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Date: Sat Jun 05 00:15:29 EDT 1999
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This Issue:
1. Audio - Winning the European Cup Nou Camp 1999
2. Mark Hughes thoughts by OUR SALFORD LASS
3. END OF TERM REPORT by Paul Hinson
5. Man Utd plan Sutton raid??
6. Personal Barcelona Report by Malcolm Spicer
7. Personal Barcelona Report by Bill White


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CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Audio - Winning the European Cup Nou Camp 1999 MORE WANTED IF YOU HAVE ANY? ..... Esp Manchester Radio!!!! SO FAR THE ARCHIVE IS ALL THESE FILES ARE THE 2 GOALS: Talk radio: 126723 Jun 4 07:54 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/talk_radio_sheringham.rm 126721 Jun 4 07:53 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/talk_radio_solskjaer.rm 1323058 Jun 4 07:59 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/talkradio_sher.wav 1323058 Jun 4 07:56 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/talkradio_sol.wav Radio 5 live: 27078 Jun 1 14:10 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/sheringham_cl99.rm 768044 Jun 1 12:51 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/sheringham_cl99.wav 40447 Jun 1 14:10 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/solskjaer_cl99.rm 1105964 Jun 1 11:46 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/solskjaer_cl99.wav Danish TV3: 78574 Jun 1 14:11 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/sheringham_dk.rm 110673 Jun 1 14:11 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/solskjaer_dk.rm NEWS Bosnich 78646 Jun 1 14:12 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/990601_bosnich.rm 111111 Jun 1 14:12 http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/petervbosnich.rm OTHER AVAILABLE FILES: http://www.red11.org/mufc/sound/99/ 48105 Apr 13 13:55 120499alexfac.ra 56 Apr 13 13:57 120499alexfac.ram 147423 Apr 12 13:24 120499bobbyfac.rm 2974230 Apr 12 13:31 120499david_meek.rm 206635 Apr 12 10:35 120499keanefac.rm 25088 Apr 12 10:36 120499keanfac.mp3 81392 Apr 11 13:54 990411alex.mp3 36639 May 12 15:12 990411alex.rm 812318 Apr 11 13:16 990411bskbdirreaction.mp3 361328 Apr 11 14:23 990411bskbdirreaction.ra 66 Apr 14 11:08 990411bskbdirreaction.ram 75906 Apr 11 13:13 990411bskybmacari.mp3 70500 Apr 11 13:54 990411keane.mp3 150280 Apr 11 13:16 990411nevpfacup.mp3 218085 Apr 14 18:15 990414alexcomms_facss.ra 59560 Apr 14 18:14 990414macari_on_performance.ra 45023 Apr 16 19:30 990416bskyb_david_gill.ra 58086 Apr 16 19:30 990416henning_berg.ra 225731 Apr 16 19:28 990416steve_mcclaren.ra 538960 Apr 18 13:20 990418phil_nev.ra 118761 Apr 19 17:57 990419_david_may_utd_city.ra 72926 Apr 19 09:05 990419_juve_pre.ra 78660 Apr 19 17:57 990419_paddy.ra 252474 Apr 20 15:15 990420alex_italy.ra 223816 Apr 20 15:14 990420johnsen_may.ra 135954 Apr 22 14:17 990422peter_on_clsf.rm 65276 Apr 23 12:00 990423_alex.rm 109220 Apr 23 12:00 990423_wes_speaks_out.rm 164603 Apr 25 07:33 990425_alex_leedsa.rm 296395 Apr 26 10:33 990426_alex_may.rm 74832 Apr 27 10:47 990427_alex_on_injuries.rm 155068 Apr 28 10:20 990428_becks.rm 80568 Apr 30 00:44 990428_dennis_irwin.rm 262024 Apr 30 00:44 990429_denis_irwin_on_villa.rm 162708 May 1 01:28 990430jesper_blomqvist.rm 130226 Apr 27 10:47 990437_ryan_on_injury.rm 143584 May 1 10:52 990501_alex_after_villa.rm 126404 May 1 10:51 990501_becks_after_villa.rm 223808 May 3 10:36 990503_alex_on_liverpool.rm 164603 May 4 10:55 990504_jaap_stam_on_liverpool.rm 128309 May 5 14:41 99050599_alex_after_liverpool.rm 166511 May 7 11:58 990507_denis_irwin_day_after_sending_off.rm 155050 May 8 09:31 990508_andy_cole_on_boro.rm 128315 May 9 22:51 990509_frank_stapleton_after_boro.rm 151233 May 9 22:50 990509_willy_morgan_after_boro.rm 126530 Apr 16 19:29 990516alex.ra 111127 May 6 23:28 990605_alex_liverpool.rm 265836 May 15 10:26 99teddy_before_spurs.rm 506585 May 21 00:37 Barcelona.rm 1011046 Apr 21 03:07 Paul_Hinson_Masterfan_1999.rm 135944 May 12 15:13 alex_after_blackburn.rm 155048 May 14 12:20 alex_before_spurs.rm 113031 May 4 10:54 alex_ferguson_profile.rm 160789 May 16 17:29 alex_peter_interview_champs99.rm 13548 May 14 16:29 anschm.gif 124498 May 12 11:14 barry_poem_before_blackburn.rm 137866 May 16 17:29 becks_after_prem99.rm 391899 May 16 17:31 celebrations1_prem_99.rm 325050 May 16 17:30 celebrations2_prem_99.rm 114948 Apr 23 11:59 clf_tickets.rm 733771 May 3 00:24 david_beckham_profile_99.rm 898035 May 3 00:27 david_beckham_profile_99_pt2.rm 1576102 May 17 11:55 david_conn_paddy.rm 40448 May 17 13:23 david_conn_paddy2.rm 178053 Apr 26 10:32 dwight99.rm 223819 May 16 17:30 dwight_after_prem99.rm 120675 May 14 10:19 dwight_andy_nicky_before_spurs.rm 760524 Apr 17 09:28 edwards_martin_170499.ra 307176 May 16 06:40 eric_to_pl_champ_story.rm 248643 Apr 16 19:27 gary_neville_april_99.ra 76174 Apr 16 19:29 giggs_scores.ra 286109 Apr 16 19:30 glory_glory_accordian.ra 65332 Apr 16 19:29 glory_glory_intro.ra 65332 Apr 16 19:29 glory_glory_intro.wav 40739 May 21 00:51 index.htm 59560 May 14 12:19 jim_ryan_mark_wison.rm 113079 May 11 03:34 lift_it_high.rm 229541 May 4 10:54 martin_edwards_on _fergie.rm 3159479 May 17 18:17 matt_busby_bbc2_99.rm drwxrwx--- 2 ftpuser ftpusers 2048 Feb 6 09:46 nota 158879 May 11 14:53 paddy_after_leeds_arse.rm 36633 May 6 23:28 paddy_crerand_on_ellary99.rm 869394 Apr 20 16:45 paul_hinson_masterfan.ra 34724 Apr 20 16:45 paul_hinson_masterfanclip.ra 72919 May 6 23:28 paul_ince_after_liverpool99.rm 38571 Apr 14 18:13 peteleaving99.ra 399536 May 1 06:06 peter_schmeichel.rm 137854 May 21 00:36 player_talk__on_cupfinal.rm 156972 Apr 16 19:28 preseason_1999.ra 74830 May 12 10:56 roy_keane_injury.rm 195161 May 8 10:44 ryan_giggs_before_boro_interview.rm 894223 Apr 17 13:09 ryan_giggs_profile_pt1.ra 880851 Apr 17 13:11 ryan_giggs_profile_pt2.ra 86289 Apr 17 09:16 sheffwed_h_report.ra 72927 Apr 16 19:28 steve_mcclaren_on_is_peter_staying.ra 170337 May 11 03:34 steve_paddy_after_boro.rm 2536 Apr 19 01:53 unitedtog2.jpg MUFC Hon. 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CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Mark Hughes thoughts by OUR SALFORD LASS From: OUR SALFORD LASS Re: I'm jealous of United's new breed, says veteran Hughes At 10:12 04/06/99 +0200, Sparky said: >Former United favourite Hughes, who plays alongside Giggs against Italy >tomorrow night in Bologna in a critical European Championship qualifier, >said: 'I was a bit jealous of the United players in the end because they >will now be revered for years to come. Sparky, if you are reading this be jealous no more. You are already revered by Reds all over the world and always will be. Reading this made me cry - Mark Hughes was (and still is) my favourite player since Bobby Charlton in the sixties. He will always be top of my list of United legends because, whatever he says, it was him and Eric and Brucey and Pally and the rest of that great side who started all this. Who began the great movement that has become the Manchester United of the 90's. I love this present team and what they have achieved but (I suspect along with everyone else who was around at the time) there is a very, very special place in my heart for that team - the team that won the league and the double for us for the first time. Whatever this team achieves now (and they will achieve much) that will take nothing away from the way I feel about Sparky and the other lads. Just as as I still love Eddie as much today as I did 40 years ago. How I wish we could find some way of bringing Sparky back to OT - on the coaching staff perhaps? OUR SALFORD LASS
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: END OF TERM REPORT by Paul Hinson by Mr Ferguson (Headmaster) My deputy, Mr Kidd, departed to Ewood Comprehensive in December to take up a better post, and we wished him well on what proved to be a difficult job. Mr McClaren took over his role, and since then the school results have never looked brighter. The pupils have passed every test since Christmas and we are the envy of many a school. Mr Edwards, speaking on behalf of the Governers, says funds will be limited for the coming 12 months, but I am sure we will raise some cash from the usual sources, raffles, etc. Last summer we accepted a donation from Mr Gregory at Villa Park Remedial School which we were most grateful for. Soon in August we shall greet our new boys, including young Bosnich, who will be trying to improve his education after a tough spell at an impoverished inner-city institution in Birmingham. He will find our standards high, but we wish all our scholars well. Class #1 of 1999 Beckham D 9/10 Rumours about misbehaviour during the Summer recess, but David's attitude in class is as good as it ever has been. Taunted by boys from other schools because he helps a young single mother in the area. Helped make Sports Day a day to remember with his typically unselfish efforts. Can we get this boy to get his hair cut? Berg H 7/10 Was upset that the size of the class was increased, but after Christmas put in some very good assignments. Missed the vital last Term after a scuffle with an Italian boy here on a visit, but is a key part of this schools future. Blomqvist J 5/10 Trying hard to shake off the image as the school 'nerd'. Would have done better in European Studies if he had stuck to his Left-Wing views. Tended to muddle his answers, however for a new boy he might improve. A more direct approach to exams needed next term. Brown W 6/10 Big, strapping boy with a great future (note to Matron - is he eating too many School Dinners?). Wes promises a lot in future exams, as long as he concentrates, does not over-elaborate, and pay heed to the amount of time he has. Butt N 7/10 Does not get much praise for his tireless efforts. A couple of poor results in Gun Studies and Spanish apart in September, he has excelled in Mettle-Work. When we were short of volunteers on Sports Day to do the fetching and carrying Nicky filled the breach as always. Cole A 8/10 This boy keeps his head down and works very hard. Though other children promise more, he continues to gain high marks. Improved greatly since his 'cousin' joined the class, especially when they are paired together and create some fine results. Andy loves his Soul music! Cruyff J 3/10 His truancy a problem for all the staff. Not enough application, apart from flickers of ability when tested on Saints and Rams. His father taking him away on lengthy holidays in Spain during Termtime does not help his education. Bearing in mind the hefty fees, Jordi may not see out another year with us. Curtis J 6/10 Moved up a grade, and John has made slow but steady progress. Has found competition in his best subject to be fierce, and is having extra tuition from Mr Wilkinson. Giggs R 8/10 Still the enigma of the school. Hamstrung with indecision at times over his best options, but a Wizard when it comes to the closing moments of an difficult mock-exam. Seaman stains excusable bearing in mind his wondrous talent, but Ryan must respect his school uniform more when in public. Put in the wrong event on Sports Day but still proved to be a winner. Greening J 6/10 Has some promise, but a few 'Bad-hair' days hamper his final results. Found it a big jump from the Infants, where he scored very well. Irwin D 8/10 Another solid year of achievement for a quiet, thoughtful scholar. Best in year at History, we tried to stretch his abilties with 'spot-tests' but apart from one failure when distracted by Villans Denis came through well. Johnsen R 7/10 We moved this boy alongside young Stam and expected great things, but a flood of Sick-Notes caused him to miss half the year. Matron is concerned about Ronnys 'grubby knees' but he ended the Term well with passes in all the exams. Keane R 8/10 Head-Boy once again, he is always keen and full of effort. Roy has become less impetuous and more thoughtful in his approach. Missed Sports Day due to a detention picked up in Italy on a field trip, but a great year for the boy. May D 6/10 Missed so much of the year through illness, he knew his Final results would be less than perfect. Still popular amongst his colleagues, David is the envy of one or two scholars in the North-East of England. Neville G (major) 8/10 Came back from Summer Holidays tired and worn out. I think he had overdone it on vacation in France, but after a brief rest, he was as game as ever. Always respected by his peers, Gary will never be top of the class, but works hard on his subjects. Neville P (minor) 7/10 In the shadow of his brother, but is capable of good work in many different subjects. Phil almost blew his examination in Gun Studies in April, but still emerged with a pass. Also a Distinction in Danish back in November, though this was an easy test. Schmeichel P 8/10 Peter lost his way during the first part of the Term, and even brought in a note asking could he move to another school. However, regained his highest standards, and still unbeatable at Geometry. Will be missed in the Choir, with that powerful range of his, and we wish him well. Scholes P 8/10 A lively boy, full of surprises. Earned a special Distinction for an exhibition of Polish Crafts in London, and his mastery of Italian again evident. Won the school a trophy for Shooting in May. Paul too was excused Sports Day due to an outbreak of Yellow Fever contracted in Turin. Sheringham E 7/10 When he joined the school, his complacent attitude belied a catalogue of non-achievement at other educational establishments. At last, after a year of Soul-searching, the penny has finally dropped. Despite little revision, Teddy shone in the final exams and fully deserves the flash car his parents had promised his as a reward. Solskjaer OG 8/10 A remarkable scholar, who achieves so much in so little time. He takes every opportunity he can to impress. other boys have more expensive educations, but he gained us the Main Prize on Sports Day, and will never be forgotten. Ole also excelled in a rapid-fire Turkey Shoot at Nottingham in February. Stam J 9/10 Jaap shows good attention to detail, and likes to get right on top of the subject in hand. Dismissed any doubts with poise and class, and even the School Song has been modified to sing his praises. His English is as good as anyone in the year. Gives the impression of a 'Bully' from a distance but a likeable lad. Van der Gouw R 7/10 Stayed at the back of the class for most of the year, but when called upon was impressive. A genius at Woodwork, Rai achieved top marks when tested on Saints, Shakers and Owls. Yorke D 9/10 Labelled a 'Troublemaker' by his former Head, this boy has been superb for the school. Voted 'Best Newcomer' by his peers, his abilities remind me of Eric, our famous old-boy, whose name still adorns our Honours Board. Dwight spends a lot of time behind the Bike-Sheds, but he knows that I am watching him! 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CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: UNITED KEEPER HELD OVER LAP DANCE CLUB 'ROBBERY' Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich is being questioned on suspicion of assaulting and robbing a newspaper photographer after a night out at a Birmingham lap-dancing club. The victim of the alleged assault - on the eve of Bosnich's wedding - is believed to be an agency journalist working for a national newspaper at the time of the incident. Speaking from his home in Small Heath, Birmingham, photographer Jamie Jones declined to comment about the fracas allegedly involving Bosnich, who joined United on a free transfer from Aston Villa just two days ago and was due to be married this afternoon. A West Midlands Police spokeswoman shed some light on the events when she said: "Officers were called to an incident in Wrottesley Street in Birmingham city centre at 1.48am, where a man from the Birmingham area alleged that he had been attacked and robbed. "A 27-year-old man from Little Aston, Staffordshire, was arrested at 7am on suspicion of robbery. "He is currently being interviewed by police at Sutton Coldfield Police Station." Bosnich was questioned by police after being arrested at his Staffordshire home. The incident is reported to have followed an evening's entertainment at the Legs Eleven nightclub, Birmingham's most popular lap-dancing venue.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Man Utd plan Sutton raid?? Wantaway Blackburn striker Chris Sutton is said to be interesting Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. According to reports in the press, Ferguson is planning a 10 million bid for the England striker as he attempts to reinforce his Treble-winning squad. Ferguson, who has been linked with a move for the 25-year-old striker in the past, is said to admire Sutton's versatility. The former Norwich star can operate as a centre back as well as up front. Sutton, of course, has an escape clause in his contract that allows him to leave Blackburn following their relegation from the Premiership. Leeds, Spurs, Arsenal and a host of other top flight clubs have already been linked with the striker. However, despite news of Ferguson's interest, United are unlikely to make any immediate bid with both Ferguson and chairman and chief executive Martin Edwards both away enjoying summer sabbaticals.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Malcolm Spicer I'm a Red. I'm 50 years old. Lived in M/Cr from birth to 20. Started going to OT at 3 years old (reserve games, youth team etc) with my dad. At 9 was at every home first team game. At 13 was at every home and away game, every youth or reserve game possible, wherever it was. Carried on till 20. Then moved to London. Last full game I saw before leaving the country was the '68 final at Wembley! Lived in a dozen countries. Had a full life. Done most things, good and bad, been rich and poor. Had lots of excitement and life has been very eventful. I live now in the Bahamas and have had to be satisfied with following United wherever possible through newspapers and TV. With recent Internet access the whole scene has changed and I have been able to follow my heroes of old in detail, thanks in main part to Barry and Co. on their marvelous site. my browser opens to their page every day. But something this year was drawing me into having to be there at the end of this season. Like a powerful magnet was attracting me I had to come in person to witness the end of this season. I own my own business and so, following the Semi final against Juventus I booked tickets to come to England and be there when the season ended. Had no tickets for anything and was told little chance of any so arrived in England on the Friday following the Championship win with my young son. Decided to go to Wembley Friday to see if anyone was there selling tickets. Not a soul. Overnighted in IBIS hotel near Heathrow and went to Uxbridge Saturday morning. parked car and Underground to Wembley at 9:00. made up a sign offering to buy tickets and after about an hour paid 500 pounds for 2- 70 pound tickets. Into Wembley at 1:00 and soaked it all in till the end. It was my sons first live soccer game. The double! Both of us in ecstacy. That's how it used to be I thought. Drove home to folks in Middlesbrough straight after game and went about trying to get tickets for Barca. No luck. Tried to get flight. No chance. Worked out all sorts of routes - via channel tunnel, ferry, drive down thro France, tried to get flight to Montpelier or Toulouse and then rental car. No luck. Tried to get flight to Madrid. No luck. But I wasn't giving in. Went to Manchester on Tuesday to visit all my relatives that I hadn't seen in many years. Aunts, uncles, cousins etc but my real motive was to try and find tickets of some sort and a way to get to Barca. All day family. By the evening I was in a daze. I was being offered rum and cokes everywhere (my local drink). I was dizzy. Phone calls started coming in following the results of my constant enquiries through the day. Then it came. My cousin had a ticket for me but I had to pick it up at Barca. Followed were frantic phone calls to every Ceefax sight and every travel agent in the book. They all laughed at me. My other cousin called a friend who called a friend and at 11:00pm on Tuesday night came the call back. Cancellation on Birmingham-Barca flight in the morning but on club class British Hairwaves. 760 pounds. To hell with it. I was there for a reason. Already spent more than I can count. Ticket was delivered to me one hour later near Heaton Park. Back to Middlesbrough to parents. Off to Newcastle in the morning for flight to Birmingham for flight to Barca. By 2:00 was by Reding hotel picking up ticket and the excitement was intense. United fans everywhere. Like 100-1 to Munchies. Unbelievable sight. The word unbelievable was beginning to become the only word to remotely describe the sensation. I've never seen so many United fans so visible before. In London on the Friday and Saturday it was the opposite. Took my son round London sights and all we saw were Newcastle fans. Trafalgar Square was awash with the bar codes. Newcastle everywhere. Going to the game from Uxbridge. Newcastle fans everywhere. Guess it's not an occasion we get excited about anymore. Cue Barcelona. Unbelievable. I had one thing on my mind. Get to the ground. On the Metro to Christina something or other for 145 something or other and there I was. The ground was sort of off a main thoroughfare behind some other buildings and down a short hill. Seemed a strange place for the most remarkable ground I've ever seen. Reds everywhere. Decided to go straight in the ground as I wanted to soak in the atmosphere. Glad I did as I heard all sorts of horror stories of the police later as kick off neared. What a ground! Tier after tier climbing up to Sir Matt in the heavens! Couldn't find any f***ng programmes. Non inside. Non outside. Started to curse at one of the officials at the gate who was treating me badly. A nearbye police thug started looking at me wierdly so I departed quickly. They must have lost a fortune by not having programmes available. They didn't seem to give a shit. Drank 4 beers which seemed to have no effect and then discovered they were non-bloody-alcoholic! No real food except for chips. No meat pies or pasties. No burgers. No sandwiches. Bloody ice buns and sticky sugary pastry. 6 week old bread that broke your jaw trying to chew it. Actually it strengthened the jaw muscles for what was to happen later but I didn't think of that then. I was to the right of centre circle, second tier at the United end. I was nervous. Why the hell was I here. I should be lying on the beach on my little island in the Bahamas (Abaco, by the way) listening to this on the short wave, shouldn't I? What compelled me to travel all this way, spend the last week begging and knowing that after the game I had nowhere to sleep or go to. I should have been doing this 25 years ago not now. I was having serious thoughts about my sanity and sense of responsibility. My wife thought I was out of my mind. Others on my island could not believe I was going all that way to watch a soccer game, after all what other sports are there after football (American), Netball (sorry, basketball) and rounders (oops, baseball). Even my sons thought I'd cracked up. Trying to explain that football's more important than sex, politics, work and just about anything (except family, well sometimes......) doesn't go down too well. The pre-match entertainment was beginning. Inflatable Barca sites were comical. I don't know if they were meant to be serious but they looked comical. Then Freddie Mercury began singing a surreal duet with whatshername who was being driven around on a golf cart. Good to see you back Freddie. "How's Matt?", I thought. Unbelievable. Lots of dancing girls came out then and they seemed to be avoiding the Munchies end. Weird. Nice girls though. Bouncing. Now there were a few of my favourite things! We were getting close. The ground was filling up now. It had been sorta empty for a while. Seemed like more Munchies than Reds to begin with. Schmeiks came out to a giant roar and did his usual foreplay. Then it was time. The teams were out. Reds were everywhere. 4-1 I reckon. The operas were over. All other thoughts disappeared. This was it. Game on. The spectacle was tremendous. To see our Reds down there as Stars of the show was history in itself I thought. I never wanted it to end. I was on cloud nine. I was so loving it. Until 6 minutes later. Then the script went wrong. This was not supposed to happen. Still, I thought, lots of time left. We do this all the time don't we? Of course we do. The people round me were all saying the same. We were encouraging each other and making ourselves feel better. Lots of time. Cheering on the lads. Looked like most of the ground were Reds. And I heard another 20,000 or so outside and in Barca. Minutes ticked by. They kept showing that bloody goal on the big screens. Half time came and went. The second half seemed to last about 4 minutes up to where the clocks showed 45 minutes up. The lads had fought well but didn't seem to even look like they were going to score. Big wave of depression came over me. All this way. All that money. Why had I come. Why had I felt so drawn here. I've not seen the Reds play live since '68. Maybe I really am crazy, maybe I shouldn't have come. The wife was right. Must never do this again. I'm a fool. This is stupid. Where am I going to sleep. Why didn't I arrange for accomodation. I hate the Germans. Still, I got to Wembley. I'm miserable. This sucks. Maybe I should leave now. I can't take watching the Munchies take the cup. Last flash of genius from Beckham. We get a corner. Schmeiks is there. Sure he got a touch, Yorke misheads, bad clearance, Giggs poor shot, Sheringham's there. Explosion!!!!!!! No offside. Triple orgasm. My head explodes with delight. My whole body becomes a raging screaming shouting monster. I am totally aghast. I'm on the floor. I'm up again. I'm kissing complete strangers. I'm hugging and kissing anything that moves. I'm on the floor again. I'm looking up to the heavens. I see Matt winking at me! I'm screaming but there's no sound coming out of my mouth! I sorta calm down to a quivering, shouting, arms to the heavens, semi-normal person. My thoughts, a million in fractions of a second, were on extra time. We must do it now. The guy next to me says "we're going to score again". Ole has the ball in the same corner. Fukker blocks it for a corner. Becks again runs over. They seem in a rush for something. All my blood rushes to my head. I'm thinking if they score now I'll explode and die. I see Sheringham come running in and I literally have goose bumps all over me. The ball glances to Ole and I see the net bulge. No chance of offside with the Munchies on the goal line. At this point I transferred to another zone. I was no longer on Earth. My whole presence was in some fairy tale, story book, Roy of the Rovers, Dr. Strange, Friday 13th, slow motion, Alice in Wonderland state. The roars and frenzy and arm waving and intensity were all beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Others around were in total disbelief. I never heard or saw the final whistle. In all my 50 years of emotions nothing came even close to this. Ballistic doesn't come close. Mental doesn't come close. This was beyond the beyond. From hell to heaven in a flash. To get this feeling you have to have been an all time Red fan and have to have gone with the emotions over the years. This was why I came. This was why I was here. I'm not crazy. I knew there was a reason. I felt it in my bones all year. There was a magnet drawing me and this was it. Destiny, fate, is all it could possibly be. Have I done all this before and so knew why I had to be there? Magic. Supernatural, call it what you may, but this was written and I knew I had to be there. I stayed in the ground till I was thrown out, absorbing every second like it was a pleasure drug. I wandered out into the streets. The words unbelievable were rolling off my lips every few seconds. My feet were not touching the ground I'm sure. This was surely a dream. I wandered into the Metro. Something was wrong. The train wouldn't move. It was hot. I didn't care. The sweat was pouring off me. Who cares. I had this smile on my face which could have got me arrested in many countries. The metro started. Back to Ramblas. What a scene. Reds everywhere. Singing, smiling, shaking their heads. Everyone was reliving that last five minutes. The beer was flowing. I was behind the statue where the group was singing all night. I bought beer after beer. I sat on a chair with my feet up and sang and smiled and hadn't a care in the World. Around 4:00am I found a taxi and headed for the airport. Found a nice corner along with many other Reds and drifted off. Awoke around 9:00am. Plane not till 2:30 in the afternoon. Did it really happen? Went to the news stand and there it was. Newspapers declaring that it really did happen and expressing the same dumbfounded unbelievable sense of unreality I had witnessed. It's a week later now. I'm back on my little island. I'm still singing the calypso song as I go to sleep and I wake up with a smile on my face as I go over and over those 2 goals. I must have watched the video of the last 5 minutes a hundred times. I still get goosebumps every time. It'll never leave me. I never want it to. I want this feeling to last forever. To all those Reds that were there and all those millions more that watched it on TV I feel so proud that not only has my team from my birthplace become the World's best but that the whole world was watching and the supporters to a man behaved themselves impeccably. What a show! What a night! What a life! Bahama Red malspicer@hotmail.com
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Bill White I had just turned was eight years old on that night in 1968 and watched the match on a black and white television in Barrow-in-Furness. I can remember it like yesterday. The next morning at school a boy who had been to the game stood up and recalled the events he had actually witnessed, how I envied him. On the 21 of May 1999 my son Daniel would have his eighth bithday, so the morning after the semi-final I realised then it was our destiny that we must go to Barcelona. Most of the flights had already been booked by that time but I managed to get a package deal week in Salou by coach for 500 including accomodation, I was convinced we would get tickets for the match. So on the morning of Saturday 22 May my wife Carol, 4 year old daughter Samantha, son Daniel and I set off for Spain (without tickets). The only dissappointing thing about this was that we had to listen to the FA Cup final on a radio at the stern of the cross channel ferry. I tried to bribe one of the crew to let me watch the match on the TV in the mess but he woul'nt listen - probably an Arsenal fan. All my attempts at getting the tickets had failed. I did not have the tokens for the ManU allocation so my best hope was through the Spanish FA in Madrid via a friend of a friend who lived in Spain. However this ultimately proved to be unsucessful, I guess the touts had got there first. Nevertheless we arrived in Salou on the Sunday and began to make enquiries amongst the Spanish and English communities. By Tuesday we still had not got any and the place was heaving. The party had already begun in the hotels and bars around the resort, what an atmosphere. Undaunted on Wednesday the 26 May 1999 we hired a car and the four of us set off for Barcelona. There had been rumours flying around that they would open the gates for safety reasons, I was'nt going to miss out on that. On arrival we entered the Avenue Diagonal and were confronted by a sea of red shirts. After parking the car we set off to find the ground and investigate the ticket situation. By about 5.30pm we had found the ground and witnessed several touting incidents involving hundreds of pounds. I just missed out on some for the German end at 80, which I would have gone for but was too slow. Another incident involved a virtual mugging where one tout was stupid enough to show a ticket to a cowd of supporters hoping to initiate some kind of auction, serves the idiot right. The heat of the city was beginning to take it's toll, especially on Samantha. As most of the bars and cafes were full we decided to take refuge in the restraunte of the Courte de Ingles, which was air conditioned. Just like everywhere else in the city the place was full of reds, most of whom appeared to have tickets. Looking down from the roof terrace the sea of red shirts had began to flow slowly to the ground. About 2 hours before kick off we started to make our way back to the stadium, you could sense the feeling of desperation amongst those who had not yet secured their seats, or maybe it was just my own. As we passed the Queen Sophia Hotel and headed down the ramp the the crowd had begun to compact into the restricted space. I was becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of my family. However, once passed the initial barrier of police, the space openned up and it was quite safe. Unfortunately this was as far as we could go without a ticket. We then considered our next move. Do we turn back and look for a bar to watch the game? Do we wait and see if they let us in? The latter seemed a forlorn hope as I contemplated the aura of menace surrounding the Spanish police with their ferocious dogs and battons at the ready. Then it happened, a young spanish man appeared from nowhere asking if we needed tickets . "How much"? was my inevitable response. "75,000 pesetas" came the reply, roughly equating to 300, at which point the guy must have read my facial expression and immediately came down to 50,000(200) pesetas. He must have been getting anxious as kick off approached and I sensed this. I decided to take the bull by the horns and told him how much I would pay for two tickets (unfortunetely Carol and Samantha would have to miss out) and we settled at 55,000(220) pesetas, the tout had assured me they were very good seats. Of course my immediate thought was that they might be forgeries, but I reconciled this in my mind by thinking so what, it's worth the risk. So we waved the goodbye to Carol and Samantha and arranged to meet them outside the Queen Sophia Hotel at 10.45pm or 11.45pm, depending on how the game went. We moved through the next barrier of police and made our way to gate 2. Quite a crowd had gathered and there was some serious pushing going on as everyone, including the police, became increasingly agitated. It was'nt long before the battons were out and those at the front were being hit quite ferociously. A flash of paranoia went through my mind, they may have planned to close the gates 15 minutes before kick off and the Spanish tout probably knew which is why he was getting deperate to sell, anyway too late to worry about that now. I noticed the police surrounding the group and at this point I backed off, there was no way I was going to get invoved in that when I had my eight year old son with me. This actually worked in our favour as just along fom where we were stood there was no pushing and they were letting people in. Within seconds we were through and moved on to the turnstiles. This was the moment of truth, the tickets were scanned and to our absolute delight we were allowed in. We found our seats and the tout had been right they were brilliant, on the edge of the United box in the second teir, what a view. No sooner had we sat down when the infamous free kick was awarded and Mario Basler stepped up and banged one in. I experienced a range of emotions during that first half ranging from fear to despair: were Carol and Samantha OK ?; did we have enough money to get back to our resort?(as Carol had contributed her last 5000pesetas (20) to clinch the deal); God! I can't believe we are here! - sh**t! United are 1-0 down. By half time I had pulled myself together: Carol and Sam would be OK; I had enough left to pay the car parking and tolls to get back to Salou (I did'nt risk buying a drink though and we were both parched); United would score 2 in the second half. The second half was tense and I chatted away nervously to the guy next to me who had flew in that day from Luton. The time flew by and before we knew it we found ourselves at 90 minutes with the score still standing at 0-1, Dan and I took up our position at the top of the stairs to make a quick exit and avoid the rush as we do at Old Trafford, needless to say we were feeling pretty devistated - but at least we were there. Then bang Sherringham scores and the place erupts. We get back to our seats to prepare for extra time then bang Solskjaer makes it 2-1. By this time the guy from luton is kissing me and the guy behind Daniel is hugging him. The next 45 minutes I have never seen so many grown men crying, it meant so much. The noise was deafening as we joined in the players celebration.Daniel seemed to attract the more emotional supporters as they, like me , thought back to that night at Wembly 31 years ago -" you'll never forget this as long as you live" said one. Leaving the ground we met up with the girls and made our way back to the car. Carol had listened to the match in Spanish on the radio and said how sorry she had felt for the fans who did'nt get in, there were so many. As we made our way back to Salou passing numerous German coaches on the way the reality of what had occurred still had not sunk in. Arriving back at the appartment we got the children to bed and sat out on the balcony with a drink. More coaches arrived, some Bayern Munich some ManU, the disparity of their moods was only too apparrent. As we sat their I tried to explain to my wife the intensity of the exerience: the warm night air black against the sea of red shirts; the initial flustration of not getting in and going 0-1 down culminating in tears of unbridled joy; exploding fireworks and the spontaneous harmony of 60,000 supporters chanting familiar songs. I thanked her for her support, without which we would never have made it.There had been two clear demonstations that day of how persistent effort and refusing to give in ultimately brings it's reward. We wondered what Daniel might be dreaming about. One thing for sure, in 30 years time I might not be around but he will remember when Manchester United won the European cup for the second time and captured a unique treble. And he will rember where he was on that night - the Nou Camp Barcelona Bill White COPYRIGHT: W WHITE 1999
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

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