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Date: Thu Jun 03 00:03:56 EDT 1999
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. Bosnich signs four-year United deal
2. Bosnich checks in at Old Trafford
3. Personal Barcelona Report by Barry Leeming (Part 2 of 7)
4. Personal Barcelona Report from Jason Elsworth
5. Personal Barcelona Report by Michelle


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Bill's Daily Comment:

And so the REDS go marching on.  With only a brief pause, UNITED have
signed a new keeper in Mark Bosnich.  I trust Alex Ferguson.  With that in
mind, I am waiting to hear what Fergie has to say about his new keeper.
If he is happy, I'll be happy.  What I'd really like to know is whether Bosnich
was forced upon Alex, since he comes as a free transfer.  Only Alex and
the one who signs his pay cheque know the answer to that.

Keep the personal reports from Barcelona coming!
We'll publish your stories in the Daily News.

Send your reports to: barry@www.red11.org
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Ask the MasterFan:


CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Bosnich signs four-year United deal Mark Bosnich: Back at Manchester United after eight years Mark Bosnich has completed his long-awaited move to Manchester United. The Aston Villa goalkeeper has signed a four-year contract after agreeing terms for a move back to the club where he began his career as a teenager almost 10 years ago. At a media conference on Wednesday afternoon, Bosnich paid tribute to the man he is replacing, Peter Schmeichel, and said he had enjoyed his time at Villa Park. "If there is any animosity it is only from their end," 27-year-old Bosnich said. "He was right chuffed" - Nick Garnett witnesses Mar Bosnich's arrival http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/355000/audio/_358995_nick_garnett.ram "All I can say is that I am deeply grateful to Villa for giving me my chance to fulfil my dream of playing in the Premier League. "Manchester United had the greatest goalkeeper in the world in Peter Schmeichel and I could not see the opportunity of playing first team football with him around. "From my point of view everything has worked out well, I have had the chance to develop as a goalkeeper at Aston Villa." Bosman switch Bosnich was at the end of his contract with Villa and moves to Old Trafford on a free transfer under the Bosman ruling. Ealier a United spokeswoman said: "A deal has been completed after a medical that occurred on Friday and after extensive talks with chairman Martin Edwards. "The i's have now been dotted and the t's crossed." Bosnich made his debut for United against Wimbledon in 1990 but played only three first team games before leaving Old Trafford. At that time, he was unable to get a work permit and returned to Australia to play for Sydney Croatia. He returned to England after marrying an Englishwoman but instead of rejoining United he signed a two-year contract with Villa in 1992.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Bosnich checks in at Old Trafford by Ian Whittell Thursday June 3, 1999 As gambles go the one made by Mark Bosnich came to spectacular fruition yesterday, to the tune of 6m, when he completed a move from Aston Villa to Manchester United under the Bosman ruling. The Australian goalkeeper had rejected offers from Roma and Juventus, as well as overtures by Liverpool, hoping against hope that United, the club who introduced him to English football a decade ago, would renew their interest. Last Thursday, within hours of securing the Treble, United's manager Alex Ferguson made his first contact with the player. A four-year deal was completed - formally to be initiated on July 1 - which will pay Bosnich an estimated 30,000 a week for the next four years. "If I wanted to go for the money I could have lived like a king for the rest of my life, and another life, and another one after that," said Bosnich. "But always at the back of my mind was the thought that if I waited until the end of the season, I might get a call from here. I gambled, really, and it paid off." That risk was the easy part, of course. Far more difficult will be taking over from Peter Schmeichel, the Dane who amazed even his staunchest admirers with the manner in which he brought down the curtain on his United career. "For me that was the greatest bait," claimed Bosnich. "Wherever I was next season, in Italy or Spain, I couldn't have lived with myself if I knew I had turned down the challenge of following Peter Schmeichel." There is also the damage to public relations which Bosnich's difficult departure from Villa Park created. Relations with the club, and their manager John Gregory in particular, reached a nadir when Bosnich pulled out of Villa's visit to Old Trafford last month amid claims he was concerned about compromising any future employment. "I can handle pretty much anything," said Bosnich. "I understand the football business, how it runs, and that at times it can be quite a dirty business. However, the one thing I've never had levelled at me throughout my career was a challenge to my integrity. "It was very difficult to sit back and 'shush' but that is what I had to do. Now I want to put the record straight. If it was just about money I wouldn't be here today, I would be in the Bahamas or the South of France having signed for a foreign team a long time ago. "The day before the United game all I asked for was what Gareth Southgate and Dion Dublin received - another 24 hours to prove my fitness. "That wasn't forthcoming and I was told point blank to declare myself fit or not play. I told them I couldn't have played that day but maybe could with another 24 hours."
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Barry Leeming (Part 2 of 7) "REDS Are Going To Barcelona" Pt 2/7 "Concorde Cafe" by Barry Leeming Dateline Monday 24th May We were staying in Calella and the train in the morning took 1 hour and then we ready to soak up the atmosphere in Barcelona town center. Most REDS were meeting in Ramblas and the Hard Rock Cafe at Caluyna Square. We started off walking in t-shirt and shorts down the hot road, mineral water in plastic bottle a must! Down to Hard Rock and with Gumbi cap "mounted" spotted the Mark Roberts and Peter Steyger band together with other world wide REDS. As soon as we walked in the shout was "GUMBI" from Mr Roberts [Ayelsbury] already well established at the bar and cameras and drinks started to flash by! Soon Boston Red PJ was to appear and the party was rolling. I was presented with an Official Boston RED Plough and Stars T-shirt for services rendered on the net. "Thanks guys" much appreciated - I have used the pic of this presentation as a header to this mutli media epic on the net :) After a few drinks we all decided to pile into some taxi's to greet the team who would be arriving on Concorde that lunch time. We arranged a decent price in the Taxi's before we left, enabling the driver NOT to switch on the meter ;)) The drivers were trying to work out why the hell we wanted to go to the airport 2 days "before" the kick off! hehe... Leo in the front speaking fluent Spanish hmmmmmmm? said "EL TORO" and that caused a smile. Taxi drivers in Barce understand only 3 languages Spanish Spanish & Spanish. Arriving at the airport there were REDS everywhere and we found out that the flight was delayed from the expected 13hr to 16hrs. There was a bar and plenty of tourists coming in, REDS were cheered, Bayern Supporters were booed but there were very FEW of them?? We saw loads of cameras in wait and a group of us were interviewed by Sky News which included Mark Roberts Pete Steyger and myself entertaining the camera crew with "REDS are going to Barcelona" [Mark & I were still wearing Gumbi hats]. There were loads of REDS to speak to and a couple near the bar explained that we had just missed "ERIC" who had come in on a normal flight and taken a taxi to town. Some had even shaken hands with the king and been photographed with him. I had my "Pete Hargreaves model" disposable camera, I spotted a young chap with a flash microphone and digital tape recorder. I offered to swap my camera for the flash tape machine. He replied "OH I'm from Radio One could we please interview you?". So of course we agreed .... info on Manchester United, the website and Denmark etc. On hearing on our long trip he asked for my card and told me that Radio 5 would be in touch later that evening! Two-three hours had gone by, we were informed that the the team would be picked up by bus from the plane and driven directly to the hotel but we remained patiently in belief that they would have to clear customs. After being patient for another 30 mins security tightened, there was a cordon of police in front of us and it was very apparent that our patience was to be rewarded! We were able to photograph all the players up close and offer our good luck. Alex was especially happy and all the team looked relaxed. I flashed and tooked pics as many as possible, slapping many of the players shoulders wishing them good luck. The pics, if they come out, can be seen on the website version of this diary. If anyone looked downhearted it was Paul Scholes nearly all were smiling, Alex Teddy and Dwight showing most emotion. Peter was looking commanding that day and Becks Andy and Maysie esp looking cool. Raimond came through nearly on his own last of all, Phil Neville had been the first of the party to run the gauntlet of shouting REDS to the waiting bus. The bus waited for some 10-15 mins so we were able to walk round shouting our best wishes to Fergie and the players whilst they waited. Mutv were also with the party. So now Henrik & Leo decided we would take a trip down to Nou Camp to check out the situation. We found all the local season ticket holders were selling their tickets on the black market from 50-170,000 pesetas [200-800 quid]. The typical Spanish family outing was Mum Grandad & the kids with Dad selling his 10-20 pound ticket for the match for what amounted to a months wages down there! Michael and I had tickets from Manchester costing 120 kr each. We chatted to a few touts and other locals to see if any would sell for the preferred price of well under the 200 quid they were asking! After some fun we decided to leave it and wandered back to town late and then on to the Hotel for some grub and more drink! :))) The evening passed singing in the bars of Calella and the evening was only disturbed once by a call from Radio 5 explaining that I would be woken at 7.15 am to do a live interview the next morning! We were to sleep around 4 am (I think?) :)))))))) Pt 3/7 Tuesday 25th May coming soon Multi media http://www.red11.org/mufc/barcelona.htm
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report from Jason Elsworth I always knew we would win it this year, even at 2-0 down against Juventus I was utterly confident, like so many other Reds I have just had a feeling this year. I was also born in 1968 and my own son or daughter will be born this year so the omens were good. I emigrated to New Zealand from the UK three years ago. This resulted in the bizarre feeling of watching the game at 6.45 in the morning. Eventhougth we played poorly we never gave up and I knew we would win, the Germans were far from impressive and we have been the best team in Europe this year no doubt. When the equalizer went in I went mad but was not that surprised it was United after all but when the winner went in it was just pure shock. I just couldn't believe it. For days afterwards I was in a trance the lack of media coverage in New Zealand made the event seem surreal, were we really champions of Europe. It is the perfect culmination of my years of watching United, those years of disappointment and false dawns, the wonderful feeling of the first premiership and now the ultimate, champions of Europe. The seeds of greatness were always there in our proud history and every year my Dad would promise me this would be the one. Now we are back where we belong at the top of Europe. Congratulations to all Reds now we have the perfect antidote to the memories of the last minute cup final loss to the Arse, a moment I still can't watch when it is replayed, how I cried. Well see you all next season and a special thanks Red Kelly and Our Salford Lass your reports bring me into the ground every week. Jason Elsworth Jason.Elsworth@vuw.ac.nz
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Michelle Reds Barca Diary. I'm sorry i didn't get to meet up with you lot, i just didn't check my email in time. Hope I didn't miss too much anyway and i just thought i'd write about my own experience of the week, because I have never known or felt anything like it in my life and i don't expect i ever will again. Tuesday: Well, what a start to the week: George Best himself was on our plane!! Getting off our coach from the airport was something in itself - being confronted by a couple of hundred singing United supporters right outside our hotel on La Rambla, just a sample of the atmosphere we were preparing to experience. We joined them for a few hours that evening but heard they carried on till about 5am. Wednesday: Everywhere you looked was heaving with reds, at least 10 for every 1 Munich supporter. We went to the stadium early afternoon to see if we could exchange our Munich end tickets for United end ones, but the touts were having none of it, not even for addtional cash. The cheapest we were quoted for United end or neutral was 400 quid. Thanks but no thanks! Back on La Rambla, someone had put a United shirt over a statue of some bloke. We climbed up and got one hell of a view - reds totally swamped the street. For a while we sat soaking up the atmosphere and singing ourselves hoarse!! The singing continued on the Metro to the match, with a particularly memorable 'You've Only Come to Smell United...'!! The approach to the stadium was equally packed, and whilst hurrying round to our gate, a certain Bryan Robson walked past in the opposite direction but unfortunately I was far too dazed out to react! Getting into the ground was quite a crush as there were far too many people still outside 15 minutes before kick-off and we didn't want another Milan situation. However we eventually got through the turnstiles and legged it right to the top.... only to find ourselves amongst about 30 other United supporters in the midst of the Munich fans! Erm, yes it was quite intimidating!! still, their corners and goal kicks were quite entertaining....!! Still we somehow sat through the first half (flippin' stewards!!), the last 40 minutes of which were absolute torture. I'm sorry to say but some so-called-reds just showed no passion or emotion whatsoever, despite being surrounded by Munich supporters they could at least have joined in with chants of 'United'. I had to move; for goodness sake I may as well have been in the 3rd tier at OT for a Worthington Cup game! Anyway I'm glad I went over to the United end which was totally alive, a completely different scene - everyone jumping and singing on the steps, no stewards telling you to sit down, total passion throughout - at last I really felt a part of it. I don't need to go through the match, everyone knows what happened. Absolute despair for the next 45 minutes. I had resigned myself to the thought, 'at least I was there'. My last few coherent memories were of the clock showing 45. Then as the equaliser went in I just remember slipping down the steps embraced by a complete stranger (whose name i wish i'd found out now, as I'll remember him for the rest of my life!), screaming my lungs out, laughing, crying, in relief, and with the prospect of extra-time. The whole thing was so surreal and happened so fast that I don't even remember seeing the winner hit the roof of the net. I just remember the sheer joy and disbelief i felt, thinking we've finally done it. We've actually done it. Such a mix of emotions was such a shock to the system really, I couldn't take it all in. I really have never known anything like it. I can't even begin to describe how I felt. No words can even come close, and anyone else who was there knows exactly what I mean. Take watching it on TV, or with your mates. Take winning the title for the first time in 26 years. Take coming from behind to beat Juve in the semis. Multiply the emotion of these by several times and you'll be somewhere close... After the presentation was over and people started to trickle out of the ground, we sat there for a while just taking it all in. Just for as long as we could. Until the scoreboard showing 'Manchester United UEFA Champions League Winners 99' had faded out. Until we got kicked out by the flippin' stewards! The celebrations carried on all night and the Munich fans were great. They must be to have been singing, '1-0 and we f*cked it up'...! It still hasn't sunk in even now. I just wish i was back there and could go through it all again... instead i've got exams next week - D'OH!! Till next season, Keep on keepin' strong, Michelle. MickTan@aol.com
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

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