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Date: Mon Feb 08 GMT+00:00 1999
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This Issue:
1. Derby coach McLaren named as Ferguson's deputy  
3. Attack, Attack, Attack by OUR SALFORD LASS
4. Robin Hood and the Beach Party by RED KELLY
7. Solskjaer's in four a reward «« 
8. Cole to start against France?


Daily RED Trivia  Monday 8th February 1999:

8/2/1929: Roger Bryne born in Manchester. Bryne made his debut at Liverpool in November
 1951. A natural leader, this accomplished Full Back won a League Championship medal
 in his first season, 1951-52, and captained his club to further Title successes in 1956 and
 1957. Tragically killed in the 1958 Munich disaster, he made 277 appearances and scored
 19 goals between 1951-1958. 33 consecutive England caps.

1978: Joe Jordan makes his League debut for United in a 1-1 draw against Bristol
 City at Old Trafford watched by 43,457. Gordon Hill scored the Reds goal. Team
 was: Roche, Nicholl, Albiston, McIlroy, Houston, Buchan (J.Greenhoff), Coppell,
 Jordan, Pearson, Macari, Hill. 

Barry Daily Comment:
Two articles about Steve McLaren our new first team coach today.

Top scorers incl Sat,February 6 1999  UNITED have nr 1,4 and 6!

                               Lge  Cup  Cup  Euro   Total
1 *Yorke (Man Utd***)          15    1    0     5     21
2 Owen (Liverpool)             14    2    1     2     19
3 Aloisi (Coventry)            15    0    3     0     18
4 *Cole (Man Utd***)           12    1    0     4     17
5 Ward (Blackburn)             13    0    3     0     16
6 *Solskjaer (Man Utd***)      10    1    3     1     15
7 Gunnlaugsson (Leicester)     13    0    1     0     14
8 Dublin (Aston Villa)         12    0    1     0     13
9 Ricard (Middlesbrough)       10    0    3     0     13
10 Fowler (Liverpool)           9    1    1     2     13

Previous News:
 Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!

Next games: 
ALL Result/Fixture Index:

14 Fulham         (H)  14.00  FAC 5th round 
17 Arsenal        (H)  20.00 
20 Coventry       (A)  15.00
27 Southampton    (H)  15.00

UNITED Stats v All teams:

*** FULL LEAGUE TABLE AS AT 06/02/99 ***

Pos Team                  P  W  D  L   F   A   W  D  L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Manchester United    25  9  3  1  32  13   5  5  2  27  14   32   50
 2  Chelsea              24  8  4  0  18   6   4  6  2  17  13   16   46
 3  Arsenal              24  7  5  0  16   4   5  4  3  12   7   17   45
 4  Aston Villa          24  8  2  2  23  15   4  5  3  13  10   11   43
 5  Liverpool            24  7  3  2  31  14   4  2  6  16  15   18   38
 6  Leeds United         24  7  3  2  20   6   2  6  4  16  18   12   36
 7  Wimbledon            23  7  4  1  18  11   2  4  5  11  22   -4   35
 8  Derby County         24  4  5  2  11   9   4  5  4  12  12    2   34
 9  West Ham United      24  6  3  3  16  18   3  3  6   9  17  -10   33
10  Middlesbrough        24  4  7  1  16  10   3  4  5  17  21    2   32
11  Tottenham Hotspur    24  5  5  2  19  16   2  5  5  10  15   -2   31
12  Newcastle United     24  6  2  4  16  15   2  5  5  13  17   -3   31
13  Leicester City       24  5  3  4  17  18   2  6  4   8  11   -4   30
14  Sheffield Wednesday  24  5  3  4  13   7   3  2  7  14  16    4   29
15  Blackburn Rovers     24  5  3  4  14  12   1  4  7  11  19   -6   25
16  Coventry City        24  5  4  3  17  13   1  2  9   6  19   -9   24
17  Everton              23  2  7  3   3   6   3  2  6  10  19  -12   24
18  Southampton          24  4  2  6  18  21   1  3  8   5  26  -24   20
19  Charlton Athletic    23  2  4  5  15  13   1  4  7  11  24  -11   17
20  Nottingham Forest    24  1  6  5  10  21   2  1  9  10  28  -29   16


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079
08/11/98    Newcastle United         Home     D  0-0     3    55,174
14/11/98    Blackburn Rovers         Home     W  3-2     2    55,198
21/11/98    Sheffield Wednesday      Away     L  1-3     2    39,475
29/11/98    Leeds United             Home     W  3-2     2    55,172
05/12/98    Aston Villa              Away     D  1-1     2    39,241
12/12/98    Tottenham Hotspur        Away     D  2-2     1    36,079
16/12/98    Chelsea                  Home     D  1-1     2    55,159
19/12/98    Middlesbrough            Home     L  2-3     3    55,152
26/12/98    Nottingham Forest        Home     W  3-0     3    55,216
29/12/98    Chelsea                  Away     D  0-0     3    34,741
10/01/99    West Ham United          Home     W  4-1     3    55,180
16/01/99    Leicester City           Away     W  6-2     2    22,091
31/01/99    Charlton Athletic        Away     W  1-0     1    20,043
03/02/99    Derby County             Home     W  1-0     1    55,174
06/02/99    Nottingham Forest        Away     W  8-1     1    30,025

Champions League:
Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Bayern Munich   6  3  2  1  9  6  11   
Man United      6  2  4  0 20 11  10
Barcelona       6  2  2  2 11  9   8    
Brondby         6  1  0  5  4 18   3   

Dec  9 Brøndby         0-2  Barcelona
Dec  9 Man Utd         1-1  Bayern Munich


 Manchester Utd    v   Inter Milan
 Real Madrid       v   Dynamo Kiev
 Juventus          v   Olympiakos
 Bayern Munich     v   Kaiserslautern

 Ties to be played on March 3 and 17


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Subject: Derby coach McLaren named as Ferguson's deputy MANCHESTER, England, Feb 6 - Steve McLaren, first team coach at Derby County, was named as Manchester United's new assistant manager on Friday. McLaren succeeds Brian Kidd as Alex Ferguson's deputy at Old Trafford and joined up with United on Friday before their game at Nottingham Forest on Saturday. McLaren, 37, whose playing career was ended by injury before he played first team football, is seen as one of the best young coaches in England and was delighted with the move. "It's all happened pretty quickly and my head is still in a spin," he said, "It's a great opportunity for me and one that I couldn't turn down." Ray Harford, the former Queen's Park Rangers and Blackburn Rovers boss, has filled McLaren's job as Jim Smith's deputy at premier league Derby.
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Subject: McLAREN JOINS UNITED Derby coach Steve McClaren has been appointed assistant manager at Manchester United. And McClaren, 37, said he knows just how Howard Wilkinson felt after becoming Alex Ferguson's new right-hand man. Wilkinson claimed his head was in a spin after he was appointed caretaker manager of England following Glenn Hoddle's sacking and McClaren used the same words to describe his feelings at joining Manchester United. Thirty six hours after Ferguson asked Derby boss Jim Smith for permission to speak to his first-team coach, McClaren was appointed United's assistant manager. McClaren agreed to join United this morning after talks at Old Trafford and this afternoon he teamed up with the players at their Nottingham headquarters. The Yorkshireman will make his first appearance alongside Ferguson at Nottingham Forest tomorrow and will be formally welcomed to the club at a lunchtime press conference on Monday. Ferguson approached Smith after Wednesday's Premiership match between the teams at Old Trafford and McClaren revealed he was still coming to terms with the events of the past day and a half. "I just got pulled after the game by Jimmy last Wednesday after Alex had asked him for permission to speak to me," he said. "That was the only real concrete thing I knew about the job. I've just had a chat with Alex and sorted a few things out. It's all happened pretty quickly and my head is still in a spin." McClaren takes over from reserve-team boss Jim Ryan, who had been Ferguson's assistant since Brian Kidd left to become manager of Blackburn. Smith had been grooming McClaren to succeed him at Pride Park and the former County player admitted he was sad to be leaving. But he claimed he could not turn down the chance to join United. He has said his goodbyes, although he plans to see the Rams play Everton at home on Sunday. "The chairman, the board, Jimmy and all the rest of the staff have been brilliant," he said. "But in football things happen quickly and people move on. It's a great opportunity for me and one which I couldn't turn down."
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Subject: Attack, Attack, Attack by OUR SALFORD LASS Sometimes the special days arrive with much pomp and ceremony (the Munich Testimonail being one such example). Sometimes, like yesterday, they creep up on you, unexpected and unheralded. It wasn't am auspicious start to the day as I walked out of my house and straight into a rain cloud! Looking outside now, on Sunday lunchtime, its hard to believe what it was like yesterday. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Yesterday morning, it couldn't have been more of a contrast - one of those awful days you get in this part of the world in February - grey, dark days when the clouds are so low that they sit on top of the house and refuse to move. I arrived at Piccadilly station to find the place teeming with police. Ear wigging, I discovered that a train with 4000 Millwall supporters on it was expected any minute! This was at 9.40am. Realising that Nottingham was probably going to be a far safer place to be than Manchester for the rest of the day, I beat a hasty retreat to the Metro and was soon walking down Sir Matt Busby Way. As I approached the stadium I saw the flags at half-mast. Like many others, I paused for a short time in front of the Munich memorial, lost in memories. The day was very much like last year - an icy wind and cold rain lashing across the forecourt. After a few quiet minutes the son-and-heir arrived and joined me and then we headed off for the coach and back into the present. The journey down to Nottingham was much longer than it needed to have been (the West Midlands police again deciding that we needed to be held up in a lay-by for a long period of time) but was enlivened by the efforts of the lads on the back seat who had fun adapting United chants to fit the occasion. Sydney the Steward and the "execs" in the front bit, being the main butt of their humour! On arrival we huddled together to keep warm and chatted to Doctor Mark, Pat and Tim about the breeding habits of occupants of various parts of the country - Bolton being a particular favourite. On arriving at our seats, we found them to have an excellent view, directly behind the goal, and surrounded by the cream of United supporters (well the two Pauls and Mick Meade anyway). We did also spot some real celebrities, the most famous being Ken Doherty (the snooker player). I like the City Ground. It's a nice little ground and I've had some excellent times there. I was also feeling better than I had in ages and had stopped coughing and sneezing, so I was feeling good as I looked around the stadium and waited for the lads to come out. Once the game started, it didn't take long for the celebrations to start as well! 84 seconds to be precise! Yorkie had done it again and we were one-up. So we were well into the hugging, kissing and "Dwight Yorke, wherever you may be", before a large number of the United end had even taken their seats. Those of you who saw it on TV will have noticed that when Yorke scored, large numbers of United fans leapt up behind the goal. Well contrary to appearances, that wasn't the away end but the home end! Unfortunately, there were also some United fans in the corner to our left where getting excited when the opposition scores is not treated so kindly. This also happens to be the same section of the ground where aeroplane impressions proved so popular later in the game - obviously full of intelligent, sensitive human beings! We watched as fights broke out in a section of the crowd which was filled with kids, elderly people and others who did not deserve to be put in that sort of danger. I felt sick as I watched - punches were being thrown, children were being hastily lifted over walls and I saw one elderly woman trying without success to climb a barrier to get away. The police seemed to just stand there and watch for ages as the fighting spread (unlike the police at Leicester the other week who moved in and stopped anything happening before it had really started). By the time the police did go in, a whole section had emptied whilst a few lads remained, trying to beat the crap out of each other. The whole episode took about 5/6 minutes to sort out whilst play carried on on the pitch. A sad blot on an otherwise brilliant day. Fortunately, I was still watching what was going on in the stands when a Forest player scored right in front of us. "Who scored?", I asked the son-and-heir. "I don't know" he replied "some bugger I've never heard of!" It was actually Rogers - who?? We weren't down for long though, because unlike other games recently where we've been nervous even with a two-goal lead, this felt like our day. I was in no doubt that we would win this game and I didn't have to wait long for us to win back the lead. Down the other end, Andy went round Beasant and squeezed the ball past a Forest defender and into the net. "Oh Andy Cole, Oh Andy Cole". There should have been another couple at least in the first half, but we were happy enough at half-time to be 2-1 up and we knew that more goals would come in the second half. Half-time brought with it high comedy as the announcement came over the loudspeakers that a Forest fan wished to sell his season ticket and was open to offers! (And this was when they were only 2-1 down!!) Later he announced that the train going back to Manchester was to have extra coaches added to it to fulfill demand! Of course this led to choruses of "We all come from Manchester". Soon, however, the break ended and the lads came out for the second half. And what a second half it was!! A brilliant atmosphere and the sort of play on the pitch that couldn't have been a better tribute to the Babes. The performance of our lads yesterday embodied the spirit of what the Babes were all about. They played as if all the accroutements of modern football meant nothing. They weren't playing for the money or the fame but for the sheer joy of playing wonderful football their friends, for the benefit of "their" team - ie for a club they love, not just a club that happens to pay them their wages. Some of you may think I'm being overly sentimental but these lads do have something that other teams just don't seem to have and we are very lucky to be able to share it with them. Very soon, we were 3-1 up and Cole was on a hat-trick, and my moment of the match arrived. This time the goals were going in right in front of us. Yorke had a shot parried by Beasant but Andy was there to stick the rebound in the back of the net. Yorke and Cole put their arms around each other and and stood in front of the away section, beaming up at us and pointing to each other - the soul brothers were in town! By now we realised we were in for a treat and the singing and celebrations increased - the Reds were having a party! 16 minutes later it was Yorke's turn - Jesper crossed and the ball hit a Forest defender. It looked like it was going to be deflected into the net but it hit the post and trickled across the goalmouth - all Dwight had to do was tap it in and it was 4! I turned to the son-and-heir and asked when was the last time we had two strikers competing for hat-tricks and he reminded me about Leicester! I didn't think it could get any better, but of course it did! Fergie brought Ole on for Yorke and he proceeded to nick the match ball from under Andy's nose! His first was an easy one - another tap-in from close range. The United fans started chanting "We want 6", so Ole decided to oblige and only three minutes later, he beat Beasant for his second, as the Forest defence looked on. So the chant became "We want 7" and "Attack, attack, attack". Ole waited another 3 minutes and then offered us his best goal for his hat-trick. Scholes feigned a shot but instead of shooting, passed the ball across the box to Ole who put it in the bottom corner. While all this was going on, Beasant made a despairing lunge for the ball but missed and the rest of the defence just stood rooted to the spot, looking so dejected that you almost felt sorry for them - or at least you would have done had you not been jumping up and down and singing "Who put the ball in the scousers/Forest net?" and hugging and kissing various total strangers at the time! More chants of "Attack, attack, attack" and "We want 8". The Forest players, especially the defence were praying for the final whistle as Nicky Butt crossed the ball and Ole buried his fourth to the accompaniment of absolute pandemonium in the United end. Seconds later, the final whistle did blow and Ole raced to pick up the ball, leaving the pitch to the sound of "You are my Solskjaer" as we sang our way out of the stadium and torn-up season tickets rained down on us from the Forest fans in the section above. All-in-all it has to be voted the best away game of the season so far. The atmosphere for large parts of the game, especially in the second half, could not have been bettered. The most popular chants were "Who put the ball in the scouser's net?", "Dwight Yorke, wherever you may be", the Cantona songs, and various ditties sung in honour of our dearly loved ex-manager - "Fat Ron, wherever you may be, have you had your gin and tonic with Cloughie?", "Big Fat Ron has f....d it up again" (memories of Coventry there), "Big Far Ron, What a difference you have made" and of course "Fat Ron for England". Early in the game there were some wonderful renditions of the Red Flag and "Forever and Ever", particularly when their lot were doing aeroplane impressions and Raimond threw us a kiss when we sang "Oh Van de Gouw, Raimond, Raimond van de Gouw". We also got a wave from Fergie in response to a request from the whole of the United section and reminded him that he "didn't want to sign for England, did he f..k!" The home fans were reminded of their present predicament on numerous occasions as we asked them "Are you England in disguise?" and "Nationwide, Nationwide, Nationwide." My man of the match? Head and heart are separate again, I'm afraid. The head tells me it should be a joint award between Stam - yet another almost perfect performance with only one mistake in 90 minutes and everyone is surely allowed one mistake now and again! - and Becks. I thought Becks had a good game at the time, but it was only on Match of the Day last night that I realised just how good his passing had been - when he's playing well, he can put a ball on a sixpence from 60 yards. My heart tells me it has to be Ole. I just love that lad so much - I don't want to have his babies (as some have said they would) but I would like to hug him to death! Part of his appeal is his attitude - no complaining, no whining, he just gets on with the job when he gets the chance and when he scores, he looks almost embarrassed! He seemed to get more embarrassed with each goal yesterday but as he walked off the pitch, with the ball clutched in his arms, the look on his face showed that it meant as much to him as it did to us. So it was a very happy bunch that sat in the bus outside the ground for the next hour! We were entertained at one point by about 200 Forest fans being escorted past us by police, dogs and vans - isn't it usually the away fans that get an escort?! And also listening to local radio and hearing about how the Forest players had locked themselves in the dressing room and wouldn't come out was good fun too! All the way back, the lads on the back seat were singing Ole songs and Sydney steward chants. As we approached Manchester, we began to hear reports on the radio of the trouble at Maine Rd - three Millwall coaches and dozens of windows in Rusholme smashed up (allegedly), all by the only "real" football fans in Manchester. Arriving back on Piccadilly Station I found it full of drunken yobs in lazer blue shirts all singing about winning 3-nil. I did think of giving them a chorus of "We only won 8-1" but decided against it and kept my head down in a quiet corner of the train instead! Copyright © 1999 by OUR SALFORD LASS. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author
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Subject: Robin Hood and the Beach Party by RED KELLY On the 41st anniversary of the Munich disaster Manchester United turned in a record breaking performance which was a fitting memorial to those great players who have gone before. This last week, as is usual at this time of year, our thoughts have drifted back to that saddest of sad days in 1958 when United were robbed of arguably the greatest array of young talent ever to grace a football pitch. But in a week when United were confirmed as the wealthiest football club in the world by quite a street, we went off to the land of Robin Hood and his merry men. You may recall the legend, as Mick did when he reminded me earlier yesterday morning, that Robin Hood robbed the rich to give to the poor. Would it be the day when irony reared up and smacked us in the face? Oh no it wouldn't. Far from it in fact as United turned the legend on it's head, as the wealthy and richly talented Manchester United plundered a poor Forest. Not even the new Sheriff, Big Fat Ron, could prevent the rampant Reds from running riot in a feast of a second half laden with goals. We set off before midday picking up Richard and his mate Pete on the way. Everything was going well until we reached the outskirts of the town when we got into a bit of a skid on the greasy road surface and smacked into the back of another car. Fortunately their car wasn't damaged, contained a couple of Reds going to the game and Mick's only lost a headlight glass. It could have been much worse of course - it wasn't an auspicious start to the afternoon. We couldn't find the pub where Pete and Hal were hanging out as we'd taken an early exit from the M1, so made our way towards West Bridgeford and the river Trent. For those who are not familiar with Forest's ground, it is situated opposite the Notts County ground and very close to the Trent Bridge cricket ground. The two football grounds are divided by the river which over the years I can confirm that it has been witness to some goings-on! We went in the Aviary pub which is a huge place within a five minute walk from the City ground. One side of the pub was Red, the other was red (Forest red). We were sort of in the middle! The queue at the bar was three deep so we decided to order a double round and beat a retreat to a corridor between the rival factions which would afford us an easy exit if it became necessary. The Reds were in good voice lead by the inimitable Boylie while every now and then a few Foresters would filter in and stand on the periphery of the throng to throw insults. They came through the door facing us, along the short corridor, hurled a few insults or just stood there staring, turned tail and left to join their own kind in an adjacent room. One particularly distasteful lowlife thought he was safe and out of earshot when he muttered something about the place being full of "Munich b......s". I was looking straight at him as he said it and he couldn't be in any doubt of my thoughts at that moment because I found it impossible to hide my contempt as I looked him in the eyes albeit from a distance of a couple of yards away. It was as close as I wanted to be to this throwback with obviously less intelligence than an amoeba, which could be doing an injustice to amoebas. Fortunately physical contact was averted, but as Mick and I agreed, it was very difficult to remain silent. So a couple of pints and the biggest hotdog ever seen later, we headed off for the game with Pat and Tony now members of our band of merry men. Inside the ground we met up with Linda, Ian, Paul and Dr Mark who was standing on the end of my row and directly behind Mike Dobbin and his mates, it was quite a gathering of listees. Mick had already decided that he would stand next to me so we decided to join Mark at the end of the row and a couple of seats further along from my actual seat. This was to cause problems, but more of that later! The teams came out and surprisingly only Peter was carrying a towel as they could have been forgiven for thinking they were on holiday even before the game started. The pitch was reminiscent of a beach in parts and the old stand to our left a definite reminder of the days gone by when seaside towns had a row of beach huts on the promenade.3 We had only just settled ourselves in when Dwight wrenched us out of our slumbers scoring the opener in the first couple of minutes. As we were behind the goal at the other end of the ground it was difficult to see exactly what happened but it seemed Scholes took the ball at the edge of the area and chipped in for Yorke to volley home. It also seemed as though as many went up to celebrate in the opposite end as held their heads in their hands. The goal certainly sparked off a fracas in the row of beach huts to our left as Reds celebrated. This continued for some time and we could see the boys in blue wading in with their trousers rolled up past their ankles to the time honoured tune of "Reds are here Reds are there, Reds are every f**king where". Eventually it calmed down when Forest scored their equaliser which gave them about 30 seconds worth of joy, only for Andy to go and recharge the trouble on the prom with his first of a brace, more or less straight from the kick-off. In went the police again with their sticks of rock and buckets and spades at the ready. The locals were not best pleased and made their feelings known with several of them resorting to the aeroplane. They just couldn't resist could they, not even on the 41st anniversary. It was truly pathetic to watch and from then on we went through the repertoire of songs which we knew would wind them up just as we have wound up every other bunch of small-time supporters in the land this season. Well, what do they expect when they boo David Beckham every time he touches the ball and sing "you'll never play for England" to Andy Cole. The tongue in cheek anti England stuff is a wind up which works a treat and judging by the calls which were made to the amusingly named "505" on Talk Radio after the game, we were truly bouncing off the soft underbellies of the mass ranks of ABU's! There followed a series of near misses as Peter miraculously saved from Van Hooijdonk at the near post and at the other end Beasant was playing a blinder saving innumerable times from Cole. In truth it was all too easy for United and our fear was that this would lead to complacency and allow a poor Forest team back into a game they had hardly turned up for. 2-1 at half time was Ok, but it could actually have been seven. As we were about to leave our spot at half time the occupants of the seats we were standing in front of appeared, having been encouraged to take their places in front of the seat which had been originally allocated to me, all of two seats away. We heard the dulcet tones of a mild, but still grating scouse accent as it's owner said in a less than subtle fashion, "these are our seats, now move". Mick and I stood there incredulous as he repeated his statement. We suggested he may have more success if there was just a hint of politeness in his tone, but he was insistant that we did as we were told. He was a big lad though and as I stood nose to chin with him, Mick decided he would venture further forward and stand just about nose to nose. But the b.....d was even bigger than the BDS himself! Nevertheless he eventually obliged and forced out a fairly lifeless and unconvincing "please". "Now that's better" I said in what must have seemed like a sarcastic tone to which he took exception. Me sarcastic - no way, I hear you say!! We were getting nowhere with the rather pointless stand off and he was becoming agitated and threatened to take the matter into a more physical arena. I could see the odd steward from the corner of my eye taking notice so donned a curly wig and moustache and suggested we "calm down" without the appropriate gestures this time, and we decided to call it quits!! The second half began much the same as the first with United going further in front and this time we had a great view of all the goals and the accompanying celebrations. Scholsey tried getting in on the act first when he hit a piledriver against the post, but we were soon 3-1 up when Yorke shot from outside the box, Beasant fumbled and Andy stepped up to score his second. He ran round the post and stood in front of us, and when his soul brother came to join him they stood there with their arms around each others' shoulders beaming at us. The soul brothers in arms - brilliant! The rain was falling by this time but no-one was bothered - we weren't anyway, we were dry and having a great time in the stands singing the full range of United songs plus a few new ones specially customised for the day. "Big fat Ron, big fat Ron - what a difference you have made," "big fat Ron for England, big fat Ron for England, na na na naa." And to really wind them up, "Are you Derby in disguise", "It's just like watching Derby," and "Derby, Derby, give us a wave". They just loved that! The ball was forever down at our end and seemingly either in the back of the net or whistling just past the post. Blomqvist was his jinking best down the left. Becks sprayed passes here there and everywhere having the best game I have seen him play for ages and the rock in the defence as solid as we've come to expect. Forest occasionally broke down the other end and Peter was called on a couple of times to make saves, but it kept him from getting bored - he still complained though! Then a bizarre 4th when Blommers passed the ball back across the box and it hit a defender, struck the post, rebounded to Yorke who side-footed home while he was standing more or less on the goal line. Poor Beasant, he stood there bemused like piggy in the middle of a pinball game. 4-1. Then much to his disdain Fergie pulls Yorke off and also Keano who had been booked, replacing them with Ole and John Curtis. Shortly after he swopped Blomqvist with Butt and everyone slots in as though they had been on the pitch from the start. Nicky got stuck in immediately tangling with the cheating Porfirio, and while he was giving him a blatant back-hander which the referee chose to ignore, the ball was taken by Becks, passed out to Nev who crossed for Ole to tap in his first. As Ole stood there celebrating Nev came over to us pointing to his chest with a huge grin on his face as if to say "hey it was me who crossed it"! "Who put the ball in the scousers' net, who put the ball in the scousers' net - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer" rang out for the umtienth time, louder than ever and the grins on our own faces got wider and wider. We sang "Does he want the England job - does he f**k" referring to the ridiculous possibility of the FA tempting the Wizard away to Lancaster Gate. He is no more likely to take the England job than I am - mind you I did get a call the other day from a David Davis - that wasn't you though Duncan, was it? Then an announcement was made that extra coaches were being added to the returning soccer special to Manchester which prompted more off the cuff stuff like "we've got extra coaches, we've got extra coaches, na na na naa" and " but, we're not going home, we're not going home, na na na naa!" It was party time on and off the pitch as another superb long ball from Becks found Ole again who tried to chip Beasant but when this was saved he won the ball back and hammered it into the net as two Forest defenders stood there watching it fly past them. He'd only been on the pitch a few minutes, but unbeknowns to us yet more was to follow. We screamed for seven as United poured forward again and again in those last few minutes. Anything could have happened - nothing would have surprised us by this time as we implored them to "attack, attack, attack". It worked - Ole took his hat-trick. So we tried it again and sang "we want eight, we want eight,' and we got 8! I looked over at Mark and his grin was so wide it seemed impossible that it could be contained to the extremes of his face and I knew mine was the same. I could see Linda down below and hers was also the same. Such joy on the 6th of February, a fitting tribute indeed. So Ole left the pitch clutching the match ball he'd played with for no more than eleven minutes and we stood there with our massive grins applauding him and the rest of them. On the way out of the ground the place was thronged with the plod. They were everywhere. It was like a war zone, except we were smiling and laughing and the only snarls came from their dogs. Back in the safety of their cars the Forest fans suddenly became much more aggressive with gestures from behind the glass and many mouthed obscenities were directed our way. I suppose our response just made things worse, but how else were we supposed to react other than to smile and laugh back? We were happy and they were thoroughly pissed off. Perfectly understandable, but we weren't about to pretend. This team has more fire power than I have seen since the likes of Dennis Viollet lead the line for his own record breaking season all those years ago and the other Denis (the King) teamed up with David Herd. I think someone from this team is about to break Dennis's record though, but as he says himself, "they are there to be broken." So on a day when we enjoyed one of the great parties of all time and witnessed a record away win I still make no apologies for ending this report with the poem that Pete sent. We will always remember those who have gone before. When they played they could also turn on the style, but were so tragically struck down in their prime. We also remember Dennis, Jackie Blancheflower who died not long ago, Kenny Morgans who is also very ill and the rest of the 1958 team: They shall not grow old As we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them Nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun And in the morning We will remember them We will remember them Copyright RED KELLY
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Subject: SOLKSJAER SCORES FOUR IN LAST TEN MINUTES AS UNITED HIT EIGHT IN BEST-EVER PREMIERSHIP AWAY WIN ALEX FERGUSON allowed himself to admit "we played quite well" as Manchester United recorded the best-ever away win in Premiership history, thumping Nottingham Forest 8-1 at the City Ground. Forest boss Ron Atkinson was more straightforward, saying: "They tore through us and murdered us. The only upside is that we don¹t have to play them again this season." The bottom club look unlikely to be playing United next season either after substitute Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hit four goals in the last ten minutes. Dwight Yorke began the rout with a 90-second opener before Alan Rogers equalised four minutes later. But Atkinson's Forest were cruelly exposed as Andy Cole scored twice, with Yorke adding the fourth in the 66th minute before Solskjaer¹s stunning cameo. Although championship rivals Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea all won, the Blues' performance was good news for United, as they continued their recent uninspiring form. Gianfranco Zola helped keep the pressure up on the leaders with an 11th minute winner against Southampton, who had Mark Hughes stretchered off on his return to his old club. Arsenal, however, looked hugely impressive with a 4-0 win at slumping West Ham. Dennis Bergkamp, Marc Overmars, Nicolas Anelka and Ray Parlour were on target. Liverpool took a 3-0 half-time lead at home to another off-form side, Middlesbrough, with goals from Michael Owen, Vegard Heggem and Paul Ince. But the Reds then had Dominic Matteo harshly sent off for a foul on Mikkel Beck and were thankful to conceded only Phil Stamp¹s late goal. Blackburn secured their first away win of the season as Aston Villa's championship challenge foundered. A Gareth Southgate own goal in the first half pre-empted second period strikes from Ashley Ward (62) and David Dunn, who scored his first ever goal just two minutes later. Nolberto Solano gave Newcastle a deserved 1-0 victory with a 63rd-minute winner away to high-flying Leeds. The Magpies hit the post and saw Nigel Martyn pull off a series of great saves before the Peruvian striker struck. The most frustrated side of the day were Tottenham, who could not believe how Coventry stopped them scoring in the goalless draw at White Hart Lane. Steffen Iversen was guilty of missing a glaring opportunity in the second half when he hit the ball over the bar from a few yards out. Before the break, Darren Anderton had been denied by the woodwork from 20 yards. Wim Jonk took advantage of a Kasey Keller error to give Sheffield Wednesday a 48th-minute lead at Leicester. Benito Carbone added a second 12 minutes from time as the home side failed to trouble Owls' goalkeeper Pavel Srnicek once throughout the game.
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Subject: NOTT¹M FOREST 1 MAN UTD 8 OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJAER put Manchester United's first-choice strikers in the shade with ten stunning minutes as a substitute. The Norwegian scored four times in this 8-1 rout against Nottingham Forest as Alex Ferguson's side racked up an FA Carling Premiership record away victory. Until Solskjaer's introduction, it had been more of the Dwight Yorke-Andy Cole show, with a brace of goals from each striker as Forest boss Ron Atkinson was introduced to the harsh reality of life at the bottom of the Premiership. Cole's two goals celebrated not only his England recall, but his recall to the side too - he had been left on the bench by Ferguson for Wednesday's victory over Derby. But back in the starting line-up alongside close friend Yorke, Cole - with England caretaker-coach Howard Wilkinson believed to be at the City Ground watching him - proved too hot to handle. Yorke put United in front inside 85 seconds and after Alan Rogers equalised on six minutes, Cole, who was born in Nottingham, showed Wilkinson his finishing power. First, he restored the visitors' lead straight from the restart after Rogers' strike, racing onto Jaap Stam's long ball and rounding Dave Beasant before firing into the empty net from a tight angle. Then, on 49 minutes and after squandering a hat-trick of chances, Cole completed his double, running in to drill the ball beneath Beasant after the Forest keeper had failed to hold onto Yorke's low drive. Yorke's second came midway through the second half, slotting home into an empty net after Jon Olav Hjelde had inadvertently diverted Jesper Blomqvist's low cross onto his own post. Solskjaer replaced Yorke and an already one-sided game became a rout. He stabbed home from close range after good work from David Beckham and Gary Neville for his first, drilled the ball into an empty net for his second and rounded off his hat-trick in the first minute of stoppage time. But the 25-year-old was still not finished, and his fourth came in the third minute of injury time with Forest in complete disarray. Solskjaer's performance will give Ferguson a blissful dilemma - who to choose. Yorke has now scored 21 goals this season - including nine in his last six appearances - and he is looking to be worth every penny of the £12.6million he cost in August. The Trinidadian hogged the limelight by scoring the winner in each of the 1-0 defeats of Charlton and Derby in the last seven days, but against Forest it was first Cole and then Solskjaer who caught the eye. Cole's blistering pace was too much for Forest, who remain rooted to the bottom of the Premiership after this defeat - their fourth in five outings. Sacked England coach Glenn Hoddle accused Cole of wasting chances but, after a public row during which the striker called Hoddle ''a coward'', he returned to the England squad this week. Recalling Cole was Hoddle's last meaningful act as England coach and if the 27-year-old continues to play as well as he is at present, the former boss' move will be fully vindicated. He and Yorke are unstoppable at the moment, scoring 16 goals between them in United's last seven matches - all of which Alex Ferguson's side have won. And then there is Solskjaer, the super-sub to beat all super-subs today. What Forest manager Atkinson, the former United boss, would give for a striker with half the ability of the three on show for the visitors. His side tried manfully but they had Beasant to thank for them not being further behind at the break and after United went 3-1 up, it was a case of how many more they could score. Beasant made several fine saves, while Paul Scholes also hit the post and if the visitors had hit double figures, it would not have been a surprise. Ferguson's men played so well, the return to Premiership refereeing of Paul Alcock after a three-month lay-off went off relatively unnoticed. But it should be noted that he did well, allowing the play to flow as frequently as possible and showing the yellow card sparingly. He also got the game back under control quickly in the dying stages as Forest, who were 5-1 down, started to get frustrated. It was also quite an introduction for new United assistant manager Steve McClaren - he could not have wished for a better start to his Old Trafford career.
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Subject: Solskjaer's in four a reward «« Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be rewarded for his incredible four goal haul against Nottingham Forest with a first team spot. The Norwegian predator took just eleven minutes to run Nottingham Forest's ailing defence ragged and will now be drafted in for the FA Cup. "I think I might even think about including him against Fulham," said Alex Ferguson after the 8-1 win. "He a finisher, there's no question about that." Solskjaer now has 15 goals to his name this season - just three less than his record in a season, 18 goals in 1996-1997. Solskjaer is expected to feature from the start against the second division side next Sunday, perhaps again at the expense of Andy Cole. Should Cole play for England against France on Wednesday, Ferguson may decide to rest him in preparation for the big clash against Arsenal next week.
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Subject: Cole to start against France? Owen set for bench role England hot-shot Michael Owen could be left on the bench as England take on France on Wednesday in Howard Wilkinson's first game in charge of the country. Wilkinson has already reaffirmed Alan Shearer's position as captain in the side and his trip to Nottingham's City Ground on Saturday, suggests that Wilko has a new strike partnership in mind. Andy Cole played a dynamic part in Manchester United's destruction of Nottingham Forest and the striker's two goals may have done enough to persuade Wilkinson to let him start as Shearer's strike partner. Owen is the Premier League's second top goalscorer (behind Dwight Yorke) and is the man that the French fear the most, but Wilkinson may well have been swayed by Cole's recent deadly form.
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