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Date: Wed Aug 04 03:11:44 GMT 1999
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3. Keane back as United cruise in Omagh
4. QUICK FIRE Armchair vs Omagh Report
5. United youngster banned for life
6. Barca Report by Karl J Stand RED
7. Barca 99...Part 5 0f 5 by Paul Scully


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August 4th [19:45] Wigan Athletic

08-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Everton  (FA Premier League, AWAY)
11-AUG-1999 [20:00] Manchester Utd. vs Sheffield W  (FA Premier League, HOME)
14-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Leeds U  (FA Premier League, HOME)
22-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Premier League, AWAY)


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Subject: CHARITY SHIELD Report by OUR SALFORD LASS Every year I say the same - "never again" - and every year I mean it. Until the "next time" comes around, I've not had my football fix for a couple of months and off I go - to the Charity Shield. Looking back through the years, I can only remember actually enjoying one Charity Shield (do I really have to tell you which one? Does the song "Cheer up Kevin Keegan" bring back a few memories?). All the others merge into one - a long boring journey down the M6 on a coach full of daytrippers out for their only away game of the season, the inevitable traffic jams getting into Wembley, a crap game (in which we usually seem to get beaten by Arsenal - alright, I know this isn't entirely accurate but that's how it always seems to be these days), paying exorbitant sums of money for everything (a bottle of coke costing three times what it does in the shops), a crap atmosphere, blocked toilets, no decent view, no backs to the seats etc etc. [I'm writing this report sitting on the coach, with the temperature in the 90's, going nowhere in the car park after being beaten by Arsenal yet again, in a typical Charity Shield game. We've been sitting in said coach for 40 minutes and have moved precisely 20 feet, we are expiring slowly and painfully from heat and thirst and I am saying "never again!", again - this time I mean it - honest!] It's now 12 hours since I dragged myself out of bed and instead of doing what everyone else with any sense was doing (either lying in the garden making the most of the English summer whilst it lasts, or taking to the hills/coasts in search of a breeze and some ice cream) I was heading for Old Trafford to spend the day sitting on a coach, broken only by a couple of hours in the Ashtray, oops sorry - "Venue of Legends" as that awful cockney announcer kept reminding us. [Hang on, we're moving at last .................. no, we've stopped again, another 10 feet nearer the entrance though - only a hundred coaches in front of us!] But the draw of seeing the lads play again was too strong, so I threw all common sense to the wind and off I went. Once on the coach I began to realise that I should have ignored the call of my Red heroes and listened on the radio in the garden! Instead of the usual band of away travellors, the coach was full of fans who have either never been away before or who turn out once a year for the Charity Shield. Now I have nothing against people only choosing to go to one game or year, or indeed those who can't go to other away games, but why do I always seem to attract the plonkers? Going to the Cup Final, it was sixties tapes and "Doing the Locomotion", going to the Charity Shield, the coach was full of silly woman who "didn't mind a bit of chanting as long as it was quiet and didn't have any swear words in it" and families who seemed to think they were going for a day out in Blackpool, not to a football match. To all you parents out there - I have no problem with kids going to football (after all, they are our future and my grandaughter has already been to Old Trafford) but please don't bring them on a coach to an away game until they are old enough and sensible enough to bloody behave themselves!! Or at least sit in front of them so its the back of your seat they kick all the way to London and back, and your ear-'ole they scream into!! [We're moving again - another 10 feet - that's a whole 30 feet and its only taken us 50 minutes! At least we've moved into the shade now, under Wembley Way!] The journey down wasn't too bad for the first couple of hours. The kids behind me were still excited about going to see United and not yet tired or bored, the coach was still reasonably cool and it was fun spotting the various Arsenal supporters' coaches making their way down as well ("Do you come from North London?"). After a stop at the services, though, the temperature rose rapidly and by the time we arrived in Wembley I was feeling sick and uncomfortable, a feeling that didn't leave me until I arrived home at 11pm. Without the lads on the coach to have a laugh with, there was nothing to take my mind off the heat. (Nick Culkin is going to love this report - all this moaning about the heat!) The only bright spot of the journey was sitting in the traffic jam entering the car park and watching most of the bus passengers cheering in the team coach, not knowing it was the wrong one!! They only realised their mistake when the familiar Smith's of Eccles coach turned up 10 minutes later - this was one of the bright spots of the day - standing outside the stadium with thousands of fans, singing "Champions" as the lads arrived - I didn't see them of course, being height challenged, I could only see the roof of the coach over the massed heads! We then sang "Taking over Barcelona" which was also brilliant, but then everyone separated and went to different parts of the stadium and the atmosphere returned to its usual Charity Shield level. [Just thought I'd let you know - its now 10 minutes later and we still haven't moved - an hour and counting] We arrived in our seats to find that, for once they were actually quite decent. They didn't have backs of course (us being down near the front), but at least I could see (which is a rare event at Wembley) and we were near the corner flag at the tunnel end, so we were perfectly placed to cheer the lads on and off the pitch and to welcome Becks when he came over to take corners. The downside was that we were surrounded by cockneys - I know they are Reds, but that bloody accent! One Manc upset a few by exclaiming in a loud voice "Are we in the wrong ****ing end? They're all ****ing cockneys!" Despite the fact that the new kit (sorry - training kit as the PLC keeps reminding us) is disgusting, quite a lot of our neighbours seem to have gone out and bought it - perhaps because it makes them look like Spurs fans! (That was a joke to all you cockney Reds out there - honest!!) I'm not going to say too much about the game itself, since it was only when I got home and watched the highlights that I realised it was actually quite a good game! Even though I could see the pitch and the players, my ageing eyesight meant that anything that took place down the other end (which seemed to be most of the exciting bits) was pretty blurred and therefore indesciperable. All I will say is that Becks had a great game, Jordi wasn't as bad as most people expected, Stam is a living legend, most of the off-sides given against us were not off-side and the Arsenal players are a bunch of dirty, cheating, diving bastards - it seems they are perfectly able to dish it out but totally unable to take it. Some moments: "Same old Arsenal, always cheating" "Where's Anelka gone" Singing "Stand up for the Champions" again, after far far too long. And the sad Arsenal fans only being able to find three songs in their repertoire without songsheets to give them a clue - "Arsenal, Arsenal", a Kanu song, and that old faithful "Stand up if you hate ManU". "We are the Champions, Champions of Europe" (that felt soooooo good) Becks coming over to take a corner, getting a standing ovation and grinning from ear-to-ear Ole and Teddy being sent to warm up in front of us. Everyone forgot the game for about 10 minutes, and stood up to sing "Who put the ball in the German's net", "You are my Solksjaer", "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole" and "Oh Teddy Teddy. The best atmosphere of the whole game. Lads near us bowing to Stam as they used to bow to Eric One lad getting thoroughly fed-up of the blow-up football that spent the whole first half bobbing up and down over our heads, grabbing it and bursting it - he got a cheer from the crowd. Then its owner turned up in a pique, grabbing it off him and stamping off back to his seat - this drew an even bigger cheer and much laughter. The empty seats at the Arsenal end - are they not true fans or are they just not as daft as us? The muppets in our end - out for a day trip The woman behind us screaming at people to sit down because they were standing up whilst filling the air with expletives, despite the thousands of kids The lad from Stockport who came out at half-time to try and score three goals to win 200,000 pounds. Despite missing two out of the three, he was forced to take the booby prize - two tickets for the England v Luxembourg game [It's now an hour and ten minutes since we returned to the bus and we're just about to leave the car park. We're not travelling very quickly, but we are at least moving, so I will finish this for now.] [It's now the next morning] The day didn't improve once we started moving. A long traffic jam on the M40 (with cars dying all around us in the heat), followed by one of our day trippers going missing on what was supposed to be a short toilet stop on the way home (she wanted to get a meal as she had missed her tea!) and another jam on the M56 only a few miles from Old Trafford, made the journey home even more tedious than the journey down. I lost myself into a new Stephen King book and tried not to actually throttle the kids behind me, and survived - just. This morning, I am definately saying "never again" and I find that I can't really get all that excited over the result (certainly not as excited as the Arsenal fans as they were leaving Wembley - sad bastards). Meeting up with one of the lads who had been on our coach to Barcelona on the services near Coventry, we laughed about the differences between the two trips and looked forward to the start of the real season next Sunday. Actually, I find I'm quite pleased the lads lost - it will stop them getting too complacent and just look what happened after we lost to Arsenal last year! Copyright (c) OUR SALFORD LASS, 1999 Not to be used without permission of the authour.
Subject: Charity Shield Report from RED KELLY www.red11.org Personal Match Report by RED KELLY Sour charity more like Charity is defined as "giving voluntarily to those in need". Well, after last season I suppose the Gooners were in need, but I hadn't thought they were that desperate. It seemed like they needed to break all the rules and steal their slice of so called charity. We actually bore witness yesterday to just how much our treble winning season wound up the rest of the country and how they will stop at nothing to beat us. If this is what's in store for us, then bring them on and let's see who prevails. I'm not a great fan of the Charity Shield, but this year a couple of factors weighed in which caused me to take the unusual step of making the trek down to Wembley. It will probably be the last time I'll ever get to see United play under the shadow of the twin towers, that is providing our friend Martin gets his way and we stay out of the FA Cup. It's the school holidays and my youngest daughter, Gina (our lucky mascot, or was) had never been there, but far more important even than that, was the opportunity to chant, "Champions of Europe" again. So we set off for north London on a very bright and very warm Sunday morning. Nigel was driving with me in the front and Karen and Gina in the back. Alex (sensible lad) had decided to stay at home! Without any problems we arrived at our pre-match destination, The Orchard pub in Ruislip. This had been arranged with Dr Mark who duly arrived a while later. Karen went off to meet her sister down on the south bank and left us to our pints and sandwiches. All was very pleasant. We then caught the tube to Wembley Park and after sauntering up Wembley Way where Gina managed to get given a free "who put the ball in the German's net" t-shirt from a friend with a stall, we bumped into Nasher and his NZ mate on the bridge and arranged to meet under a sign after the game so that we could travel back together. Gina and I then made our way inside to our seats behind the goal and a little to the right as we looked at the pitch as the sun was beating down right into our faces. It was about twenty minutes before kick-off when we sat down and two minutes before kick-off when Gina had decided she could take no more of the heat and to ne honest I can't say that I blamed her. I had noticed a few empty seats towards the back of the stand so we made our way back there asking a friendly steward whether we could deposit ourselves in the shade. At that time I was thinking my last visit to Wembley was going to be seriously cut short as there was no way Gina was going to be able to put up with the sun on her for an hour and a half of football if the steward said no. Fortunately she didn't and we found ourselves a reasonable perch in the front of the next section back and gradually we took it in turns to fan the little one cool again. By this time the game had started and the initial exchanges made. We had been too busy cooling Gina down whilst watching a large bouncing beach ball heading our way. It never actually reached us though as a father in the next block obviously fancied it for his child and tucked it away under his seat. All we could hear was escaping air as the ball deflated. Fair play to the bloke I suppose - never look a gift horse etc! The surrounding area was chock full of kids, which was fine, but the parents were over protective and the resultant atmosphere was very flat. The few chants that surfaced every now and then were quickly stifled and everyone slipped back into their reveries. My most enjoyable moment of the whole day was chanting "Champions of Europe" over and over again. Thirty one years and I still remember vividly the last time we were able to chant that. It's still exactly the same after all that time and it sounds just as sweet now as it did all those years ago. Next most enjoyable was the odd rumbling of "Bozzy keeper" every time Bosnich touched the ball. The bloke behind us who frequently prevented his young lad from jumping up when the play became more exciting, actually had the temerity to announce how flat the atmosphere was. Bearing in mind he never joined in with anything at anytime I thought this was a slightly misplaced comment and so whenever we sang "stand up for the Champions" it was me who remained standing just a little longer than everyone else, with him craning his neck to view the action from his permanent seated position! I didn't think I was going to get excited about this game as it's nothing more than fairly meaningless friendly really, but ultimately that was not to be the case. In actual fact there wasn't that much to cheer about, but I didn't think it was that bad a game and we were just about to resign ourselves to a nil nil at half time when Becks stepped up and smacked a superb free-kick against the bar from a hell of a distance out. Now we couldn't really see whether the ball had crossed the line or not but it looked mighty close to a goal but no ref's whistle sounded so play carried on til Yorkie put us out of our misery. At last there was something to cheer about,.and whereas it wasn't the orgasmatronic celebration of Barca, it was a great goal nevertheless. We were happy then and when the half time whistle blew we wandered down below stairs to stand by one of the entrances where a pleasant breeze was stirring the flags outside and cooling us down inside. The second half was a different story though and it seemed the Arse had instructions to get a result in whichever way they deemed the more likely. The fact it was by using every trick in the cheaters guidebook I suppose we have to accept, but at the time my blood was boiling more from their antics than from the weather. Unfortunately the ref fell for it and I don't just mean for the penalty that wasn't, but all the other niggly cheating incidents that were going on. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I can't stand cheating, or gamesmanship as the continentals preferred to call it. Taking advantage of a referee who is obviously not gifted with clear twenty twenty vision is no excuse, but when Viera fell down like the proverbial sack of spuds in the area I could see it from 100 yards away and couldn't believe he'd given a penalty. Viera should have been sent off for making Greg Luganis look like an amateur, but instead Wanker Kanu wrapped his size twelve round the ball and the score was level. The Arse fans went mad. "You're not singing anymore" they sang. Hang on a minute chaps - we weren't really singing in the first place, but then again - neither were you! Well this gave them the impetus they needed and we ultimately lost didn't we and my reactions became more and more agitated, more and more incensed by the injustice of how the game was turned, I didn't like it at all and had young Gina not been with me and had I not been surrounded by kids I'd have been venting my spleen much more vociferously than I did. I hate losing and I hate losing even more to a bunch of cheating diving bastards masquerading as footballers. At the end of the game we made our way back down towards the front where we bumped into the man from OZ - our mate John Kellett from Perth and his wife. Funny how someone can travel thousands of miles from the other side of the world and you bump into him in amongst thousands at Wembley. It was one of the nicer moments of the afternoon. Returning outside most surely wasn't though and after meeting up with Nigel and Dr Mark we had to endure the Arse hoards as they celebrated winning what was obviously their Cup Final as we travelled against the tide to get to the mainline station. It was not easy to keep one's patience as they were far from gracious in victory as newspaper reports have already told - spitting at our players - how bloody pathetic. Bad as the scousers, but ever so slightly easier to wind up. As I hung tightly onto Gina they came at us in waves oblivious to anyone smaller than five feet six. Time and again I had to fend them off to keep them from bundling into Gina, so unfortunately one or two of the most ignorant met with a deft nudge which sent them toppling off balance! "Sooorry mate, not hurt are you?" "No really, I am sorry." One was heard to mutter "cant" which lead to a remarkably one sided exchange along the lines of, "it must be a shortened version of Cantona," "or could he mean canto, canteen or canter?" Whatever, it bemused the imbecile. We finally made it round to the station queue where we had to endure a fifteen minute wait for the next train, stuck in amongst a bunch of wildly animated Gooners mouthing it off about not having their full team out and they still beat us. It took me all my time to hold my patience and keep my mouth shut. Much to our relief we were finally allowed on the platform and when a train came we slumped into the first available seats. At South Ruislip the most vocal of their kind got off and as he passed every window he banged on it as loudly as possible and shout "Gooooooneeeers". It was a peculiar feeling as it would have been a great deal more appropriate if we'd been on the other side of the glass looking into the apes cage. On our walk back to the pub carpark I turned to Gina and asked her whether she'd enjoyed herself anyway. "No" she said. "Why not?" I asked. "We lost" she said. Obviously. Why should I have bothered to ask.
Subject: Keane back as United cruise in Omagh Omagh, 04 AUG 99 Manchester United cruised to a 9-0 victory over Omagh in a friendly to raise money for the bomb victims' appeal. With Roy Keane back making his first appearance for Sir Alex Ferguson's Treble winners since hobbling off in the FA Cup Final against Newcastle last May with a groin injury, United were in rampant mood. Omagh, fresh from a 7-0 drubbing by Chelsea, managed to hold out for just 20 seconds of the match. Teddy Sheringham proved that United were not going to go easy on the part-timers as he netted the game's opening goal. Defender Denis Irwin, the Republic of Ireland international, made it two 10 minutes later, to the delight of the majority of the 7,000 crowd - ten times the club's average attendance in the Irish League.
Subject: QUICK FIRE Armchair vs Omagh Report Friendly Charity Match Tuesday 4th August 19.30 Final Score 9-0 Sheringham4, Cole2, Clegg2, 1og Manchester United Team v Omagh - St Julians Rd Culkin, Clegg, G.Neville, May, Irwin, Greening, Wilson, Keane(c), Chadwick, Sheringham, Cole. Bench: Wellens, Healy, Notman, Curtis, Ford, O'Shea, Stewart. 11000 sell out crowd all red & white Normal ground capacity is 2000 [could have sold 15000 tickets] Sunny perfect conditions UNITED Red & White Omagh Town part timers, pitch in good condition 01 18 secs gone Teddy scores!!! Luke Chadwick the provider from left wing flicked in near post by Teddy 05 Irwin miskicks & Andy Cole passes the ball into the center of the goal 2-0 08 Wilson good cross headed away screams by the crowd 10 Keane to Clegg pass to Cole wasted 15 Teddy to Andy good chip just over! Crowd singing "Glory Glory Man UNITED" 20 Gary Neville gets a small knock in a late tackle 23 Keane good cross missed by Cole 26 Corner neatly headed in by Clegg 3-0 30 Chadwick grat volley saved! 32 Free kick by Teddy way over the bar 35 Chadwick to Greening cut out by Omagh 36 Keane drives through ball goes for goal kick to roy's surprise! 37 Corner to Omagh too long 40 Cole great precision center to Teddy who heads in near post 4-0 42 Clegg cross goes for corner Greening corner headed by May and saved 43 Keane corner headed by Clegg to Cole who heads in 5-0 43 Clegg smashes in from right side of pen area his second 6-0 45 Sheringham places shot wide narrowly missing hattrick Half time 6-0 2nd half Subs: Healy on for Cole O'Shea on for May 46 Omagh attack good save by Culkin close in 48 Chadwick good centre, own goal from Omagh player 7-0 50 Luke Chadwick runs through but does not release the ball still needs to learn . MOM for me,good with both feet. 52 Greening good shot from new Omagh goalkeeper well saved 55 Greening center SUBS Neville Wilson Chadwick Greening OFF Wellens Stewart Notman Ford ON 60 Sheringham to Healey dood shot SAVED again 62 David Healy blasts well over bar 64 Healey good pace down the wing 70 Healy good pass to Keane shot saved then headed in by Teddy HATTRICK 8-0 73 Late tackle by Michael Stewart, floodlights on 78 Omagh half chance blasted over 80 Keane blasts wide still 8-0 82 Healy throgh saved Teddy follows up 9-0! Teddy has 4 85 Trophies appear on the side lines, much interest!! Hopefully there will no pitch invasion. 86 Healy shoots wide should have scored 87 Omagh free kick outside pen area shot into the wall wasted 89 Irwin throgh cross wasted 90 Corner to REDS Michael Clegg heads wide! Full Time 9-0 Barry's MOM Luke Chadwick Dennis Irwin has started every pre-season game so far in Far East, Oz + Ch Shield All three CUPS to paraded by the players after the game.
Subject: United youngster banned for life by Daniel Taylor Wednesday August 4, 1999 Sir Alex Ferguson last night vowed to fight to overturn the life ban that has left one of Manchester United's promising young defenders with his career in ruins. Ronnie Wallwork, 21, was banned sine die by the Belgian Football Association for attacking a referee. His United team-mate Danny Higginbotham, 20, was suspended for a year for his alleged part in the assault after a play-off match involving Antwerp, United's twin team in Belgium. United intend to lodge a legal appeal against the decision and Ferguson threw his support behind the pair after flying back from Belgium yesterday. He said: "I believe the players have been very harshly treated and the punishment does not fit the crime. This should not happen in somewhere like Belgium. It certainly wouldn't happen in England. "We are in the year 1999 and this defies sense. We have no choice but to go through a civic court because the Belgian FA's rules are extremely old-fashioned." The trouble flared after Antwerp had drawn with La Louviere in a game notable for controversial decisions. The referee, Amand Ancion, said Wallwork pinned him up against a wall in the tunnel, and Higginbotham was also said to have laid his hands on him. Other players were accused of kicking in door panels and damaging their dressing room. United will be backed by Antwerp in their legal attempts to overturn the ruling. Their secretary Paul Bistiaux said: "It is a scandal. There is no excuse for what these two Manchester United players did but there should be a suitable penalty - not a lifetime ban." Wallwork admitted pushing the referee but denied using extreme force. Last night he was described as "too upset to talk" as he faced the realisation that his career will be finished if, as expected, Fifa ratifies the ban. Higginbotham, who denied the charges, said: "I'm really shocked, absolutely devastated. I was expecting anything but this, especially a lifetime ban for Ronnie. We will have to consult our lawyers and try to change the ruling. The only thing that made it bearable was Alex Ferguson flying to Belgium to back us. "The gaffer gave us a lot of moral support. Otherwise I don't think either myself or Ronnie would have survived the day. Everything had been going well for us in Belgium, but now I don't know whether I will ever return to Antwerp." The England youth international Wallwork has had loan spells at Carlisle and Stockport while hovering on the fringes of Ferguson's first-team squad. Along with Higginbotham, he was invited to spend a year at Antwerp as part of United's relationship with the Belgians. The bans have cast a major shadow over Old Trafford only days before the start of their Premiership season at Everton on Sunday.
Subject: Barca Report by Karl J Stand RED Saturday May 26 Early Morning Coach to Wembley from Wilmslow finally get away at about 8.00 a.m., things look great no probs and away we go, get to Sandbach services and the coach door just keeps coming open, after 10 or so mins we get away (not before 6 coach drivers have a look), singing in full voice, people finding out about the different trips and so on, get to London and yes in the traffic as well, put a cops in charge and what do you get!. Finally get in the conservative club find the room and have are buffet, not bad for £25 Inc coach. After a bit of food and drink and 5 calls on the mob for Steve fisher to other net reds, but no ones home, 2.00 p.m. and time for the ground, leave some of the tour members in the con club and of we go for part 2, say goodbye to Steve and Roy and in I go, find my seat which is level with the corner flag (£40 to stand up) but never mind, quick look round to see if I can see anybody I know but no one in or around me, quick look towards the royal box and see Pete Morgan (kit mans son), go over for a chat, tells me all about the train up and his free £70 seat and plans for Barca. game goes by as if it was 20 mins, 2-0 what a result 2 down 1 to go, hang around a bit just to saver the atmosphere, look towards Pete go back for a chat just behind him is the bodies ad girl, say all best for Barca and back to the club. After a couple of hours it kicking out time say goodbye to fish and hope to see him in Barca back to the coach which is going to drop us off in Luton, but the driver says he can't go until 9.30 p.m., so its of to the tube we go, 3 tubes and a train later we arrive in Luton, cab to the hotel were I am jibing in a room with Pete and pops, hit the sack or the floor watching motd Sunday 23rd May 1999 wake up at 5 go for breakfast and find Lisa sat waiting for us (boyzone or Wembley) after her trip from Manchester to Luton on the bus, taxi to airport the j stand tour is 6 with 3 to come. Check in no probs easyjet on time 9.35 (what left mob in bag), not a bad flight, except the two slappers sat next to me. land Barca time to find train to loret de mar where we are staying for 3 days, not bad price 675 pesters for train and bus lots of reds on the train, get to hotel right on the front hotel excelsior, room not bad looking forward to the game now. Monday 24th May 1999 to Tuesday 25th May 1999 Try to sleep in but Roy wakes me up early on his way for breakfast (4 days of this to come) make breakfast with 2 mins to spare, time for the beach, not many reds about but lots of Germans with their towels on the beach, this is the life, dinner is easy 150 pesters for a baguette, lots of bars for food and drink. more reds arrive on Tuesday looking for tickets locals want £250.00 for 2 not bad if you need one, few walks round the souvenir shops lots of fake tops, and yes when you see a 10 a side match on the beach united v bayern you no its going to be a good week (final score was 6 all) no pens!, a bit more noise at night from the reds around the Londoner bar a few fights or so we were told, the last day was the best sat out side the hotel and yes a coach load of bayern fans turn up and straight in to our hotel but no probs. Wednesday 26th May 1999 (D day) Up early to catch a taxi to the train station (Blanis?) no cabs around so we will have to walk to the bus station, bus is full of reds and a few bayern, just in time for the train, so on we go. The train is getting full of reds who have been on the coast (no one home on the nudist beach), get in to Barca time to find the hotel, straight down the ramblers to the hotel loret you might of seen the J Stand Flag, hotel is top of the ramblers next to the square, lots and lots of reds or should I say a sea of red, meet up with a few people we had planned to meet, we make are way to the nu camp at about 4.00 p.m. hop on a tube and of we go, not many people on this on few reds and lots of strange looks, out of the tube station, and on to the nou camp some of the lads want a drink so they stop at the Sony centre this is were we will meet after the game as I want to get in. Get to the ground and a line of police stoping you from going in gates to open at 5.00 p.m. but did not open till 5.45 I think lots of people get pushed about an one women be tends to be ill and gets let throw (and the ambulance turns up) ha ha, lots of people with out tickets (millwest) finally get in to the ground couple of baguettes and drink not bad view right behind the goal look for the rest of the tour Andy, Keith, Stuart and sue next tier, Pete, john (Dad) and Lisa on top tier, but manage to jib their way down to the second tier, not the best game I have ever seen, team selection was wrong, beckham should have been on the right and Johnson in midfield but tinkerbell is the manager, after going 1-0 down could not see us get back in to it, but never say never (FA cup semi) after the subs came on thought we had a chance, and as for smics coming up for the corner I thought he was going to get one, two unbelievable last 3 mins, it was in the bag, the celebrations afterwards with David may having the whole crown silent was something you will never forget. After leaving the nu camp we made are way back to the Sony centre to meet the rest after watching 2 girls do a strip we made are way to the tube station but could we find it could we heck, long walk back to the ramblers found lots more reds doing the same thing, when reaching the hotel the are was full of reds and German fans just sat around looking in a shocked state, not been able to believe what as just happened, manage to stay awake till about 5.45 a.m. so headed off to bed did my best to wake Roy up but no luck. finally woke up at about 3.00 p.m. on the Thursday o what a night late may in 99. Thursday was just a get over the night before. Friday was the day to return to the nu camp for the tour not bad 500pesaters for the museum and to sit in the ground cheaper than united's tour, this is the time when you want to go home. Saturday Home time early start from the hotel on to the airport no probs back in Luton then hire a car to Manchester. Karl J Stand Red
Subject: Barca 99...Part 5 0f 5 by Paul Scully Part V Thursday and Beyond By the next morning, I was being philosophical about my lost money as I changed my 20 pounds into pesetas. I knew I would have gladly paid the 170 quid for a ticket with 20 minutes to go to kick off, so there was no point in thinking about it, though I was still miffed that I let the little bastard do me like that. The feeling of celebration was still in the Barcelona air as we walked up and down the Ramblas collecting souvenirs to take back. We had a good few hours until the ferry and so we just walked up and down taking in the various sights, like five American girls singing ‘Yip Yap Stam’ over and over again, as well as the compulsory Adult shop. We stopped for a fantastic Pizza, so good that Ed had to have another , then walked to the ferry port for the trip back to Majorca clutching various English newspapers for our travel entertainment. For some reason, I don’t know whether it was the presence of Paul Wheeler or whether they had heard about Kerry’s antics on the way over, there were baton wielding Spanish police walking menacingly up and down the ferry back, though most people just ignored them and carried on with their business. We returned to Majorca for four more nights of fun and celebrations in the sun accompanied by plenty of alcohol. Each day seemed to follow the same kind of pattern. This involved a late wake up around 12ish (with Kerry rising about two hours after everyone else), a typical English breakfast, then a seat by the pool reading each and every single paper that said something about the match and the days after. This would be followed by the ritual games of football, water polo (whilst annoying everyone on the pool perimeter), pool and cards (not the kind of cards you’d want to show your mum though). Kerry also pushed me into the pool on one occasion whilst my back was turned - I haven’t forgotten this and will exact my revenge at a chosen time. As early evening approached we would make our way over to Magaluf where we would get totally rat-arsed on various cocktails and fake bottles of champagne as well as the many freebies that came with each drink. The nights always ended with everyone staggering home at varying times, although Kerry always seemed to come home later than me, meaning that I was always woken at around 6am each morning. Looking at the state of him each time he came in, it was no wonder he never managed to pull as he could barely stand up and mutter his own name. The first night back in Magaluf though was one of the best, as we were still trying to take in the enormity of the match and come back down to earth. We went on a massive bar and club crawl, part of which resulted in us lifting a bottle of champagne up like the players did with the European Cup, to the dumbfounded looks of the inhabitants of the club. We also found Barney, Doug, Steve and a whole load of others outside a bar and ended up staying with them and singing some real classic United songs before we all moved over to another club over the road and got seriously pissed, leaving for our hotels at various unknown times. I did actually get to the beach a couple of times as well where I managed to find Alan and Paula looking like typical British Lobsters, along with Paul Wheeler and his girlfriend. Alan actually ran out of the sea because he was scared of all the creatures, which I believe was one baby jellyfish that he had spotted about 50 yards from the shore. Anyway, it was good to see that the presence of Paula hadn’t stopped him perving at all the half naked girls lying around - it was obviously a well chosen spot for using those sunglasses to disguise the direction of the eyes. One afternoon was spent watching City on the large TV in the hotel bar, which drew a rather large audience of reds. Most of us were sympathetic towards them as it was difficult not to be after winning the European Cup, though we couldn’t resist a wry smile and cheer when two goals went in. The bastards though, somehow equalised in the five minutes of added time after looking like they couldn’t hit a barn door from 5 yards for most of the game - still who were we to care, we were the champions of Europe. I finally got home in the very early hours of Monday morning after waiting 3 hours at Palma airport, though happily Ed, Jason, Rob and the rest were delayed longer on their flight back to Manchester too. The first thing I did though after getting some sleep was to watch the last 10 minutes of the game albeit in the presence of my girlfriend - well actually it was the second thing I did. I finally got to watch it again later when my girlfriend had gone and just burst into tears of joy when Solkjaers shot went in. Even now, I watch it almost every week and it still sends a shiver down the back of my neck. I guess it was the moment I knew we had finally done what I had waited my whole life to see. I know that those few seconds after Solksjaer scored will never be beaten for as long as I watch football and I feel privileged to have been there. Hopefully once the season starts I’ll remove my head from the clouds and come back to the reality of a fresh start, at least for a while. PAUL SCULLY 1999 No copying without permission

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