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Date: Tue Jun 08 02:58:24 EDT 1999
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This Issue:
1. www.red11.org Player Of The Year Results!
2. Ask the StatMan
3. United keeping tabs on Di Biagio?
4. Giggs keen to leave his mark on Schmeichel swansong
5. Personal Barcelona Report by Barry Leeming (Part 4 of 7)
6. Personal Barcelona Report by Billy Read
7. Personal Barcelona Report by Richard Sroka
8. Personal Barcelona Report by Phil Murray


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Bill's Daily Comment:
It's the silly season folks, so please don't believe all these transfer
rumours that surface every day.  We report them to you because
they are being reported elsewhere, but don't believe everything you read.

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CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: www.red11.org Player Of The Year Results! Survey #48 Results: Who is UNITED's Player of the year? David Beckham 367 46.3% Roy Keane 103 13.0% Dwight Yorke 102 12.9% Jaap Stam 59 7.4% Peter Schmeichel 53 6.7% Ryan Giggs 28 3.5% Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 24 3.0% Andy Cole 18 2.3% Jesper Blomqvist 12 1.5% Teddy Sheringham 8 1.0% Gary Neville 6 0.8% Denis Irwin 4 0.5% Paul Scholes 3 0.4% David May 2 0.3% Philip Neville 2 0.3% Wes Brown 1 0.1% Total: 792 Survey #49: Should Alex Ferguson be Knighted? Question now open. Vote now at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/survey/
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Ask the StatMan Date: Thursday, June 3, 1999 Time: 11:10 AM EST Submitted by: Phil Murray Email address: 36 Comment: Statman - When was the last time UTD lost a Premier League home game after conceding the FIRST goal. What was the score and who was it against? I heard a commentator saying 1987! I thought this was outrageous, but then figured that seeing as we have done so well in the nineties, maybe he was correct. ===================================================================== The last time United lost a Premiership game after CONCEDING the first goal would be the Middlesbrough game on Dec 19 1998 when Hamilton Ricard scored in the 23rd minute - United lost 2-3. The last time United lost a League game after SCORING the first goal was at Chelsea on Mar 9 1991. Mark Hughes scored for the Reds in the 33rd minute, but the home side went on to win 3-2. United have yet to lose a Premiership game after scoring first. The last time United lost a League at HOME after scoring first was on Dec 9 1989. Russell Beardsmore scored in the 9th minute, but Crystal Palace won 2-1. ===================================================================== Subject: Ask the StatMan Date: Friday, June 4, 1999 Time: 4:46 PM EST Submitted by: Simon Rose Email address: simonr@bxr.com visitor_country: USA visitor_age: 34 Question: Paul, I'm a Timperley Red now working in the US. I enjoy your contributions to the Daily News/Simplenet site. My question is, I'm pretty certain I witnessed one of Mark Bosnich's 3 (?) United appearances ============================================================================ Mark Bosnich's 3 League appearances for United were: 30 Apr 1990 Wimbledon (h) 0-0 29,281 16 Apr 1991 Derby County (h) 3-1 (Blackmore, McClair, Robson) 32,776 20 May 1991 Tottenham (h) 1-1 (Ince) 46,791 Paul Hinson MUTV Masterfan Quiz Champion 1999 Ask the STATMAN at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/statman.htm The Best STATS on the 1999 English and European Champions on the Web STATISTICS http://www.red11.org/mufc/stats.htm RESERVES And JUNIORS http://www.red11.org/mufc/pontin.htm Try the MUFC Quiz http://www.red11.org/miva/quiz/quiz.mv
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: United keeping tabs on Di Biagio? Ian Ross Tuesday June 8, 1999 Alex Ferguson would like to add the combative skills of Italy's Luigi Di Biagio to the Manchester United midfield next season. Ferguson has officially registered his interest and it is believed a bid in excess of 7.5m would pave the way for the 28-year-old's departure from Roma. Ferguson's interest in Di Biagio suggests he might sanction the sale of at least one member of his European Cup winning squad, possibly the England international Nicky Butt. Though Ferguson admires Butt's skill and patience he was unable to guarantee him regular first-team football last season and is aware that Sunderland would not hesitate to meet an asking price of around 6m if encouraged to make a bid.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Giggs keen to leave his mark on Schmeichel swansong By John Richardson Tuesday, June 8, 1999 Ryan Giggs readily acknowledges that Manchester United team-mate Peter Schmeichel will provide a stubborn barrier to Wales' hopes of Euro 2000 qualification. Tomorrow night at Anfield - an arena which has often brought out the best in the Great Dane in so many titanic contests with Liverpool - Schmeichel plays his final game in England before officially leaving United for a new continental challenge. If he remains unbeaten, Welsh hopes of grabbing second spot in Group One and a play-off place to reach next year's finals in Belgium and Holland will almost certainly be destroyed. Neville Southall and Mark Hughes, who take charge of the side following Bobby Gould's surprise resignation, have asked the supporters to turn Anfield into Wales for the night. On the field, Giggs and company will be attempting to help downgrade Schmeichel from a super stopper to the status of mere goalkeeping mortal. Giggs said: 'Peter didn't play against us when we won in Denmark in October and used that as an excuse for the Danes' defeat. I know he is looking forward to playing at Anfield because he's disappointed at the way Denmark have performed so far in the qualifying stage. 'I have already told him that I'm going to score. He has told me I won't. 'He's a great keeper and we're all disappointed at Manchester United that he is moving on. He's one of the main reasons why we have been so successful. The United defence has been brilliant, mainly because of him. 'If you get past the defenders you still have to get past him and that's an awesome task. A lot of forwards get praise for winning matches but he has won many for United.' One thing's for certain - training at United next season will be a lot quieter without the booming voice of Schmeichel. 'I can even hear him and I play at the other end of the field.' said Giggs. 'But that's what helps give him that tremendous mental strength. It keeps him on top of his game. 'I have never played against Peter before and, hopefully, we can get the right result against Denmark. We know we have to do well in our home games to have any chance of qualifying.'
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Barry Leeming (Part 4 of 7) "Getting Better All The Time" - REDS in Barce Epic Pt:4/7 "Barce Beat - Nou Camp Crush" "REDS Are Going To Barcelona" Pt 4/7 by Barry Leeming Dateline Wed 26th May European Cup Final Day [8.00am-1900hrs] After going fairly late to bed [3am] the original plan of waking up at 7am had been slightly optimistic, I found myself in the shower at 8am feeling "very high" and excited. I had to be in the town center to meet webmaster Bill McArthur flying in late morning, so cooked English breakfast in the hotel was hurried. Dave, Phil and John had driven into Nou Camp early to secure match tickets! Phones started to ring early and it was confirmed that a list meet was to be at Hard Rock, Cataluna Square. Walking down to the train in Calella the atmosphere was already electric and we sang our Andy Roberts "REDS Going to Barcelona" song. Train journey went without hitch, train packed with both REDS and a few leather-hosen [they look ridiculous]. Arriving at The Hard Rock a phone call confirmed Bill had landed as was in a taxi. Wearing Gumbi outfit now and then did not spark any success until the famous Mark Roberts appeared. Henrik went off to Nou Camp to secure a last minute ticket hopefully not too expensive. Bill then arrived, greetings + photos to commerorate Bill's long trek from Toronto via Manchester! Outside the Hard Rock my phone rang again "give us a wave", it was Richard Martin standing on the other side of the same road! :)) Richard came over and we made him pose with our Danish Flag. This day was to be amazing, we were about to meet around 50 REDS from the International Mailing Lists and then were to attend the biggest football match possible, a day which could never be beaten. If I forget any names in these diaries I apologise in advance I met too many people to remember them all. We wandered round the square and enjoyed the build up called a few folks back home [my Dad] so they could soak up the atmosphere too! Hard Rock opened and we took a photo of 6/7 Cape Town Reds who you can see on the multi media version of this diary on the website. Crowds were gathering and a queue formed outside the HR which would then remain all day long! I spoke to the manager again and explained that I had invited a couple of thousand REDS to his establishment on the internet, he did not believe me of course, IF ONLY HE KNEW! :)) Faces I remember at this point reads like a who's who of the Mailing lists including Linda Harvey + son & heir, Ethel Sleith, Paul Windridge, Alan Dobson + Paula, Richard Martin, PJ Thum, Mark Roberts, Pete Steyger, Roger Murney & Co, Paul Scully, Kerry Davies, Jon Leigh [cool glasses], Duncan Drasdo [hat and all], Kevin Beard, Steve fisher & Co, Dave Menashe, Phil and John, Boston Reds + SEAN HENNESSEY who was loaded with luggage - no prob Sean - good to meet you at last! We had a few beers and a chat folks coming and going all the time. Henrik turned up with his ticket, he had secured a top notch [50 quid] seat for 200 quid. Leo from "Danish REDS On Tour" party also purchased his ticket inside the HR for 40.000 pesetas, a bargain for him :)) Now to find Stephen Degiorgio who had both Bill's ECF ticket. Stephen awas lost in Barce' so I asked him for a landmark and then drove to him in a taxi. I was then able to guide him back to the Hard Rock cafe. This took around 45mins but success! I found Stephen and we were able to join the RED troops again and take a few more pics. Stephen is one of the quieter members of the list but was looking forward to meeeting up with some of the famous names! We were *ALL ONE BIG HAPPY RED FAMILY* that day and it was most certainly a day we will always remember! So it was late afternoon and match time creeping up we decided to leave for Nou Camp! The metro at Catalunya was packed to the brim so we decided to walk one stop in the opposite direction "away" from the ground. It worked and we were able to catch the metro there. We were split up at this point [too many people]. I do remember being with my son Michael and Stephen all the way, other faces like Bill McArthur, Henrik and Leo from Denmark had disappeared, we were first to meet again AFTER the game! The atmoshere was incredible! We were all "HIGH UP IN THE SKY" and the community singing on the metro and walking to the ground all added to the perfect build up for ECF 99! The small negative point going into the ground was the police intervention making a cordon just North of the stadium stopping the main body of REDS from entering the Nou Camp complex. The idea was maybe to let a few in at a time but you could see in their faces that they were nervous and were not sure waht to do. I was held at the front of the cordon an we tried to break first left then right. Small amounts of Reds broke through but by now there were mounted police and a few batons flying to hold us back. EVERYONE knew that this build up "caused by the police" was potentially dangerous. We eventually escaped by going left and slipping through but I was not at all happy by the way Policing held others back! Once through we just wanted to get into the ground and this went considerably easy. We were frisked going into the ground, the police presence was still tight which meant that some poor RED in front of me who was pushing was pushed back out of the ground and ticket confiscated. He was in a terrible state but I just had to carry on my way in as I knew complaining would mean the asame treatment for myself. WE WERE IN NOU CAMP :)))))))) Releif 60 mins + before kick off we arranged where to meet after the game and then I proceeded to clamber up the steps to the Nou Camp 3rd tier, 1st row seat 2! As I walked out to my seat the enormity of the whole place HIT ME LIKE A HAMMER. No roof, REDS everywhere and just a f...n' beautiful sight......... I was to witness the final of the European Cup featuring the greatest football team on earth Manchester United FC, it was Sir Matt's 90th birthday and all of 31 years after that first Busby Triumph. This was surely a dream??? "REDS Are Going To Barcelona" Pt 5/7 tbc THE MATCH [26th May 20.00-22.00hrs] Barry Leeming Multi media: http://www.red11.org/mufc/barcelona.htm
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Billy Read Barca trip of a lifetime......... It all started, for me, on Thursday March 18th 1999 - the morning after the 1-1 draw with Inter had secured United's place in the semi-finals against as yet unknown opposition (I was willing to lay bets it was going to be Juve). Surfing onto the easyJet website I was able to secure a seat from Aberdeen (Inverness, my nearest airport, had bad connection times) to Luton and then onto Barcelona for only =A3170 return and after a few minutes thought I decided to bite the bullet and book it. Either way I would hopefully see the European Champions League final and if I was really lucky it would include United. My mate Kevin also declared his interest in the trip and I secured his tickets on the same flight a couple of days later. Sure enough, Juve were drawn to be our semi-final opponents and after 15 minutes of the 2nd leg I was really down in the dumps and trying my best to convince myself I'd enjoy watching the Itis in the final. Well another great comeback ensured it was United I was going to watch and all was well in the end. So armed with Pasetas-a-plenty and our bags and red shirts we headed to the 5am train from Inverness to Aberdeen to catch our 9am flight to Luton on Tuesday morning. We noticed a handful of other reds at the airport and some even had tickets. How we were envious. An hour and a half later we were in Luton and straight to the bar for our first of the day. It's been some time since I've drank at that time of day but, alas dear Yorrick, it was going down well in the Shakespeare Bar. Next thing you know one of our mates was walking past so we called him over and drank a pint or two before he caught his connecting Inverness flight. It was at this point that we met Wayne from Birmingham and Steve from Milton Keynes I think, and it turned out Wayne was on the same flight to Barcelona as us but Steve was on a later one. After a couple more beers in the departure lounge Wayne was invited to stay in our Hotel room (just off Las Ramblas) as he had nothing organised and a friendship was well and truly cemented. We didn't see Steve again as he was staying out of town but as he already had a ticket he wasn't too worried. Now though, there were three of us in the search for a ticket and it was in good spirits we boarded the flight and after a few more beers on the plane we were in Barcelona by 6pm local time. First stop we decided was to be the Nou Camp to see if there were any tickets knocking about and to weigh up the general situation. So the bags were collected and off we went after Passport control had steadfastly refused to stamp my gleaming, previously unused passport. Bastardos! So after a short trip we were at the Nou Camp and what a sight it was to behold. Bloody huge! As were the prices of the tickets the locals were trying to sell us. 80,000 Pts being well above our agreed limit we trooped off round the corner for some Spanish beer and to soak up the evening sun. Next we headed further along the street and after some photos with the local talent (plenty of local talent) we ambled (stumbled?) upon a pleasant little diner/bar of which there must be thousands in Barcelona. I got chatting in a very Catalan/English/no-hope-of-understanding-each-other way with a local who it transpired was called Jordi! So with my new friend Jordi Cruyff sat beside me at the bar and copious amounts of beer on the go we had a sparkling first few hours in the city. Jordi wasn't keen on me calling him Cruyff but after a few beers a friendship was struck. It's easy to make friends when there's beer around! It was by now 9pm so we jumped in a taxi (literally) and sped over to Las Ramblas and the Placa Catalunya with an amiable driver who's name we never did discover. But he laughed all the way as we sang and shouted from the now open taxi windows until we got dropped off. Walking down Las Ramblas it was a sight to behold. Thousands of Reds from top to bottom enjoying the warm Catalan evening so we hurried to our Hotel and checked in before heading straight back out again to enjoy the evening's festivities. I've never seen so many Reds milling round and enjoying themselves so far from home, and this being my first Euro away trip I guess I was somewhat spoilt. Another bar was quickly found and a round was ordered. 3,500 pasetes was the barman's cry as he delivered them in front of us, some with heads bigger than the beer. F**k Right Off we retorted and trooped out quicker than we had trooped in. 14 quid for 3 beers? We're mad, but not that mad. Further up Las Ramblas we found a place with sensible prices and had a few more while listening to the Red Army chanting and singing outside. It was at this point I decided to join them and I honestly thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It was fantastic (not unbelievable, that was to come later!) being in amongst them all having the time of my life. I even stood up on a chair and directed the proceedings for a while, taking plenty of snaps in the process of the gathered hoards. It was quite a feeling leading hundreds, probably thousands, in a few songs - some of which I'd only just learnt and it is a memory that will stay with me for ever. My personal favourite being "Taking over, taking over, taking over Bar-ce-lo-na" to the tune of Championes. In sobriety I would maybe have found no one was listening to me and I was just joining in, but believe me, whilst under the influence, and standing on a chair above everyone it felt like I was leading even if I wasn't. Anyway, next thing I knew I stood down from the chair for a breather and in through the madding crowds appears Boylie himself! So we had a quick chat and off it all started again! Absolutely brilliant - If this is the afterlife, bring it on! Retiring to a bar some time later I was beginning to feel the pace and excitement of the day. Maybe the beer too. I was later told I'd fallen asleep at the bar (passed out?) for half an hour much to the consternation of the locals and barmen but they were re-assured by my mate that I did it all the time at home and there was nothing to worry about. Upon my awakening I decided it had been a long enough day so I left Kevin and Wayne to it and headed for the hotel for a much needed real kip. Waking up the next morning, slightly groggy, I found that Wayne and Kevin had made their way back to the Hotel and Wayne had duly been sneaked in. It was about 9am and my two companions were making a fine variety of snoring and farting noises so I quickly encouraged them to awaken to alleviate this problem. It turned out that after I had bailed out the previous evening the two likely lads had headed down to the Port and after being turned down from entering a club (they were in shorts) they had stumbled upon a couple of 'ladies of the night' with whom they had struck up conversation. As it transpired my two chums became suspicious of one of the, ahem, "ladies" and upon closer examination it turned out that she was no lady! "She" turned out to be a "He". The boys legged it. After the 3 S's (showering, shaving and s***ing) we made our way up Las Ramblas and started to walk toward the Nou Camp. After quite some time and consulting with a local we decided that 2 hours of walking was not on the list of urgent requirements and jumped into another taxi. Upon arrival at the stadium at around 11am we discover there are already hoards of fans there all in the same boat as us, ticketless. We walk around the perimeter of the stadium and have a sit down for a while in the shade to avoid the midday sun. Prices are still ridiculous so we decide to head up the road and take on some more fuel. It was at this point we noticed the first cordon being set up and as we were to discover, once we were outwith it we couldn't get back in until later that evening. We found thousands of Reds beside a small shopping centre and Kevin and Wayne purchased some more beer, while I being the lightweight opted for bottled water and a tube of suntan cream from the adjacent chemist. When I presented the factor 8 cream to the assistant she nearly fell over laughing and quickly directed me to the factor 26! Not being one to argue, I purchased the high factor sun cream (or should that be sunblock?) and proceed to apply liberally over my exposed white legs and arms. And nose. It was around this time that we managed to get one of those Amstel hats that everyone was wearing as they were being dished out free by a truck and now I really felt I looked the part! Brit abroad or what? Going back down towards the stadium we were stopped at the inner cordon from going any further by the Spanish Police - and they didn't look like they were going to take no for an answer. So we were stood watching the world go by armed with beer/water and suncream and hats. At this point a fine chap by the name of Paul made his acquaintance known to us and we were suddenly a foursome. Paul was from Cheltenham and seemed a real nice guy. He had a ticket, which he'd blagged earlier that morning for =A3200 and his mission for the rest of that day was to help us get a ticket. Thanks Paul, for the time and effort you put in helping 3 ticketless reds when you really didn't have to bother. But he did, and for that I'll always be grateful. We eventually wandered back towards the small shopping centre and then past it and were directed towards a large shopping mall. Inside, more beer was eventually found, toilets used and staff abused but it was all good natured fun and the Spanish staff couldn't help themselves but laugh when I described how I needed the toilet. I think it was the sound effects that gave it away. Anyway, back to the street and the ticket search. After an hour or so we were still having no joy and as it was mid afternoon we returned to a small Spanish bar we'd found, tucked away in a maze of buildings on the way to the Mall. An hour or two was spent here just keeping out of the sun and enjoying our day. We had decided by this time to wait until nearer the match in the hope that tickets would be lower priced so were in no hurry to go back to the Nou Camp. At 6pm we wandered back Nou Campwards and back onto the golddust trail. We met a young Spaniard who arranged to meet us back at the Mall with tickets for 40,000 pts (=A3165) but he failed to show which was probably just as well for him, as we'd got in tow with this lad who was going to give him a right hook and pinch the tickets before legging it back to a pre-arranged meeting point! I wasn't too keen on that and thankfully it didn't happen. We were then offered tickets in the German end for =A3120 each but I felt we still had a good chance of being in with the Reds as the prices started to drop nearer to kick off so these were politely declined at the consternation of my travelling mates. Have faith, I told them. We again made our way back to the inner cordon, just in time as it happened as they set up an outer cordon with police vans moments after we arrived. I was then almost mown down by a pair of huge police horses that didn't appear to be in the mood to mess with anybody. As we stood and watched the police slowly let a few hundred fans through at a time we began to despair. Surely our chance of tickets had gone and we were destined to watch the match in a bar, or listen to the roars from outside the stadium. We had already noticed that a huge television was set up beside the Nou Camp but how could we get to it if the Police weren't letting people inside the inner cordon without tickets? Just when we were beginning to get agitated it happened. A local with whom we had earlier talked to approached us and offered his once 80,000 pts (=A3330) tickets for 50,000 pts (=A3205). We negotiated with him and said we could only afford 40,000 pts and he considered this but turned us down. Again, we were ticketless and beginning to get worried. Paul had already said his goodbyes as he was worried about getting into the ground given the considerable time it was taking to get through the cordons. Then, would you believe it, the local bloke came back to us and a deal was arranged at 40,000pts each. We even were going to have 3 tickets side by side. Brilliant we thought. Other Reds gathered round as the deal was done and ascertained the tickets weren't fakes and they wished us well as we sped off to join the massed ranks waiting to get through the cordons. Another lad had joined us at this point, who's name I can't remember, and off we went round the stadium looking for the entrance point. Of course if we'd have gone clockwise instead of anti-clockwise we'd have stumbled upon the gate in 5 minutes as opposed to 15. But, we wouldn't have met Viv Anderson behind the German end. We duly said our hellos and goodbyes after a photo or two and eventually we got in. Through the first gate - no trouble. Through the second gate - Wayne first - through, great I thought, they're all genuine. Other bloke - no problem. Me - no problem, although my heart was racing as the guy on the turnstile scanned my barcode - it seemed to take an age. Then Kevin got held up. His barcode scanned and scanned until finally they let him through - boy, was he sweating. So were we! Anyway, we made our way out into the stadium and our seats were as good as the Spaniard had promised. Opposite the TV cameras, 15 yards down from the halfway line towards the Germans, 20 rows back of the bottom tiers. Fantastic. Once we settled down in our seats, after getting bum steers from people already in them trying to redirect us elsewhere, the game had just started so the timing couldn't have been any better - or worse depending on which way you look at it. Either way we were there and this, as far as I was concerned was the dog's bollox. Superb. I thought I was dreaming. Then the bloody Germans had the cheek to score and it was 85 minutes of torture. To be fair to Wayne, he said when they hit the post that we were going to win it. When they hit the bar he said we were definitely going to win it - me, I wasn't so sure. I'll not go into detail, you know the script but before too long the large screens above each end of the stadium were showing full time and they didn't detail the injury time. As I had missed the 4th official's board I hadn't a clue either, so being sad I started my stopwatch - why I don't know really - and by the time I'd sorted it out Becks did some hard work and Gary won us a corner. What happened after that was a blur but eventually the ball ended up in the net and pandemonium broke out. Now, this is why I came to Barcelona, 50,000 plus Reds jumping, dancing, singing, screaming, hugging, you name it, we were doing it - well almost. In fact it was better than that as it all happened again a minute later unlike a certain other activity........ I saw us win another corner but didn't appreciate the work Ole put in to win it until I saw the recorded match when I got home. The corner was swung in and the rest is a blur. I saw the ball hit the roof of the net and the first set of celebrations seemed almost tame by comparison. Down in seat row 20ish of block 133ish of entry 19 we were going ga-ga. Kevin said the last thing he saw of me after the goal celebration was my feet whizzing dangerously close to his head as I went head-over-heels backward into the footwell of the seat behind me. Wayne was going daft. As was everybody around him. Try as I might I couldn't get anyone to get me up for a good 30 seconds so I just lay there screaming, as you do in situations like these! Very quickly, thankfully, the Ref blew his whistle and game was over. The Bayern players were on the ground, we were celebrating again and the United players had joined in too. Absolutely unbelievable. Never could I have imagined what would happen. If it was a script for a film you'd rate it in the nice-idea-but-too-far-fetched category. It would have made Escape to Victory look believable. Soon the United players were mounting the podium and the European Cup was in Schmeichel's hands. The celebrations started and a lot more went on than was shown on ITV (I've complained to them about their appalling pre and post match coverage already, awaiting response) and it was special being there to see it. I hope when United release the video of the game they include the antics of the players which went on for a good 3/4 hour after the match had stopped - it was different class. We made our way out of the stadium at about 11.15pm and once clear of the ground we headed towards where we thought the taxis might be to take us back to Las Ramblas. An hour later we were still searching for them when we walked round a corner and guess what? We were back at the Nou Camp! I couldn't believe it, but we raised a laugh as nothing could take away our feeling of elation on this night. Somehow we made our way onto the Diagonal which I knew would take us somewhere near Las Ramblas and started walking again. Half way (not that we knew it at the time) along we stopped in at a wateringhole and I had my first beer of the day, actually it was now Thursday but you know what I mean, but as I was wanting to remember everything I was quickly back on the lemonade. The bar started to get busy and Viv Anderson walked in, to whom Wayne called out "are you following us?" He laughed and shared in our joke before sitting down in the corner and we got back to our weary feet and continued onwards. At about 3am we found ourselves back at the Port on the east end of Las Ramblas and after negotiating through the hoards of Reds and nearly as many psychotic Spanish Police we got back to our hotel room. Wayne and Kevin went straight back out again in search of more beer, while I opted to stay in as I was utterly and totally knackered from all the walking, jumping, singing and general hysteria of the previous 18 hours, not to mention the night before. The boys awoke me from my slumber at 5am to declare they'd seen some sensational stuff at a 'dodgy' club just down the road. What these entertainers wouldn't do with fellow Reds wasn't worth doing apparently although they denied any physical involvement themselves! Maybe it's as well I didn't go out again!!!!!! The next morning we phoned home on Wayne's mobile and he bought us breakfast in MacDonald's as a way of thanking us for letting him bed down for a couple of nights - my first food since Tuesday morning in Luton. Wayne is a top bloke and we will be sending photos of the trip back and forth once they are developed. As our flight home was early afternoon we headed to the airport, leaving Wayne to do some shopping before his evening flight and we said our goodbyes to our new friend. The captains of both flights home were ahead of schedule and we were able to catch an earlier train than expected and therefore we were back in our village by 9.15pm on the Thursday night. We had the time of our lives, the stuff dreams are made of and I doubt I'll ever experience a time like that again in my life. My girlfriend is due to give birth to our first child in 3 weeks and that will be something extremely special I'm sure, but in football terms I'll never ever beat Barcelona, of that I'm sure. Taking over Barcelona indeed. And I was there. Unbelievable. To see your team in the European Cup Final is for me an amazing experience. To see them win is even better - something very special. But it was more than that - it was the manner of the victory which will always live with me. The stuff dreams are made of. Billy Balti-Devil Billy.Read@Halliburton.com
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Richard Sroka Saturday 22nd May 1999 - Could not get any tickets for Wembley so decided to go to Mick's Bar, 'Volleys' in Wimbledon to watch it. My wife Mandy & I left home early to meet Liam & Colleen in the city before heading down to Wimbledon for a Pre Match meal. Had a great feeling about this game - could not see how the Mags could win. Arrived at the bar at midday, Mick was there. The start of what would prove to be an UNBELIVABLE week had started. Magic, Mick had our tickets for Barca. Had a superb meal & great wine - Lewis had done Mick proud. Mr T, Pen Sang & the giant South African, Duncan all from the Thai Restaurant in the City arrived. Mr T likes a gamble so it was off to Ladbrokes, via a few of the village's watering holes. I fancied 2-0 & placed my bet. Returned to Volleys where Gerry and Ash had arrived. Downed a few beers, then it was Kick Off. Oh my god, what's happened to Keano? Had a moments relapse, but no, there was no way the Ruud Boys could slay the Super Reds. 10 minutes and United thanks to Teddy were one up. BIG cheers and dancing, the Bar was packed with what seemed to be all Reds other than 2 guys who were watching the Cricket World Cup on another TV. It was a stroll in the grass for the Reds, what a good warm up for Wednesday. Scholesy made it 2 - Treble Double Winners - Take that Gooners. Gave Lewis my Winning Slip from Ladbrokes in return for 3 Bottles of Champers. The party had begun. Mick's rendition of 'Don't Cry For Me Bayern Munich' on the Karaoke was funny, but I don't think it will catch on. Tuesday 25th May 1999 - 7:15 am Taxi picks me up & off to Mick's, then Barca via Luton & Madrid here we come. Mick & me have been mates for about 25 years now since school. Followed the Reds together since then although admittedly not as regular these last 3 or 4 years. Mick had managed to get the tickets from a punter that uses his bar in Wimbledon. This punter Steve, works for a firm that have Executive seats at The Theatre of Dreams. Steve though had been in Sri Lanka on business and was going to meet us at The Hard Rock, in Barca on Wednesday. At Luton we meet John & Phil also from Volleys. Mick said he was going to get himself and me good seats on the plane with plenty of leg room, as his foot was giving him jip. It wasn't Gout but an old football injury he reckoned. It worked. We had great seats, John & Phil looked cramped. The plane was full of Reds and the banter was great. Arrived at Madrid & a Taxi to our hotel for a quick shower & change before exploring the Tapas Bars of Madrid. John lost the Spoof at the Caf=E9 Valencia and picked up the tab for our meal. The proprietors had had enough of our custom by about 1:00am so we left to find another Bar before returning to out hotel at about 4:00am. Wednesday 10:00am we all meet in a Tapas Bar next door to our hotel for a hair of the dog to kick start the day then off to the airport for our flight to Barca. At Barca Phil phoned Steve to see where he was. His flight from Sri Lanka to Paris had been delayed, and his flight from there to Barca was therefore going to be tight. We decided to go to our hotel to shower & change. Phil returned to the airport to wait for Steve, John went to the Caf=E9 Zurich to meet another guy, Mick & myself went to the Hard Rock. The atmosphere in Barca was electric, Reds everywhere, very few Germans. In the Hard Rock I met up with Paul Gallen from New York, where I spent St Patricks Day with him this year watching the United Milan game. Noddy from London arrived, then Gerry and Ash. Paul introduced me to the Salford Lass. So many faces in town for this UNBELIVABLE occasion. We left the Hard Rock at 6:00pm to make our way to the Nou Camp. The crowd at the subway was huge so Ash said we had better try and jump a cab. Luckly Ash's knowledge of the Spanish Language is first class, and he convinced the cabbie to take us. We were dropped off 3 minutes from the ground. Mick found a bar 'El Fussion' or Confussion as we nicknamed it. We left there at 8:00pm and agreed to meet Gerry & Ash back at Confussion after the game. Got to Gate 4 by 8:05pm where there was about 500Reds waiting to get in. Some prick threw a bottle which hit a Police Horse then the Calvary appeared. Mick & myself slipped off and got into the ground via Gate 3. Here they scanned our tickets with a bloody Bar Code machine - no wonder things were held up. Got to our seats in good time though. What a terrible start. Towards the end of the second half I started to look at the clock, 42 minutes, 43 minutes, 44 minutes. I resigned to the fact that we had blown it - unlike Bestie though I stayed to the end. But then 'OH TEDDY TEDDY, WENT TO MAN. UNITED & WON THE LOT' did the business. The rest IS HISTORY. After the match we returned to 'Bar El Cunfussion' & got blitzed with the rest of the lads. Left there at about 4:00am for our hotel and a few more beers before our flight to Madrid from Barca at 9:15am. Got home to London at 7:00pm. Mandy had a superb 'Winners Dinner party' waiting. All weekend I kept replaying & replaying the last 15 minutes of the match. I have watched the full game about 4 times now. We didn't play as bad as I thought we had at the time. Paul it was great to see you at the Hard Rock. We'll have to get together in New York soon for a pint to relive the experience. Unfortunately I did not manage to get Quinner a programme. When I got into the ground I saw some UEFA Offical & asked him 'Where can I buy some programs?' He said follow me & preceded too take me outside of the stadium where I managed to buy 10. However when I returned to 'Check Point Charlie' they refused to let me re-enter at first. I managed to blag myself in - Lucky a? I left the bag with the programs in under my seat & after the presentation & singing 'If You All Hate Scousers Clap Your Hands' left the Nou camp without collecting the programs from under my seat. I'm not sure though if after the first goal I ended up in the correct seat. It was truly UNBELEIVABLE - Cloud Nine is brilliant. Richie Sroka
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Phil Murray Barca - US Reds by "Phil Murray" Jon Clark and myself set off from San Jose on Thursday 20th May with hopes of seeing both the FA Cup Final and the European Cup Final. First stop, SF airport for our flight to Heathrow. Didn't see any other reds aboard our flight - surprise, surprise. Arrived at Heathrow, Friday morning without any plans, no car, no hotel, no match tickets. Met some Aussie bird waiting for her boyfriend. She had no tickets for Wembley! Never mind. Ended up staying at Jon's aunts pub, The Golden Eagle in Chesham. Our taxi driver from the train station was a Utd season ticket holder originally from Trafford! He gave us a slight hope of tickets as he said he may know someone. No such luck. If he'd have known we were coming he would have sorted us out, or so he said! Next time I'll just call in advance to let all the Taxi driver's in London know that I'm coming... Friday night came and went. I think we had a few pints. Saturday morning and we set off for Wembley. Met some lads on the train, one of whom I later saw at the Hard Rock Cafe in Catalunya Square! First tout I encountered was right outside the Wembley Park tube stop. I must say his offer sounded pretty good, 250 quid! However as this was the first offer I was reluctant to give in so easily. Surely if this was the first offer I could do better? The scar from his right eyebrow down his cheek to his lip also put me off a little...This was about 12:00. Wembley Way was wall to wall BarCodes - I reckon that all the Utd fans were in the pubs, whereas the BarCodes one day out a year meant that they couldn't afford to spend any money on the finer things in life, i.e.warm Stella, and had to just hang around until kick off singing "You can stick the F**king treble up yer arse". We'll see, won't we! Almost 3 hours later still no ticket and the touts are still asking 400 quid! F**k! Well, one last walk up Wembley way, see if we can find anything under 250. Everyone coming back down Wembley Way reported that there were no tickets to be had, and that there weren't even any touts left. So, off to the nearest pub. The Torch was packed wouldn't let anybody else in. Wait, Teddy just scored! Teddy? Another pub - closed. Next pub, the cops were inside watching, but the pub was shut! Taxi time, ended up at The George(?) in Kingsbury. Pretty friendly, even though the Toon Army were in force and everyone else in there was either Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs! 2nd half - decided to shoot across the street to the Wishing Well as this was supposed to be full of reds - it was. Part 2 complete and the pints were going down pretty good! Eventually made it back to Chesham where 2 sad geordies sat crying in their pints. Some conversation ensued where we all agreed that Shearer was history. Sounds like they want him as much as we do. Fast forward to Tuesday morning and "Reds going to Barcelona." Unfortunately, Monday night we had spent in Wimbledon, and our bags were on the other side of London, still in Chesham. So somehow we had to do the Wimbledon-Chesham-Gatwick commute without a car by about 1:00pm. We eventually made it to Gatwick with time to spare for a quick pint, or two. The airport was full of reds, a lot taking our route to Barcelona, via Toulouse. Dave Menashe (famous San Jose red - now known as "Ace") met us at check-in as he had my flight ticket. A couple of reds we met were from Zimbabwe! They were watching the cricket. The infamous "any spares?" was lauded around to no avail. Everyone had tickets except me and Jon! Not to worry, I'm sure there'll be plenty in Barca! Picked up the rental car at toulouse airport and then headed down the A19 (?) towards Montpellier, Narbonne and Barcelona! Saw lots of reds and a few Germans on the way, always letting them know what we thought. It's amazing how quick you can get around when there is virtually no speed limit. Here in California it would have taken us about 4.5 hours to get to Barca, yet before you knew it we were pulling into Lloret de Mar with the hopes of finding a hotel - yeah, right! This is where Barry "he's our saviour from afar" Leeming enter's the story. We finally find a place in Lloret (a bit lucky) but at the same time Dave has gotten hold of Barry, who has also booked a room for us in the same hotel as his - the fancy 5-star Hotel Miami in Sunny Calella! We don't know where we are but Barry say's he'll find us! I still don't know how he did it, but two minutes later Barry pulls up. Then he buys us some McDonalds, as we don't have any pesetas, gives us directions to the hotel, then he takes off in pursuit of Linda Harvey. Barry, you are a god! That night we find a bar called "Champions" where a couple of Barry's Danish friends are at, Henrik and Leo? As usual a few pints are in order before we head back to the hotel to get a good night's rest (4 hours) before the best day of our lives! Wednesday arrives and the first thing on our minds is the Nou Camp - for tickets! We eventually get there around 9:30 and the place is already buzzing. The first thing I notice is how few Germans there are. Reds are here, there, everywhere. After about 10 minutes we come across some Spanish bloke (funny - he wasn't on a scooter!) He's selling tickets and some Utd fan ahead of us has just talked him down to 75,000 pesetas a pair! Me and Jon decide that we will jump on that, and then no more worries about getting in. When we look at our tickets we realise we have pretty good seats, neutral section (turns out later that ALL neutral sections are UTD!) first level, even with 18 yard box, but at the German end. Face value 7000 pesetas each, so we paid about 5 times face value! Apart from that now we can return to the Ramblas and relax with a few adult beverages! This list meeting place was at the Hard Rock Cafe so that's where we headed first. That is where we met Barry, Mark Roberts, Steve Fisher, Glen and Karen, PJ Thum, Linda Harvey, Bill McArthur, Pete Steyger, Sean Hennessy, to name just a few. If I've forgotten anybody, and I'm sure I have, I really do apologise, but meeting all these people for the first time on a day when so much was happening...I hope you understand. The beers continued to go down and any thoughts of returning to the hotel for a quick afternoon siesta were soon forgotten. The square outside the Hard Rock was now packed with Reds and a few Germans, singing non stop. Takin Over, Takin Over, Takin Over Bar-ce-lona was truly indicative of the Reds majority. We must have outnumbered the Germans almost 3-to-1 (25,000 Germans - 65,000 Reds?) No sign of trouble though. About 6 o'clock and thoughts turned to getting to the ground early and getting in. Rumours had been surfacing about forgeries and how the first person in the ground with a ticket, forged or not, had the best chance. If two barcodes the same showed up then the second may get turned away. This was not to be the main problem though. The tube was packed solid and Utd fans were in full voice. As we approached the ground there was not a German in sight. The first problem we encountered was a road block, consisting of two vans, a couple of horses, and a few baton wielding cops. The purpose of this barricade was, well if you know please tell me, because all it seemed to do was anger a few thousand, up until now well behaved, supporters. Of course the prick who decided to drive his Mercedes Convertible the wrong way though the crowd paid for his endeavors with a smashed drivers side window. Thinking we were almost in we were now pretty happy. A couple of other reds from the San Jose area were spotted so we got out our 6ft x 6ft USA Supporters club banner for a few Kodak moments. Another checkpoint was reached, then another, and surprisingly by now kick- off was approaching rather quickly. Our Access gate was #19 which meant we had to walk around almost the entire stadium to get in. When we got to the gate there was about 2,000 people trying to get through 5 or 6 turnstiles. 15 minutes later and unbelievably we are in!!! Only 15 minutes before kick off, enough time to grab a hot dog and alcohol free beer, which I decided to pass on. Down to our seats, 8 rows from the pitch, which actually weren't our seats. We were told by the stewards to sit anywhere we could! Kick off approached and the red army were all round the ground. What a Stadium the Nou Camp is. Quite a sight. I couldn't spot any empty seats. Very little, if any, segregation was in evidence. Attendance was said to be about 90,000, I reckon 100,000 was closer to the truth. As for the game...What can I say that hasn't already been said. A few moments that I will never forget. The SOUND of the ball hitting the bar in the last ten minutes. The crowd were silent for a split second as Jancker's overhead kick headed goalward. Schmeichel tipping the ball over the bar when, from my angle, he couldn't possibly reach it. We were going down 2-0, I knew it. Yorkie missing the ball completely. Sitting there as the clock ticked into injury time thinking that it just wasn't our night. The Double seemed so unimportant at this point. And then...The stadium erupting, disbelief, joy, tears, UNF**KINGBELIEVABLE! Extra time, thank God! Another corner. Liverpool. The roof of the net bulging! The stadium erupting again, more disbelief, more joy, more tears, UNF**KINGBELIEVABLE! The final whistle. Oh, Teddy Teddy went to MAN U and won the LOT! Who put the ball in the German's net? Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. The red flares in the north stand. Reds everywhere. Singing. Thousands of flashbulbs as Schmikes and Fergie raise the Holy Grail aloft. Being about 15 feet away from the European Cup itself as Schmikes, Maysie paraded it in front of us. Memories. Beautiful, everlasting, unforgettable, memories. Then it was out into the streets. How the f**k do we get back to the Ramblas. Well we ended up walking for miles, it seemed, getting a tube, then a cab to the Michael Collins Irish pub by the Segrada Familia, this was after some other cabbie took us to the old cathedral, where we encountered another lost red soul looking for the same pub. We finally got there about 1:30, plenty of drinking time remaining. Mark Roberts, Steve Fisher, Jon Clark, Ace Menashe, a couple of other San Jose Reds (Andy Patrick & Mike Fisher) and myself, along with a couple hundred other reds then proceeded to drink and drink and sing and sing until we could no more! Mark and I ended up on the Ramblas at 7:00am Thursday morning before returning to his room for a quick 1hr kip before taking Sean to the Airport. Now I noticed that I had lost something - my voice! Everyone was hoarse but mine had disappeared completely. Mark and I were back off to the Nou Camp to relive some history. A quick tour of the Barca boutique, a couple of souvenirs, and back into the stadium where history was made the night before. As Mark had no friends left in Barca he decided to join up with Jon, Dave and myself for a few days in Sunny Calella, seeing as we weren't flying back from Toulouse until Saturday. On the way there Mark and I got lost so we stopped and Mark asked some blind person who could not speak English how to get onto the Motorway. Mark wanted me to ask, but that would have been foolish as I couldn't speak. Imagine this - English bloke, no voice, can't speak Spanish anyway, asking blind, Spanish bloke who can't speak English to look at map for directions. Well, Mark somehow communicating with this fellow (the Vulcan mind merge I think) got us back to Calella somehow. Calella'a quite a nice place really. No, on second thoughts it's not. It's a piece of shite. The only thing I liked in Calella was the new "Official United Home Kit" Left off the new crest are the words "United" and "Club" - just Manchester Football. Maybe we have bought that other "big" club - City, and have merged to create Manchester! A fine piece of workmanship, quality material, and what a bargain! Some of the restaurants there are top notch too. The quality of the photographs is quite impressive. Dave's desire to go on a totty hunt one night led us to the "Club Marta". You like-a da girls? No! Not those fat tarts anyway. Suffice to say we didn't even buy a drink in there. The rest of the week flew by and Saturday morning we said our goodbyes. Dave, Jon and I drove back to Toulouse where we spent the night before returning to London on Sunday morning. I ended up watching City beat Gillingham in some pub in Wimbledon. Mixed emotions really. I didn't want them to win but coming from Manchester I felt a little greedy wanting all the glory. I don't know, I'm seeing a psychiatrist next week. Well, enough of this. What a match. What a team. And were United finished, not on your life! Watch this fantastic goal... History. Phil (and Jon) "Phil Murray" ps: To all of those I have mentioned, and to those who we met, but whose names and/or faces I have forgot to mention, it was a pleasure meeting all of you. I look forward to seeing all of you again sometime in the not too distant future.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

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