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Date: Fri May 14 09:34:36 GMT+00:00 1999
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1.  Return of the Jedi  Personal Report from Blackburn by RED KELLY
2.  Manchester Senior Cup
3.  Sir Matt is Gone for the Big Championship day!
4.  A bit worried nullarticle from the Blackburn gamenull
5.  Sheringham and Beckham can have last laugh on the hecklers
6.  Manchester United Share Purchase - at meeting of "Shareholders United"
7.  Spurs game by  PROF R SOUTHALL 
8.  What a season! (to be continued ...)
9.  Reds flog another Video/Keano at Wembley/Norwegian Would?
11. Ryan Giggs paid a glowing tribute to the crucial role played by David Beckham
12. Times: Return of Keane Spurs United
13. European Cup Final Referee (Teamtalk)


Ready for the crunch! Three Matches = Three Trophies!
 May 12 22.00   Result: Blackburn 0-0 Manchrester United
     Alex after the Blackburn match 
      155k   2.23   "RED sky at night UNITED delight"

 1  Manchester United    37  21  13   3  78  36   42   76
 2  Arsenal              37  21  12   4  58  17   41   75

TODAY! See the BOSTON REDS celebrate the win at Boro' live!
  + Paul Hinson receives the Masterfan Trophy from Jaap Stam at OT last week!
     PICS + Blackburn Match report!
      "Here comes the PL"
         RED Barry

Daily RED Trivia  Friday 14th May 1999:

 Frank McPherson born in Barrow-in-Furness. McPherson, a pacy forward,
 made his United debut at Bristol City in August 1923, and was in the side that
 earned promotion  in 1925. He scored 52 goals in 175 appearances between 1925-28.

 United beat Chelsea 4-0 in the FA Cup Final at Wembley watched by 80,000.
 A second-half salvo from Eric Cantona 2, Mark Hughes and Brian McClair wrap
 up United's first ever League and Cup double. Team was: Schmeichel, Parker,
 Irwin (Sharpe), Bruce, Ince, Pallister, Cantona, Keane, Kanchelskis (McClair),
 Hughes, Giggs.


Barry Daily Comment:
Well REDS the countdown is like this
2 days  Tottenham     PL
8 days  Newcsatle     FAC
12 days Bayern Munich CL Final
I will leave Denmark for Barce in 8 days after the cup final
RED sky at night BARCE' delight
Enjoy the next 3 CHAMPIONSHIP matches, one and ALL!


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Everyone who wants the goal in Real Time Video 300k now thanks to RED CAFE!

FA Cup Semi Final Replay
14 April 1999
Manchester United 2:1 Arsenal
 Villa Park
  Download Ryan Giggs Goal! (Real Video: 300K)
Thanks to the Theatre of Dreams


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 Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!

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Next Games:
12 Blackburn (A)  20.00 PL          Live on Sky Sports UK
16 Tottenham (H)  16.00 PL          Live on Sky Sports UK
22 FAC Final Wembley Newcastle  (N) Live on Sky Sports UK
26 European Cup Final Bayern Munich  Nou Camp 

UNITED Stats v All teams:

        Blackburn   0-0   Manchester United

*** LEAGUE TABLE AS AT 12/05/99 ***

Pos Team                  P   W   D   L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Manchester United    37  21  13   3  78  36   42   76
 2  Arsenal              37  21  12   4  58  17   41   75
 3  Chelsea              37  19  15   3  55  29   26   72
 4  Leeds United         37  18  12   7  60  32   28   66
 5  Aston Villa          37  15  10  12  51  45    6   55
 6  West Ham United      37  15   9  13  42  53  -11   54
 7  Derby County         37  13  13  11  39  43   -4   52
 8  Liverpool            37  14   9  14  65  49   16   51
 9  Middlesbrough        37  12  15  10  48  50   -2   51
10  Leicester City       37  12  13  12  40  45   -5   49
11  Tottenham Hotspur    37  11  14  12  46  48   -2   47
12  Newcastle United     37  11  12  14  47  53   -6   45
13  Sheffield Wednesday  37  12   7  18  40  42   -2   43
14  Everton              37  11  10  16  42  45   -3   43
15  Wimbledon            37  10  12  15  40  60  -20   42
16  Coventry City        37  11   8  18  37  49  -12   41
17  Southampton          37  10   8  19  35  64  -29   38
18  Charlton Athletic    37   8  12  17  41  55  -14   36
19  Blackburn Rovers     37   7  13  17  37  51  -14   34
20  Nottingham Forest    37   6   9  22  34  69  -35   27


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079
08/11/98    Newcastle United         Home     D  0-0     3    55,174
14/11/98    Blackburn Rovers         Home     W  3-2     2    55,198
21/11/98    Sheffield Wednesday      Away     L  1-3     2    39,475
29/11/98    Leeds United             Home     W  3-2     2    55,172
05/12/98    Aston Villa              Away     D  1-1     2    39,241
12/12/98    Tottenham Hotspur        Away     D  2-2     1    36,079
16/12/98    Chelsea                  Home     D  1-1     2    55,159
19/12/98    Middlesbrough            Home     L  2-3     3    55,152
26/12/98    Nottingham Forest        Home     W  3-0     3    55,216
29/12/98    Chelsea                  Away     D  0-0     3    34,741
10/01/99    West Ham United          Home     W  4-1     3    55,180
16/01/99    Leicester City           Away     W  6-2     2    22,091
31/01/99    Charlton Athletic        Away     W  1-0     1    20,043
03/02/99    Derby County             Home     W  1-0     1    55,174
06/02/99    Nottingham Forest        Away     W  8-1     1    30,025
17/02/99    Arsenal                  Home     D  1-1     1    55,171
20/02/99    Coventry City            Away     W  1-0     1    22,596
27/02/99    Southampton              Home     W  2-1     1    55,316
13/03/99    Newcastle United         Away     W  2-1     1    36,500
21/03/99    Everton                  Home     W  3-1     1    55,182
03/04/99    Wimbledon                Away     D  1-1     1    26,121
17/04/99    Sheffield Wednesday      Home     W  3-0     1    55,270
25/04/99    Leeds United             Away     D  1-1     2    40,255
01/05/99    Aston Villa              Home     W  2-1     1    55,189
05/05/99    Liverpool                Away     D  2-2     2    44,702
09/05/99    Middlesbrough            Away     W  1-0     1    34,665
12/05/99    Blackburn                Away     D  0-0     1    30,436


HIGHEST HOME ATTENDANCE: 27/02/99 - Southampton (55,316)
LOWEST HOME ATTENDANCE:  15/08/98 - Leicester City (55,052)
BEST WIN:                06/02/99 - Nottingham Forest (8-1)
HEAVIEST DEFEAT:         20/09/98 - Arsenal (0-3)
BEST HOME WIN:           17/10/98 - Wimbledon (5-1)
HEAVIEST HOME DEFEAT:    19/12/98 - Middlesbrough (2-3)
BEST AWAY WIN:           06/02/99 - Nottingham Forest (8-1)
HEAVIEST AWAY DEFEAT:    20/09/98 - Arsenal (0-3)

Champions League:
Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Bayern Munich   6  3  2  1  9  6  11   
Man United      6  2  4  0 20 11  10
Barcelona       6  2  2  2 11  9   8    
Brondby         6  1  0  5  4 18   3   

Dec  9 Brøndby         0-2  Barcelona
Dec  9 Man Utd         1-1  Bayern Munich


 Manchester Utd  2 v 0  Inter Milan
 Real Madrid     1 v 1  Dynamo Kiev
 Juventus        2 v 1  Olympiakos
 Bayern Munich   2 v 0  Kaiserslautern

**DYNAMO KIEV      2 v 0  REAL MADRID         (Agg:3-1)
OLYMPIAKOS         1 v 1  **JUVENTUS          (Agg:2-3)

Semi Finals 
Manchester United v Juventus  4-3agg 3-2 [1-1]
Bayern Munchen v Dynamo Kiev  4-3agg 1-0 [3-3]

Venue Camp Nou (Estadi FC Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain 
Date Wednesday 26 May 1999 Kick-Off 20.45 CET (19.45 GMT) 


Peter's final 3 RED matches can earn UNITED 3 Championships!

Subject: Return of the Jedi Personal Report from Blackburn by RED KELLY Return of the Jedi Part two of the trilogy was enacted at Ewok Park last night. It ended Blackburn's faint hopes of survival in the Premiership and increased United's chances of the title, but only just. Giggs (the Jedi for the sake of carrying on this trilogy theme!) returned, but his light sabre only flashed spasmodically ooooooooer. It was good to see him back but he seemed to be suffering from the same affliction as every other United player on the pitch - final ball itis. It was a very strange night last night, really very strange, and I'm not sure what I'm going to write or how I'm going to write it, but I'll write something if only for the sake of therapy. The day had started very well. My Euro Cup Final ticket had arrived in the post and it's a decent seat so I was happy and feeling confident. Mick and I were originally arranging to travel with Richard but in the end took my car and drove up the M6 to Manchester via the M5 route due to an horrific accident in Warwickshire lower down on the same motorway. Travelling to as many games as we do at the moment you get to witness all sorts of sights and it does your sense of well being no good whatsoever. Thankfully yesterday afternoon was trouble free for us and we arrived in Boothstown, Manchester by 5.30 where we transferred to the TonySmithmobile and set off on the relatively short journey to Blackburn where we were due to meet up with a few others in Pete's local. Up to this point everything was normal and apart from the game to come the only things we had to worry about were food and beer, or rather beer and food. We were all engrossed in various conversations when the phone rang and suddenly everything changed. It was Richard. He was on the motorway by the M65 and sounded a bit dazed. He'd ploughed into the central reservation and written his car off. No-one else was involved and both Richard and his passengers were OK. When I say OK, I mean they weren't physically injured. All thoughts of titles, triples and tipples went straight out of our heads at that moment and from then on we viewed the night from a totally different perspective. Football is football, life is life. If there was a choice we all know which would take priority. However the most important thing was they had escaped relatively unharmed. The two others in the car had been picked up by a friend who just happened to be passing and they were brought to the ground. Richard waited for the AA and also decided he wouldn't want to miss the game so he got the AA man to detour to the ground as well! Is this man a trooper or what? Back at the pub we were all in a mild state of shock at the news that one of our own had been involved in what could have been a tragic event. We decided to forgo any more drinking and make our way down the long hill, past Chez Hargreaves and Uncle Jack's pub, to Ewok Park where the furry creatures come out to play and Uncle Jack entertains the crowd by throwing wads of fivers from his exec seat while cheekily tipping his wig. The locals cheer and sing their songs accompanied by a big drum: "Get into 'em, get into 'em" they sing - quaint isn't it? There was a good turn out at Ewok last night, plenty of the usual faces and the atmosphere was good at the start, but in all honesty it didn't feel quite right. The strain was showing, not just in the team, but also in the stands. The PA announcer whipped up the locals into a frenzy as the teams came out - it's all getting very American football I'm afraid. Their mascot - a cross between a skunk, a badger and a lion paraded around in his orange and blue furry uniform amusing the crowd with his stupid gestures. His colours co-ordinated with the less than friendly stewards - actually we were left alone to stand all the way through so I suppose they weren't that bad! I'd not been to Blackburn since the stadium has been redeveloped so it was a surprise to see the old wooden stand to our right still exactly the same as it ever was. I was reminiscing before the match about the United away game I'd seen there in '65 I think, it was when we scored a bagfull and put the yonners down. It was in the days when you could change ends at half-time so that your team could attack towards the goal you stood behind. We ended up doing a conga all round the ground! I don't think I'll do much reminiscing about last night's game though as it was poor. I held out great hopes at first though when we seemed to be permanently camped in their goalmouth at the opposite end of the pitch, but the second half changed things completely and it became more and more likely the game would end 0-0. Well, put it this way, when Ashley Ward scuffed his shot wide of an open goal we were happy with 0-0. I couldn't understand why Ole didn't come on with Sheringham because Yorke looked absolutely shagged out and probably was - I wish he'd give all that a rest - just for ten days would do! And why did the Blackburn players have to fall over all the time and wait motionless til the trainer came on and then jump up as though nothing had happened. It pained me to watch and did nothing for the flow of the game, which is obviously why they did it. And why was Yorkie so bloody nice to them kicking the ball into touch when he could have been clean through on goal just because there was a yonner feigning death alongside him? Becks gave him a well deserved bollocking for that - daft bastard. It was not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but did anyone really expect it to be - surely not. You could almost slice through the tension with people frequently screaming in exasperation at yet another wasted final ball. It was frustration all the way through that second half. Relief came in the end when the ref blew for full-time and the Blackburn fate was finally sealed. They were wrapped up in their own plastic and slung out of the Premier League back to where they came from, £100 million and all. For us the tension continues. We are one point clear with one game to go. We are three matches away from history. 91 other football league clubs would kill to be in our shoes so let's get this into perspective and gather ourselves for the final push. I'm sure we will beat Tottenham and when we have all the tension will be lifted and we'll go on to greater things. It's a sort of all or maybe nothing situation - but only because it's always been like that before. After the game had finished the Blackburn fans stood and cheered their players off the pitch. Then stayed behind until they came out again and I thought they deserved credit for that. I felt a twinge of sympathy for Kiddo and Choccy, but they made their decisions and they'll be back in the Premier sometime as long as Uncle Jack decides to give them a few more million to spend. We then all met up again outside. Richard was also there having seen parts of the game in between trips to the medical room. We then wandered back up the hill and after a whistle wetter in the pub Tony drove us back to Manchester to pick up my car. From there it was a very long journey home especially after missing the turn off the M56 due to some confusing cone arrangements and inadequate signage. To end up on country roads going through Congleton at midnight when you're already shattered and have nearly two hours of travelling left is tough, but what the hell with three of the biggest games of our lives left. Like I said, who wouldn't want to be in our shoes right now, so let's enjoy it while we can. Copyright RED KELLY 1999
Peter's final 3 RED matches can earn UNITED 3 Championships!

Subject: [RedDevils] LIST : Manchester Senior Cup From: Peter Hargreaves I went to Boundary Park, Oldham, tonight and it was bloody freezing! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the North West of England let me tell you that Oldham is just about the coldest place here, seeming to get the bad weather whichever direction it is coming from. Tonight was no exception and I was glad that I had taken the precaution to put me vest back on and take a spare jumper with me. Not only was it cold but it poured with rain throughout the whole match - with the exception of a ten minute spell when the sun shone with an unbelievable (well unbelievable for Oldham!) radiance. Contrary to the 'informed' opinion the team we put out tonight did not differ greatly from that which has represented us throughout this competition. The major change was the introduction of Wesley Brown into the back four to partner O'Shea. Brown, as always, looked the business. The first half was fairly mediocre. The pitch, which looked alright, was obviously very wet and as a consequence all the players found it difficult to control the ball, judge the weight of pass and also to keep their feet. Half time came with neither side having threatened to score. 0-0. In the second half we witnessed an entirely different game. Oldham had really worked hard closing us down in the first half and I wondered if they would tire in the second. It appeared that they tired whilst in the dressing room eating their orange for from the whistle we totally dominated the game. The first goal came after fourteen minutes when some sweet passing interchanges led to a through ball which Healy burst on to. He took a couple of touches and then hit an unstoppable shot into the roof of the net, from distance. Smashing goal. Up to that point the sad, no-marks who are the Oldham Pathetic supporters had treated us to the full panoply of ABU songs - "Stand up if you....", "If you hate Man Utd clap....", "You're going to win f**k all" (which I thought, coming from a team who had escaped relegation to the (old) fourth division, by the skin of their teeth - and the largesse of Manchester City - was an absolute hoot), "Oh Manchester is full of s**t" (which also amused me as they referred to themselves as being from LANCASHIRE - where the bloody hell do they think the County Cricket ground is, eh? - Tossers!) and on, and on, and bloody on. Anyway when we scored they quietened down slightly. They restarted, we immediately won the ball and fed young Chadwick out wide on the left. He beat a couple of men, cut inside and fired a lovely low shot into the bottom, right hand corner of the net. 2-0. The no-marks were stunned into total silence. I wanted to stand and shout "So we're going to win f**k all are we? T**ts" - but as I was on me own, I didn't. I probably would have done thirty years ago!!!! From that moment on we completely bossed it. We started to play some very nice controlled football and kept possession. They were chasing shadows and not doing so very quickly. They had run themselves out and it was only going to be a matter of time before we scored again. And thus it came to pass. Five minutes from the end some more good work saw Wilson put through and he slotted in the third. 3-0. Game over - give us the cup. At the end the no-marks all buggered off and the brave souls representing the Centre of the Universe stood to give the young boys a very well deserved ovation. It had been a wile since I was last in Boundary park and it hasn't improved. The meat and potato pies were 'slushy' and not very hot. However I forced a couple down at half time just to keep me toes warm. The team was: Culkin - I need to be convinced that this lad is going to make it. He has improved his kicking though (that part of his game was totally unacceptable until recently) and his general positioning seems to be on the up too. Obviously Tony Coton is having an effect. Clegg - This kid is the latest one who will me look an arse. I just don't think the kid can play. He can't trap a ball, can't pass, is poor in the air, seems to lack pace and the rest of his game isn't that good either! I just don't see this kid making it - so watch out for him becoming our next world-beater! Curtis - good solid performance. Like this lad and think he will do well. O'Shea - actually looked a bit shaky once or twice tonight. I don't think the conditions suited him that much. He is a bit gangly and can look awkward sometimes when controlling the ball and turning. But he's only a kid so we must wait and see. Brown - pure class. 'Nuff said. Ford - has not impressed me the last few games. Tonight drifted out of the game for long periods. Even at the end, when we really were bossing it, he didn't make that much impact. Again we must see how he progresses. I do wish they would get him on a diet of M&P pies and stout though - he really needs filling out. Wellens - gave a typical bullish performance in midfield. I don't think this lad will make it all the way at OT, but he'll have a career I think. He works hard, has got bottle and I like those qualities. Good lad this. Wilson - scored a good goal. He is a bit light. Has good, quick feet but sometimes seems to dwell a bit on the ball. Now that may be (over) confidence - or he may not be sharp in his head - I don't know, but he's not a bad player overall. Turns well too and runs unselfishly off the ball. Healy - run of the mill centre forward. Small lad but reasonably strong. Very mobile and can be effective stretching defences across the width of the park. Don't see him making it though. Chadwick - Linda tells me he's just signed professional forms so they must like the look of him at OT. He is reasonably pacey and has good feet, but tends to overplay and doesn't demonstrate much vision to this old timer. I would like to see him look up a bit more. But he is one to watch I think. Greening - Had a good game tonight - was showing for the ball all over the park. Held the centre of midfield and played a lot of good passes and also held the ball up well, bringing others into play. Good lad as we have all seen in his run-outs with the big boys. Didn't get the names of the subs so we will have to rely on Mr MUTV (the Mad Dane!) to furnish those details. ** Barry here "sorry no details of subs, see my short TV report here-under Thanks >pete for withstanding the colsd and sending the fine report!" ** Keep the Faith, Pete Peter Hargreaves (United Kingdom) http://www.cheswem.u-net.com/
Peter's final 3 RED matches can earn UNITED 3 Championships!

Subject: Sir Matt is Gone for the Big Championship day! Dateline 10th May 199 Old Trafford Its a (&/==/=)/(=)?=!?!?!?! disgrace Sir Matt is not in his rightfull position ready for the Championship next Sunday! :( Redevelopment of East Stand more proof? Here they are http://www.red11.org/mufc/images/99/ http://www.red11.org/mufc/images/99/sirmatt2_100599.jpg http://www.red11.org/mufc/images/99/sirmatt3_100599.jpg http://www.red11.org/mufc/images/99/sirmatt_100599.jpg http://www.red11.org/mufc/images/99/sirmattgone_100599.jpg
Peter's final 3 RED matches can earn UNITED 3 Championships!

Subject: A bit worried [article from the Blackburn game] From: Peter Hargreaves When we all got back to the pub after the game last night the atmosphere was almost surreal. It was the same on the coach on Sunday when, having just won a vital game, most people sat down and promptly fell fast asleep. We are all jaded - God alone knows how the players must feel. On Sunday the boys looked a bit weary, last night they looked absolutely buggered. There can, in my mind, be no other reason why we started playing 'ale-house' football (ie the long boot upfield) instead of our lovely passing game. Of course the latter requires a great deal of energy. Anybody who has played (at any level) knows how you need stamina to play the give-and-go style of football - I just think these lads are in need of a 'second wind'. The big concern, obviously, is that we have TWO absolutely vital games AFTER the big one on Sunday. I mean they just don't come any bigger than the FA Cup Final and then the European Cup Final - I hope we can go the distance. I was sorry to see Kiddo get relegated but as a lot said (and rightly so) he's made his bed and must lie in it. Somehow (knowing this area and the people as I do) I have a fancy that we might not see Blackburn Rovers back for a while. This is not, and never has been, a footballing town. It is a very 'small' place, with small-time, no-mark fans and I just doubt whether they will settle for lesser things so shortly after winning the BIG one. I felt not one ounce of sympathy for Jack Walker. Although I have never met him, what I have heard from and about him, suggests he is a shithouse and feels he can buy ANYTHING. Well bollocks he hasn't bought long-term success has he? All his brass has, in the final analysis, brought him bollocks all. Good. So we move on to Sunday. The draw last night was a good result really. We looked jaded and Blackburn ran their whatsists off. The point may yet prove to be enough. Keep the Faith, Pete
Peter's final 3 RED matches can earn UNITED 3 Championships!

Subject: Sheringham and Beckham can have last laugh on the hecklers By Henry Winter AMID all the hype and hoopla surrounding Manchester United, it can be forgotten that this season has not been a bed of red roses for everyone at Old Trafford. As they prepared for Sunday's season-ending visit of Tottenham Hotspur, a club both have associations with, David Beckham and Teddy Sheringham yesterday reflected on the dark times of a glittering year. Following his red card against Argentina at France 98, Beckham returned to the domestic scene as the principal target of terrace abuse, ranging from 'Beckscum' banners to obscene chants about his fiancêe. For Sheringham, a sense of growing frustration has coloured his season. Having lost his international place during France 98, Sheringham was then forced to watch from the bench as Dwight Yorke partnered Andy Cole in a jig across England and Europe. Spurs fans will taunt Sheringham, a famous lilywhite old boy, on Sunday, just as they will heckle Beckham, a Leytonstone lad who trained as a schoolboy at White Hart Lane. Sheringham takes the pending vilification as a compliment, smiling that "Tottenham fans were sad to see me go". Beckham accepts the brickbats as part of life post-St Etienne. "At the start of the season a lot of people were wondering whether I would crack or go abroad," Beckham said. "All I wanted to do was to come back to United and get playing again. "Alex Ferguson said: 'As long as you get back here and start playing for us again, you will be fine'. I've been pleased with the way it has gone for me." Largely ignoring the away fans' bile, Beckham has been outstanding, delivering some sensational right-wing crosses while always putting in the defensive work, a contrast to David Ginola, who faces him on Sunday. To deny United the title, Ginola and Spurs must win or draw while Arsenal beat Villa (or draw if United lose by two goals or more). The first leg of the Treble would be completed and the abuse directed at Beckham will ring ever more hollow. "At times it has been hard, getting the reaction from the crowd. I knew I was going to get a little bit of stick every time I went to an away ground. I've had it each game this season but I'm playing for the biggest club in the world so I expect that. I learn things as I go along and it's made me a stronger person." At Ewood Park on Wednesday, Beckham lost his composure, raging at officials after he was knocked over by Callum Davidson, Blackburn's left-back. "In a big game like last night, things do happen and you react," added Beckham. "But I would not be able to change. That's the way I am. That's the way I will always be." Sheringham is a far more sanguine soul than Beckham, his pulse-rate rarely racing. Yet a cloud has masked his season. Inactivity eats at every footballer, especially a talented, thoughtful one like Sheringham, who has just passed his 33rd birthday. Sheringham is frustrated by having a front-row seat at the Theatre of Dreams. He wants to be on the stage, playing a leading role in the chase for the Treble, not sitting on the bench and accepting a medal simply for being in the squad. "It's all right saying I'll get three medals but I want to be involved," Sheringham said. "I want to play football. I can sit and watch when I'm 40. It's great being with everyone else, crowding in to watch Manchester United play, but I want to be playing myself. I get paid to play football. When I am not playing, I am desperate to get out there and prove a point." It was all so different when Sheringham was recruited from White Hart Lane in July 1997. "When I came here, I didn't think I would be coming on playing bit parts here and there. When I signed for £3.5 million, I expected to be playing." Sheringham understands why Yorke was bought. "It didn't work out last year; for a club this size you change things to make them even better. That is what the manager has done and things have gone very well this season so I can't have any complaints." The mention of regrets sends Sheringham into Edith Piaf mode. "No way, none whatsoever, no chance. What would I have done at Tottenham for the last two years? I would have played but I wouldn't have been involved in big games. Manchester United is like no other club. I'm so glad I came here to experience that." His inactivity, some of it induced by injury, has tempered his hopes of reclaiming his England place. "Whenever an England squad has come around I've just been coming back from injury. I still live in hope of playing for England again even though things aren't going quite as according to plan as I would like here." Sheringham is unikely to start against Spurs, although he would doubtless relish the chance to score against them and, in all likelihood, end the lingering Premiership ambitions of Arsenal, whose supporters regularly malign him. Roy Keane may return. "The swelling on his ankle has largely gone down," said Ferguson. "Roy would want to play if he was 70 per cent fit." Spurs sound committed. "There's nobody who wants to win any game more than I do, I even hate losing a friendly," said George Graham, the former Arsenal manager (and former United player) now in charge of Spurs. "We will be going to Old Trafford to try to win." Beckham and Sheringham will be waiting. Manchester United - The Legend - http://manunited.net
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Subject: Manchester United Share Purchase - at meeting of "Shareholders United" From: "Duncan Drasdo" Anyone ( in Manchester on Sunday ) who is interested in buying shares in United might be interested to know that share purchase application forms will be available at the "Shareholders United" meeting. Neil Harding - director of Wise Speke (United's Official Stockbroker) will be there to say a few words etc. Shareholders United believes that all United supporters should hold a real stake in their club and wants to create a collective voice which will be listened to. This is the best way to secure the long term future of our club. The meeting takes place at 13:15 at The Beer Trading Company, 55 Mosley St, Manchester and will finish with plenty of time to get down to Old Trafford. To become a member of Shareholders United you need to be a United shareholder - makes sense! Presumably you can join on the day. Duncan -- Duncan Drasdo -- Independent Manchester United Supporters Association www.imusa.org IMUSA discussion mailing list: To subscribe, send a blank message to imusa-subscribe@egroups.com --
Peter's final 3 RED matches can earn UNITED 3 Championships!

Subject: Spurs game by PROF R SOUTHALL It is just impossible not to say something ...like, for the first time for many years, I will be gald when this season will be over. It has been glorious, but my nerves are now totally shot to pieces. 3 games, 3 wins, the treble. 3 games, 3 loses, and a rotten summer and a sunken feeling of disappointment in the stomach for the rest of one's life when one thinks of 1999. I really think Sunday is the key. Not for the tautological reason that we can't win the treble if we don't win the league, but obviously for the confidence and self-faith it will rekindle in the players. I think I am going to be even more tense than for the Turin game. Foreboding is winning over hope at the moment. This goddamn team plays to frustrate us, to take us through the highs and lows of emotion. That's the romance, and the fate of being a Red. You are never guaranteed anything, we are not an Arsenal steamroller. Anyway, on the bright side, do we detect from Fergie's words that he is keeping it quiet but that Keano is going to make it for Sunday. So damned important that he does. Stam looks a safe bet. And as for the renewed Cole debate: Fie on those who are restarting the criticism. He will come through with a vital goal in at least one of the next three games, and so will Yorke, who has scored three in the last few games including the EC semi-final. Presumably Sheringham (who is proving a very useful resource) and Ole will be on the bench, and Butt or Scholes (if Keano plays). With May on the bench if Ronnie and Stam are ok. Means that Jasper will have to miss this one I think. Yet I am deeply suspicious of Spurs: the focus will be on them, and Ginola, Campbell and Anderton can all play a bit. But I remember saying when Campbell scored the equaliser earlier in the year: "that could cost us the league". i desperately hope I am wrong. meanwhile, let us hope the joker in the pack is Villa. Everybody has written them off. And they have been awful, and were atrocious against Charlton at the back. But we know they can play well. Let us hope and pray that Gregory can give them a sense of pride to dig in - and hope that Arsenal's nerves get to them. Come on Dion, you have got a job to do. Villa are not much as a second line of defence, but I am prepared to Gregory a postcard if he can pull off a surprise.
Peter's final 3 RED matches can earn UNITED 3 Championships!

Subject: What a season! (to be continued ...) From: Steve Edge This has been an amazing season! We are now in for the nerve-jangling finale as we contest three "cup finals" in a row. Surely, at the start of the season, we would have thought it impossible that things could end up this way. When we lost - heavily - to Arsenal in the Charity Shield, had to face a tricky qualifier against Lodz to get in to the Champions League, and went 0-2 down at home to Leicester in our first league game things looked decidedly dodgy. But United recovered against Leicester to draw 2-2, we beat Lodz, we signed Dwight Yorke, and the goals started to flow. We scored - and conceded - stacks of goals in Europe. We stumbled through a difficult December program, and then set the league, FA Cup, and Europe alight with some breathtaking football. Eliminating Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal en route to Wembley, and Inter and Juventus in the European Cup, was incredible. The injuries have mounted up, the suspensions too. Dramatic games are coming thick and fast. Referees and their assistants are driving us nuts. But we are still in there. Three massive games to go. Should we be thrilled about this? Of course we should! Should we be afraid of what fate might have in store? Never! This is what it's all about. As Yorkie said, every team in the world would love to be in this position. Challenging for honours doesn't come easily. The players - and the fans - have to give their all. Nothing less than 110% total commitment will do now. No prisoners! This season United have beaten just about every team we've played - at least once. There are only three exceptions: Spurs, Bayern, and Barcelona. We CAN beat two of them - and the 3rd team hosts the final game. On Sir Matt's Birthday, too. Come on you Reds!!! Steve Edge Vancouver Red
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Subject: Reds flog another Video/Keano at Wembley/Norwegian Would? Titbits from www.manutd.com. In an interview in the MEN last night Keano stated that he has been told that ALL the squad named to UEFA will get Champions League medals. A TASTE OF ITALY Wednesday, May 12, 1999 19:00 As the build-up to the Champions League Final continues, Reds fans can now retrace the Italian leg of the road to Barcelona. A new video, 'The Italian Job', captures the action from United's momentous games against Inter Milan and Juventus, and includes exclusive footage from behind the scenes in Turin. It has a running time of two hours, so why not fetch in the pasta and pizzas, and make a real night of it? We can't provide the food, but the videos are on sale, priced £11, in the on-line Megastore. **************************** KEANE TO TACKLE NEWCASTLE? Wednesday, May 12, 1999 18:36 United have revealed the results of Roy Keane's X-rays, and it's good news! The Irish hardman has suffered nothing more serious than severe bruising to his ankle. "This gives slight cause for optimism," says a club spokesman, "but no one is making any guesses as to when Roy will be able to come back." The midfielder is still doubtful for the final League match against Spurs on Sunday, but there are plenty of fingers crossed for 22 May, when United face Newcastle in the FA Cup Final. Roy has already been ruled out of the Champions League Final through suspension. ******************** CUP CLASH FOR RONNY AND OLE Wednesday, May 12, 1999 11:10 With Henning Berg injured, just two of the Norwegian trio of United players have been named in the latest national squad. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ronny Johnsen will link up with seven other Premiership stars in Oslo on May 20, just two days before the FA Cup final. The Norwegians will face Jamaica in a friendly, so whether Ole and Ronny are allowed to travel remains to be seen. Paul Hinson (email p.l.hinson@ais.salford.ac.uk) MUTV Masterfan Quiz Champion 1999
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Subject: FERGIE DREAMING OF HOME FINALE By David Anderson, PA Sport Sheringham hoping for title vindication We won't roll over vows Campbell Alex Ferguson wants to realise a long-cherished ambition on Sunday and win the title at Old Trafford. When Ferguson arrived at Manchester United way back in November 1986 he had two goals. First, he wanted to win the championship and second, to do it in front of the club's home fans. Ferguson's four titles since 1993 have been clinched by the stumbles of their rivals or at other grounds, but now on Sunday his team have the chance to win the championship at Old Trafford. United lead Arsenal by one point going into the final day and victory over Tottenham would seal their fifth Premier League triumph in seven years. Ferguson said: "I think the thing that I wanted most when I came down was that I had to win the title. "That was the albatross around my neck and the second thing was to clinch it at Old Trafford. "That's not an achievement which would send you up the Richter Scale in any shape or form, but it's the realisation of it all in front of your own fans in your stadium in one given game at the end of the season. "That's the second thing I've most wanted to do - to win the title at Old Trafford." Skipper Roy Keane is battling to be fit for the grand finale to the league season after he suffered an ankle injury in the 1-0 win at Middlesbrough on Sunday. The Republic of Ireland midfielder jogged round Old Trafford today with United physio David Fevre and Ferguson claiming he was making progress. "He's responding to treatment," said Ferguson. "The bruising has gone and the swelling has come down greatly and there's just a little puffiness around the ankle. "He did some jogging and now that he's doing that we can see some real progress. "I would think he is in with a chance for Sunday. Whether he makes it or not depends on if there is any reaction to what he's done and how he responds to treatment. "With him missing the Champions' Cup final, he's desperate to play in the FA Cup final." Jaap Stam is also receiving treatment after he came off at half-time during the goalless draw at Blackburn complaining of a sore Achilles tendon. The Dutchman said: "I've had some problems with my Achilles and we'll have to wait and see how that settles down." Ferguson is optimistic he will recover in time to face Tottenham. "We're getting little strains, which you're always going to get at this stage of the season," he said. "That's why I've got to look at the bigger picture and that's why I took Jaap Stam off to protect him for the bigger game coming up." Ferguson fielded an unfamiliar central midfielder pairing of Nicky Butt and Phil Neville against Rovers. With Keane and Paul Scholes suspended for the Champions' Cup final, some observers felt this might be the partnership to face Bayern Munich in Barcelona on May 26. However Ferguson claims he had not selected that team with the Germans in mind. "I never gave it a thought," he said. "I never picked that team with Barcelona in mind. "What I thought was that it was going to be like a cup tie against Blackburn and I felt we needed some energy and aggression in central midfield to withstand that part of it and then later on bring on Scholes and possibly Sheringham. "But I was not thinking about Barcelona - not a bit."
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Subject: Ryan Giggs paid a glowing tribute to the crucial role played by David Beckham BECKS IS AT HIS BEST - GIGGS Ryan Giggs paid a glowing tribute to the crucial role played by David Beckham in taking Manchester United to the brink of the Treble. Giggs has been hugely impressed with the way that Beckham has dealt with the taunts and abuse since his World Cup sending-off to produce a series of dazzling performances for United. "Becks has had to overcome a lot but he's handled it really well as you've seen with some of his displays this season," declared the Welshman. "He's been magnificent and he's probably had his best season ever." Beckham has especially come to the fore over the past couple of months, when Giggs has been struggling with injury. But they are both almost certain to be included in the starting line-up when United take on Tottenham on Sunday at Old Trafford in their bid to win the Premiership as the first stage of a possible treble. Beckham himself is desperate to ensure that United win trophies this season as a way of paying back his team-mates, manager and the fans for the support they have given him since his red card against Argentina. "There are a lot of people we want to do it for, we know how much it means to a lot of people," he declared. "We have done well this season but we have not won anything yet. It's hard to keep your feet on the ground when you're in two finals and have got a massive game on Sunday but you can only take each game as it comes and we're happy to do that." The England midfielder added: "At the start of the season, a lot of people were wondering how the season would go for me, whether I would crack or go somewhere else like abroad. But all I wanted to do was to come back to United and to play football and that's what the manager let do."
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Subject: Times: Return of Keane Spurs United IT IS an unfortunate coincidence, but there are some roadworks going on outside Highbury this week and the men wielding the pneumatic drills just happen to be Tottenham Hotspur fans. "We're going to lose 20-0 at Old Trafford on Sunday," they keep yelling in the general direction of the marble halls, holding their sides with laughter. No matter how much the staff inside try to block their ears, bolt the windows or say that is just what they would expect from a team as bad as Tottenham, the taunts are probing away at their deepest fears. The FA Carling Premiership champions know that United have the edge now after their scrappy goalless draw with Blackburn Rovers on Wednesday night, that they have an advantage of a single point going into the final games of the season on Sunday. For Arsenal to have any chance of retaining the title, they need a helping hand from their North London rivals. There are those who think that nerves will make United freeze, that Tottenham will push them to the limit with their new spirit of bloody-mindedness, epitomised by their central midfield pairing of Tim Sherwood and Steffen Freund. The United players took part in a light training session at Old Trafford yesterday morning and then convened inside to take part in a heaving mass of press conferences. There was, though, little indication that the pressure was getting to them. They were buoyed by the sight of Roy Keane, their captain, emerging on to the pitch at the end of the session to do a little light jogging with the club physio - the first exercise he has managed since he injured an ankle at Middlesbrough last Saturday. Alex Ferguson, the United manager, acknowledged later that it would give his side a crucial lift if they could get Keane fit. "Hopefully, he will be kicking the ball by Saturday," Ferguson said. "Then we will know if he has a chance for Sunday." The air of optimism, in fact, the aura of success that surrounds the club at the moment as they chase honours on three fronts, was so consuming that it elicited the first hints of envy from one of those banished to the periphery. "I want to be involved," Teddy Sheringham, the forward who has been eclipsed by Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole, said. "It is all right saying I will get three medals, but I want to be involved. I want to play football. I can sit and watch when I am 40. "Of course I am frustrated. That is not me putting pressure on anybody, that is just my situation and it is the same for everyone else in the squad. We are all top-quality players and we want to play. When you are not in the team, you are desperate to get out there and prove a point. "When I came here, I did not expect to be coming on and playing bit parts here and there. When you sign for 3.5 million, you expect to be playing. But I have no regrets, none whatsoever, no chance. This is like no other club and it has been great to be involved. My thoughts about my future change from week to week. When you're playing, you're a happy, contented man. I can only look at things when they come up. Until that situation arises, it's just speculation." Across the room, David Beckham sat holding court. He has been the epitome of professionalism this season, one of the biggest influences in United's burgeoning success story, even though, in the aftermath of the World Cup, there were many predicting his imminent downfall. "I think at the start of the season, a lot of people were wondering how it would go for me and whether I would crack or whether I would go abroad," Beckham said. "All I wanted to do was come back to United and get playing again. "The manager said 'as long as you get back here and play then you will be fine'. I suppose, at times, it has been hard getting stick from the crowd, but the lads have been brilliant to me. I couldn't have asked for any more. "I knew I was going to get a lot of attention this season and you learn things as you go along, and it has made me a stronger person."
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Subject: European Cup Final Referee (Teamtalk) Ref obstacle for Reds United will not only have to overcome the loss of the suspended Roy Keane and Paul Scholes in the European Cup final - they will also have to beat a refereeing hoodoo. Manual Diaz of Spain is the favourite to be named as the referee for the big game against Bayern Munich in Barcelona later this month, and he has a daunting record of controlling British teams. In eight years at the top, Vega has never overseen a win by England or indeed a British club side - a run of eight matches. Included in this run is the 1-1 draw with Juventus in the first leg of this season's Champions League, and the 0-0 draw in Monaco in last season's quarter final. Diaz also has a big reputation for refereeing by the book, and has already dismissed an incredible 44 players. United will know for certain whether Diaz is in charge or not when the names of the officials will be officially released four days before the match.
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