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Date: Sun 05 Dec 1999 18:09 GMT
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. A Day That Didn't Live Up to Expectations - Personal Report by SALFORD LASS
2. Toffee Fudge Personal Report by RED KELLY
5. Show time for Solskjaer
6. Man U 5-1 Everton - Sniper Gunnar primes United



Barry Comment:
Sunday's news bulletin includes two personal reports of yesterdays
fantastic win. "The Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Show"
NEWS Liverpooo, match moved to morning koff for TV:
4/03/2000  Liverpool    Home PL   11.30  "live on sky"

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If I Die In The Stretford End - scoreboardpaddock@manutd.com
 Alex Hulme/Manchester/England 
Made by a Manc for Mancs "If I Die In The Stretford End" is for Match Going REDS. 
Taken from The Worldwide Manchester United Fans Webring - 400+ RED sites!

The BBC will broadcast live coverage of Manchester United's World Team
Championship challenge in Brazil.

Manchester United FC Champions League Squad List
 1 Mark John Bosnich      2 Gary Alexander Neville 3 Dennis Joseph Irwin
 4 David May              6 Jakob Stam             7 David Robert J Beckham
 8 Nicholas Butt          9 Andrew Alex. Cole      10 Edward Sheringham
11 Ryan Joseph Giggs     12 Philip Neville         14 Johan Jordi Cruyff
15 Lars Jesper Blomqvist 16 Roy Keane           17 Raimond RJH Van der Gouw
18 Paul Scholes          19 Dwight Yorke           20 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
21 Henning Berg          23 Michael Jamie Clegg    25 José Quinton Fortune
26 Massimo Taibi         31 Nicholas James Culkin  33 Mark Antony Wilson
34 Jonathan Greening

1999/2000 UEFA Champions League Second Group-Match Stage - Group B 
Group B           P W D L  F A  Pts 
Valencia CF       1 1 0 0  3 0  3 
Fiorentina AC     1 1 0 0  2 0  3 
Manchester United 1 0 0 1  0 2  0 
Bordeaux          1 0 0 1  0 3  0 

Second stage Euro Draw  GROUP B
Manchester United Valencia Bordeaux Fiorentina
Tues Nov 23 Fiorentina v Manchester United  2-0 
            Valencia v Girondins Bordeaux   3-0

Wed Dec 8 
Group B: Girondins Bordeaux v Fiorentina 
Group B: Manchester United v Valencia 
Wed Mar 1 
Group B: Manchester United v Girondins Bordeaux 
Group B: Fiorentina v Valencia 
Tues Mar 7  
Group B: Girondins Bordeaux v Manchester United 
Group B: Valencia v Fiorentina 
Wed Mar 15 
Group B: Manchester United v Fiorentina 
Group B: Girondins Bordeaux v Valencia 
Tuesday, March 21 
Group B: Fiorentina v Girondins Bordeaux 
Group B: Valencia v Manchester United 

FINAL Group D          P W D L  F A  PTS
Manchester United FC   6 4 1 1  9  4  13 
Olympique de Marseille 6 3 1 2 10  8  10 
SK Sturm Graz          6 2 0 4  5 12   6 
NK Croatia Zagreb      6 1 2 3  7  7   5 


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Mark Bosnich's Personal Details 



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 BSKYB Takeover news/pics at http://www.red11.org/mufc/bskyb.htm
  Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
 Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!


         Aston Villa   0-1   Newcastle United      34,531
       Bradford City   1-1   Middlesbrough         17,708
      Leicester City   0-3   Arsenal               20,495
   Manchester United   5-1   Everton               55,193
         Southampton   0-0   Coventry City         15,168
          Sunderland   4-1   Chelsea               41,377
           Wimbledon   5-0   Watford               14,021

*** FULL LEAGUE TABLE AS AT 04/12/99 ***

Pos Team                  P  W  D  L   F   A   W  D  L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Manchester United    16  7  2  0  29   7   4  1  2  11  14   19   36
 2  Arsenal              17  7  1  1  20   7   4  1  3  11   9   15   35
 3  Leeds United         16  7  1  1  14   6   4  1  2  15  13   10   35
 4  Sunderland           17  6  2  1  14   6   4  2  2  17  11   14   34
 5  Leicester City       17  6  2  1  16  10   3  0  5  10  13    3   29
 6  Liverpool            16  5  0  3  11   6   3  3  2   9   7    7   27
 7  Tottenham Hotspur    15  5  0  2  17  12   3  2  3   8   8    5   26
 8  Chelsea              15  5  1  1  14   3   2  2  4   7  12    6   24
 9  West Ham United      15  6  1  0  12   6   1  2  5   5   8    3   24
10  Middlesbrough        17  4  2  3   9   9   3  1  4  12  15   -3   24
11  Coventry City        17  5  0  4  17  10   0  6  2   6   8    5   21
12  Everton              17  3  5  0  16   8   2  1  6   9  19   -2   21
13  Wimbledon            17  3  4  2  17  11   1  4  3  10  18   -2   20
14  Newcastle United     17  4  2  2  19   9   1  2  6   9  21   -2   19
15  Aston Villa          17  3  3  2   8   5   2  1  6   6  14   -5   19
16  Southampton          16  2  3  3  10  11   2  2  4  10  14   -5   17
17  Bradford City        16  1  4  2   7  12   2  0  7   6  13  -12   13
18  Derby County         16  2  0  6   7  15   1  3  4   8  13  -13   12
19  Watford              17  2  1  5   9  13   1  1  7   4  20  -20   11
20  Sheffield Wednesday  15  1  2  4   9  11   0  1  7   4  25  -23    6

*** FIXTURES TODAY 05/12/99 ***
        Derby County  v  Leeds United
           Liverpool  v  Sheffield Wednesday


HIGHEST HOME ATTENDANCE: 25/09/99 - Southampton (55,249)
LOWEST HOME ATTENDANCE:  11/08/99 - Sheffield Wednesday (54,941)
BEST WIN:     11/08/99 - Sheffield Wednesday (4-0)
              30/08/99 - Newcastle United (5-1)
HEAVIEST DEFEAT:         03/10/99 - Chelsea (0-5)
BEST HOME WIN:           11/08/99 - Sheffield Wednesday (4-0)
                         30/08/99 - Newcastle United (5-1)
BEST AWAY WIN:           22/08/99 - Arsenal (2-1)
                         25/08/99 - Coventry City (2-1)
                         11/09/99 - Liverpool (3-2)
                         20/11/99 - Derby County (2-1)
HEAVIEST AWAY DEFEAT:    03/10/99 - Chelsea (0-5)

30-NOV-1999 [10:00] Manchester Utd. vs Palmeiras   (Inter Continental Cup, AWAY)
04-DEC-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Everton     (FA Premier League, HOME)
08-DEC-1999 [19:45] Manchester Utd. vs Valencia    (UEFA Champions League, HOME)
18-DEC-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs West Ham    (FA Premier League, AWAY)
26-DEC-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Bradford C  (FA Premier League, HOME)

Current Injuries                       Possible return
 Jesper Blomqvist        ankle           early Dec 
 Ronny Johnsen           knee            January
 Wes Brown               knee            August


UNITED Stats v All teams:
ALL FIXTURES at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/fix992000.htm
First Team Fixtures 1999/2000
All dates/times subject to change
Dates of possible cup ties also shown

Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/07/99    Melbourne Australia   pre-season  W  2-0     -    60,000
18/07/99    Sydney    Australia   pre-season  W  1-0     -    78,000
21/07/99    Shanghai  Shenhua     pre-season  W  2-0     -    80,000
24/07/99    Hong Kong South China pre-season  W  2-0     -    40,000

 1/08/99    Arsenal   Wembley Charity Shield  L  1-2     -    70,185
 3/08/99    Omagh Town Omagh Bomb Fund        W  9-0     -     7,000
 4/08/99    Wigan Athletic friendly           W  2-0     -    15,000 
08/08/99    Everton                  Away PL  D  1-1    10    39,141
11/08/99    Sheffield Wednesday      Home PL  W  4-0     3    54,941
14/08/99    Leeds United             Home PL  W  2-0     1    55,187
22/08/99    Arsenal                  Away PL  W  2-1     1    38,147
25/08/99    Coventry City            Away PL  W  2-1     1    22,024 
27/08/99    Monaco - Lazio               ESC  L  0-1     -    15,223
30/08/99    Newcastle United         Home     W  5-1     1    55,190
11/09/99    Liverpool                Away     W  3-2     1    44,929
14/09/99    Croatia Zagreb           Home EC  D  0-0     -    53,250
18/09/99    Wimbledon                Home     D  1-1     1    55,189
22/09/99    Sturm Graz               Away EC  W  3-0     -    16,480
25/09/99    Southampton              Home     D  3-3     1    55,249
29/09/99    Marseille                Home EC  W  2-1     -    54,276
 3/10/99    Chelsea                  Away PL  L  0-5     2    34,909
11/10/99    Sir Alex Testimonial     Home F   L  2-4  LEGENDS 54,842      
13/10/99    Aston Villa              Away WC3 L  0-3     -    33,815
16/10/99    Watford                  Home PL  W  4-1     2    55,188
19/10/99    Marseille                Away EC  L  0-1     -    57,745 
23/10/99    Tottenham Hotspur        Away     L  1-3     3    36,072
27/10/99    Croatia Zagreb           Away EC  W  2-1     -    30,000
30/10/99    Aston Villa              Home PL  W  3-0     2    55,211
 2/11/99    Sturm Graz               Home EC  W  2-1     -    53,745 
 6/11/99    Leicester City           Home PL  W  2-0     1    55,191
20/11/99    Derby County             Away     W  2-1     1    33,370
23/11/99    AC Fiorentina            Away EC  L  0-2     -    ?
30/11/99    Tokyo  Palmeiras         N   WCC  W  1-0     -    53,372
 4/12/99    Everton                  Home PL  W  5-1     1    ? 

 8/12/99    Valencia CF              Home EC   19.45
18/12/99    West Ham United          Away PL   15.00
26/12/99    Bradford City            Home PL   15.00
28/12/99    Sunderland               Away PL   20.00  "live on sky"

  pp  3/01/2000  Middlesborough         Home PL ???  *No new date yet
  pp 27/11/1999  Sheffield Wednesday    Away PL ???  *No new date yet

 JAN 05-14  Brazil WTC [3-4 games]
06/01/2000  Necaxa (Mexico)          Neut WTC  16.00
08/01/2000  Vasco da Gama (Brazil)   Away WTC  16.00
11/01/2000  South Melbourne (Australia) N WTC  16.00
Final? 14/01/2000

15/17? /01/2000  Leeds               Away PL   15.00  
24/01/2000  Arsenal                  Home PL   15.00  "live on sky"
 5/02/2000  Coventry City            Home PL   15.00
12/02/2000  Newcastle United         Away PL   15.00
26/02/2000  Wimbledon                Away PL   15.00
 1/03/2000  FC Girondins de Bordeaux Home EC   19.45 
 4/03/2000  Liverpool                Home PL   11.30  "live on sky"
 7/03/2000  FC Girondins de Bordeaux Away EC   19.45 
11/03/2000  Derby County             Home PL   15.00
15/03/2000  AC Fiorentina            Home EC   19.45
18/03/2000  Leicester City           Away PL   15.0021/03/2000  Valencia CF              Away EC   19.45 
25/03/2000  Bradford City            Away PL   15.00
 1/04/2000  West Ham United          Home PL   15.00
 5/04/2000  ?   EC qf i
 8/04/2000  Middlesborough           Away PL   15.00
15/04/2000  Sunderland               Home PL   15.00
19/04/2000  ?   EC qf ii
22/04/2000  Southampton              Away PL   15.00
24/04/2000  Chelsea                  Home PL   15.00
29/04/2000  West Ham United          Away PL   15.00
 3/05/2000  ?   EC sf i
 6/05/2000  Tottenham Hotspur        Home PL   15.00
10/05/2000  ?   EC sf ii
14/05/2000  Aston Villa              Away PL   15.00
24/05/2000  ?   EC Final


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A Day That Didn't Live Up to Expectations - Personal Report by SALFORD LASS At midnight on Friday, 60 mph winds were howling outside and hailstones were pounding against the windows. Suddenly, everything went dark as a power line came down somewhere on the hills and I eventually climbed the stairs to bed with candle in hand, thinking of the joys in store on Saturday afternoon. Falling to sleep in the pitch blackness (even the street lamps were out), I have to admit that as much as I was looking forward to my first football match in what seemed like months, I was dreading getting a drenching again and the second tier of West Stand was suddenly seeming very attractive! Awaking briefly at 2.30am, I discovered the electricity back on but the storm still howling round the house. Later, dragging myself out of a very warm bed with the alarm ringing 30 minutes early (due to the power cut!) I tentatively drew back the curtains to find snow and ice covering the ground and hailstones driving almost horizontally into the few pedestrians who had braved the elements so early on a Saturday morning. I was even less enthusiastic than ever - looking ahead to a day in which the football would be overshadowed by the discomfort of the elements, and in which we'd probably get stuffed anyway, after going all the way to Tokyo midweek. By noon, leaving on the train for Manchester, things hadn't improved. My umbrella broken on the floor I was soaked through and freezing cold. Half-an-hour later, I was spending a tenner in Lewis's on a new umbrella and shuffling around trying to get my feet comfortable in my damp shoes and socks. I fought my way across Piccadilly against the wind and collapsed onto the bus - the only thought in my head being "why the bloody hell do I put myself through this?" Things brightened up a bit whilst making my way to Sam Platt's for the Imusa pre-match meeting. The sun actually appeared and a giant hotdog (with all the trimmings) from a stall by the canal, made me feel much better. It's been ages since I was over that side of OT (it used to be my route to the game, of course) and as I ate my hotdog I looked around at the changes that have taken place since, including the new Lowry Centre on the opposite bank of the canal. Hotdog finished, I headed upstairs in Sam Platts'. Spotting the Leamington Skinhead at the bar, I sidled up just as he was buying the drinks and then it was off to join the others in a room overlooking a very choppy Manchester Ship Canal (with the LS and his barmy mate Nigel discussing well-oiled boards). After a very enjoyable hour in the pub I was feeling fortified and we set off on the short walk to OT (or as Nigel put it - Disney, Old Trafford) in high spirits, only missing our customary sighting of a wet and frozen Barney, since we were coming in from the wrong direction! Commenting on the likeness of the front of the new stand to the new Marks and Spencer store in Manchester, Tim and I dashed for East Lower, just as the hailstones began to fall once more. After a quick visit to the loo and buying a programme, I decided to brave the icy expanses of East Lower, only to find the hailstones had vanished and there was the son-and-heir looking extremely fetching in his Pacamac! Unfortunately, I had no camera with me, so was unable to record for posterity the one and only wearing of the plastic by my rather image conscious young son, but there are witnesses, if he ever denies it happened! Before the game started there was a rather surreal announcement over the tannoy - apologising to the fans in East Stand for the fact that there were even bigger holes than usual in the new roof and the "inclement weather" might lead to some discomfort. What a pity they didn't offer to refund a couple of quid to all those affected - now that would have been a nice touch! Looking up at the roof, I smiled as I noticed that some of the gaps in the roof were just above the LS's seat! Unfortunately, the weather stayed "clement", so the LS didn't get a drop of water on his woolley hat! By this time, it was getting towards kick-off and the Everton players appeared on the pitch. I couldn't figure out what was going on at first, until the son-and-heir pointed out that the lads were going to bring out the World Club trophy. The Everton players lined up either side of the tunnel and the lads came running out, led by Keano carrying the trophy which he placed in the centre of the pitch as the players acknowledged the fans. Then it was on with the game with United playing towards us. Interestingly, we stood throughout the game with ne'er a steward to be seen - presumably they've decided that as we will be concreted over next season, it's not worth causing any trouble now! From the off, United were (contrary to expectations) mounting wave after wave of attack towards the goal in front of us. Scholes had an early chance but slipped on the wet surface in the box, then he had another but it was blocked by their keeper. We sang "If you all hate scousers" and "He's only a poor little scouser". The Everton fans were noisy, singing their extensive repertoire ("Everton, Everton, Everton"). Then, down the other end Bosnich kicked the ball and pulled up as if he'd done his hamstring. But play carried on and moved towards him. Our defence did their best to keep the ball out of the penalty area, but in a scramble in the box Jeffers had a shot on goal and Bosnich was unable to stretch to get it and Everton were 1-nil ahead, completely against the run of play! As Bosnich limped off down the tunnel and Rai came on, the Everton fans celebrated in their Cup Final by singing "It's just like watching City" - I mentioned to the son-and-heir that it was a little foolish to be singing that particular ditty, so early in the game - just asking for it to be thrown back at them later, and so it came to be ............ I wasn't really worried that we would lose - we were all over them and getting chance after chance - so I waited for our first goal with some confidence. Ole almost scored with a header, but it was saved by their keeper to the sound of "England, England's number one" coming from L Stand (another chant that was to come back and haunt them later), and then Jeffers hit the post down the other end (we, and the scousers were convinced it had gone in). This proved to be virtually their last decent chance of the game and soon after we were awarded a rather fortunate penalty (the ball appeared to hit Dunne on the arm, rather than the other way around) and as usual, Mr Dependable slotted it home and we were back level. "You're not singing anymore" echoed around East Stand. This began 30 minutes of very enjoyable football during which we seemed to be scoring at will. First, Scholes put through a wonderful ball for Ole to run onto. One-on-one, Ole hit it to the keeper's left side but he got two hands to it and a sigh of disappointment began to form in the collective voice of East Stand. Then, almost in slow motion, the ball lifted itself over the keeper, bounced once and trickled towards the net. The sigh turned into a roar of triumph as the ball hit the back of the net and we were in the lead. Only minutes later, it seemed that the Everton defence had obviously had their eyes closed during the last one, because we got another, almost identical, goal - Scholes again put through a wonderfully weighted long ball for Ole to run onto (this time from the right side of the pitch), the keeper just got to it but couldn't keep it out, and Ole was on his knees in front of East Stand, arms in the air and a massive grin on his face! "Who put the ball in the scouser's net?" was followed by "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole" and "You are my Solskjaer" as the scousers sat frozen and silent in their seats and the first chant of "It's like watching City" and then "It's like watching Tranmere" came back to haunt them, followed by "England, England's number one". It could have been 4 before half-time when Giggs hit a stormer from the edge of the penalty box but "England's number one" save it and we went in at half-time 3-1 up. Half-time saw Sandy Busby come on to make the lottery draw and a gathering of the clans under the steps behind East Lower - unfortunately, the concourse is full of the hoi polloi these days, since they allowed the residents of K Stand to come down and join us! The LS was discussing events in the Gents' toilets again (where it appears that most of his social life takes place) and coming off worst in a fight with a very young Red (only tall enough to come up to his waist). Getting back to the son-and-heir I found Rai already in residence in the goal mouth and commented that he had a very odd stance from behind - like a crab with constipation (Rai, not the son-and-heir). This was interpreted as meaning "Rai has a lovely bottom" and I was the "butt" of that particular joke for most of the second half. On the pitch, events carried on from where they had left off earlier, except with everything happening down the other end, where United were attacking the goal in front of West Stand. Giggs had a run into the box which then degenerated into farce as the United players got in each other's way, then Irwin placed a cross onto Ole's head and he had his hat-trick. By this time, as is Ole's way, he was beginning to look more embarrassed than joyful as he took the applause of the crowd. We sang "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole" and "City, it's just like watching City" and "It's Man Utd, Man Utd FC. We're by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen" (which is true now of course!). Up to our left, the scousers were leaving in droves, despite the game still having another 40 minutes to go and we sang "Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio" and waved them a merry goodbye. The scousers left had to endure yet another goal within a few minutes, by the lad one of their Red chums has christened the "Evil pixie" in one fanzine interview. Dunne (him again!) gave the ball away to Ryan, he lost it again but it went straight to Ole who (looking even more embarrassed) poached his fourth, and final goal. From then on, the atmosphere died a death. L stand was half-empty as yet more scousers opted for an early bath. Ole could have another goal but was unselfish enough to pass the ball to Teddy when it would have been easier to shoot and Teddy cocked it up (he wasn't having a good day!). Everton had only one decent chance in the whole of the second half. Near to the end, Jeffers came storming into our box and was one-on-one with Rai. He looked certain to score, but then fell over his own feet to the laughter of 50,000 United fans (I actually felt quite sorry for him!) and the disgust of the remaining Everton fans, yet more of whom decided to leave early. We spent the last 20 minutes ironically cheering their players every time they managed to get the ball, singing anti-scouse songs and chanting for Keano. My moment of the match - towards the end of the first half we had a corner. Keano was hovering around the near post, right in front of us when a chant of "Keano must stay" went up from East Stand. He looked up and acknowledged the chant with a big grin. Make of it what you will, but I think he was telling me not to worry - he'll sign next week! My man of the match - who else but the "evil pixie". Hero of Barcelona and scourge of scousers of all colours. Ole and Teddy had a rare chance to start yesterday and stake their claim, Ole took it - Teddy didn't. I have to also mention Stam though - as ever a colossus and Silvestre is growing in stature in central defence with every game. And the Ginger Prince, and Keane and .......... the whole team, it was an excellent team performance. Finally, respect to the Everton fans who stayed to the end. It reminded me of St James Park a couple of seasons ago - 5-nil down and all the execs and the hangers-on had gone home, leaving us to carry on singing our hearts out to the final whistle. So as I left the ground I reflected on the fact that the day had certainly not lived up to expectations. I had expected a wet, dismal afternoon, with an under par performance from a team that was jet-lagged and under-performing. What I actually got was cold but clear weather, excellent football and a 5-1 drubbing of some scousers - it can't get much better on a cold December afternoon in Manchester! Copyright © 1999 by SALFORD LASS. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author
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Toffee Fudge Personal Report by RED KELLY We'd heard rumours about how United would be jet lagged after their midweek exertions halfway round the world and we wondered whether they would be bothered with a game against Everton after achieving world domination. So we were concerned that the Toffees might cause us problems, well, we shouldn't have given it any thought because without the likes of Watson and Hutchinson they came unstuck and couldn't fight their way out of the paper bag. It was just the two of us driving up yesterday with big Rich on a weekender and Doug preferring to stay at home, so the M6 was at the mercy of Nigel and I and Nigel was driving and I can only hope that Wednesday evening will be as easy, but somehow I don't think it will. We were up at the Bronnington carpark in no time and left the car ready for an easy getaway right next to one of the exits. It was bloody cold as we made our way to Sammy Platts but at least it wasn't raining - it was hailstoning instead - welcome to the north once again. A couple of pints later we felt as though we should be staying put where we were rather than taking the short walk up to Old Trafford but we braved it anyway - as if we wouldn't! But as we approached Old Trafford a strange sight greeted us - all of a sudden the front of the new East Stand is covered with glass. A huge acreage of it more akin to the entrance of a theme park than our own beloved Old Trafford. We veered off to the right though, so never actually got to take a close look. From the outside the stadium is looking peculiar anyway these days., with it's red lead and grey painted corrugated sheets and the immense structure looming like a row of steel dinosaurs, if you didn't know what was inside you'd be surprised to find a football pitch as you'd probably be expecting a showcase cinema. I was up in my seat early for once and there was hardly anyone around. But when I got there I knew those who had stayed below stairs had been more sensible than me because if I thought it had been cold at ground level, it was much worse higher up! It was Nicky freezing. Apparently the constructors had been troubled by the bad weather of late and we had been left more exposed than we should have been - or was it really another ploy by Martin to piss us off even more after the recent revelations re extending the disabled section into East Lower and moving us all to a so-called 'singing section' up out of harms way in the second tier of the Stretford? In any case, the sides of the new structure were covered with netting - that'll keep the weather out then won't it! I really should have known what to expect - as soon as I got passed the turnstile a steward thrust a pacamac package into my hand, but at that time the alarm bells stayed silent when they should have been ringing. Down below us there were groups of supporters covered in their transparent plastic raincoats - the condoms were out in force again then. They were mostly in evidence at the corner in front of J stand where the waterfall had drenched them a few weeks ago, so I suppose it would be better to look like a dick than get soaked through. The insane sound of Fane ceased and it was announced that the Everton team would come out first. They formed a guard of honour as the lads trooped through lead out by the man Keano with the World (Toyota Intercontinental or whatever it's called) trophy which was dumped rather unceremoniously in the middle of the pitch. I suppose we're going to have to pay another visit to the museum to get a closer look - clever ploy not to parade it around the pitch. It all seemed slightly surreal to be welcoming home the World Champions to a freezing cold Manchester winter, it should have been sunny shirt sleeve weather for that sort of thing surely. We were trying to work out how we were going to be celebrating the unique event - not by singing, "have you ever won the quadruple, have you f**k" surely? It does seem to be Everton's lot to arrive at moments like these doesn't it? They were the foils in the game after Sir Matt died and now they were present at the Court again at this most auspicious moment. Poor sods, what have they done to deserve such a fate - oh yes, I was forgetting, they may be blue, but they're still scousers after all! As the game kicked off the pitch didn't look too bad, but after about five seconds it started to deteriorate and cut up. The players started to lose their feet, catch their studs and be deceived by the irregular bounce of the ball with monotonous regularity. I only hope that the groundstaff can get it sorted while the team are out in Brazil on their next world championship quest. What will they be if they win that competition then - World Champions, well what are they now - Intercontinental Champions? It's getting as bad as boxing and time to stop all the UEFA - FIFA bickering and re-unify, anyway hasn't a United fan just become undisputed Champion of the World in boxing - so there is hope after all, thank Eric for that. Ole and Teddy were starting up front, so there was no Andy and no Dwight and not even a Beckham in sight, all rested for Wednesday night. Nev missed his mate on the right, but Scholsey was there, so it really didn't matter that much, and the lads were marauding through a very frail Everton defence anyway. It looked odds on they'd score a bagful as they played the whole first five minutes in the Everton eighteen yard box in front of us. But then what happens? They take one trip up to the Stretford End and suddenly the Toffees go 1-0 up and apart from the celebrating masses of hubcap wavers over to our left, the stadium falls silent. It turns out Bosnich had pulled his hamstring again a couple of minutes before and was immobile when the ball was curled past United's back four from the left and mardarse Jeffers scored at the far post. We thought Bozzy had been injured by the goal scorer when he stayed down but he was lead off the pitch and eventually Raimondo came on to replace him. Poll must have been wondering what to do as everyone was ready for kick-off but the United goal stood empty as Raimond adjusted his trousers. Should he allow us the time to get Raimond on the pitch or should he allow kick-off? Fortunately it was the former. Meanwhile the scousers delighted in pointing out, "you're not singing anymore," not that they had been singing before anyway. In truth United had been so much in command that no-one seemed unduly concerned and soon order was restored. Ole had a header saved at point blank range by Gerrard which we found it hard to believe, and the Everton fans sang, "England, England's number one" in praise of their keeper. But it was surely a mere matter of time and it seemed ridiculous that we were already one down, but when the ball broke for Everton yet again and Jeffers headed against the post we just wondered. Only for a short while we wondered, but the thought goes through your head - is it going to be one of those afternoons? Raimond looked to have tipped the ball onto the post from where we were and from there it seemed to ricochet from post to bar before it rolled away. How it stayed out we'll never know, but shortly afterwards it became clear that they weren't going to ruin our day after all. They'd looked suspect at the back anyway but surely no-one in their right mind would go and bat the ball away in front of the ref. That's what one of them did and the result was an obvious penalty. It was right out of character for a scouser to give anything away, but Dennis strolled up and accepted the gift and posted the ball past Gerrard and the score was 1-1. What a pity for Gerrard - and hadn't he been watching a tape of Dennis' penalties just last week, but should he have bought the tape from a scouser in Sefton Park you have to ask yourself. Whatever - we now felt better and then just as our friend sat in front of us was complaining that Ole wasn't getting a grip, and much to the merriment of everyone around, a superb ball is threaded through half the Everton team by Scholsey and Ole shoots from the edge of the area. Gerrard gets a hand to it but it seems to go right through him and then takes about half an hour to cross the line. It was one of those slow motion moments when you all know there's a goal coming, but then there isn't and then there is. "England, England's number one" we sang in praise of their goalkeeper, and the scousers fell silent. And they knew from that moment this was not going to be their day. It certainly became clear to even the least retentive of scousers present when just before half time Scholsey decided to repeat the previous process and thread another superb ball through to Ole who bounced it past Gerrard for 3-1. A few more choruses of "who put the ball in the scousers' net" followed and we all forgot the bitter cold for a while. In fact there could have been more before Poll blew for the break with Giggsy showing superb technique smashing a volley from a narrow angle which Gerrard just managed to collect on his line. So by halftime the feeling was upbeat down below stairs and I was off to meet up with a bunch around 135 section and there amongst them was son of Walsh. I suppose it was my own fault for teasing him but now I know how Rupert Murdoch felt when the elder Walsh got hold of him (metaphorically speaking of course) talk about a fight and not giving up, I was glad to get back to the second half out in the freezing cold! Naturally the game had already started by the time I reached my seat and nothing had changed other than the fact United were now attacking the Stretford End. We had been discussing whether Martin would have been whispering in Fergie's ear about taking Ole off before he had a chance of reaching a hat-trick and another bonus, but the Norwegian was still there causing problems. A few minutes in and we could hear the groans from the directors' box when Dennis crossed from the left and there was Ole heading his third and United's fourth. Not only did Martin now have to sign a cheque for a win bonus, but a hat-trick bonus and give the lad the match ball as well - it must have been a sad day all round then! By this time the Everton defence were distraught and their fans up to our left were already beginning to sneak out, but it wasn't over yet for the scousers. Panic continued whenever United crossed the halfway line which meant permanently because they crossed it at kick-off and stayed crossed, but despite the fact we didn't really need any assistance their centre back, Wier or Weird or whatever insisted on giving us another present and passed to Giggs who then tried to take the piss by rounding the same player. But Weird was having none of this and took the ball off his foot and passed to his mate Ole instead - and guess what happened? Yeeeeees, 5-1, Ole's fourth and memories of Nottingham Forest last season. What were the Souls thinking sat there on the bench with their woolly hats tugged down over their heads? Fergie did bring Andy on for a run but the game was well and truly over by then and the lads had to be forgiven for not going for total destruction. They bottled up the game and kept the ball and we were giving it lots of olés until Everton took the ball off us and then those few who had remained in the away section gave it lots of olés so we joined in with them giving it lots of olés anyway until the ball was played through to Jeffers again. He was clean through and goalside of Stam, but he stood on the ball!! Huge cheers from us, much guffawing, but nothing from the scousers as Jeffers collapsed in a heap in the area and stayed there until Raimondo took pity on him and helped him up. Oooh we did feel sorry!! And so the game petered out with United finally feeling the effects of their trip to the land of the rising sun. Our own rising son, namely Ole, left the pitch with a grin as wide as Yorkie's and we wandered out into the dark and cold Manchester evening. Having eaten his fill of chips, more chips and even more chips, earlier in the pub, Nigel hadn't felt it necessary to stop at one of the vans and so was already back at the car with the engine running. On the way back we listened in to Talk Radio and Tom Watt when one call stood out amidst loads of self congratulatory dross from the Geordies and Arse. It was a Geordie who was proclaiming the goal from Druncan Ferguson which had seen off Villa at Villa Park, when he referred to Druncan as Tampax! The helpful caller then explained why, "in one week out for four" he said before he was cut off! We were home in record time and I was greeted by Gina who was wearing her favourite t-shirt bearing the very apt and well worn phrase of the day, "who put the ball in the scousers' net." Good girl. Copyright © 1999 by RED KELLY. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author
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CEREAL THRILLER United's home match with Liverpool on 4 March has been switched to a morning kick-off for live television. Sky Sports will screen the action from 11.30am, making perfect armchair viewing for a late breakfast! The Champions should see the new time as a good omen, having won all of their morning matches against Liverpool in recent seasons.
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Re: WHOSE THE TEAM WE CALL UNITED From: Barry Leeming > At 13:15 04-12-99 -0500, roger murney wrote: > Tommy has enrolled me im the legends membership and has invited > me to the ex players golf dinner,i will make it one year. > my memories of harry mcshane are him spinning some tunes in the sixties. > my particular fave was WHOSE THE TEAM WE CALL UNITED played > as the lads came out of the tunnel. > i have not heard that tune for years ,come on barry lets get it on the site, > cheers and up the reds, > roger murney the red diablo <<<< Hi Roger & the RED internet army Ok gang, of course we can run it on the site but we first have to find it? Anyone with old vinyl records reel to reel tapes (remember them?) Any info or help mail barrylee@post3.tele.dk "Going back in time on the sound of the nation" The Theatre Of Dreams http://www.red11.org/sound 5-1 5-1 5-1 and I was well away at the latest chrissy party!
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Show time for Solskjaer Matt Lawton Tuesday the world, on Saturday the Premiership. It appears no challenge is too great for United as they continue the defence of last season's Treble. There were fears of jet-lag ahead of this encounter with an Everton side determined to relegate Sir Alex Ferguson's newly labelled quadruple winners to second-best in the North-west and record their first victory in eight matches. But any sign of tiredness after their 14-hour return flight from Tokyo disappeared in a breathtaking burst of activity at Old Trafford as Manchester United moved back to the top of the table with one of their finest performances of the season. Ferguson nevertheless chose to take precautions, leaving Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole and David Beckham on the bench in preparation for what promises to be a sterner test in the Champions League against Valencia here on Wednesday. Yet such is the remarkable strength in depth at the wealthiest football club on the planet, that the man he selected to carry the burden of the scoring responsibilities duly responded with four goals. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the hero of the United fans who will always remember him for putting the ball in Bayern Munich's net in last season's European Cup final, does not get many chances to shine. But when he does, he tends to make a strong case for a more regular place in Ferguson's starting line-up and yesterday was no exception. Ferguson must have a deep admiration for the Norwegian striker who year after year displays the patience and loyalty of a saint. He knows he could command a leading role at just about any other club in the country, yet rejects the advances of such suitors as Tottenham and gives his all whenever required. Paul Scholes deserved just as much credit, not just for creating United's opening three goals, but for the way he combined so magnificently in midfield with Roy Keane to ease the absence of Beckham. But then it was difficult not to be impressed by every United player who had followed up their success in the Toyota Cup in midweek with a win as emphatic as this. They may have conceded the first goal, with young Francis Jeffers winning the race to meet a David Unsworth cross in the seventh minute and sending Walter Smith's side into an early lead. And they may have lost Mark Bosnich, the hero in Tokyo, the moment Jeffers' shot hit the back of the net with what appeared to be a hamstring injury. But by then a bright start by United had already seen a Scholes shot blocked by Richard Dunne when it seemed destined to find the net and a quick response was inevitable. A Ryan Giggs free-kick very nearly produced the equaliser when it was met by a Solskjaer header that brought a quite brilliant one-handed save from Everton keeper Paul Gerrard. United no doubt breathed a sigh of relief when Jeffers flicked a header from a Nick Barmby cross past substitute keeper Raimond Van der Gouw and against a post. However, their nerves were eased when a Scholes cross caught Dunne by surprise in the 26th minute and in a moment of madness he handballed, inviting referee Graham Poll to point to the spot. Denis Irwin stepped up and with the accuracy of an assassin left Gerrard clutching at freezing Manchester air. Three minutes later, Scholes produced a perfect pass to split the Everton defence from the halfway line and send Solskjaer, under pressure from David Weir, charging towards the box. Gerrard, the former England Under-21 keeper, got a touch to Solskjaer's shot, but it nevertheless bounced into an open goal. Scholes followed up that piece of magic with another wonderful bit of work, this time from out wide on the right, to give his side the advantage. England's saviour against the Scots set up Solskjaer with a superb ball, and the Norwegian once again made no mistake with a shot that first hit the ground before finding its target. In a display reminiscent of his performance against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground last season, when he scored four after coming as a substitute, Solskjaer was in the mood for more glory after the interval. In the 52nd minute he met an Irwin cross with a clinical header, and just six minutes later he seized on Everton's failure to clear a blocked shot from Giggs with the easiest of his goals. Everton had clearly missed the suspended Don Hutchison, but it was hard to imagine anybody stopping Solskjaer in this thrilling encounter. One wonders, now, whether Ferguson will let him loose against Spanish rivals Valencia in the Champions League tie on Wednesday night. Probably not, but then it is unlikely you will hear the shy, softly spoken 26-year-old complaining. Manchester United (4-4-2): Bosnich 5 (Van der Gouw 7 6); G Neville 7, Stam 7, Silvestre 7 (P Neville 62 6), Irwin 7; Scholes 9, Keane 8, Butt 7, Giggs 7 (Cole 62 6), Solskjaer 9, Sheringham 7. Booked: Butt. Goals: Irwin pen 26, Solskjaer 29, 43, 52, 58. Everton (4-4-2): Gerrard 6; Dunne 6 (Ball 62 6), Weir 5, Gough 6, Unsworth 7; Xavier 6, Collins 6, Pembridge 5, Barmby 6 (Cleland 62 6); Jeffers 7, Campbell 6. Booked: Weir. Goal: Jeffers 7. Referee: G Poll (Tring).
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Man U 5-1 Everton - Sniper Gunnar primes United By Peter Fitton Conquer the world, clamber aboard a jumbo and scream across the heavens in the middle of the night, but never, ever, forget the day job. If Sir Alex Ferguson had demanded an object lesson in football ruthlessness, a public demonstration of professional application and concentration, this, surely, was a performance close to the very margins of perfection at Old Trafford. Manchester United returned to the solid ground of their Premiership home base, riddling Everton with their spectacular firepower, and securing comprehensive victory with such biting efficiency their place at the Championship summit was never in doubt. Manager Ferguson had muttered aloud the private worries that even the adrenaline rush of conquering Brazil's Palmeiras in the World Club shoot-out in Tokyo might not be enough to get his men back in the right combative mood. But all the frowning faces and serious concerns of sleepless nights, jetlag and body clocks were rapidly banished as England's champions buckled down to their normal business. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, at the spear-point of a very different United tactical system in Japan, was granted a few more heavyweight assistants for this particular contest and emphatically showed his gratitude with the second four-goal celebration of his career. Yet even the goalmouth piracy of the formidable Norwegian was eclipsed by the cute intelligence and passing mastery of Paul Scholes, the fulcrum figure in delivering United's first three goals. There were other heroes, naturally, with Roy Keane, predictably enough, in the buccaneering form that made him the match-winner on that 13,000-mile trip halfway across the world on Tuesday night. Teddy Sheringham, too, added the creative influence and control of a footballer mostly redundant this season, but always eagerly waiting in the queue to deliver when it matters. In truth, not one United player could be faulted as Everton's pretence of being high-class competition was left in tattered pieces. There was a very obvious element of contempt in the way Ferguson's team approached the afternoon. And not just because they had the wit and physical resolve to provide five goals in 32 astonishing minutes. They even granted Francis Jeffers, a young marauder of distinction at 18, a goal after seven minutes. And with a goal in his pocket, he was also allowed the space and time to deflect an arching header against the shuddering bar of substitute Raimond van der Gouw. And all of this happened with three of United's most dangerous forwards on the bench. David Beckham and Dwight Yorke stayed there, clearly under convalescence before Wednesday's vitally important Champions League game with Valencia, and Andy Cole was only required to flex his muscles late in the second half. But in this compelling, destructive frame of mind, Ferguson knew he had enough manpower and ammunition to blow Everton apart, even when he lost Mark Bosnich with a hamstring strain in the opening flurry. The Australian goalkeeper limped, despairingly and in agony, towards the tunnel as Jeffers celebrated his clinical finish, courtesy of John Collins' determination and David Unsworth's cross. We waited for the reprisals. The first, clearly an omen all the way from Scandinavia, came when Solskjaer's far-post header forced a moment of inspiration and a remarkable one-handed reflex save from Paul Gerrard. It was his last meaningful act of resistance as, in the 26th minute, Scholes started dropping the grenades that Kevin Keegan made famous in that memorable quote earlier in the season. He slung in a cross in the 26th minute, Sheringham shimmied and ducked, and Richard Dunne bought the dummy as the ball smacked his hand. The penalty formalities were completed by Denis Irwin. Three minutes later the imagination, passing touch and stealth of delivery from Scholes was simply too much for Everton to control. And as the ball dropped on Solskjaer's boot he accelerated away from the stranded David Weir, defying Gerrard with the precision of his strike. The artistry of Scholes served up his second in the 43rd minute when again Weir was the defensive fall guy and Solskjaer, 26, was allowed more freedom and time to exact the full punishment. Some would say Everton boss Walter Smith has 'worked miracles' in dealing with the crisis that has never left Everton in recent seasons. Ferguson repeated the compliment. But when Solskjaer claimed two more goals in the 52nd and 58th minutes the Goodison manager was looking for little less than an act of God to save his team. It never came.
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UNITED A WORLD APART Sir Alex Ferguson admitted he had no idea how his Manchester United stars would react to their globe-trotting but was delighted with their storming 5-1 win over Everton. Ferguson said: "They were tremendous, such character. I actually believe that after watching that display, the game in Japan helped them. They enjoyed being out there and they enjoyed the big occasion. It helped our team spirit. "I never really knew how they were going to react to the travelling we have done, but I was absolutely delighted with the response." United could have been forgiven for needing time to recover from winning the Toyota Cup in Japan, but Old Trafford chief added: "The level of football they showed and the work-rate they achieve makes them a very hard side to beat." But Ferguson revealed that keeper Mark Bosnich is out of Wednesday's Champions League clash with Valencia with a hamstring injury picked up in the early minutes. Ferguson added: "It's the same injury he has had before and he will be out for three or four weeks. Raimond van der Gouw will play against Valencia." Ferguson also explained the thinking behind leaving David Beckham, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole on the bench. He said: "We had to consider certain things. David will now be fresh for Wednesday, and we have two fresh striking options to bring in. "But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has played himself right into the frame with those four goals. He always comes in and takes his chances so well, he always gets them on target. It will be a tough decision whatever I decide." Everton chief Walter Smith was scathing about his side. He said: "The level of defending was as poor as anything I have seen from Everton since I arrived at the club. "We didn't deserve any better. I can't image any worse defending unless I think back to the Boys Brigade."
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