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Date: Thu Mar 11 00:16:50 GMT+00:00 1999
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. A Wedding, A Birth & A Funeral - The Devil May Care -
3. Chelsea - United TV report by Terry Dale
4. Yorke double keeps United's treble dreams alive
7. Cantona swept over from 25 metres with his first touch of the ball


Daily RED Trivia  Thursday 11th March 1999:

11/3/1972: Ian Storey-Moore made his United debut, scoring against Huddersfield Town.
 One of  the exciting wingers of his day, Storey-Moore cost £200,000 from Nottingham
 Forest, and netted in each of his first three games for the Reds, but a serious ankle
 injury terminated his career with just 43 appearances and 12 goals between 1972-73. 
 He won 1 England cap in 1970.

1992: In the League Cup Semi-Finals 2nd leg, United beat Middlesbrough 2-1 after
 extra time at Old Trafford to win a place in the Final on a 2-1 aggregate. Watched
 by 45,785 Lee Sharpe and Ryan Giggs scored the goals. Team was: Schmeichel,
 Parker, Irwin, Bruce, Webb, Pallister, Robson, Ince, McClair, Sharpe (Robins), Giggs.   


Barry Daily Comment:
What agreat performance byt the team ans esp. Dwight Yorke and
BIG Peter Schmikes! Yorke must be player of the season with 26 goals already!

Previous News:
 Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!

Next games: 
ALL Result/Fixture Index:

13 Newcastle    (A) 15.00 PL
17 Inter Milan  (A) ECL "Quarter Final" 2nd leg 19.45
21 Everton      (H) 15.00 PL

UNITED Stats v All teams:

*** LEAGUE TABLE AS AT 06/03/99 ***

Pos Team                  P   W   D   L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Manchester United    28  16   9   3  63  29   34   57
 2  Chelsea              27  14  11   2  41  22   19   53
 3  Arsenal              27  13  11   3  35  13   22   50
 4  Leeds United         27  12   9   6  41  26   15   45
 5  Aston Villa          27  12   8   7  38  31    7   44
 6  Wimbledon            28  10  10   8  32  38   -6   40
 7  West Ham United      28  11   7  10  31  39   -8   40
 8  Liverpool            27  11   6  10  50  34   16   39
 9  Derby County         27   9  11   7  26  25    1   38
10  Tottenham Hotspur    27   8  12   7  33  32    1   36
11  Sheffield Wednesday  27  10   5  12  35  27    8   35
12  Newcastle United     27   9   8  10  35  36   -1   35
13  Middlesbrough        27   7  12   8  34  39   -5   33
14  Leicester City       27   8   9  10  27  36   -9   33
15  Coventry City        28   8   6  14  30  39   -9   30
16  Everton              27   6  10  11  20  29   -9   28
17  Charlton Athletic    28   6   9  13  32  39   -7   27
18  Blackburn Rovers     27   6   8  13  27  38  -11   26
19  Southampton          28   7   5  16  27  53  -26   26
20  Nottingham Forest    27   3   8  16  22  54  -32   17


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079
08/11/98    Newcastle United         Home     D  0-0     3    55,174
14/11/98    Blackburn Rovers         Home     W  3-2     2    55,198
21/11/98    Sheffield Wednesday      Away     L  1-3     2    39,475
29/11/98    Leeds United             Home     W  3-2     2    55,172
05/12/98    Aston Villa              Away     D  1-1     2    39,241
12/12/98    Tottenham Hotspur        Away     D  2-2     1    36,079
16/12/98    Chelsea                  Home     D  1-1     2    55,159
19/12/98    Middlesbrough            Home     L  2-3     3    55,152
26/12/98    Nottingham Forest        Home     W  3-0     3    55,216
29/12/98    Chelsea                  Away     D  0-0     3    34,741
10/01/99    West Ham United          Home     W  4-1     3    55,180
16/01/99    Leicester City           Away     W  6-2     2    22,091
31/01/99    Charlton Athletic        Away     W  1-0     1    20,043
03/02/99    Derby County             Home     W  1-0     1    55,174
06/02/99    Nottingham Forest        Away     W  8-1     1    30,025
17/02/99    Arsenal                  Home     D  1-1     1    55,171
20/02/99    Coventry City            Away     W  1-0     1    22,596
27/02/99    Southampton              Home     W  2-1     1    55,316

Champions League:
Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Bayern Munich   6  3  2  1  9  6  11   
Man United      6  2  4  0 20 11  10
Barcelona       6  2  2  2 11  9   8    
Brondby         6  1  0  5  4 18   3   

Dec  9 Brøndby         0-2  Barcelona
Dec  9 Man Utd         1-1  Bayern Munich


 Manchester Utd  2 v 0  Inter Milan
 Real Madrid     1 v 1  Dynamo Kiev
 Juventus        2 v 1  Olympiakos
 Bayern Munich   2 v 0  Kaiserslautern

return Ties to be played on March 17


*** FIXTURES ON 13/03/99 ***
             Chelsea  v  West Ham United
       Coventry City  v  Blackburn Rovers
        Derby County  v  Liverpool
             Everton  v  Arsenal
      Leicester City  v  Charlton Athletic
    Newcastle United  v  Manchester United
 Sheffield Wednesday  v  Leeds United
   Tottenham Hotspur  v  Aston Villa
           Wimbledon  v  Nottingham Forest

*** FIXTURES ON 14/03/99 ***
       Middlesbrough  v  Southampton


Dwight Celebrates the first of 2 last night!

Subject: A Wedding, A Birth & A Funeral - The Devil May Care - www.red11.org REDitorial written by DMC Published: Mar 10 99 This last few weeks has read like a page from a newspaper with a birth a wedding and a funeral. The birth Young Brooklyn was born to Becks and Victoria and I expect should this lad ever pull on a Red shirt as his father says he will, he will be called Joe. I can't imagine us singing "Brooklyn Becks, Brooklyn Becks running down the wing," can you? By the time he grows up I expect he will have enough money to buy Brooklyn the way wages are spiralling. But more of that later. The wedding Young master Scholes landed his catch of the day not long ago. The ginger prince married his longstanding girlfriend for a match obviously made in heaven. The funeral And talking of which one of the greatest strikers of all time is now playing his matches up there with the rest of the Babes. Dennis Viollet will be forever remembered for his style and grace. The style on the pitch and the grace off it. Never did Dennis refuse an autograph and whenever a supporters hand was offered he would always shake it while looking you straight in the eyes. He was a man of the people and will be missed by us all. As I haven't had the opportunity to write recently I have to delve back into January first when our own Wizard and his newest box of tricks were given the Carling manager and player of the month awards. I couldn't for the life of me think who else they might have given these accolades to, but it's a nice feeling when Reds get them. Dwight has been superb since his signing. I don't think there are any of us who could have dreamt he would spark so much. Not so much a spark more a forest fire I hear you say and with Andy providing the coal that fire has been raging for a few months now. The team are writing the lyrics and soul brothers are calling the tune. They started the month by causing a conflagration at Forest and with both of them on a hat-trick a cool Norwegian stepped up and dowsed their flames scoring four in ten minutes. What a record breaking performance that was and for it to be achieved on February 6th made it all the more poignant. A superb Red day out for all who were privileged to be there. The Wizard now has a new number two who was appointed just before that epic day in Nottingham so he must have been pinching himself at the City Ground wondering whether it was all a dream. "Why do they need me", he'd surely have been asking as the Reds ran riot, but if he's Fergie's choice, he's ours too. Nice one by Fartin though. Has he been taking lessons from his mate Mark Booth from Sky? Fancy introducing Steve McClaren as "Steve McClarridge". What a joker he is. It was a joke wasn't it? No, don't tell me he was serious. DOH. That's another nice mess you've got yourself into then Marty! McClaren seems one for the scientific approach with his computers, well perhaps he could help our beloved Chairman out by plugging him in, turning the dial to full power and sending him into cyberspace for a pixel party. There are even new massage beds installed I believe which aid injury recovery periods. Judging by the way our young Red bucks have been dishing it out lately they are in no great need of massage beds, but I'm sure there are a few supporters who wouldn't mind a go depending on who the masseur is of course. So Fergie is to receive the freedom of Aberdeen in May in recognition of guiding the local team to unprecedented success in the 80's. Some other Reds south of the border are rather hoping it may be a joint celebration that month and that the Wizard will be returning to his native Scotland with a bit of a suntan after a champagne week in Spain. The great man is about to negotiate a wizard deal for himself thus making him the best paid boss in the country - about time too I say. It's a wonder Fartin even knows his name, or maybe he doesn't. Was his "hello Mr Frigginhell" a jolly joke or another slip of the tongue? Maybe it's nervous anticipation waiting for the new book of revelations written in stone and due to be sent down from the mount this summer. In any case how can the best manager not receive the best pay? How can the best manager not be paid as much as his charges? It's a good job he bleeds for this club as much as we do. Fortunately for him he doesn't get bled as much as we do though. All this talk about him taking over from Mr Cheerup (K.K.) is ridiculous. Can anyone in their right minds see a committed Scot like Fergie managing the auld enemy? You've got more chance of seeing inside Fartin's money belt. And a money belt is what Fergie dished out at a dinner the other week. He says the spiralling wage demands by the players is crippling the game. It's crippling us, I know that. Who the hell needs that much money per week? And when it was revealed that the Munich survivors were given around £45,000 each for their pain and suffering, you have to equate that with the fact it is only what some footballers get for a week's 'work'. Let's get our values into perspective shall we. He's right IT IS crippling the game. Talking of which the MMC hand over their verdict to Steven Byers this coming Friday. I have had a gut feeling all the way through this nasty episode that Murdog will be defeated I only hope I'm right. Meantime each and every person on these lists in the UK should write to their MP and urge then to sign the latest EDM 266. If you don't know what this means by now then find out by signing on to the IMUSA list at imusa@egroups.com. Don't delay or we'll all have to pay. The Devil May Care - DMC. Comments/Email to: The RED-Devils_Advocate at REDitorial Guestbook Sign http://jupiter.guestworld.tripod.lycos.com/wgb/wgbsign.dbm?owner=reditorial REDitorial Guestbook View http://jupiter.guestworld.tripod.lycos.com/wgb/wgbview.dbm?owner=reditorial N.B. by emailing or adding an entry to our guestbook you are granting us permission to quote you in part or in whole in any future articles. --- The www.red11.org Web Team --- http://www.red11.org/mufc/devilsadvocate
Dwight Celebrates the first of 2 last night!

Subject: DEADLY DWIGHT STRIKES TWICE Chelsea 0-2 Manchester United Alex Ferguson took the gamble and hit the jackpot to land Manchester United a place in the last four of the FA Cup against Double defenders Arsenal. But while the Old Trafford manager was adamant he was right regarding selections in both meetings with Chelsea, he surely could not have expected the dividends to arrive quite so quickly as on Wednesday evening. Yet incredibly considering the somewhat scrappy, tetchy 90 minutes seen three days earlier when United and Chelsea stayed goalless for the second time this season, the deadlock was smashed to pieces within four minutes of the replay starting. Many were still taking their pue at Stamford Bridge. Rather less remarkably, however, the pair of United heavyweights who Fergie rested on Sunday were behind of the sudden burst of goalmouth drama. French defender Frank Leboeuf failed to deal with David Beckham's free kick, looping a header too high and too short. And that was where Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke took charge, the former flicking a header perfectly into the path of his prolific partner. Bang! In went the drilled half-volley and away span Yorke to celebrate his 25th goal of the campaign. From that moment, you sensed this Sky Sports Live showdown involving two treble-chasers would be a thriller. Gianluca Vialli's men, boosted by the return of Dennis Wise and Celestine Babayaro, had no option but to go full-out for an immediate equaliser. Whether they, or anyone for that matter, envisaged quite how stirring the response would be is doubtful. In the following 30 minutes, Chelsea assumed control totally, driving the United defence deep into their own territory and penalty area. There was significant substance to the adventurous waves of Blue, with no less than five decent efforts fired at Peter Schmeichel by half-time. Gianfranco Zola was at the heart of the fluidity, and twice he forced fine saves from United's ever-impressive Danish goalkeeper, including a wonderful block with the left leg after Roberto Di Matteo's incisive pass had freed his fellow Italian into a great scoring position. Tore Andre Flo fared no better moments later when confronted by the huge Schmeichel frame and, on the one occasion he did appear beaten, Marcel Desailly's 37th minute glancing header from Wise's whipped in centre, drifted wide of his post by the merest margin. One-nil United at the break then, but a cracker of a second half in prospect. And a further torrid 45 minutes of desperate defending for United on the evidence of the opening exchanges immediately after the break. Where they left off in the first, Chelsea were most certainly continuing. If unfortunate not to equalise previously, you could hardly believe their luck - or lack of it - in the 55th minute. Skipper Wise struck a goalbound drive low and hard only to see Flo, tumbling and landing right across the ball's flight. His left heel did just enough to divert it aound the upright. The little man scowled, the innocent Flo managed a wry smile. It was as if the Norwegian knew it could not be their night after that pianful twist to the tie. On the break, United are often at their most lethal, and so they proved after the escape. Once again Cole was the architect, Yorke the executioner. The England striker intercepted Desailly and left his Caribbean pal through on goal. Still plenty to do, mind. But Yorke, some 20 yards away, decided on a quick strike and as is the norm this season, it was the perfect decision. The chip floated over Eddie De Goey and nestled into the net. Chelsea maintained their constant onslaught yet found no joy. Now a League and Cup Winners' Cup double is their target. For the Reds that impossible treble remains on - even if Fergie is making other noises. Chelsea: De Goey, Lambourde, Desailly, Leboeuf (Myers 46), Le Saux, Wise, Morris (Goldbaek 71), Di Matteo, Babayaro, Flo (Forssell 71), Zola. Subs Not Used: Hitchcock, Newton. Booked: Desailly. Man Utd: Schmeichel, G. Neville, Stam, Berg, Irwin, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs (Blomqvist 75), Cole (P. Neville 71), Yorke (Solskjaer 84). Subs Not Used: Van Der Gouw, Brown. Booked: Yorke. Goals: Yorke 4, 59. Att: 33,075 Ref: P Durkin (Portland).
Dwight Celebrates the first of 2 last night!

Subject: Chelsea - United TV report by Terry Dale More bad news for Cockney ABUs. They should be jumping off London Bridge just about now. No all-London semi-final against the Arse at Wembley. No all-London final against Spurs. More dreams gone up in smoke or rather gone down the river. I wish we could play at Stamford Bridge every week, it's always been a good ground for us. My first away game was there in the 60's when we won 3-1 and 'took the Shed' and we've had some good results there since. It's also fun to see their fans all leaving early again, not quite the mass exodus of last year as we led 5-0 but enough to show the rent boys up for what they are. And I wonder if the effect on the Chelsea team will be just as demoralising? The poor scousers never quite got over the last minute double-whammy in the last round, and one wonders if Wise and the rest are at this very moment also lining up at the bridge for a leap into the icy-cold water of the Thames. Sper-lash! So Yorkie does it again. And again. The hyperactive Gregory must be wishing he really had shot Dwight. Instead, he just shot himself in the foot. Aand it was the Brothers Combo in action again. For the first, LeBoeuf made a balls-up of Daddy Becks's cross, Andy leapt and headed it on for Dwight to latch onto and score in one twist and turn. And for the second it was Andy Cole again winning a strong tackle, the ball came loose to Yorkie who shrugged off a defender and sent a perfect chip over the goalie's head into the net. Andy must be wishing he could get on the end of similar balls himself but his part in the goals is there for all to see. It was a great touch from the lads after Dwight's first to see them all lining up and doing the baby's cradle gesture (first made famous by Bebeto and the Brazilians) in honour of Brooklyn (shoorly 'Stretford'?) Beckham. I must say, though, it was a bit of a shock to see Keano come storming into the celebrating group and leap onto Dwight's shoulders ... imagine if he'd strained Yorkie's back! It was a fine allround team performance with only Giggsy looking out of form. Jaap, Berg, and Gazza were magnificent. Becks was tightly marked (Chelsea had learned something from the Inter game) but he still managed to worry the Chelsea defence. It was good to see Becks getting stuck in but doing it fairly and not reacting when he got fouled. Oh dear, oh dear, what will the tired old hacks do now that they can't call him 'petulant'? It's the only word they have to describe him. Dwight as usual looked fantastic on the ball ... hanging onto it and laying it off like Sparky, creating chances like Eric, scoring like Denis Law. He looks the complete player. I thought Keano played better in the second half than he did in the first, Scholesie was okay too though a bit wasteful on occasion. Nope, the only worry is Giggsy. It was no surprise when Bloomers was brought on to replace him, not that Jesper set the game alight. Is Giggsy overdoing it off the pitch, if you know what I mean? Schmikes is back to his best, saving us again on at least three occasions. But, ironically, we can thank a Chelsea player for saving us on the one occasion when Chelsea looked certain to score. Zola had floated over a nice cross, Dinnnis appeared to have taken root in the pitch, someone shot from close range with Schmikes out of his goals and just as the ball was about to cross the line ... it hit Flo's leg and bounced just wide. It was a turning point. Instead of being level, within 5 minutes we went 2-0 up with Yorkie's chip, and after that it was United all the way. Chelsea, the Pretenders, appeared to concede defeat. The last few minutes were spent enjoying the spectacle of the poisonous dwarf Wise getting more and more upset, but the yellow (or red) card never came. Durkin took pity on the poor dumb animal, but he was a bit hard on Yorkie, giving a yellow card for kicking the ball away though, in reality, it was more a gentle tap in the direction of the goalkeeper. So how much longer can we keep this up? The game against the Toons promises to be another hard one. They're on a bit of a roll at the moment (they beat Forest tonight 1-2) and will just luv it if they can inflict a defeat on us. But with the lads in the form they showed tonight, the Toons might be in for a Ruud awakening. _____________ Terry, Saudi
Dwight Celebrates the first of 2 last night!

Subject: Yorke double keeps United's treble dreams alive By Mitch Phillips LONDON, March 10 - Two goals from Dwight Yorke gave Manchester United a 2-0 victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday and a place in the F.A. Cup semifinals against holders Arsenal. Yorke struck after four and 59 minutes to inflict a first home defeat of the season on Chelsea in this quarter-final replay, following the teams' goalless draw at Old Trafford on Sunday. United, top of the league and well-placed against Inter Milan in Europe, now face Arsenal at Villa Park on April 11 for a place in the final and this victory keeps alive their dreams of winning the English league and F.A. Cup and the European Cup in the same season. Bookmakers quoted United as 13-1 to lift all three trophies. They were worthy winners on Wednesdsay as manager Alex Fergsuon picked his strongest side which he did not do on Sunday when he left Yorke and his striking partner Andy Cole on the bench until the closing minutes. This time he started with them -- and they did not let him down. After 90 goalless minutes on Sunday, United took just four minutes to break the deadlock. Chelsea, so well-organised at Old Trafford, were all at sea as Yorke won a header and was then given the freedom of the box as it dropped at his feet, volleying low past Ed De Goey for his 25th goal of the season. Chelsea were rocked by that but gradually settled to dominate the rest of the half. Peter Schmeichel dealt comfortably with long shots from Jody Morris and Roberto Di Matteo but had to be at his sharpest as he raced from goal to smother a Zola effort midway through the half. Chelsea were straight back on the offensive after the break with Wise connecting with a deep cross only for his goal-bound shot to canon off the back of Tore Andre Flo and clear. But after 59 minutes they were caught out at the back as Andy Cole pressured the normally unflappable Marcel Dessaily to lose the ball in his own half. Yorke was on to it in a flash and, with the outside of his boot, clipped it 25 metres over De Goey's head for his 26th goal of the season. After three previous draws between the two sides this season, United finally looked in charge and Chelsea's evening was summed up when Finnish teenage substitute Mikael Forssell did get past the rock of Jaap Stam with 15 minutes remaining but fell over the ball just as he was about to shoot. Once Ferguson sent on Phil Neville for Andy Cole, it was all over for the hosts. United almost made it three in the last minute when David Beckham curled a free kick over the wall but De Goey dived to tip it to safety. United manager Alex Frguson said: "I am delighted. We defended very well tonight. Yorke was absolutely magnificent. He has answered every question you could put to a footballer. He's the outstanding player of the season for me regardless of who he plays for." Chelsea manager Gianluca Vialli added: "It wasn't our night tonight, I thought we played well enough, but United played better." While United are now set for what should be a memorable semifinal against Arsenal, the other semifinal will be at Old Trafford between last season's runners-up Newcastle and either Barnsley or Tottenham Hotspur. They meet next Tuesday after their quarter-final was postponed last Saturday because of bad weather.
Dwight Celebrates the first of 2 last night!

Subject: VIALLI CONTENT AS UNITED ROLL ON Gianluca Vialli tipped his hat to Manchester United after two goals from Dwight Yorke led them to a 2-0 victory at Stamford Bridge. But the Chelsea boss hopes staying alive in the FA Cup will keep Alex Ferguson's men distracted from the Premiership race. Chelsea spurned several opportunities to score, while Yorke's brace lifted his personal tally to 26 for the season - and threw his club into a semi-final clash against Arsenal. "They are now going to play Arsenal which is good for us because obviously we hope they are going to use a lot of energy in that match," Vialli said, attempting to take a positive from defeat. "They won 2-0 but I thought we played very well," he said. "It was one of those nights we were not going to score. "We had a lot of chances, but of course you have to score if you want to win. They did, and we didn't. That's why they went through. "We're out of the FA Cup, which is unpleasant, but we still have the Premiership and the European Cup to think about. "We can still finish the season in a positive way. "The players are disappointed because they know we could have taken more from the game. "Yorke is a phenomenal player. We knew that before that match. But my defenders did well. Ferguson hailed his £12.5million man Yorke for another marvellous contribution, saying: "26 goals and a lot of important goals. His temperament is excellent."
Dwight Celebrates the first of 2 last night!

Subject: YORKE DOUBLE SENDS UNITED THROUGH Final score: Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2 90mins: Referee Durkin blows the final whistle to end an entertaining game. It's an efficient display from United but they're flattered by the scoreline. Alex Ferguson's men go foward to meet Arsenal in the semi-finals at Villa Park on April 11. 90mins: Le Saux's shot is palmed away by Schmeichel and then Irwin's attempted clearance looks bound for his own net until it strikes the big Dane. 88mins: Solskjaer controls a high ball brilliantly but is then hacked down on the edge of the box by Desailly, who is booked. Beckham's free-kick is superbly palmed away by De Goey. 87mins: United are momentarily in trouble from a Zola free-kick, but Schmeichel punches clear. 87mins: Le Saux tries to find Di Matteo with an angled chip but United head clear. 85mins: The game is now dying a little as Chelsea head for their first home defeat of the season. 83mins: Two-goal hero Yorke makes a smiling exit as he is replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 81mins: United are now slowing the game down, trying to kill the game and preserve their two-goal advantage. 79mins: Beckham tries to find Blomqvist with a deep cross to the back post but the Swede's stretching volley is way off target. 78mins: Di Matteo and Forssell join forces to try and break down the United defence but can't find a way through. 76mins: United bring on Swede Jesper Blomqvist to replace Giggs. 75mins: More sublime football from Chelsea seems sure to end in a goal this time as Forssell beats the offside trap and rounds Schmeichel. But Stam gets in a challenge and the young Scandinavian shoots wide. 73mins: Giggs and Yorke team up well down the United left, but the Welshman's eventual cross is a disappointment. 71mins: United make a change, bringing on Phil Neville to replace Cole. Chelsea make two substitutions at the same time, replacing Flo and Morris with Mikael Forssell and Bjarne Goldbaek. 70mins: It's still all Chelsea, despite the fact they're 2-0 down. This time super play involving Babayaro, Morris and Flo ends with Di Matteo firing just wide from 20 yards. 68mins: Chelsea again come mighty close to a goal as Lambourde can't quite hit the target from Zola's superb curling free-kick. 67mins: Yorke's evening is spoiled slightly by a yellow card for kicking the ball away. 64mins: Le Saux tries to play Di Matteo in but Stam is across to sweep up. 63mins: Chelsea have a chance to hit back as a Le Saux cross finds Morris at the back post. But Schmeichel is out to block the shot. 62mins: Denis Irwin finds Giggs with a super pass and his low cross just evades Cole. 59mins: GOAL YORKE - United win the ball in midfield and play the ball forward for Yorke. He gets his 26th goal of the season with a magnificent chip over De Goey. 57mins: Di Matteo hits a left-footer from 25 yards out but his effort is a couple of yards wide. 57mins: Schmeichel does well to claim Morris's chip to the back post which is intended for Babayaro. 56mins: A half-chance for United at the other end as Scholes has a shot blocked on the edge of the Chelsea box. 55mins: An amazing escape for United. Morris finds Babayaro on the left with a super pass and his cross to the back post finds Wise. But when the midfielder diverts the ball towards the empty net it hits Flo who is lying on the floor. 53mins: Chelsea threaten again down their left but Beckham is back to defend for United and wins a throw. 52mins Berg wins the ball to end a spell of Chelsea possession but Keane's ball foward just fails to find Yorke in space. 51mins: Beckham finds Gary Neville away down the right with a brilliant pass but his low centre is cleared for a corner. 48mins: Chelsea win two corners in quick succession and from the second Lambourde heads wide. 47mins: Chelsea again start positively and Flo is caught offside to end a promising move. 46mins: Chelsea make a substitution at the start of the second half, bringing on Andy Myers to replace Leboeuf. 45mins: Referee Durkin blows his whistle to end an entertaining first half. Chelsea have clearly had the upper hand in terms of possession and chances, but United have the all-important goal. 45mins: A period of Chelsea possession ends with a poor defensive header from Stam after a Le Saux cross. The ball falls to Di Matteo on the edge of the box but his low shot is comfortably held by Schmeichel. 43mins: Ryan Giggs is caught just offside from a Beckham pass to end a promising United move on the left. 41mins: Roy Keane wins the ball from Zola with a robust challenge and a United break ends with Desailly putting Beckham's cross behind for a corner. Chelsea clear the set-piece. 40mins: Scholes gives the ball away and when Chelsea clear the ball downfield Schmeichel has to be out of his goal quickly to boot the ball away. 39mins: Babayaro finds Flo with a deep cross and he heads the ball down for Di Matteo. But the Italian is given offside. 37mins: Cole wins possession on the right flank but is well wide with his cross-cum-shot. 36mins: Chelsea win a free-kick 40 yards from goal and build up slowly. But a long period of possession is ended by a superb interception from Jaap Stam. 34mins: Celestine Babayaro crosses to the near post but Schmeichel is first there and claims comfortably. 32mins: Di Matteo wins the ball from Paul Scholes deep inside his own half and begins a sweeping Chelsea move. It ends with a cross from Dennis Wise which is headed over his own bar by Gary Neville. From the resulting corner Desailly's header is only inches over. 30mins: Morris gets forward again for Chelsea and fires in a shot but it's well over Schmeichel's bar. 29mins: Henning Berg challenges Zola and wins the ball but fails to clear. Flo gets in a low cross but Schmeichel claims. 28mins: The game slows down a little after a frenetic opening 25 minutes. 25mins: Yorke appears to win the ball from Desailly but is harshly penalised. 22 mins: Bernard Lambourde cuts infield and passes to Di Matteo but his 25-yard shot rises high over the bar. 20 mins: Flo and Roberto Di Matteo combine to set up Zola but his angled shot is saved with his legs by Schmeichel. 19 mins: Marcel Desailly breaks out of defence and releases Morris whose shot is well saved by Schmeichel. 18 mins: Beckham's quickly-taken free kick tries to find Yorke behind the Chelsea defence but he is flagged offside. 14 mins: Le Saux tries a long-range drive but Schmeichel watches it sail harmlessly over the bar. 11 mins: Leboeuf fouls Cole and from the United free kick, David Beckham is penalised for bringing down Graeme Le Saux near the corner flag. 8 mins: Zola's shot is headed away for a corner by Roy Keane right in front of Peter Schemiechel and from the flag kick, the ball is half-cleared to Jody Morris whose stinging shot is punched clear by Schmeichel. 6 mins: Gianfranco Zola makes a dangerous break down the right and his cut back is just inches behind Tore Andre Flo and United clear. 4 mins: GOAL DWIGHT YORKE - A free-kick from the left is headed up in the air by Frank Leboeuf and Andy Cole nods it forward to Dwight Yorke, who swivels and fires past Ed De Goey for a sensational start. 1 min: Referee Paul Durkin gets the match under way. ----------------------------------------------------- Chelsea v Manchester United By Matt Barlow, PA Sport Dwight Yorke continued his red-hot scoring form to blaze Manchester United into an early lead at Stamford Bridge. Frank Leboeuf, Dennis Wise and Celestine Babayaro all returned for Chelsea but the hosts were stung early on by United's deadly strike-force, restored by manager Alex Ferguson for the FA Cup quarter-final replay. Andy Cole and Yorke, both on the bench for Sunday's first meeting at Old Trafford, were back and pounced on total confusion in the Chelsea defence to give the visitors a fourth-minute lead. Yorke cashed in with his 25th goal of the season after the Blues failed to clear a United cross from the left. United's carefully choreographed celebration in front of the Chelsea faithful did not go down well, however, and was greeted with abuse and missiles. It could have been 2-0 within as many minutes with Gianluca Vialli's men still all at sea. This time a left-wing cross from Denis Irwin reached Cole, who had ghosted away from Leboeuf, but his cushioned header to Yorke was misdirected and gathered by goalkeeper Ed de Goey. The Londoners bounced back and had United's defence at sixes and sevens. Paul Scholes recklessly conceded a corner and from the kick a Gianfranco Zola volley was kept out by a combination of Peter Schmeichel and Roy Keane. Marcel Desailly then rose unchallenged to meet Wise's corner. He could not force a header on target but when the ball dropped to Jody Morris the youngster forced a save from Schmeichel. Graeme Le Saux skipped past David Beckham and Scholes on a powerful run from defence but ruined his good work when he skied an attempted cross high into the crowd. Vialli's troops continued to drive forward, Desailly gliding elegantly out of defence with the ball and releasing Morris. Once again the local boy in Chelsea's 'League of Nations' rifled a fierce shot at goal but Schmeichel saved low to his right at full stretch. The United keeper was in action again moments later. He dashed from his line to charge down a shot from Zola after an opening carved out for the little Italian by Tore Andre Flo and Roberto Di Matteo. Morris fired over from long range and Gary Neville had to defend superbly at the back post to prevent Babayaro latching onto a vicious right-wing cross from Wise. Desailly guided a header wide of the far post from an inswinging Zola cross from the right wing and Di Matteo forced another save from Schmeichel after Jaap Stam's header fell kindly for him. HT: Chelsea 0 Manchester United 1 Leboeuf came off at half-time with a knee injury and was replaced by Andy Myers. Stam halted a Cheslea raid early in the second half and Irwin had his heart in his mouth when a sliced back-pass sent Schmeichel scampering along his goal-line. Lambourde headed narrowly wide from another menacing Wise corner as Chelsea tried desperately to find a route back into the game. United, as always, looked fearsome on the break. Desailly stepped in coolly to quash the danger after an electrifying run Ryan Giggs took the Welshman to within sight of de Goey's goal. A reverse-pass from Beckham released Neville down the right but the England defender couldn't match the quality of the pass with his cross and it was diverted to safety by Myers. Flo and Wise were unable turn the ball goalward after a tidy Chelsea move ended with a left-wing cross from Babayaro. Yorke and Cole entered centre stage again in the 58th minute to give United some breathing space. The tireless Cole robbed Desailly deep in Chelsea territory and Yorke pounced on the loose ball to lift a delicious first-time chip over the hapless de Goey who was stranded six yards from goal. Morris shot wide and Lambourde couldn't connect cleanly with a teasing free-kick from Zola. The Frenchman could only turn the ball high and wide and United's defence on looked anxiously. And Di Matteo flashed a shot wide from 20-yards as Chelsea pressed on. Manchester United: Schmeichel, G Neville, Berg, Stam, Irwin, Beckham, Keane, Giggs, Scholes, Yorke, Cole. Subs: P Neville for Cole, Blomqvist for Giggs, Solskjaer for Yorke Scorers: Yorke (3, 59) Fulham: De Goey, Lambourde, Leboeuf, Desailly, Le Saux, Morris, Wise, Di Matteo, Babayaro, Flo, Zola. Subs: Goldbaek for Morris, Forssell for Flo Referee: P Durkin
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Subject: Cantona swept over from 25 metres with his first touch of the ball By Kevin Fylan BARCELONA, Spain, March 10 - A sell-out crowd of 100,000 packed the Nou Camp stadium on Wednesday night to pay an affectionate tribute to Johan Cruyff. The Dutch master, arguably the most successful and certainly one of the best loved coaches in Barcelona history, had reassambled his old Dream Team -- augmented by a few star names from world football -- to take on the current Barca side. But there was to be no final upset for Cruyff as the game finished 2-0 to the 1999 vintage. Yet Cruyff's old boys, decked out in the orange shirts of the European Cup final win at Wembley in 1992, showed enough of their old magic to send every one of the crowd home happy. And Cruyff gave plenty of evidence that his competitive spirit lives on three years after his Nou Camp exit as he spent much of the match gesticulating wildly at his players. Although not officially part of the club's centenary celebrations, this clash between El Dream Team and the current Barca side was the one the fans wanted to see. Banners proclaiming "We love Johan" and "Cruyff, king of our hearts" bedecked the stands, while every sprayed pass from Ronald Koeman, every flick from Hristo Stoichkov, every feint inside from Michael Laudrup was warmly cheered. Cruyff's Dream Team -- the side whose breathtaking football brought four league titles and that historic European Cup to Barcelona in the four years at the start of the 1990s -- were given just a little help from their friends. The likes of Eric Cantona, Danny Blind, Luc Nilis and Jorge Campos showed their apppreciation for the Dutch great by making cameo appearances -- and providing a welcome rest for a few ageing limbs. But it was an authentic Barca old boy in Hristo Stoichkov who almost gave the Dream Team the start the fans wanted. The Bulgarian, who these days likes nothing better than embarrasing the Nou Camp regime, picked up a through ball and turned in a reverse pass to Laudrup that would have given the Dane a simple chance but for a lightning interception from Michael Reiziger. At the same end, Mario Jardel might have done better when one-on-one with Ruud Hesp, Cantona swept over from 25 metres with his first touch of the ball, while Ivan de la Pena, the local hero now with Lazio who was given a rapturous reception, flashed a free kick just wide. But the rest of the first half belonged to Patrick Kluivert, who somehow contrived to miss five clear cut opportunities before putting Louis van Gaal's Barcelona ahead on 44 minutes, following a perfectly weighted through ball from Philip Cocu. Brazilian striker Giovanni made it 2-0 with an artful 20-metre chip after 65 minutes and Roger Garcia, Albert Celades and Sonny Anderson all went close. But there were no more goals in what was a leisurely, if enjoyable, trip down memory lane for an authentic Barcelona hero and his eternally grateful fans.
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Subject: BECKHAM CAN WIN OVER PUBLIC- OUR 'ENERY Fight legend Henry Cooper believes David Beckham has "years ahead of him" to win over the public and become a national sporting hero. Manchester United and England midfielder Beckham claims his sending off during England's World Cup penalty shoot-out defeat against Argentina last summer has contributed to his status as one of football's hate figures. Beckham, who has just become a father with girlfriend Victoria 'Posh Spice' Adams, made the revelation in a BBC documentary, The Football Millionaires, to be screened next week. He said: "I think the majority of people dislike me. I'd like to be really popular but I don't think it's going to happen." But, according to 'Our 'Enery', Beckham can become a sporting legend and icon in the eyes of the public, without any difficulty. Cooper, whose reputation and popularity soared when he floored Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) with a left hook in their heavyweight fight at Wembley Stadium in 1963, said: "It's nonsense to think that. Of course Beckham can become a sporting hero. "The public memory can be long or can be short. It was a silly thing he did against Argentina. It was a spur of the moment thing, he kicked out and the player played up and a lot of people think we lost the match because of his dismissal. "But he is only 24, he's got years ahead of him to put that mistake right. The big thing in life and in sport is to learn from your mistakes."
Dwight Celebrates the first of 2 last night!

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