tribute to my team mates who have been vital in helping me win these honours." Beckham's teammates also acquitted themselves well in the poll. Roy Keane came sixth with 36 points Jaap Stam 11th with 13 Peter Schmeichel 17th with 6 Ryan Giggs joint 21st with 3 Andy Cole equal 26th with 1 Kanu -arse came joint 23rd with 2 pts Ginola joint 26th with 1 pt more..... Rivaldo voted player of the year Barcelona's Brazilian forward Rivaldo has been chosen as the European Player of the Year, organisers France Football said on Monday. Rivaldo, who guided Brazil to the Copa America and Barcelona to the Spanish league title, was the second Brazilian after Ronaldo in 1997 to receive the award. Manchester United's David Beckham was second. The England midfielder was among the leading favourites after his team won the European Cup, the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Intercontinental Cup titles. Rivaldo earned 219 points to Beckham's 154. The Brazilian, who was fifth last year in the same poll, takes over from France's Zinedine Zidane, who had his 1999 season marred by a knee injury. "I hope I can live up to the expecations of the voters but everything that has happened this year has made me very pround and happy," Rivaldo said. "I'm very satisfied with everything I have done with both Barcelona and Brazil. "However I must pay tribute to my team mates who have been vital in helping me win these honours." None of the three best-placed players of 1998, Zidane, Ronaldo or Croatian Davor Suker, are featured among the top 10 this year. Until 1994, the award was open only to European players but since 1995 it has been given to the best player of any nationality playing in a European league. Rivaldo had already been voted world player of the year by readers of World Soccer magazine. AC Milan's Andriy Shevchenko of Ukraine was third with 64 points.
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Theatre Dreams News - Literature & Fiction http://www.red11.org presents: NEW today at the Theatre Of Dreams - Manchester United FC Literature & Fiction Contributions are welcome - mail: barry@www.red11.org Have you ever written any fiction or literature with some Manchester United relevance? If so, pass it along to us and we'll glady make it available to the world of United supporters. Poems, short stories, novels, biographies, you name it. As long as it's United related, and non-pornographic, we'll be happy to make it available. The very first contribution is now running at http://www.red11.org/mufc/literature.htm A Modern Fairy Tale - by Linda Harvey Part One Once upon a time, in a land known as the Land of the Willow, lived a young girl child. Once, long ago, when this land was given its name, it was a pretty place - of fields and a clean, sparkling, fast-flowing river. But in more recent times, dark mills and factories had come to this part of the land and the river. The river, that had once brought its bounty from the Irish sea, through the cursed lands of the scouse tribes to the West, had become dank and malodorous with chemicals and poisons spewed out from the brooding mills along its banks. The Land of the Willow had become an ugly place, filled with gloomy streets of poor houses - covered in soot and dirt - and the children who had once played in the meadows amongst the daisies and the buttercups now played barefoot in the dirty streets, amongst the refuse. But the girl child was different to many of these. She did not see the dirt and dust around her, she saw a world of magic. Where others saw only concrete, she saw tiny patches of green grass pushing their way through cracks in the paving slabs. Where others saw only broken down houses, she saw the vivid wild flowers growing in the gutters and in the back yards. Where others saw noise and squalor in the dockyards by the river, she saw sailing ships and the magic of far-off lands. Whilst others had their eyes fixed on the dirty streets, she sailed away into clear blue skies, to the lands of her imagination. Every week, on the day before the Sabbath, the child would visit her grandparents in that part of the land surrounding the Hall of Ordsall. There she would sit on her grandfather's knee and hear tales of a magic place. A place not far from there, where the most handsome and talented young men in the land would be called to do battle. They were tales of courage and romance, of passion and devotion, of loyalty and love. She was enraptured, carried away into a land of lords and knights, righting wrongs and fighting for honour. Even though she had never seen any of these men in battle, their names and their images filled her dreams: Sir Duncan, the strongest in the land; Sir Roger their leader, who no-one could pass; Sir Thomas and Sir Dennis who broke the hearts of lesser men; Sir Robert, a young man who would one day become a champion amongst champions; Sir Harry, the brave, who put the good of others before his own. But most of all, she loved the tales of Sir Edward - the young knight who had come from humble parentage in that same part of the land. Sir Edward, who had magic in his feet, and who had been called only two seasons ago to cross the river and fight for the honour of the Land of the Willow. Sometimes, on golden days which would light her dreams for many nights to come, the girl child would see Sir Edward from afar. She would gaze in awe as he strode along the dirty streets, turning them into a land of dreams and beauty and she would vow that one day, when she was grown, she would gather her courage and she would cross the river, to the place where the mighty Scottish king reigned and where his young knights brought magic to the people of this dark and wicked place. But then, on a cold day in midwinter, when the girl child had lived barely 10 summers, darkness descended on the Land of the Willow. Having beaten all before them on the island of which this land formed a part, the young knights travelled across the seas, in search of a silver cup known throughout the continent as the Holy Grail. Honour and glory followed in their wake, and they were only a short passage of time away from grasping the Grail for the first time when, on a snowy field, in the land of Germany, a fiery cataclysm engulfed them. Eight were slain and many lay wounded in that far-off place. There was mourning all over the land, but nowhere more so than in the Land of the Willow, where the girl child lived, because young Sir Edward was amongst those who had perished. Soon after, the dead were returned to the place across the river where they lay for the passing of one night. At the rising of the sun, Sir Edward's body returned to the land of Ordsall and there was crying and wailing in the streets and many hearts were broken. No longer did the girl child see the grass between the paving stones, no longer did she see the flowers in the gutters, no longer did she soar away into the lands of her imagination. Now, as if for the first time, she saw only the dark mills and factories, the dirt and the soot, the refuse in the streets. And she was sad, because the magic had deserted the Land of the Willow. Despite the loss, her life went on and the girl child continued to grow. After a few more summers had gone by she finally crossed the river and discovered that there was still magic being made there after all. Young Sir Robert was now by Sir Dennis' side, again breaking the hearts of lesser men, and Sir Harry the Brave was there on the field of green. But they were now being joined by many new young knights. A call had gone out across the land and across the sea for knights to join again the quest for the holy grail. Some came from close at hand - Sir Norbert and Sir Brian had travelled barely a few miles, but others came from afar. Sir Patrick and Sir Denis came from the far north, whilst from across the Irish sea came a young knight, of barely 17 summers, who some said bore the magic in his feet that the girl child (now a young woman) had heard about at her grandfather's knee. This was Sir George, and she saw that he did indeed carry the magic with him. Her heart lightened, as did the hearts of all who were there to witness the return of the magic to the Land of the Willow. Finally, after 10 summers and winters had gone by, on a night of glory in a land far to the South, the elusive Grail was borne aloft by the Scottish King and his young knights. Everyone in the land celebrated late into the night but also many a soul was sad and many a heart was aching as they thought of the young knights who had perished on the long journey. To be continued... Copyright © 1999 by Linda Harvey. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author http://www.red11.org/mufc/literature.htm
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Sorry Posh but David is happy to stay at United John Parry David Beckham will not allow wife Victoria or anyone else to drive him out of Manchester United, according to his father. Ted Beckham insists his superstar son is not about to demand showdown talks with Sir Alex Ferguson about an improved contract or to flee the Old Trafford nest for sunnier climes. Victoria - Posh Spice - sparked fresh fears about the England star's future at the weekend by claiming: "I think that playing abroad is something he would like to do. "I'm going between London and Manchester, so at some point he will move." United captain Roy Keane's new £50,000-a-week deal, which shattered the club's pay structure, has left Beckham in the shade on a 'mere' £22,000. But Beckham senior says his son's income - almost doubled by sponsorship deals with Brylcreem, Adidas and now Pepsi - is more than enough and that he does not feel shortchanged. "It's like this all the time and there are always people trying to stir so much stuff up, but I don't think there's a problem. "As far as both david and I are concerned, he's happy at United. Whatever Roy Keane gets is his own business." Another happy player at Old Trafford is Dwight Yorke, who had looked a shadow of his usual self in going two months without a goal. But a two-goal salvo at West Ham was the perfect riposte. Yorke said: "You don't just become a bad player overnight but when you go through a spell like that you have to be strong, take the rough with the smooth and try hard to get back on the trail again as soon as possible. "Everyone was definitely up for it at West Ham and it was great to get back to scoring goals." Ferguson also expressed his relief after his most expensive signing rediscovered his form. He said: "Yorkie had hit a dry spell and every striker needs confidence and wants to score. His performance will help him." Yorke, 28, scored 29 goals in his first season at Old Trafford as United romped to their historic Treble. He started this campaign in similar style, with four goals in his first three games, but had scored only three times in four months before his Upton Park brace. Johan Cruyff has intervened to end the saga of his son's lack of first team opportunities at Manchester United. The legendary Holland striker and former Barcelona coach has been sounding out Spanish First Division clubs in a bid to end son Jordi's frustrating spell on the Old Trafford sidelines. The Spanish transfer window is open only for a month and is due to shut down again on January 15 but Jordi could be left out of United's 23-man squad for the World Club Championship in Brazil so he can sort out a move back to Spain. The 25-year-old has failed to establish himself as a regular at Old Trafford after signing from Barcelona for £1.4million three years ago.
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Why I'm Red... by Ezra I grew up a Cleveland Browns fan, being raised in that fair city. Went to college, became a fan of the Mancunian band The Fall. A very good friend went to Austria for university (German major) and, while in Salzburg, fell in with two guys from rainy Manchester. Seems these guys were mad about the Browns, which puzzled my friend. Why in the world would they care about an average, thoroughly unglamorous American football team? Their response was that it's much more fun and engaging to watch a sport if you have a side to root for; arbitrary as it sounds, they chose the Browns out of a sense of fellowship -- as they (correctly) understood, Cleveland was in the north, had an industrial base, was rather gray and gritty, and had pretty bad weather -- rather like, they said, Manchester. So when I got bit by the footy bug and started to follow the Premiership, a Manchester side seemed to be a logical choice. Was impressed by the compelling play of the Reds, esp. Schmeichel, Stam, and Keane. They just felt right. Ezra Seattle Red
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BECKHAM IS HAPPY, INSISTS DAD Just days after Victoria Beckham suggested that her husband's time at Old Trafford may be drawing to a close, David Beckham's father Ted has insisted that the midfield star is not unhappy with his salary. After Roy Keane signed his mega-money contract a fortnight ago, it was thought that Beckham, who signed a five-year contract in August 1998, would be knocking on Martin Edwards' door to ask for a pay rise. "He's more than happy with Manchester United," said Ted Beckham. "It's like this all the time and there are always people trying to stir so much stuff up, but I don't think there's a problem. "As far as I'm concerned and as far as David's concerned, he's happy at United. "Whatever Roy Keane gets is up to him and his agent who has got it for him. I know that David is more than happy at United and there's no problem at all on that score." Beckham also has lucrative sponsorship deals with Brylcreem, Adidas and Pepsi.
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Telegraph's Monday report The Ferdinand and Giggs show By Henry Winter THIS was another Upton Park game that will certainly be replayed - time and again in the minds of the 26,037 present and on video-recorders from Stratford to Stretford. Some of the movement contained during 90 pulsating minutes pushed football towards the bounds of fantasy. It was that good. It was a game that contained everything but an ineligible player, that first showed Manchester United at their awesome, attacking best and then gave an enraptured audience the stirring sight of a West Ham United side breathing defiance and coming within a missed chance of equality. It was a game constructively governed by a referee, Uriah Rennie, who used sense not censure, that had at its core two fine young home-grown footballers, the dazzling Ryan Giggs and a Rio Ferdinand proving he can play the stopper as well as the sweeper. For the technical quality of the football, the match ranked with Chelsea's early-season Stamford Bridge annihilations of Sunderland and Manchester United. For sheer entertainment and chances created, it rivalled Leeds United's breathless 4-4 extravaganza with Everton. What really made this game on Saturday so compelling was West Ham's reaction to a 20-minute pummelling that should have seen the match halted on humanitarian grounds. United's quick thinking and quicker passing sliced through Harry Redknapp's men with brutal ease. First-time touches sent a mesmerised ball zig-zagging from Paul Scholes to Roy Keane to David Beckham and on to Dwight Yorke's head: 1-0, nine minutes. Soon the ball was speeding between Gary Neville, Teddy Sheringham, Beckham, Scholes, Yorke and into Giggs, whose flicked finish was delicacy itself: 2-0, 13 minutes. The siege intensified. Beckham and Yorke again terrorised West Ham's defence, forcing a panicky clearance by Neil Ruddock that Giggs, almost apologetically, threaded back in: 3-0, 19 minutes. Game over? Not a chance. Roared on in deafening fashion, West Ham looked to three men for inspiration: Ferdinand, Marc-Vivien Fo and Paolo Di Canio. The resistance movement was underpinned by Ferdinand, no longer the gambolling gambler with possession but the very model of a mature centre half. Blameless for any of United's goals, Ferdinand averted real humiliation by blocking and tackling, dominating the air and never over-elaborating. From an England perspective, Ferdinand dispelled doubts about his ability to operate in a back four, where one slip can prove costly, rather in the two-tiered three-man defensive trap. "He can play in a four or a three," said Redknapp, who had dropped his usual wing-back approach to double up (albeit unsuccessfully) on Beckham and Giggs. "Rio is a fantastic defender: he's got everything." He can also step into midfield more productively than any English central defender. In front of Ferdinand, Fo came to terms with the runs of Keane and Scholes and gradually made central midfield a more even contest, his influence proving vital with Frank Lampard dis- appointing. The real catalyst to West Ham's fight-back was Di Canio, the Italian craftsman who made it 3-1 with a fine right-footed volley after Ruddock had headed down Steve Lomas's pass. The noise was unbelievable, two sets of fans screaming for more goals. Seven minutes after the break, Fo won possession, Marc Keller guided the ball forward and Di Canio danced around Raimond Van Der Gouw to score: 2-3 and pass the ear-plugs. Ten minutes on came the game's defining moment as Di Canio ran at Van Der Gouw again but the Dutchman saved. Di Canio beat the pristine surface in frustration and United, as they often do, sped off to score a fourth, the ball racing from Beckham and Scholes to Giggs, whose cross was turned in by the exceptional Yorke. "Di Canio is distraught," Redknapp said. "He said to me, 'I let you down'. I told him, 'you never let us down'. He got us back in the game with two great strikes, the volley and the magical goal." Yet the feeling remains that Di Canio should have squared to the unmarked Lampard. But United deserved the points for their opening brio. "Their passing and movement was outstanding," Redknapp reflected. Football's authorities should also replay this tape, marvel at United's high-speed technique and appreciate what can be achieved with a break from football as United have just enjoyed.
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Geordies are eyeing up Butt (Teamtalk) Reports on Sunday have suggested that Newcastle boss Bobby Robson is preparing a shock 5million swoop for Nicky Butt. The news of Roy Keane's new contract at Old Trafford has fuelled speculation that Butt may be allowed to leave. Robson knows he must sell players before he can draft in new recruits and Franck Dumas, Marcelino and Silvio Maric all look poised to leave very shortly. All of which could fund a big money signing, and Butt may be the target later in the season or next summer.
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United Cup pull-out hits TV as well By Neil Wilson Manchester United have ended the greatest year in their history top of another league table. In the last year of the old millennium they were without question the most popular sporting attraction on our television screens. Whether United profit from FIFA's world club championships will be seen next month but the huge cost to the FA Cup of their absence is revealed today. Millions of television viewers will be lost to ITV and Sky. If there is one thing more apparent from television's annual sporting charts for 1999 than the drawing power of football as we enter a new century, it is the popularity over all other football clubs - and all other sporting events - of Manchester United. Soccer matches occupy all but one position in television's top 10 sporting audiences this year, and the men from Old Trafford occupy seven of them. The same is true for Premiership games shown on Sky Sports. Its five largest audiences were for matches involving United, four at the end of last season, one that opened this campaign. Is it any wonder that ITV showed more of United's games in the opening round of this season's Champions League than Arsenal or Chelsea? Or that United appeared on BBC's Match of the Day last season more than any other club? Indeed, the only surprise is that Sky chose to show Arsenal once more than United last season - but even then United were shown more often than any of the other Premiership clubs. You can understand, then, why Sky and ITV fumed in private when the FA allowed its major drawing card to take a season out of its Cup, their humour not improved when screening rights to United's South American odyssey were sold to BBC. 'We have always said that why we choose to show United so often is because the figures tell us that is what television audiences want,' said Jeff Farmer, ITV's executive producer of soccer. 'We get good audiences with other clubs but it is no secret that we get more with United. They draw the biggest audience because they have the widest following. It is not a London thing or a Liverpool thing. There's a national demand.' United led soccer as close to a clean sweep of the top 20 charts as there has ever been. They figured in nine of the 10 most popular events, 17 out of the 20. Only the Grand National, the Brazilian Grand Prix and one day of the World Athletics Championships denied their monopoly. And because of soccer, ITV enjoyed its best year for sport. 'Sensational,' said Farmer, and his immodesty is understandable. Three years ago, ITV had only three programmes in the top 10. It was a channel struggling to find its way after losing boxers Naseem Hamed, Frank Bruno and Nigel Benn to Sky and being well beaten by BBC at Euro 96. Now it has taken Formula One, the FA Cup and Des Lynam, and the BBC finds itself with only four spots in the top 20 - largely because of its failure to win the rights to live soccer, something which new director-general Greg Dyke has conceded he cannot afford to change. BBC comes into its own outside the soccer season. Fifteen of the top 20 audiences for non-soccer programmes were on the two BBC channels - ITV's five entries were for two sports, rugby union and motor racing, won from BBC - and it featured six different sports, an indication of its wider portfolio and its strength in summer. But in autumn, BBC's figures start looking as threadbare as the trees. In the months of September, October and November, ITV filled 23 of the top 24 spots, BBC squeezing into the list only with a delayed recording of the Euro qualifying tie between Scotland and England, an event 'loaned' to it by Sky. And it must be worried about its prize spring event, the Grand National, a chart-topper for many years but down this year to its lowest audience of the decade, a drop in eight years of around 40 per cent. Could it be worse still next April without Lynam? Still, 2000 should be good news for BBC. Next summer it has the Olympic Games and a share with ITV in the finals of Euro 2000, for which England qualified by the skin of their teeth. And to launch the new millennium, and at a cost of £5million, it makes its live soccer comeback. The FIFA world club championship may be a mickey mouse event but with United in the principal role, this year's audience figures suggest it will be a mouse that roars for BBC.
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