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Date: Tue Jul 20 08:56:56 GMT+00:00 1999
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. Sydney Weekend  -Very long. Personal Article by Paul O'Farrell
2. SA Reds in Barcelona - from: "ethel sleith" 
3. Reds Down Under by  Rob Durie 
4. Official Stuff on KIT
6. Fury at crash horror pictures in book
7. Who owns Manchester United? : source BBC


Daily MANCHESTER UNITED NEWS Tues 20th July 1999:

Barry Daily Comment:
A big RED thankyou to Bill & Paul for covering the last 10 days news
whilst I was on holiday.
TODAY read Paul O'Farrel's wonderful personal description of the happenings in
Sydney + Ethel's Barce Diary part one!

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Mark Bosnich's Personal Details 

 Its the presentation of the European Cup at Nou Camp
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Previous News:
 BSKYB Takeover news/pics at http://www.red11.org/mufc/bskyb.htm
  Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
 Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!


01-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Charity Shield, AWAY)
08-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Everton  (FA Premier League, AWAY)
11-AUG-1999 [20:00] Manchester Utd. vs Sheffield W  (FA Premier League, HOME)
14-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Leeds U  (FA Premier League, HOME)
22-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Premier League, AWAY)

**** Friendly at Salford City
Salford City, the North Western Trains League club, are to play a friendly
against a side from their "big brother" neighbours Manchester United, at
their Moor Lane ground (in Kersal) on Saturday July 17th at 3pm.
August 3rd Omagh Town, St Julian's Road ground
August 4th Wigan Athletic

****Pre season tour details JULY 1999 ***

Wed 21/7 Shangai first time ever!!!
 This match will be watched by 80,000 fans 
  The game has sold out with the Shanghai Star reporting the home side's
  chairman Yu Zhifei as saying: ''It is unprecedented that the tickets
  should sell out for a match five weeks in advance." 

Sat 24/7 Hong Kong  Repeat of the 1997 game
 "ALL matches will be shown "the same day" om MUTV.

UNITED Stats v All teams:

Pos Team                  P  W  D  L   F   A   W  D  L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Manchester United    38 14  4  1  45  18   8  9  2  35  19   43   79
 2  Arsenal              38 14  5  0  34   5   8  7  4  25  12   42   78
 3  Chelsea              38 12  6  1  29  13   8  9  2  28  17   27   75
 4  Leeds United         38 12  5  2  32   9   6  8  5  30  25   28   67

Here are all the matches for the coming season 1999/2000:
ALL FIXTURES at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/fix9899.htm
Subject:      First Team Fixtures 1999/2000 [All dates/times subject to change]
Dates of possible cup ties also shown

Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/07/99    Melbourne Australia   11.00  pre-season     2-0
18/07/99    Sydney    Australia   06.00  pre-season     1-0
21/07/99    Shanghai  Shenhua     12.30  pre-season      -
24/07/99    Hong Kong South China 08.30  pre-season      -

 1/08/99    Arsenal      Wembley Charity Shield          -
 3/08/99    Omagh Town     friendly in aid of Omagh Bomb Fund
 4/08/99    Wigan Athletic friendly at JJB Stadium.

 8/08/99    Everton                  away      16.00
11/08/99    Sheffield Wednesday      home PL   20.00
14/08/99    Leeds United             home PL   15.00
22/08/99    Arsenal                  away PL   16.00
25/08/99    Coventry City            away PL   20.00
27/08/99    Monaco - Lazio           ESC       19.45
30/08/99    Newcastle United         home PL   13.00
11/09/99    Liverpool                away PL   11.30
15/09/99    ?     EC
18/09/99    Wimbledon                home PL   15.00
22/09/99    ?     EC
25/09/99    Southampton              home PL   15.00
29/09/99    ?     EC
 3/10/99    Chelsea                  away PL   16.00
*11/10/99   Sir Alex Ferguson's testimonial OT [Schmeichel]
13/10/99    ?     WC 3
16/10/99    Watford                  home PL   15.00
20/10/99    ?     EC
23/10/99    Tottenham Hotspur        away PL   15.00
27/10/99    ?     EC
30/10/99    Aston Villa              home PL   15.00
 3/11/99    ?     EC
 6/11/99    Leicester City           home PL   15.00
20/11/99    Derby County             away PL   15.00
24/11/99    ?     EC
27/11/99    Sheffield Wednesday      away PL   15.00
30/11/99    Tokyo  Palmeiras         WCC       20.00
 1/12/99    ?     WC 4
 4/12/99    Everton                  home PL   15.00
 8/12/99    ?     EC
11/12/99    FAC 3 Will not enter ...
15/12/99    ?     WC 5
18/12/99    West Ham United          away PL   15.00
26/12/99    Bradford City            home PL   15.00
28/12/99    Sunderland               away PL   20.00
 3/01/2000  Middlesborough           home PL   20.00

 ***** 5-14 /01/2000 Brazil WTC  *****   [3-4 games]

*  8/01/2000  FAC 4 Will not enter ...
12/01/2000  ?    WC sf i
15/01/2000  Leeds United             away PL   15.00
22/01/2000  Arsenal                  home PL   15.00
26/01/2000  ?    WC sf ii
* 29/01/2000  FAC 5 Will not enter ...
 5/02/2000  Coventry City            home PL   15.00
12/02/2000  Newcastle United         away PL   15.00
* 19/02/2000  FAC 6 Will not enter ...
26/02/2000  Wimbledon                away PL   15.00
27/02/2000  ?   Wembley WC f
 1/03/2000  ?   EC
 4/03/2000  Liverpool                home PL   15.00
 8/03/2000  ?   EC
11/03/2000  Derby County             home PL   15.00
15/03/2000  ?   EC
18/03/2000  Leicester City           away PL   15.00
22/03/2000  ?   EC
25/03/2000  Bradford City            away PL   15.00
 1/04/2000  West Ham United          home PL   15.00
 5/04/2000  ?   EC qf i
 8/04/2000  Middlesborough           away PL   15.00
*  9/04/2000  FAC sf Will not enter ...
15/04/2000  Sunderland               home PL   15.00
19/04/2000  ?   EC qf ii
22/04/2000  Southampton              away PL   15.00
24/04/2000  Chelsea                  home PL   15.00
29/04/2000  West Ham United          away PL   15.00
 3/05/2000  ?   EC sf i
 6/05/2000  Tottenham Hotspur        home PL   15.00
10/05/2000  ?   EC sf ii
14/05/2000  Aston Villa              away PL   15.00
* 20/05/2000 Wembley FAC f Will not enter ...
24/05/2000  ?    EC f



Personal stories here: http://www.red11.org/mufc/barcelona.htm

We went to Barcelona in a fine day in May
And all our supporters sang loudly & gay
And when it was over and all said and done
We beat Bayern Munich  by 2 goals to 1

The first one was Teddy's he out foxed the rest
The second was Solskjear's he's simply the best
We could have had 4 or we could have had 9
But we didn't start playing till injury time


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Subject: Sydney Weekend -Very long. Personal Article by Paul O'Farrell Greetings Fellow Reds, The memories I have of this weekend just gone will be cherished forever. I've simply had the time of my (Red) life. It all started on the Friday. The MUSC of New South Wales arranged via the tour promoters ( Rivkin Ent.) to attend a welcome dinner put on by Rivkin for Manchester United and the Socceroos at the brand spanking new Sydney Harbour Casino. Luckily I was allowed by "she who must be obeyed" to have an expensive splurge after I took great lengths to explain the ''chance of a lifetime" situation of such an occasion to her. Julie's understanding of what this opportunity meant to me still leaves me speechless... Arriving very early at the Casino's lobby at roughly 6:30 pm in a black suit and the obligatory United tie felt odd, as there were loads of people wandering around in a lot less formal gear. One of those was Phil Neville, who was completely anonymous until he ambled past me. I quickly leapt to my feet, shook his hand and welcomed him to Sydney, and he was good enough to sign my "Just Champion" book about the Premier League title in 1993. Not long afterwards a trio of young blokes in United polo shirts followed Phil's route, so I jumped to my feet again to greet Wes Brown, Jonathon Greening and Michael Clegg. They all took the time to sign my book after the welcomes and handshakes. I had a quick chat with Wes about the knock he picked up from the Melbourne match, and he took the time to explain how it was wasn't that bad. He could have just said "it's ok" and taken off, but they all took the time to stop and chat for a few minutes. I'd have to say that these three impressed me greatly. Meeting them felt like a brush with royalty in a way, but I found them to be really down-to-earth, run-of the-mill guys, and it was an honour to have met these three gentlemen. I was well chuffed after that, but little did I know at the time that this just the lead-up to what was to be a magic evening. Wandering around the Casino eventually led to meeting up with a few of the MUSC members who were also attending the do. We started to gather around the entrance doors to the ballroom where the function was being held, and began to enjoy the free drinks being carried around by the posh-looking waiters. It didn't take to long to get a reasonable crowd gathered, all dressed to the nines (and in a few cases leaving me dazzled by the state of dress - or undress - depending on how you looked at it :-)) ). I thought to myself that these society types can't all be die-hard Reds, and that was proven to be correct later on. As fate would have it, I found myself standing right next some escalators. Then all of a sudden my arse fell off. Coming up the escalators and looking very smart in black dinner jackets, collars and ties, were my heroes.... all of them - the lot. The resulting crush from the crowd was almost like a stampede. I couldn't believe that in the space of a few seconds a politely mingling crowd changed into a raging monster. Even more unbelievable was that in a few short minutes I'd somehow managed to get the signatures of Jaap Stam, Ryan Giggs, Ole, Andy Cole, and Martin Edwards (!!) into the book. The squad were then ushered into a separate room behind rock-solid security. The security guards were big, burly looking gorillas and looked like they could snap a Rottweiler is half, so we opted for leaving them alone and waited for the function to begin. After waiting for a while, the ballroom doors opened and all guests were escorted to their correct seats - except me !! I found out later that my seat was literally six feet away from one of the United players' tables. I did eventually get to sit where I was supposed to be in the first place, but only after having eaten an entree that I can't begin to describe, and a main meal that I could hardly see. I think it was a pre-pubescent chicken judging the tiny size of it, positioned on my plate amongst some arty-farty looking vegetables. I was keeping a close eye on the United tables, most of what I saw was that they ate and drank exactly the same as we did. Dwight Yorke decided to leave his baseball cap on for the entire night, and was all-but unapproachable due to the bodyguard living in his shadow for the entire night. The Oz players looked sadly outclassed in all departments and looked a little out of place in their track-suits and running shoes. Speeches were given by Rivkin and Martin Edwards, then along came the founder of our Supporters Club - Fred Pollitt. He thanked Rivkin for organising the Oz tour and presented Martin Edwards with a plaque and a banner to commemorate the occasion. Rivkin them decided to make a complete t**t of himself by condescendingly announcing that the United squad will be on his yacht on Saturday, to which some of us replied with half-hidden hand gestures of a w....r. As the evening wound on, it was becoming apparent that the players weren't being given a minutes peace to eat their meals without someone shoving a pen and paper or something else under their noses demanding their signature. The security guards were trying to stem the tide - but doing not very well. I can understand the reasons why people want their signatures, but to constantly interrupt the players, especially while they were still eating was just plain rude to be honest. I was having more than my fair share of luck by waiting patiently for the right moment to approach - ie: waiting for one of the players to get up from their tables and head out of the room, and wait for them by the door. At one point I was standing with a group of five MUSC members just outside the ballroom when a freelance photographer rushed up to me and hurriedly got his camera ready. Only then did he realise that I wasn't part of the United squad. We had a good laugh about that afterwards!! Using the stand-by-the-door method allowed for much more success than I had bargained on, as throughout the evening I got signatures from Denis Irwin ( the one I really wanted above all ), Teddi Sheringham, Mark Wilson and John Curtis. As if that wasn't enough, I also managed to get separate photos with Steve McLaren and Martin Edwards. As I said above about Brown, Grenning and Clegg the same also applies here to both McLaren and Edwards. Both of them were very patient with the attention they were getting throughout the evening and conducted themselves very well. I managed to talk to Martin Edwards about the situation with Roy Keane's current negotiations to which he replied " Negotiations are still underway". I then asked for the unofficial version, and his reply was exactly the same, except that when Roy's agent was mentioned he corrected me by saying that the man in question is in fact Roy's solicitor. And that folks, is straight from the horse's mouth. He also mentioned the franchises of 150 Red Cafe's to be opened worldwide, alas none will b Not long after having found my seat and coming to terms with the luck I'd had, the United squad had had enough and called it a night, despite the best efforts of the officials to keep the audience at bay. When the announcement came over that United were packing it in, the resultant cries of despair from the society types would have sounded better on an opera stage, such were the dramatic acts of sadness that followed. As soon as United were gone, a lot of the toffs had also grabbed their Gucci gear and left. We MUSC Reds stayed on for a while to mingle amongst ourselves and go over what had been such a fantastic night. It ended up being a louder night than was expected for most of us, and as most of the ''in'' crowd had left for their champagne, diamonds and Porsches we suddenly broke into song. We gave the "Pride of All Europe" a good going over, as well as "Glory Glory" and about a dozen others, much to the amusement of those still there. Finally bidding our farewells to all was met with a longish drive home before getting to bed at roughly 2am. Getting to sleep was another matter all together. I laid there and couldn't wind down enough to doze off until about 3:45am, knowing full well that I'd need to be out of bed again by 7am to watch United train at a venue pre-arranged by Rivkin and the MUSC. We had strict instructions that this session was for MUSC members only, and that if the media got wind of the arrangement the session would be cancelled immediately.The adrenalin was still pumping as I tried to fall asleep and I still couldn't believe what had happened earlier that night. Saturday. Getting out of bed was surprisingly easy enough, and the early morning drive to the training session being held at a private school in Gladesville was uneventful. Arriving very early (again) had me well positioned at the gates when they eventually opened. We spent the time still chattering about the night before and our lack of sleep. Again we had to show our match tickets to the security men and filed through to a small grandstand and waited in the chilly morning air. Not long afterwards my phone rang, and John and Nick Coppack had arrived from the airport. Originally we had planned on meeting at the airport but the schedule for the training session had been changed at the last minute and there was no way that I could have met them and driven to Gladesville with enough time to spare. It was great to finally put faces to the two guys that I've had so much long-distance chat with lately. As it turned out they were there before United had even turned up, as the United coach (with police escort) didn't arrive until after 10am. Argh !! Not long afterwards Dave Marshall from Brisbane showed up with a life size cut out of Arthur Daley in his United strip. More about Arthur later. The training session went very well, and our worries about the media threatening the session going ahead were unfounded as they were nowhere to be seen. Luckily the weather had been very kind as it was sunny for the first time in weeks, and there was no sign of the constant rain that we'd had for the last week or so. The pitch itself was in magnificent condition and seemed to suit the players much better than the Melbourne mess from a few days earlier. We all watched them go through a session that lasted about 1.5 hours, including some stretching, running, various forms of jogging etc. The squad then separated into two sides, one being strikers and some of the midfielders, the other being the defenders and the rest of the mid-field. They had their own shots at goal sessions which lasted for easily 45 mins. We couldn't help but notice that Dwight and Andy were inseparable for the entire session, they were almost joined at the hip and seemed content to be playing around with each other like two small puppies. The two mini-squads were concentrating on shots from around the edge of the penalty area, but occasionally you would get a cross from Giggsy, Cruyff or Greening that would be met with the head of Cole or Teddi, if not plucked from the sky by Bosnich (or Rai later on). David May must have had an injury of some kind (or a hangover) as he sat behind the goal for the entire session and never even got onto the pitch. Then it was all over. Giggs and Wilson made an attempt to come over to us but they were abruptly about-faced by one of Rivkin's henchmen, so they stood and applauded us from near the centre circle. We naturally returned the applause, along with cheers and best wishes for the game tomorrow. They then all wandered back to the coach and were gone in less than a minute. That was the end of the day for us as well. There was a rumour going around that another training session would be held at the Olympic Stadium in the afternoon so John Nick and I went along, but there were no signs of life at all. We three then made our arrangements to meet at Strathfield railway station in the morning, and I drove them back their hotel. I saw on the evening news that Giggs, Butt and Brown had spent their afternoon in a children's hospital, so that was good enough for me. Sunday. Meeting John and Nick at the railway station went without a hitch, until we got on the train and headed for the 11am List meet at the Orient Hotel in The Rocks. Only ten minutes into the train trip did John say "Oh shit, I've left the match tickets behind". A hurried trip back to his hotel meant that Nick and I met him at the Orient later on. The pair of us got off at Circular Quay and wandered past all the hundreds of tourists and headed towards the pub. Nick had to stop and get a few snaps of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House ( bloody tourist :-) ) and we were the first at the pub. The Orient was quiet for a few minutes until Reds started wandering in. Each were greeted with cheers and a song of "new boys, get the beers, new boys, new boys get the beers". By 11:30 the place was filling with song as more and more Reds filtered in. We had to be careful with our singing as a few of the barmaids were making noises about some of the language in our songs. We went silent at the right moment in each song, but that didn't last long as more and more Reds had packed the pub in no time at all. By midday the place was absolutely rocking with song and no-one was worried about our words. Two Aussies wandered in and hid over the other side of the bar, which led to wave after wave of banter from roughly a hundred of us. "Aussies, give us a song... shhhhh'' and "Iran, you couldn't beat Iran'' and "Saw you crying on the telly" got a good airing. We also gave them some stick about Shane Warne, and they seemed to take it all in their stride. While all this was going on Dave Marshall appeared at the pub door, complete with Arthur, which got a loud cheer from the now packed pub. "Arthur, Arthur give us a wave" was the tune. Loads of tourists had been peeking in to see what all the noise was about, some taking photos and movie snips. Each were greeted with more cheers and songs. A group of five young lads arrived in what looked like Private School blazers so they were greeted with "Are you old enough to drink?". They soon nicked off. Two policemen had a look in, and were greeted with the tune to Laurel and Hardy. They laughed and we laughed and all was well. I managed to bump into Matthew Wheeler and his lady (who's name I missed), as well as Ken Simpson from Adelaide. Not long after Rob Durie and son arrived. Rob's son was given a warm reception as he wore his Liverpool shirt and was the only scouser in the pub. We gave it to him big time. "In your Liverpool slums", "If you all hate scousers / still hate scousers clap your hands", "F**k McManaman, Ince McAteer" was changed into "Sold McManaman...still f**k For the next hour or so we were in full-on party mode. We gave it to Keegan, Wenger, Arsenal, Liverpool (again) and anyone else that deserved a mention. But the best singing was held for United. This made the hair on my neck stand up as we belted them out at full voice for ages. We sung for Dwight Yorke, Ole, Ferguson's Red and White Army, 2-1 in our Cup Final, Oh Andy Cole, Let's all have a disco / let's go f*cking mental / Rivkin is a wanker, Championes, Pride of All Europe, We won the league again down by the ship canal, Swing low sweet Andy Cole, What friend we have in Jesus, Oh Manchester is wonderful, (Oh merseyside / Oh Bondi Beach / Oh Opera House is full of shit), the United Calypso, Yip Jaap Stam, and a full rendition of the twelve days of Eric, which drew a great round of applause at the end. We found out that the Boddingtons had run out, so we sang about that as well. There were loads of other songs that I wish I could remember we sang, but I hope you get the general idea of what this meet was like. The clock ticked to 1:15 and we all left the pub en-mass and walked through the Quay to the railway station. This was one of the best parts of the day. Singing away at full voice and hearing the echoes around us sounded a lot like what I imagine Old Trafford to be like on match day. By this time the Quay was packed with tourists. They were all watching the buskers but quickly turned around to see an army of Reds passing through. One busker tried to play along with us, but he got greeted with "You've only got one song". He laughed, the crowd laughed, we laughed, and all was great. Cameras were snapping everywhere and we played along with it. On the platform we gave the other travellers a bit. "You're supposed to be at home" got a few grins. Changing trains at Central meant nothing as far as our voices were concerned. We saw one lad in a City shirt and gave him it as well. "Let's all laugh at City" as we filed through the gates to the train to get us to the Stadium. The train ride was our football spec From there it was a case of getting into the stadium as quickly as possible. No problem in the end, as the kick off was late for some reason. I was sat on the second tier with Nick and John, just to the left of the half-way line. My view of the pitch and the entire stadium was very good, but I would have preferred to be a little closer to the pitch. We also had to contend with the sun in our eyes for a little while. Unfortunately we also had roughly the same atmosphere as Melbourne suffered a few days ago. When we Orient Reds all arrived at the stadium we split and went our separate ways. There was no segregation of fans, so we were now all over the place. John and Nick and I tried to get into some more singing, and were successful for a handful of times but the rest of the time was spent wondering where the voices had gone. Before we knew it the players were on the field and ready to roll. United looked to be playing in a new away strip. It looked a bit Spurs-ish, predominantly white shirts with navy blue shorts. I prefer last seasons strip with the hoops. As per Melbourne there were no names on their backs either. The pitch looked in much better condition than Melbourne, but it could have been even better if Sydney hadn't had a week of rain prior to the match. It looked to be drained well and wasn't cutting up much, which helped United play more of the one-touch game than we saw in the previous match. Before this weekend I'd made a mental note to keep a close eye on Andy Cole throughout the match, as I remember other List members saying he does a lot of running off the ball which TV viewers just don't see. We knew this match was a pre-season friendly, and I'm sad to say that Andy must have been in the same frame of mind, as he did hardly anything at all. Very little running off the ball and little activity in general. The game started off slowly as usual, and as the first half wore on the Aussies seemed to be more "up for it" than the last game. The challenges and tackles were a lot more physical and that set the tone of the entire match. United seemed content to let the Oz boys come at them and defend rather play the attacking football that we're used to seeing. They Oz boys had their chances but the collective defending of Stam and Irwin snuffed out a majority of their attempts. 25 minutes into the first half and Giggs placed a beautifully judged pass for Dwight Yorke to run straight into the penalty box and shoot to the near post, past the keeper and in. Our whole stand rose to its feet and cheered, but again we were given the impression that not all the players really cared that much, as only Jordi went over to congratulate Yorke. As the half went on the referee seemed to be letting quite a few hard tackles go. He seemed to be more interested in watching the ball, and only when Andy Cole made a studs-in challenge for the ball but contacted Colosimo did the ref remember that he was the one carrying the whistle. Tiatto made a meal of having a verbal with Cole, but Cole having none of that and gave as good a verbal as he got. One effort by Cole in the 66th minute was a half chance but the Oz keeper had it covered, the ball trickled outside the left hand post. After the Yorke goal, Giggs and Cruyff switched wings. I felt Jordi Cruyff was running around a lot but achieved little, apart from one left footed effort at a goal in the second half which came off the keepers leg. Cruyff was eventually subbed mid My man of the match has to be......Jaap Stam. He was mountain in defence and never put a foot wrong. He was there to snuff any half-chances that the Oz boys got, and he dealt with them very well. Denis Irwin was as consistent as ever, and as the second half wore on, he and Stam had the back four in complete control. So that it folks, it has truly been a magnificent, unforgettable weekend for me. I only hope I don't need to wait another 15 years to live it all again. The only way I could possibly top this weekend would be to a trip to Old Trafford. Maybe some day...... Cheers All. Paul (N.R.T.F) Sydney Oz. Copyright Paul O'Farrell 1999. No part to reproduced or duplicated without the express written consent of the author.
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Subject: SA Reds in Barcelona - from: "ethel sleith" If you're not entirely fed up with tales about Barcelona, here's another one. We so desperately want to share our experiences, you see. It's fairly long, so I'll send it in two episodes. The commentator on ITV said, at the end of the match, "In years to come, people will ask 'where were you when United won the European Cup in '99', and 55,000 people will be able to say, 'I was there'" Well, I was there, and it was, without doubt, the greatest experience of my life. My children won't thank me for ignoring the importance of their birth, but the two events just don't compare. I've followed United for 33 years, and though I've watched some great performances on tv, and a few good wins at Old Trafford, the only other away match I've ever been to was against Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road! (We won, 3-2.) Being in the Nou Camp was itself an incredible experience. Our seats were on the corner, to the left of the goal where Alex's two subs won the European Cup, half-way up. If one sits in the 3rd tier of the North Stand at Old Trafford, it's only possible to follow the match by instinct, knowing that the red dots are United and the black dots are Newcastle. In the Nou Camp, we were quite possibly just as high up, but the view of the pitch was out of this world, and we were able to tell when Giggsy was on the ball, or Jaap had executed a brilliant clearance. The membership office had allocated only a few tickets to the branch, and we frantically arranged flights and hotel accommodation as soon as confirmation on the match tickets came through. Barcelona itself was packed to the rafters, and there was nothing available in the city. A friend in London arranged accommodation in Altafulla, about 50 minutes by train from Barcelona. Now all we had to do was get there. Iberia would not have been my first choice, given the problems experienced when I travelled with the branch to the Everton match in March, but as it was the only airline able to get us to Barcelona, we shelved our misgivings and confirmed the booking. Mistake. We were advised several days before departure that the flight would be delayed until 3 am, and so we arrived at Joh'burg International just after midnight, to find that the flight had in fact been delayed to 09h30 on Monday morning. Passengers were eventually ferried to a 'nearby' hotel (my house is closer to the airport than the hotel was) where we were allocated rooms for the few hours left before we had to return to the airport. Did I say 'few hours'? Most people were lucky if they got a hour's sleep before the wake-up call came at 5 am, but at least we got a hearty hot breakfast. There were adventures in the middle of the night - like walking through the unlocked connecting door into another (male) guest's bedroom, but that's another story. The day-time flight to Madrid was uneventful, and on arrival there, my travelling companion Hans and I were bundled onto a shuttle flight to Barcelona. With hindsight we should have resisted the instructions to take this flight, and instead should have insisted on staying in Madrid for the night, as had been promised in Joh'burg. Arriving in Barcelona at 21h30 meant we'd missed the last train to Altafulla and the Iberia representative was unsympathetic, saying that their responsibility was to get us to Barcelona, which they had done. The fact that their incompetence meant we'd missed transport to our final destination was ignored. So, we were forced to order a taxi, and GBP50 later arrived at the Hotel Yola in Altafulla. It was now midnight, and we'd been travelling for a full 24 hours. Nevertheless we dropped our cases into our rooms and headed up the road to the cantina for a drink. I marveled at the noise generated by the locals and wondered whether local residents would object, but no one did. We knew we were going to be back very late after the match on Wednesday, and this looked like a good place to come, if the result was right. Oh, what the heck, whatever the result. At breakfast we met up with Roland and Martin, who'd travelled from Joh'burg via Milan, and also Lisa and Kath, who'd come from London. Kath had brought her son, Stuart, who's only 9. I wonder if he'll appreciate the magnitude of the events he witnessed, when he's older. The brochure from the hotel described Altafulla as being of historical interest, but we seemed to be some distance from any shops or the castle which dominates the skyline. No matter, we weren't there to shop, or to wallow in history. We had our own history to make here. Tuesday was spent leisurely strolling along the beachfront, drinking pints of beer and Coke, and enjoying a splendid meal in a delightful restaurant, run by a man who'd lived in Wales for 12 years! Wednesday 26th May, and United were about to embark on their most important match in recent history. The walk to the train station was only about 10 minutes, and the ride into Barcelona took just under an hour. The train was packed and perhaps the conductor decided it was too much of a mission to fight his way through so many passengers because no one came to ask for fares. We arrived at Barcelona Sants but were advised by the locals to stay on the train for another two stops, which would bring us into the centre of the city, close to La Ramblas, which was our end destination. There were more red shirts than I've ever seen at OT. They were everywhere. Word filtered through that Bayern had returned 5,000 unsold tickets, and I've no doubt those were snapped up on the black market by United fans. Tens of thousands had descended on Barcelona, many without tickets, willing to sell their souls if that was what it took. Flags hung from hotel balconies, the stall holders who usually operate on Sir Matt Busby Way were in abundance, with their wares strewn about the pavement. Surprisingly, there were just two varieties of shirts available, and I resisted the urge to buy a huge St George's flag. I also resisted the urge to buy a blow-up Champions Cup, something I since regret. By now everyone in our little party wanted to savour the various delights of La Ramblas at their own pace, so we spit up, arranging to meet at the Hotel Princess Sofia later. Hans and I set of down La Ramblas for the Columbus Monument, where I had arranged to meet a friend from Belfast. A policeman told me it was a 10 minute walk. Perhaps in Spanish time. Some 25 minutes or so later we got to the monument but there was no sign of Dean. We waited for almost half an hour and decided to walk back. In subsequent emails it's emerged that Dean was around the back of the monument, while we stood at the front! Hans and I made our way to the Hard Rock Café. Just before we got there, I literally bumped into a friend who'd driven to Spain from her home near Brighton. We also ran into a couple of members from the Joh'burg branch who'd managed to get tickets somehow. Our South African Reds flag raised more than a few eyebrows as we posed for pictures. It amazes me that, so far from home, and with tens of thousands of United fans in the city, one could still bump into friends - and yet miss a pre-arranged meeting at the Columbus Monument. The local people put up with the invasion of their city with resignation. Traders were doing a roaring trade and many a sombrero travelled back to England and other parts of the world. Dealing with the currency was a bit of a problem, and I suspect many of us were conned into paying outrageous prices simply because we didn't understand just how much we were paying. But, at the end of the day, does it really matter? One goes with X amount of foreign currency, and few people expect to bring any home. The only thing I wanted to take home was the European Cup. Hans and I found a nice little café off the main road and rested our weary feet while we had lunch. The waiter's eyebrows almost went through his hairline when I asked for butter for my bread. When he didn't come back I compromised by dipping the crusty bread into the olive oil and vinegar with which I'd dressed the salad. Trust me, it's nicer than butter! At 6 pm we met the rest of our party outside the hotel, and sat on the grass chatting for awhile. The place was awash with red shirts and chants could be heard from all quarters. A policeman with a very stern look on his face ushered everyone off the grass without uttering a word. The baton stuck into his belt was all too evident. Outside the hotel were several flagpoles, flying (I think) two Spanish flags, the Champions League flag, and the Barcelona '99 flag. A very brave Red walked up to the pole bearing the Barcelona '99 flag, took it down, and boldly walked away, to cheers from the watching crowd. I imagine his pace quickened when the stern faced policeman started chasing him, but he wasn't caught, and got away with his prize. Waiting until the policeman had vanished, another bold Red ran a United flag up the pole, to much louder cheers from the watching crowd. The policeman quickly re-appeared and the United flag came down. Earlier in the day on La Ramblas, Amstel representatives had been giving away rather large hats, and these were in evidence everywhere. I brought mine home for my son, Justin, but he's been warned it's on loan. It's too precious a souvenir to give a Liverpool supporter! While outside the hotel, there was a brief scuffle a little too close to where we were sitting for comfort. A tout had offered a ticket to someone, who'd snatched it and tried to run off. The crown grabbed him and this naturally brought the policeman back into the frame. I don't have sympathy for the touts. They might be a necessary evil, but one tried to flog me a ticket for £500, which made my £28 ticket something of a bargain! Make a profit by all means, but don't try to make me pay the next installment on your Porche! It was time to make our way to the stadium, and so we spit up again as everyone had tickets in various parts of the ground. There was much hugging and kissing and wishing good luck as we arranged to meet back at the same place after the match, and then we set off down the road towards the Nou Camp. I'd thought it would take some time to reach the ground, but it couldn't have been more than 5 minutes walk. A police barrier had been set up to check the possession of a ticket and once that had been established, you were allowed through to the next gate. Everyone was looking for programme sellers and we noticed a crowd gathering around the back of a car. Would you believe it, programmes were being sold out of someone's boot! I tried to enter the fray, but was thankful when Michael offered to get a couple of programmes for me. He's a lot bigger than me! Later, inside the stadium, people were still looking for programmes and found they'd missed out. Now I believe they're available in the Megastore. The previous evening there'd been a long discussion about the safest place to keep one's ticket before the match. Mine was eventually folded and safely pinned into my underwear. I care nothing for the opinions of passersby who might have noticed me checking if it was still there as I wandered down La Ramblas. Only as we reached the final gate did I reach inside my top and unpin the precious ticket. It was an enormous relief to hand it over and find it acceptable to the man in charge. Even though the tickets had come direct from the club, there was a nagging fear that someone would mutter 'forgery' (or it's Spanish equivalent) and throw me out. Thankfully this didn't happen, and I was through the gate and inside the confines of the Nou Camp. Before we could go any further though, bags had to be searched. I'd already had to give up the spare Coke in my bag, and now the cop had the audacity to remove my deodorant from my bag and shake his finger at me. "No, no, no!" Well, I suppose it could contain a bomb, so I'd best let him keep it, but insisted that he let me use it first. As I've already mentioned, our seats were quite magnificent. Block 344, Row 24, Seat 12. On the corner, in line with the corner flag, which meant looking at the pitch from the angle of a diamond. We were halfway up the 2nd tier, on the 2nd row from the balcony. Michael and Roland sat in the row behind us. It would have been nice to have the row on the balcony because then we could have hung the SA flag. We could have done so anyway, I guess, but instead Roland waved it from his seat. The allocation of tickets should have given both clubs a fair share of the attendance, but as already mentioned, Bayern had returned some tickets and it seemed United fans had bought anything going spare. We must have taken up 2/3, or even 3/4, of the Nou Camp. The Bayern fans sat behind the opposite goal and the organisers had cleverly placed the 'neutrals' in the area to the right of the German support. This meant that those who had obtained their tickets through work contacts, or whatever, and supposedly had no real interest in the outcome, would act as a buffer between the two sets of fans. There are giant screens at each end of the stadium, but these are high enough not to distract from the action on the pitch. Before the match, as part of the opening ceremony, Spanish opera singer Maria C???.. was brought into the stadium on a tractor (!) so that she could do a live performance of 'Barcelona'. Freddy Mercury made his appearance on the giant screens. The opening ceremony consisted of lots of children with pom poms, and a variety of blow-up replicas of famous Spanish landmarks. I remember when a simple curtain-raiser would do. Few people paid much attention. We were too busy taking in the wonderful atmosphere and singing at the tops of our voices. The teams took the field and without much further ado, the match kicked off. Part 2 tomorrow Ethel
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Subject: Reds Down Under by Rob Durie In response to Barry's request for reports on Sunday's match v Australia, here's a short note: We met up with 50 or so reds in a Sydney pub for a sing song and a few pints of Boddies - drinking th pub out of the amazingly expensive Boddies in the process. Mike Dobbin was there following the team to all the pre-season matches - now there's dedication for you! Dave Marshall, Nick Coppack and other List Reds were there. My two boys were there as well of course plus my wife and stepson, both of whom were bemused by our singing, a lot of which was directed at Number 2 son, a Liverpool fan. He was going to be a Red for a day and had on one of my MUFC polo shirts, but when he came to the pub, the lads were well into "Sold Macmanaman, sold McAteer, still f...king queer" so he took the shirt off to reveal his Liverpool strip - took some guts and he took 2 hours of ribbing with great aplomb! We then marched around Circular Quay chanting and singing to the train station. The game itself was something of an anti climax. Not much atmosphere and the reds were clearly not up for it. Mark Wilson looked promising. Yorke took the goal with great skill. The Aussies made more chances but shot woefully. I was disappointed to see the Reds in white and in a made up numbering system - I didn't like the set numbers for players when it was introduced but now I have got used to it. It was funny to see Teddy in 15 and Ole in 14. I find it hard to believe that kit is the new away kit - it looked like something they had knocked up the night before cos they left the real kit at home. Someone said it might have been a special to show off, if that is the right phrase, the new agreement between United/Umro and the Australian Wool Commission to use Oz wool in new kit and clothing lines. We gave Ole a few rounds of Who put the ball... and You are my Solskaer when he came on! While we were surrounded by people in red kit, none of them knew any songs and we couldn't get any singing going - unfortunately we were a long way from the NSW MUSC lads - they were in the cheap seats! - but then we didn't hear them get anything going either. One thing I was impressed by was the Olympic Stadium - it handled the crowd of maybe 60,000 easily (not 78,000 as was claimed for the official crowd), virtually no queues in the loos or food outlets, great view (from the half way line, 7 rows back - I don't think i'll be that close for the Olympics!) and the crowd dispersed quickly (too quickly to see the presentation of the Sharp trophy - why do they bother with this sort of crap!) The train system is another matter and the less said the better. cheers, Rob === Rob Durie Canberra ACT AUSTRALIA Mobile 61 412 442 713 Man United - Reds Forever Treble Winners 1999 - Premier League, FA Cup, EUFA Champions League Aussie Red on IRC
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Subject: Official Stuff on KIT 19-JUL-1999 [10:20] Naked Ambition What's missing in this photograph? Teddy and the two Davids are among those eagerly awaiting the July 23 launch of the new Manchester United away kit. In another world first for the club, the new strip is to be launched on the Internet, to give fans from all over the world the chance to see it. On a special site for the kit, there is a fan-tastic competition, offering match tickets and flights to the Charity Shield from anywhere in the world! Click here to visit the launch site. http://www.manutd.com/news/feature.sps?from=latest&id=1638345 The Black and white spurs looking kit is a training kit only [the one used in OZ]
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Subject: NEVILLE: ' WE'VE NOT MISSED SCHMEICHEL' Mark Bosnich is already proving equal to the challenge of replacing Peter Schmeichel, according to Phil Neville. http://www.football365.co.uk/homeground/manchester_united/news_181468.htm Mark Bosnich is already proving equal to the challenge of replacing Peter Schmeichel, according to Phil Neville. Neville has been highly impressed by his new Manchester United team-mate's performances in the two tour victories over Australia. Bosnich caught the eye with a couple of decent stops against his fellow countrymen in United's 1-0 win in Sydney's new Olympic Stadium. Neville said on MUTV: ''Mark has made a good start in goal and he has kept two clean sheets. ''Really there's not that much difference between Mark and Peter. ''Mark's a little bit quieter perhaps, but it's a testament to Mark that he has come in and we've not missed Peter so far. ''Probably one of the things he has got to get used to, is at United he's going to be a lot quieter, but when he's called upon he has got to keep his concentration, which he did today.'' United's assistant boss Steve McClaren, who was in charge for the game, is also delighted with Bosnich. ''He did really well and I think he has done well in the two games, while he has also impressed in training as well,'' he said. Dwight Yorke scored the only goal in Sydney after 25 minutes to earn United the Sharp Challenge Trophy, but McClaren singled out midfielder Mark Wilson for praise. The 20-year-old has looked lively in both games against Australia and McClaren predicts he should be challenging for a first-team place in the coming season, along with Jonathan Greening. ''Mark Wilson has been excellent,'' he said. ''He has come in and he's looked very strong and composed on the ball, passed it well, shown good vision and complemented Nicky Butt very well. ''We said before these games that we expect these youngsters to start coming through and push for a place in the team and Mark Wilson and Jonathan Greening have done that.'' United's third game of their pre-season tour is against Shenhua in Shanghai on Wednesday.
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Subject: Fury at crash horror pictures in book From last night's MEN: Shocking pictures of the Busby Babes after the Munich air crash are to be published for the first time. A new book which will include pictures of the dead, dying and injured victims has outraged crash survivors and the club. The Unseen Archives: A Photographic History of Manchester United, is to be published next month. It is said to include pictures of victims lying in snow at the airport and the dying Duncan Edwards in his hospital bed. The young United star lost his fight for life 15 days after the 1958 crash. The crash killed eight young United players as well as club officials and journalists. Survivor Sir Bobby Charlton is angry at the distress the unauthorised book, written by Steve Absalom and Simon Spinks, will cause to families of those who died. He said "I don't like the idea but there's nothing I can do." Former Busby Babe Ray Wood said "It's ridiculous that after 40-odd years wives who lost their husbands are going to see them lying dead in the snow. It's just a money making exercise." Both the book's writers and their publisher refused to comment. ------------------------------------ Colman family give to soccer scheme Munich disaster victim Eddie Colman's share of a memorial fund will pay for a scheme to help Salford youngsters avoid a life of crime. The share-out of over £1.1 million raised by last year's star-studded testimonial match featuring Eric Cantona has now been completed. Munich survivors including Sir Bobby Charlton, Harry Gregg and Bill Foulkes have each received a total of £45, 460 from the fund. The same sum has gone to the families of each of the manchester United players and officials who died in the 1958 air crash and also to the families of those Munich survivors, like Sir Matt Busby, who have since died. Eddie Colman had no living relatives close enough to qualify for a share, so memorial fund trustees, in consultation with some of his cousins, had to find a worthy cause for the cash. £10,460 of the Salford-born Colman's share has already been given to the Royal manchester Children's Hospital in Pendlebury. Now the other £35,000 is to fund a Football Community Link Project in Eddie's name, run by the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders.
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Subject: Who owns Manchester United? : source BBC Martin Edwards 14% Bskyb 9,1% Royal & Sun Alliance 3,6% PDFM (fund managers) 3,4% Schroder Investment 2,76% The remaining two thirds is split between 28,000 individuals and 100+ institutions such as fund managers and pension funds. -------------------------------- Mystery suitor 'courting Man Utd - The European champions are attracting interest Speculation is growing that a mystery suitor is aiming to buy a stake in UK football club Manchester United. A range of the UK's Friday newspapers report rumours which they say have been rife in the City of London. REAL AUDIO Richard Hunter of NatWest stockbrokers discusses the value of Manchester United shares The reports suggest that a racing consortium has made an offer for some of chief executive Martin Edwards' shares. http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/390000/audio/_390061_richard_hunter.ram The Daily Telegraph says that Mr Edwards is in meetings with bankers to discuss a sale to a group of racehorse owners and gamblers led by Michael Tabor, John Magnier and JP McManus. Mr Edwards owns 28.5 million shares in Manchester United out of a total of 260 million - equal to 14% - and is understood to want to cash in on a proportion of those. The Independent, Guardian, Daily Mail and Express also reported that a mystery suitor was lining up a bid - with Mr McManus named as a possible buyer, or an unnamed European media group, or even the Sultan of Brunei. Speculation that bidders may be lining up for Manchester United has been increasing since the club became European champions in May. The talk was enough to push the clubs shares up 3.5p to 214.5p on Friday morning. That is up from 199.5p last Friday but still below the peak of 240p reached in March before the BSkyB takeover was blocked on competition grounds. That £623m ($996.8m) bid for the club was barred despite the approval of Manchester United's board. Under fire The speculation is that Mr Edwards is prepared to sell 10% of his holding - around 1.4% of the whole club. Mr Edwards is part of a family which has run the club since the 1960s. He came under fire from supporters last year when his board agreed to sell the club to BSkyB, controlled by Rupert Murdoch. Mr Edwards stood to make more than £80m through the sale of his stake. Mr Edwards remains the largest shareholder in the club, with BSkyB still owning 9.1%. The rest of the club is shared between more than 28,000 individual shareholders and more than 100 institutions - such as fund managers and pension funds.
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Subject: SKIPPER SERIOUS ABOUT STAYING/CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIAL Official Site Roy Keane's future at Old Trafford has been subject to frenzied media speculation in the last couple of weeks after it emerged that the Irishman had turned down United's offer of a new contract. The club captain said then that the deal he had been offered was not right for him, and since then all has been quiet on the contract front. So MUTV, the club's TV channel, went straight to the horse's mouth to find out exactly what is going on. "There's nothing going on at the moment," said Keane. "We're waiting until Mr Watkins and Mr Edwards come back from the Far East. Everything's on hold until then. "The club have approached me with the offer of a new contract, which I have turned down. That's how things stand. It's up to United now." Having turned down a deal might lead people to believe that Keane did not want to stay at United. But nothing could be further from the truth. And the fact that he only has one year left on his current contract does not worry the Irishman. "I'm not looking anywhere else. I'm under contract here in Manchester, and I'm sick of saying that I want to stay. The Press have been saying that I want so much money, but I've said all along that I want to stay at United if the deal is right. "I'm pretty confident we will sort it out. People don't remember, but the last contract I signed wasn't sorted out until Christmas, with only six months to go. So, in that sense, I've still got six months in hand," smiled the skipper, who missed out on last season's European Cup final. Of course, money is the main stumbling block in the deal. But don't ask Keano how much he earns. You'll be given short shrift. "People are going to speculate on how much money I want. It's a private matter between myself, my immediate family and my solicitor. People can speculate all they want, but they'll never know. All I want is a little privacy," said Keane. But he warned United that he will be holding out for the right deal for himself and his family. "I've said all along, I've just moved into a new house, I've got three small children, and I love playing for United. But on the other hand, I won't undersell myself. United have done that to me before. "When I left Forest, I could have gone to a couple of other clubs for more money, but to play for United you have to lose out a little bit. And it happened again three and a half years ago, when I could have gone abroad for a lot more money. I felt I hadn't proved myself at United. But this time around I want to make sure. "I'm 28 now, and I think this will be my last decent contract. I won't have United using that on me again. Don't get me wrong. I'm not struggling financially and I love playing for United. I just want the right deal," he claimed. Let's hope that, for everyone's sake, that the deal can be sorted out soon. United need Keane and Keane needs United. CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIAL Monday, July 19, 1999 17:24 Wool used to have a limited role in football, and that was confined to the terraces where scarves and bobble hats were the order of the day. Apart from Elland Road, where Leeds United's cleaning staff have to remove tons of the stuff after first team matches, especially with a high- scoring game. Now the sheep's clothing is set to make its mark on the field in a new range of kit to be worn by the players. True, the idea of Stam sweating his way through August in a Red fleece seems absurd. Cue then, a new revolutionary fibre called Scamwool. Developed for athletes in Australia by The Woollyback Company, Scamwool will make its debut in football for Manchester United. Already modelling contracts have been offered to Newcastle United's Alan Shearer and veteran TV commentator Kenneth Wolstenhome. The club's Deputy Chief Executive Peter Kenyon says: "This is a unique project in world football, and we're delighted to have The Woolyback Company as a partner in bringing this project to the market." "The developing and marketing of a performance sportsline will ensure our players have the latest technologies to support their performance. The enhanced quality of the Manchester United replica shirt will also give added value to the product, as it passes through the till at the Megastore." So far, Woolyback's track record has been very impressive. The Australians scooped 60 gold medals at last year's Sheepshearers Games when they wore garments made specially from the new fibre. Now the product's international profile is set to be raised even higher, thanks to Manchester United and Umbro. Last week, The Woollyback Company's Tony Sherlock met with United Chairman Martin Edwards in Australia and confirmed that Umbro would have exclusive rights to develop Woollyback football products. Martin Prothero, Marketing Communications Director of Umbro, said: "We look forward to expoiting, ripping off and benefiting from The Woollyback Company's technical teams to produce a new generation of sports apparel for the modern day supporter with money to burn."
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Subject: ANDY'S NOT GUILTY OF MALICE OVER HORROR TACKLE - BUT HE STILL FACES PAYOUT 365 editorial By Gavin Willacy MANCHESTER UNITED striker Andy Cole claims he did nothing wrong on Sunday when his challenge left Australia's Simon Colosimo with a career-threatening injury. But that will not prevent Colosimo's Melbourne-based club, Carlton, seeking compensation for "destroying" the young defender's career - and United and Cole certainly have a case to answer, according to one of Britain's top sports lawyers. Having studied the video of Cole's foul in United's 1-0 win over the Socceroos in Sydney,Football365 has concluded that the England striker did not mean to harm Colosimo. As United cleared a free-kick towards the halfway line, both players ran towards the ball from opposite directions. Cole lunged in with a high challenge, clearly expecting the ball to still be a couple of feet in the air. But Colosimo had trapped the ball as it bounced, leaving the Old Trafford man to come down gruesomely on the full-back's knee. Cole's timing was appalling and his tackling technique inept. He tore both the anterior cruciate ligament and medial ligament of Colosimo's left knee, which requires a major knee reconstruction. But it appeared to be a dreadful misjudgment rather than a deliberate assault. That, however, will not stop Colosimo and Carlton from taking legal action. "You don't have to have intent," lawyer Mel Goldberg, of Grower, Freeman and Goldberg, told Football365. "There have been cases where players have been reckless. In football, if you are reckless then you might be punishable in law." Goldberg has not seen the Cole incident when he spoke to 365, but is currently acting in a case where the same principle at stake. Crystal Palace midfielder Darren Pitcher had his career ended by Huddersfield player Paul Reid, now of Oldham, during a season in which Palace reached the Premiership. And the contention is not that Reid acted deliberately. "I can't say too much, but we are claiming that the player concerned was not exercising proper care," said Goldberg. He went on: "The degree of care is obviously higher the better the player you are. So a Premiership player has a higher degree of responsibility than a third division player. Andy Cole is an international player so the degree of responsibility would be high. He may mis-time a tackle and catch the opponent's ankle, but not his knee." With 20-year-old Colosimo having had trials with Bayern Munich and Greek club Panathinaikos and being tipped for a switch to Germany, he could be in for a handsome pay-out, as the Australian legal system is very similar to that in Britain. Cole was indignant about the whole episode yesterday. "I have not spoken to Colosimo," the United striker told the Manchester Evening News. "Why should I, because I went for the ball? I don't feel I have done anything wrong and have not a malicious bone in my body." But as Goldberg explained, that is no defence in the eyes of the law, as the striker may very well shortly learn, judging from the comments of Carlton manager Lou Sticca. "We are looking at all avenues for compensation," he said. "He was scheduled to go to Europe in the next couple of weeks and now this happens. The tackle from a seasoned professional like Andy Cole was totally reckless, he has destroyed the career of one of the brightest young prospects in Australian soccer and I hope he can live with that." Sticca refused to reveal who would be targeted in the compensation claim but the club has four options: Soccer Australia, Manchester United, tour promoter Rivkin Entertainment or Cole himself. Goldberg expects that certainly United and quite possible Cole would be targeted by any action. "We are suing Huddersfield on behalf of Darren because it's the club who carry insurance while the player may not have the money," said Goldberg. "In this case (Colosimo), they will probably sue Andy Cole and the club, because Cole is rich, although Cole may be covered by the club's insurance anyway." Goldberg suggested there may be more cases like this in the future should Colosimo or Pitcher succeed in their cases citing negligence. In fact, every player who causes another an injury may fear a letter from a solicitor asking for damages.
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