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Date: Wed Jan 13  GMT+00:00 1999
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This Issue:
1. www.red11.org Webmaster Meet Dec 1998 Pt1/3
2. Wot no power" by RED KELLY
3. The Viollets
4. Keanes wage demands:  Keane In United Quit Threat


Daily RED Trivia  Wed 13th January 1999:

13/1/1894: John Clarkin made his debut against Sheffield Wednesday. Clarkin was one
 of a number of recruits from Scottish football, and between 1894-96 this roving
 Forward scored 23 goals in 74 appearances.  He transferred to Blackpool in June 1896.

1951: United beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 in a Division 1 game at Old Trafford
 watched by 43,283. Brian Birch and Jack Rowley scored the goals. Team was:
 Allen, Carey, Redman, Gibson, Chilton, Cockburn, Birkett, Birch, Aston, Pearson, Rowley.

Barry Daily Comment:

Survey #32 RESULT:
Q: If you knew how, would you purchase shares in UNITED to prevent a BSKYB
Yes             62      84.9%
No              8       11.0%
Already 3        4.1%
own shares  Question closed 10/01/99 22:00 EST
Barry Comment:  Resounding YES vote backing up the massive anti Murdoch
campaign. So far so good. I for one hope nothing comes out of the takeover attempt!

NEW Survey #33: Week of Jan 10
Should UNITED make an offer for Zidane?
Question now open: http://www.red11.org/miva/survey.mv

RED DEVILS EYE PRESTON BOSS  By Mark McGuinness, Mirror Sport
Manchester United are ready to make an official move this week and appoint
David Moyes as assistant boss.
The highly-regarded Preston manager jumped to the top of United's wanted
list three weeks ago - as revealed in Mirror Sport.
And now they want to tie up a deal to bring him in as Alex Ferguson's No 2
and replacement for Brian Kidd. Moyes, 36, who started his career at
Celtic, became a coach in his mid-20s and took over as boss last January.
He has guided Preston into fourth spot in Division Two.

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Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!

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ALL Result/Fixture Index:

 16/1 Leicester   (A)  15.00
 24/1 Liverpool   (H)  12.00 Sky Sports FA CUP 4th rnd
 31/1 Charlton    (A)  15.00 UK

UNITED Stats v All teams:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079
08/11/98    Newcastle United         Home     D  0-0     3    55,174
14/11/98    Blackburn Rovers         Home     W  3-2     2    55,198
21/11/98    Sheffield Wednesday      Away     L  1-3     2    39,475
29/11/98    Leeds                    Home     W  3-2     2    55,172
05/12/98    Aston Villa              Away     D  1-1     2    39,241
12/12/98    Tottenham Hotspur        Away     D  2-2     1    36,079
16/12/98    Chelsea                  Home     D  1-1     2    55,159
19/12/98    Middlebrough             Home     L  2-3     3    55,152
26/12/98    Notts Forest             Home     W  3-0     3    55,216 
29/12/98    Chelsea                  Away     D  0-0     3    34,741
10/01/99    West Ham United          Home     W  4-1     3    55,180

Champions League:
Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Bayern Munich   6  3  2  1  9  6  11   
Man United      6  2  4  0 20 11  10
Barcelona       6  2  2  2 11  9   8    
Brondby         6  1  0  5  4 18   3   

Dec  9 Brøndby         0-2  Barcelona
Dec  9 Man Utd         1-1  Bayern Munich


 Manchester Utd    v   Inter Milan
 Real Madrid       v   Dynamo Kiev
 Juventus          v   Olympiakos
 Bayern Munich     v   Kaiserslautern

 Ties to be played on March 3 and 17


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Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 20:37:31 +0100 Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Subject: www.red11.org Webmaster Meet Dec 1998 Pt1/3 From: "Bill McArthur" After some encouragement I've made an attempt at a diary of my trip to England Dec 12-17. This is Part 1 of 3 (the longest of the three). This is the first time I've written one, so constructive criticism is welcome.....here goes.... Bill McArthur's Day By Day Diary: UK December 1998 ----------------------------------------------- Story incl "Pics" at http://www.red11.org/mufc/billdiary98.htm Friday Dec 11-1998 I arrived at Toronto airport in plenty of time for my 9:00 pm flight. When I got there I realized why they advised me to arrive early. The Air Canada check-in queue was a few hundred deep, and was snaking through the terminal building like a luggage conga line. I decided that I would just go straight into the waiting lounge after checking in, instead of trying to battle my way back out of the crowd. Besides, I had some extensive duty free shopping to do. When I found the duty free shop, I decided to ask one of the shop workers what my limits were for going to the UK. I don't know how often these limits are changed, and I can never remember them, but I always want to know what they are even though I consistently ignore them anyway. What it all comes down to is how much I want to carry. I then headed into the non-alcoholic duty free shop, and picked up a few things for my family who would be putting up with me for the next three weeks. The gate lounge was jammed with people, with an impromptu samba band was providing the waiting passengers with some atmosphere. They were parked at the back edge of the bar area, and were playing their hearts out. I wondered if they knew the United Calypso, but since they weren't singing in English, I decided that the chances were slim to none. Once I was on the plane I realized that the check-in agent had not done me any favours. I asked for an aisle seat, and got one, but I got one on the window side of the aisle. The middle rows of 5 seats were nearly all empty throughout the plane. Knowing that I would need to get as much rest as possible, I thought about jumping over and grabbing one of those rows for myself so I could stretch out and sleep like a few others had done. I didn't get the chance though, since the woman I was seated beside had never flown before in her life, and was a chatterbox thanks to her nervousness. She told me she was a photographer, which I gathered after stuffing her tripod and enormous carry-on bag into the overhead compartment. As we were taking off and the plane was lifting up above the sodium lit city, she asked me if I could get her camera out of her bag. My laughter confused her as I tried to explain that standing up & removing bags from overhead compartments during mid-takeoff isn't usually recommended. I had to point out the seatbelt lights etc, and she finally got the message. I did manage to get a few minutes of rest here and there, but nowhere near what I knew I was going to need. Saturday Dec 12 98 When we finally were cleared to land at Heathrow, after circling for a while, we were slightly later than our scheduled arrival time. I had plenty of time though, since I didn't need to be at the Great Eastern Hotel near Liverpool Street station until 13:00 to meet Barry's dad. The first thing I had to do after collecting my case, was to find out where I could leave it again. The Left Luggage counter was easy enough to find, and after stuffing my excess duty free into the case, I left it to be picked up on Sunday night. Then, thanks to the advice of Mike Dobbin, I headed for the Heathrow Express to Paddington station. I must say that this train is definitely convenient, and they do make you pay for that convenience. Ten quid for a fifteen minute ride sounds more like something you'd read in a Dobson report (no offence Alan), and I didn't feel like a smoke when it was over either! At Paddington station I needed to transfer onto the Underground, according to my instructions from Mike. I passed this enormous set of queues on my way to the info desk, and I laughed at all the poor buggers waiting in those huge lines. When I asked the info desk girl what I needed to do in order to get to Liverpool Street Station, she told me to get a ticket & directed me to the track. I then asked where I could get a ticket, and she told me to become one of those poor buggers in one of those lines! DOH! I managed to negotiate the ticket machine, and followed my Info Girl's instructions onto the correct platform. When I reached the platform, it was mobbed. The opposite side was worse, with the PA announcing that their train was delayed due to signal difficulties or something. An obviously foreign passenger then began to shout about how crap "this country" is, and that they can't get anything right etc., which eventually brought some response from some Ingerland types. A rather large bloke in a black and yellow jersey decided to offer this unsatisfied visitor a trip back to his native country in a box. I don't think the offer was taken up, since he seemed to mutter to himself and keep generally quiet from then on. The train pulled up and I squeezed on. A couple of young football supporting lads also crammed onto the train, and were already on the Stella as they attempted to shield their cans from the crowd to avoid any spillage. I didn't notice any colours on them, but they were going on about how the day's fixtures. As we got closer to Liverpool Street some space gradually opened up and I got some space to breathe. The Stella lads were long gone by now, and I stepped out looking for an info booth of some sort. I found one close by, and picked up some Underground maps for my co-workers, but didn't bother to wait in the lineup to ask where the Great Eastern Hotel was located. I had been assured by Barry that I "couldn't miss it", since it was "right outside" the station. The plan was for Barry's Dad to meet me in the lounge, and we'd head up to the Olive Branch Pub outside White Hart Lane where Barry would meet us. Barry was coming to London via Ferry & Bus from Denmark, so he didn't have enough time to get to London to meet me himself. At the Olive Branch I was to meet Mike Dobbin who had my booked and picked up my train tickets from London to Manchester and from Manchester to Glasgow a week later. I headed up the escalators towards the street exits from the station. I thought that even though I was about 45 minutes early, I would just sit and have a pint in the Hotel while I was waiting. I stepped out past a McDonald's (they really are everywhere aren't they!) and onto the street. I looked up and down the street, but saw no sign of any Hotel. I figured I was on the wrong side of the Station or something. There was another exit from within the station, so I walked back in and out of the other exit. Another look around, but still no Hotel. I decided to go back to the McDonald's area, since there seemed to be some people around there who I could ask. I found a security guard standing outside, so I decided to ask him. "Excuse me, do you happen to know where the Great Eastern Hotel is?" I asked. He smiled and perked his eyebrows, they said in his Cockney accent "You're lookin' at it aren't ya!", and pointed to the 50 yards of vertical scaffolding up the street. DOH! I told him that I was supposed to meet someone inside it, which he found quite amusing. He asked me if I was sure, and I knew that I was. He told me it had been like that for the last six months, and I had no chance of getting inside since it's been closed the whole time for renovations! At this point my first sudden wave of panic set in. I was now in danger of missing a United match, and I couldn't let that happen. I left the security guard, still laughing at me (I had definitely made his day) and heading back into the station to try the phones. Barry had emailed me his phone number, as well as Jack's number "just in case". Well, that case had arrived. After 2 attempts I gave up on the phone. For a computer programmer you'd think I could operate a simple pay telephone, but I was in too much of a panic to read any instructions so screw it. I sat down and thought about my situation for a minute, and came to the conclusion that things were not that bad. If I waited out on the street, then I couldn't possibly miss Barry's Dad because he would be the only other person trying to get into a Hotel which had been closed for six months. Sure enough, as 13:00 approached, a black cab pulled up and out came an older man who looked around for a second and then bent down to ask the cab driver a question. I quickly determined that he was obviously asking where the Great Eastern Hotel was, as the cab driver pointed to the scaffolding. I was found. Barry's Dad, Jack, was wearing the pre-described white turtleneck, walked up toward me "Bill?" he asked. "Yes, hello Jack. I'm very glad to meet you." I said. We then decided to have a pint before we headed on to White Hart Lane. A fine idea indeed. The nearest pub had a huge tv screen and was showing some kind of football match previews, which we both found a bit annoying. We finished up our pint and headed on to White Hart Lane. We headed back into Liverpool Street station, and made our way to White Hart Lane Station. Jack had his wife's cell phone with him, but we were both novice phone operators, and I had already given up on the pay phone earlier. We managed to get to the right station though, and called Barry himself who was on a bus on the way to London. We were walking towards the stadium amongst all the Spurs fans, heading to the Olive Branch Pub. Barry said he wasn't sure if he would have enough time to get to the Pub before the match, but he would definitely try. We decided to meet after the match in the same Pub anyway, just in case. Mike Dobbin gave superb directions, which I read out to Jack on the way to the Pub, and we found it with little trouble. Once inside I was spotted immediately, and I recognized Mike from his ListPic. The second phase of my mission was complete. Mike and I exchanged cash for train tickets, and my transportation arrangements were now in hand. Jon Leigh, his brother Duncan, Mike Dobbin & several others were already there. It wasn't long before the Mad Dane himself turned up looking more wet than tired. Barry brought a group of Danish supporters with him, and the first ever www.red11.org Webmaster meeting was born. The beers were ordered and the cameras came out. I admit that by this point I had been awake for the better part of 24 hours (the remaining time was attempted plane sleep), which helps to explain the large bags under my eyes (no, not the one with all the newspapers in it!). Jon Leigh & I had a good talk about the IMUSA and the current takeover situation. Our talk helped to give me some more ideas on how we as a website can help with the anti-takeover effort. Barry and I agreed to think more about it, then whirled about shaking hands, firing off questions and snapping photos. A little while later, Dr Mark arrived. I had met Dr Mark during last year's trip to Manchester for the Spurs and Everton matches over Christmas, so it was good to see a familiar face in London. Dave Menashe from California turned up as well, and we now had both coasts of North America represented (well Toronto isn't exactly East coast, but compared to California it is). Dave had an extra ticket which needed to be sold to a worthy RED (Lisa Bailey turned it down!), so after another few drinks it was time to head off to see if a lucky RED could be found for this ticket. Jack and I left the group to head to our seats, which were in the HOME end, and we made arrangements to meet the others back at the Olive Branch after the match. The security guard searched through my bag looking for bottles or cans, and took my word for it when I told him there was nothing but clothes and overnight supplies in there. I suppose the accent made my explanation more believable because he let me go without searching any further. Jack and I found our seats with little trouble. We were sitting behind the Spurs goal in the HOME end, and United was attacking away from us for the first half. It didn't take long to find out where the away supporters were seated, as we could hear and see them over to our left in the corner. As the teams came out, and were announced, it was obvious that a few rests were being given out today. Yorke was out, Cole was out, Ole and Teddy were on. That didn't surprise me, since Teddy usually plays when we're against Spurs and Yorke had a small injury we thought. The travelling REDS were in good voice, and for the first few minutes they had everything to sing for. It wasn't long before Giggs bolted up the middle and sent Beckham off up the right wing. Walker saved a shot from a cross back onto Giggs' head, but Ole was there to shove in the rebound. 1-0 to the REDS and the away fans broke into the inevitable "one nil, in the real thing". An obvious reference to the League Cup defeat 10 days earlier. A few minutes later I thought I was watching a replay as Beckham ran up the wing and crossed another ball right onto Ole's foot. "2-0 in the real thing". By this stage we were obviously not Spurs fans, as the crowd around us couldn't help noticing the smiles on our faces (not to mention the clenched fist pumping and quiet celebrations). At this stage Jack and I thought we could be watching another rout, but then the cards came out. I won't try to describe my disgust at the way the match was officiated because others have already done it. We were forced to defend for more than half of the match, and we weren't prepared to do that with one of our best defenders sent off. We did hold on well for a while, and in the 60th minute a roaring rendition of the "12 Cantonas" was belted out by the entire away section. I could only wish I were over there singing along. Two Cockney Spurs supporters behind us remarked that they were "surprised they still sing for him", to which the other replied "he's probably surprised himself". Any UNITED supporter wouldn't be surprised of course, because we know a legend when we see one. It's a matter of respect now. Apart from a very near goal by Stam in the second half, we couldn't really manage much of an attack with only 10 men and Teddy up front. Andy Cole came on late, but he had no support to make an impact. The match ended, and even though it was a draw, it felt like a loss. We were winning for so long that we had become used to the idea of getting the 3 points. When the final whistle had blown, we felt as if we'd been robbed. Jack and I headed back to the Olive Branch where we met back with Barry, Dave & Mike. Barry told us about how he had remarked before the kickoff that the referee was a good one! Wow, how wrong could he be! After getting ourselves some refreshments, a plate of mince pies was offered up for free to every table in the Pub. (That's "mince" not "mice" by the way - hahahaha sorry Barry!) These really hit the spot, since by this stage the last time I had a decent meal was back in Toronto before I left for the airport. Plane food doesn't cut it when you're travelling to see United away. They should have special meals for travelling REDS. I'll have to suggest that to Air Canada. We quenched our thirst, and said our good-byes as Dave from California headed out. Mike, Barry, and me were on our way into London for dinner and Jack offered us a lift as he was heading home. We headed to Jack's car, and piled in. Barry was on the phone with Jack's wife when a copper decided to pull us over. Apparently we had just entered a no-enter zone, although none of us had noticed. The policeman asked if Jack had been drinking, and he did have one drink after the match but that was well over an hour ago at this point. Being honest about it, Jack admitted the drink and was then asked to take a breathalyzer test. Barry cut the phone conversation short, and left Jack's wife with "we've just been pulled over by the police, gotta go, bye!". Needless to say she was a bit upset. As Jack was behind the car talking with the Policeman, the three of us tried to remember if Jack had more than one after the game, but we couldn't be sure. That made the breathalyzer quite interesting, as we all waited while the officer ordered the machine to be dropped off. Jack passed with flying colours, and was told to produce his license and registration or something at his local police station within 48 hours ( I think ). No harm done in the end, but a bit of a shocker nonetheless. Mike, Barry and I walked through London, took a few photos, and found a restaurant for dinner. While we waited outside to get into the restaurant, Barry called Paul Windridge for a chat. After a few minutes he passed the phone on to me, and I had a good talk with Paul. Unfortunately Paul couldn't make the match that day, so we weren't able to meet with him in person, but I'm glad we had the chance to speak to each other just the same. Eventually we made it into the restaurant and I devoured my meal. My body was equally hungry as it was tired, and after eating my body could concentrate entirely on being tired. We said our thanks to Mike for all of his help, and Barry & I headed for Epsom where we were to spend the night at Jack's place. London was bustling with people that night. I couldn't believe the number of people out in the streets, which made Toronto seem like a ghost town in comparison. The music was blasting out from neon lit disco's and people of all ages were fighting the crowds going every direction. We made it to the train station where Barry bought the day's newspapers for reading on the train. We spotted our train time on the board, and the next thing I know Barry was gone. He had shot over to a lad wearing a United shirt sitting on bench with his girlfriend latched onto his side. "What did you think of the match?" Barry asked him. At this point I had just caught back up with him, and was wondering if Barry had recognized someone he knew. As it turned out, the lad was from Manchester, and so was his girlfriend. They lived in London now and hadn't seen the match yet. Barry described the match to him, and we introduced ourselves. They were quite amazed that neither one of us lived in England, and had managed to go to see United. Barry explained our connection, and gave him an www.red11.org card. They were both very friendly, and said they would keep in touch. As it turns out, we just got an email message from him the other day! The train ride to Epsom was interesting, as I fought with my eyelids to stay open, and the two teenage girls infront of us realized that one of them had left their bag back at the Pub they were in. Oh no, panic stations as cell phones were produced and calls were made to salvage the lost purse. They were acting as if a United flight had left for Europe and Alex Ferguson had realized he'd forgotten Peter Schmeichel! The entertainment was enough to keep me awake, and Barry was obsessed with getting off at the right stop since he'd missed it during his last journey! No problem though, we managed to get off at the right stop, and Jack arrived shortly after to take us home. A much-appreciated shower and I crashed for the night. I was absolutely drained. After all, I had been awake for over 30 hours, so I wasn't surprised when I opened the bedroom door and a bright golden light surrounded the bed which rose from the floor and lifted me into it. to be continued: www.red11.org Webmaster Meet Dec 1998 Pt 2/3........... Cheers everyone! Bill McArthur Dec '98 "There's only ONE United - Manchester United!" http://www.red11.org/mufc/billdiary98.htm
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Subject: "Wot no power" by RED KELLY Yesterday, in the independent state of Manchester Dwight and Andy, fused into a powerful force, hammer home their goals to send us home light-headed. Yesterday was a good day and was made even better because at last I had managed to achieve the seemingly impossible and acquire tickets for my two younger kids. So we set off in the early morning sunshine and encountered no traffic problems on the motorways whatsoever. As we made our way north the kids tucked in to their packed lunches even though it was still only 10.30. We got as far as staffordshire before the landscape changed from a lush green to a coating of white and the thought of stopping off at a service station and actually getting out of the car was given a resounding "no thanks!" The Staffordshire landscape was aesthetic pleasing though and at least kept me entertained with thoughts of meandering on hillsides with the frost crunching beneath my boots, but then I'm just an incorrigible romantic! The kids were more content with playing games and wrestling me from my idyllic reverie by asking me the ever present question, "how long is there to go?" We made good time and were in Manchester by midday and spent the next couple of hours at my eldest daughters place before a brief visit to the Throstles where we introduced our lucky charm to the few listees present. Gina has never seen United lose, in fact she has witnessed a sackful of goals on her infrequent visits to Old Trafford. Her first game was the 7-0 against Barnsley and then 6-1 and so on. The only thing that surprised me about our visit to the Throstles was that Gina said she preferred the Dog! More singing in the Dog I suppose! We met up with my other daughter, Eliza and Steve and passed over my Season Ticket to her before making our way to the East lower entrance where we were accosted by one of our helpful friends from SPS although why they should be called "Special Projects Security" is beyond me as there is plainly nothing special about them at all. The female SPSer was obliged to search my backpack which contained hats and gloves plus the odd fanzine, but she pulled out a half full plastic bottle which contained fruit juice and told me that I wouldn't be allowed to take it in to the ground. I asked why and was told it was because bottles were thrown at Peter Schmeichel at Everton. Hmmm. "Two points - we're at Old Trafford and Schmeichel's in the Bahamas and even I couldn't throw anything that far." "Don't try and be funny" she said. "Why, is it an offense?" "You still can't take it in with you" she insisted. So I drank it and gave her the empty bottle! Good to see they still live in the real world down at SPS headquarters. Once inside the stadium a distinct lack of light hit us squarely in the face. It was a very strange experience walking through the cavernous underground spaces of East Lower. We eventually found our seats down at the front and to the right of the goal as we looked at it. The kids like it down there as they are close to the action and can see the players. They also enjoy the songs, but it gets a little difficult replacing some of the words so I found myself either completely forgetting or doing passable impersonations of Norman Collier. It was blatantly obvious that there had been some sort of power failure, similar to the FA then! Eventually there was an announcement to that effect and we were left to ponder on whether the game would be played or not, but I didn't say anything to the kids! It was a bizarre scene in the fast fading natural light and the few odd glimmers that still existed. The teams came out again to reheat themselves and that meant the appy ammers were down at our end and that included an old favourite in Les Sealey. "Sealey Sealey" we shouted and Les responded with a wave and a silly dance and when some wag behind us started the "Sealey for England" chant Les looked over, pointed and motioned for the person concerned to join him for a drink afterwards. What a top man Sealey is. Yet another character who is sorely missed. The floodlights to our left suddenly started to spark into life and there were ironic cheers until they came full on. This left the pitch bathed in a sharply contrasting cross light of dramatic proportions. By this time Eliza had spotted us from my usual lofty perch and had come down to keep us company and we amused ourselves by having a conversation about what it would be like to play under these conditions and how Eric would have relished skulking in the shadows and appearing at appropriate moments like the invisible man. Finally the stadium was restored to it's full luminosity and another announcement was made to the effect that the game would start in ten minutes. Everyone rushed around to the toilets realising that it would have been halftime had the game started at it's scheduled time slot. And we were ready for the off. United were powered up from the moment the first ball was kicked in earnest and during those first few minutes Cole, Giggs and Yorke went very close to opening the scoring. We had to wait nearly ten minutes for the first goal which came via Keane and Cole top Yorke who fired into the net. From where we were sitting, or rather standing at that time, we saw the ball coming straight at us and the net billowed in front of our wide eyes. It set the tone for the whole game which was as pleasurable or even more so than the Boro game the week before. A few minutes later our friend Razor Ruddock missed a cross from Blommers who was storming around on the left. It went through to Andy who made the mistake of controlling the ball instead of just slamming it into the net. Hislop came out and smothered his shot with the underside of his padded baggy shorts and the chance went begging. We were up and down like yo yo's by this time and the atmosphere was as bright as it had been this season probably due to the extra energy pumped into the stadium via the newly configured electrics. The away section seemed to have been charged full of wattage but the variety of chants was severely restricted to the blowing of bubbles until we blew their collective fuses. They were soooooooooo easy to wind up!! They started it all with the usual crass Beckham baiting as he was warming up along the touchline in front of them. We responded with a variety of - "you can stick your f**king England up your arse," "are you England in disguise," "Argentina Argentina," and my personal favourite, "United are better than England." There was so much England stuff going around that a puzzled Gina asked me "we're not playing England are we?" She knew we weren't of course, but was temporarily confused. I said it was too complicated to explain in full, but it was just a bit of fun. Their response to all this was a classic "you're just a f**king disgrace" to which we convulsed in fits of laughter. The irony of their anti Becks chanting was completely lost on them. At times it was like an away game it was that good. Especially when they started up "you're supposed to be at home" and we retorted "you're supposed to be away" which baffled them completely. Towards the end of the first half which seemed to pass in the blink of a light bulb, Blommers again laid off a great ball this time to Butt who smacked it against the post. I thought it may go wide and was about to shield the kids faces expecting the ball to speed off the turf and into the crowd by us when instead it rebounded to Andy. This time he made no attempt to take another touch and hammered it and the Eastenders hopes, into the net. The second half was more of the same and poor old Raimondo was getting cold and bored down at our end. He kept himself amused by doing various exercise routines - it was about all the action he was ever going to get until he had to pick the ball out of the net late on. Dennis was spending more time in their penalty area than defending his own and had an involvement in the third goal. Blommers again lobbed over the defence to Dennis who nodded on to Yorke. Yorke took a leaf out of Giggs' notebook and played a lovely reverse pass to Cole who slotted home left-footed. By this time the ammers' fans were not at all happy and had resorted to aeroplanes. They always do when they're not in possession of much intelligence. Gina asked me why everyone was waving their arms about like aeroplanes and when I told her she was shocked that anyone could make fun of such a tragedy - she'll be a good Red that one, if she's not already. Perhaps the best moment came around this time when United were comfortably 3-0 up and the ammers started singing "we're gonna win 4-3". then up pops Ole to score United's fourth and sent us into hysterics. And the sight of good ol Razor ending up tangled in the net after trying to hook the ball clear as it looped over him was just sooooooo sad. A word about my man of the match in which so many of them could have been.Jaap Stam was just superb, not that he had too much to do, but what he did was pure class and his partnership with Berg looks very good. It's not the partnership I'd have expected to come good, but who cares about that - not me anyway. I believe the real reason for this upturn in fortunes comes in the shape of Dwight Yorke though. I believe he is the catalyst and just as Eric did so a few years ago, he has provided the attitude which is pervading the team at the moment. He is a breath of fresh air and his smile infects us all. There were so many smiles around yesterday that it reminded me of what football is all about and I was delighted that my children were there to witness it and as we left the ground and wandered back to the car, both of them were singing their favourite United songs. So out of the darkness came light, both literally and metaphorically and we enjoyed an experience I hope will be repeated over and over again. Copyright RED KELLY 1999
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Subject: The Viollets About 10pm last night the phone rang - it was Helen Viollet. She said she had just finished reading my match report to Dennis and felt she had to phone because his reaction had been so positive. I always fax through the reports anyway and Helen waits until Dennis is fully cognisant before she reads them to him and he enjoys the opportunity to get a little closer to the game from the supporters' viewpoint. They had the game live on Pay Per View but unfortunately because of the delayed kick off Dennis had dropped off and missed it, so this was a nice moment for him before he would watch the video. It was 5pm over there and a therapist was due to arrive, paid for by the money from the Fund. Dennis now gets regular physio and has shown some real response. The particular therapist who was due to arrive is his favourite - a rather good looking blonde. Helen says he has a smile on his face after she's been! It's a good feeling to have had a real effect via the money donated - so many thanks to everyone who has contributed. Dennis' response is all relative of course, but any quality of life is more than welcome. He was receptive enough for me to speak with him for the first time in ages and whereas he didn't respond in words, he did in facial expression and gesture. Just thought you'd like to know ;-) Cheers RED KELLY PS Having now watched the video of the game I'm disappointed it wasn't 'my mate' Razor who ended up tangled in the back of the net after Ole's goal, but as far as I'm concerned, I prefer to leave my version as it is, it just seems more fitting somehow!
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Subject: Keanes wage demands: Keane In United Quit Threat Manchester United skipper Roy Keane will walk out of Old Trafford next year unless the club meet his massive wage demands. The Irish international is believed to have asked for £40,000 a week to sign a new deal with the Champions' League quarter-finalists - a sum which would blow the club's tight wage structure apart. United boss Alex Ferguson has constantly claimed Keane is his number one player and will be desperate to keep the 27-year-old on board. However, with the BSkyB takeover still pending and the City keeping a close eye on their financial dealings, chief executive Martin Edwards may struggle to find the funds which will keep Keane happy. And, while he insists that in a perfect world he would stay at Old Trafford, Keane is prepared to face the consequences that his cash demands could bring. "This is not blackmailing anybody. I am not making threats," said Keane. "If it's not the contract I want, I won't sign. Hopefully, we can agree things when we sit down. But if we don't it could be very interesting. "It's just the way football is going and also the position I am in. "There will be a lot of speculation and I don't like that. You ask any footballer and he likes to be settled to know where their future lies. But if I don't sign, I know there will be other options," he told The Sun.
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Subject: NO PANIC AT UNITED OVER KEANE CLAIMS By David Anderson, PA Sport Manchester United are refusing to panic over skipper Roy Keane's claims that he will leave if he is not satisfied with his new contract offer. Keane's current £23,000-a-week deal expires at the end of next season and he reportedly wants a long-term agreement worth around £40,000-a-week to stay at Old Trafford. That would smash the club's carefully controlled wage structure but Keane's solicitor Michael Kennedy insists he is not holding the club to ransom. United plan to open contract negotiations in the summer and chairman Martin Edwards is not prepared to bring the talks forward to appease Keane, who would like his future sorted out as soon as possible. United do not want to risk disruption to their pursuit of honours by beginning negotiations before the end of the campaign. "Roy has 18 months to go on his contract and our policy is to look at the situation a year before it ends," said Edwards. "We don't plan to bring it forward and we will get down to talks in the close season." Kennedy claims the 27-year-old Republic of Ireland midfielder is keen to remain at Old Trafford and only wants what he feels he is worth in today's post-Bosman transfer market. "Roy is very happy at Manchester United and he's the captain of the club, which is the largest in the world," he said. "He would like to think that he will be there for the rest of his career, but like everything else in this current climate he expects to be well rewarded for his remaining years. "He's not looking for anything other than what he would expect to get in the market at this current time." Meanwhile, Edwards claims manager Alex Ferguson has still not identified who he wants to succeed Brian Kidd as his right-hand man. United have once again been linked with Preston's highly-rated boss David Moyes but Edwards said: "Alex Ferguson has not yet decided who his number two is going to be." Preston chairman Bryan Gray claims he would resist any moves by United for Moyes. "I've no desire for David to talk to Manchester United and I don't think David has either," said Gray. "We've had no contact from Manchester United. Obviously if they approach him I will have to tell David because it's only reasonable of me to inform him, but David is our manager. "He's doing a great job here and we all want him to remain manager." Moyes, who completed one year in charge at Preston today, is growing weary of the speculation linking him with the job as Alex Ferguson's number two. He said: "I have no comment at all about this. "There has been enough said in the last week and there's no more to be said." Moyes, 36, who is a Glaswegian like Ferguson, is one of the rising stars of the Nationwide League.
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Subject: UNITED KEEN TO KEEP KEANE - SIR BOBBY Sir Bobby Charlton has insisted that Manchester United will do everything in their power to ensure that Roy Keane stays at Old Trafford. And it seems that could even include breaking United's wage structure when talks finally take place with the midfielder over the summer. Keane, whose current deal expires at the end of next season, is reportedly looking for an increase from £23,000 to £40,000 a week. Although his solicitor was at pains to stress that the midfielder is not holding the club to ransom, Keane admitted that it "could be very interesting" if terms could not be agreed. United have insisted that they do not want negotiations with the Irish international to disrupt their title and European campaigns, so will not hold talks until the close season. But there is no doubt that manager Alex Ferguson and the club's board realise the vital role that Keane fills at the club, with his return from injury this season having provided the backbone of a renewed title campaign. The idea that he could leave Old Trafford on a free transfer under the Bosman ruling if his contract ran out - or be sold next season to ensure a transfer fee was obtained - would send shivers of fear down the spine of every United supporter. United legend Sir Bobby declared: "Roy is a great player. I don't think there'll be any problem at the end of the day. We'll try to sort something out with him. "We wouldn't want to lose him. We don't want to lose any good players as there's not so many of them around." Sir Bobby, who was speaking at Expo 99, the football trade fair in Cannes at which he is promoting England's World Cup 2006 bid, acknowledged that United have previously held firm to a rigid pay structure for their players. However, when it was put to him that Keane's demands could break that, he confidently maintained: "There'll be an agreement, I'm sure of that. I've no doubt that we'll work hard to keep him, we certainly don't want him to go anywhere else."
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