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Date: Thu Aug 05 03:54:34 EDT 1999
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This Issue:
2. Utd vs Wigan - QUICK FIRE MUTV Armchair Report
3. Ferguson in Ince revelations
4. Ferguson - from Old Trafford to the Auld Enemy...


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08-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Everton  (FA Premier League, AWAY)
11-AUG-1999 [20:00] Manchester Utd. vs Sheffield W  (FA Premier League, HOME)
14-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Leeds U  (FA Premier League, HOME)
22-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Premier League, AWAY)


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 Its the presentation of the European Cup at Nou Camp
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Subject: UNITED GATECRASH WIGAN'S PARTY Second Division promotion hopefuls Wigan celebrated the opening of their new 30million JJB Stadium with the visit of Treble champions Manchester United. But England star Paul Scholes gatecrashed the party with a clinical finish nine minutes from time after David Beckham's weighted through ball left him in the clear before he struck the ball past substitute keeper Derek Stillie. Another delightful cross-field ball from Beckham put Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in front of goal and he made no mistake with just three minutes left despite calls for handball from the Wigan defence. Both sides created chances in an open game with United's star Jordi Cruyff hitting the bar twice and Beckham curling a shot against the post. Simon Hawarth, Andy Liddell and Ian Kilford all wasted glorious opportunities for the Latics in the opening half.
Subject: Utd vs Wigan - QUICK FIRE MUTV Armchair Report Final Score 2-0 Scholes 81 Sols 87 Friendly Wednesday 4th August 19.30 Manchester United v Wigan - JJB Stadium complete with BIG screen 25,000 all seater about half full Team: Van der Gouw, P Neville, Curtis, May, Berg(c), Scholes, Beckham, Butt, Solskjaer, Yorke, Cruyff. Bench: Clegg, Bosnich, Healy, Ford, Wellens. Wonderful Stadium perfect pitch Wigan are favorites to win 2nd Division this year UNITED red & white Wigan orange 5 full internationals in Wigan team, stongest team. 01 Wigan attack from start Phil Nev clears 02 Wigan still attacking Van der G saves with his head! 03 Beckham cross to Jordi to Sols ball cleared by Wigan 05 Jordi header against the bar from Phil Neville cross, CLOSE! 06 Cross to Solskjaer well taken by goalkeeper 09 Scholes Yorke one two nearly comes off 12 Good cover play by Berg 14 Decent attack by Wigan but shot wide 15 Becks to Jordi on target but saved on the line Competetive match, Wigan ok and in good shape giving REDS a hard work out CROWD singing "Come on Wigan" 18 Nicky Butt close pass from Scholes, saved 20 Great strike by Ole Gunnar unluckily hits a Wigan player on the way towards the goal 24 Wigan corner strong header just past the post 25 Butt taken out, Beckham free kick 30 yds hits the wall 26 David May gets a knock, goes off - SUB John O'Shea 28 Beckham middle of the park great ball to Jordi, saved by goalkeeper 29 Good chance for Wigan headed JUST wide Van der Gouw beaten 30 Wigan waste another chance shoots just wide 35 Yorke taken out new kick to Becks - too high this time....wry smile :) 36 Good chance inside tjhe area for Wigan wasted, blated over! 37 Sols through brilliant, flicks over to Yorke, but just behind him 38 Scholes 30 yarder just right of the goal great strike! 41 Beckham graeay play creating space cross well taken by goalkeeper 42 Beckham chip saved by Irish goalkeeper who must be trying to impress Sir Alex? 44 Paul Scholes header on target Carrol saves again, reaction save! 45 Entertaining 45 mins half time score 0-0 HT 0-0 Pat McGibbon on for Wigan (former RED) 46 Good football by UNITED McGibbon covers 47 Jordi Cruyff 30 yard shot rams the crossbar and out! WOW=A7! 48 Yorke blasts over the bar from outside area 51 Wigan's turn, blast over the bar! 54 Brilliant RED play Beckham Yorke Solskjaer still kept out by goalie! 55 End to end stuff ... Wigan hurried shot over bar 56 Scholes combines with Ole just blocked 57 Hayward for Wigan way over again 58 Yorke good play to Becks cross headed wide Butt off Healy on 60 Curtis hard cross over, Jordi tries but too hard to control 64 Stuart Barlow another chance wasted, wide 65 Becks discusses off the ball, referee warning 70 Becks goes for goal just outside pen area hits the post! 75 Cruyff goes through wide of post 80 Dwight yorke through blocked 81 Scholes put through by Jordi accelerates, bang, middle of goal 1-0! P.Neville off Clegg ON 83 Crowd behind Wigan, attack but caught offside 87 CLASS goal by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Becks put him through who else! 2-0 88 Wigan head over bar good chance 90 Van der Gouw clean sheet Full time 2-0 Barry's MOM David Beckham, brilliant stuff! Chances galore really entertaining match MUFC Hon. Executive CP Cheah Webmasters: Barry Leeming & Bill McArthur Stats: Masterfan 1999 Paul Hinson Design: Diana Low Graphics: Justin Eagleton & Sam Hayward Url: http://www.red11.org Webmaster Mail: barry@www.red11.org World of Manchester United Football Club. Daily News: http://www.red11.org/mufc/news World of Manchester United Football Club: Multi-media [under construction] Barce Diary: http://www.red11.org/mufc/barcelona.htm "RED sky at night UNITED delight"
Subject: Ferguson in Ince revelations Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has criticised Paul Ince for his disruptive actions, which resulted in his exit from United four years ago. Many eyebrows were raised when Ince departed Old Trafford for Inter Milan in 1995, but it has now been revealed in his serialised autobiography that it was the 'no longer tolerable' actions of Ince that forced him into the sale. "I needed to be in control of my team and felt Paul was no longer playing to the discipline I demanded," explained Ferguson. He continues: "Ince had reached an age of maturity and this 'Guv'nor' nonsense should have been left in his toy box. "I decided that his attitude and performance had altered to a degree that made them no longer tolerable." Ferguson also goes on to express his disappointment at never landing Paul Gascoigne, saying: "If he had signed for United he would not have had nearly as many problems."
Subject: Ferguson - from Old Trafford to the Auld Enemy... By Graham Hunter Thursday, August 5, 1999 Presumably, those who reckon that Alex Ferguson could never in a month of Sundays become manager of England are part of the same Greek Chorus of sceptics which predicted that a socialist shop steward from Govan would never accept a knighthood. Indeed, they will be from the same monovisioned tendency already writing stories about which player would be Ferguson's first signing for Rangers when his old club came knocking at Pittodrie's door after sacking John Greig. People have been misjudging this ambitious man from his first days in football. They went on to declare that even Houdini couldn't escape the sack at Old Trafford in early 1990, they pre-judged whether Ferguson could forgive Eric Cantona for his kungfu kick, then they gave the manager's tactical ability to win the European Cup the thumbs down. However, he is 100 per cent his own man, not averse to changing his mind on previously held convictions and not to be second guessed lightly. Will Sir Alex Ferguson become the first Scot ever to boss the Auld Enemy, thereby erasing his own, admitted, delight at beating England at any possible opportunity? Impossible to confirm with cast iron security. Is he worth, in his own parlance, a hefty each-way bet based on good inside information? A very different matter altogether. Ferguson will leave Old Trafford in June 2002 for two simple reasons - he doesn't intend to sign another club contract at that age and neither he, nor United, will be foolish enough to replicate the spectral presence which Sir Matt Busby had after giving up power. Perhaps it was coincidence that those were the years when United suffered their greatest footballing indignities but no manager needs a legend peering over his shoulder and tut-tutting when old routines are changed. The Football Association have long since discarded any chauvinistic attitude towards the nationality of their coach and if such dinosaurs can use their pea-brains to good effect, then don't think that Ferguson's lively mind is stuck in the past. His nationalism is strong but it is not xenophobic - Ferguson could manage England if the circumstances appealed to him. Scotland has appeal but, having supped from the European Cup, drunk the draught of doubles and been lord of all he surveys, could Sir Alex tolerate patching together a squad in order to fight for a draw with Finland? No. Does he have a shrewd gambler's mind which can play the 'long game'? Yes. England will not win a trophy between now and 2002, thereby leaving the current stretch of 33 unsuccessful years unchanged, but the following European Championships and World Cup do offer great opportunities. By July 2000 Ferguson, and everyone else in the world, will know where the 2006 World Cup is to be held. If it is in England then you can expect people to be knocked down and trampled underfoot in the rush to be first in line for the job at that time. For Ferguson the potential is greater than for anyone else. He is already the only man to win titles in England and Scotland, he has the European Cup plus four other European medals, both this January and then the following season he will have the chance to make his club world champions - only the World Cup and the European Championships are left. It is early to be talking about 2006 but if Ferguson believed that he could make England, at home, potential winners then he has the sweet carrot of aiming for a trophy record which would make him unique in the history of world football. Of the countries which might be contenders for either of the major international crowns, only England would offer him a post, but where better? By 2002 he will have worked in that country for 16 years, longer than his management career in Scotland. Some of his United kids will be reaching their peak and it is commonly held that a new generation of technically and professionally mature footballers is emerging. Joe Cole, Michael Owen, Kieron Dyer and Rio Ferdinand are simply a fistful of names which will have been matched and overtaken in the next few seasons. Ferguson is driven by ambition, hunger and an incessant need to better his achievements - and the FA are spurred on by the belief that their man is within their sights - and only three years away from being within their grasp.

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