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Date: Thu Jul 01 07:33:03 GMT+00:00 1999
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This Issue:
1. Guardian:  Man Utd withdraw from FA Cup
2. A Day In The Life nullor Deathnullof the FAC
3. Old Farts at lancaster gate stir up the RED army AND 10 DAYS IN MAY PART 1
4. FA backed United into corner', say fans
5. Transfer stuff: Foe, Davids
7. FA Cup withdrawal by "brendymegs" 
8. Someone please tell me by "David Marshall, Brisbane, Australia" 
9. Re:  They all laughed...
10. Teams Manchester United, Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia), Vasco da Gama (Brazil), 
     Real Madrid (Spain) and hosts Corinthians.


Daily RED NEWS Thur 1st July 1999:

Barry Daily Comment:

A sad day in the history of UNITED. WE WILL NOT PLAY IN THE FACUP next seson!
read more in todays newsletter including my thoughts!
****  Becks to miss Far East and Australia tour (Independent)
The United midfielder David Beckham has been told by the club's manager,
Sir Alex Ferguson, that he can miss the club's pre-season tour to
Australia and the Far East. Beckham gets married in Ireland on Sunday.

29-JUN-1999 [09:00] Celebrate with Sir!
Details of Sir Alex Ferguson's testimonial events have been released,
and it looks like we're going to celebrate in style! 
A Testimonial Race Day is to be held at Haydock Park in the Boss's honour, 
along with a golf day, a Simply Red concert, and a United vs Rest of the World match. 
The party will take place between July and October this year. 
For more details and to book your day at the races, read on...

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    55581 Jun 25 07:17 passion.jpg

 Its the presentation of the European Cup at Nou Camp
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  Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
 Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!


01-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Charity Shield, AWAY)
08-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Everton  (FA Premier League, AWAY)
11-AUG-1999 [20:00] Manchester Utd. vs Sheffield W  (FA Premier League, HOME)
14-AUG-1999 [15:00] Manchester Utd. vs Leeds U  (FA Premier League, HOME)
22-AUG-1999 [16:00] Manchester Utd. vs Arsenal  (FA Premier League, AWAY)

August 3rd Omagh Town, St Julian's Road ground
August 4th Wigan Athletic

****Pre season tour details JULY 1999 ***

Melbourne  Sydney  
Thu 15/7 MAN. UNITED V SOCCEROOS evening in Melbourne 
    at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground- capacity 90,000.) kick off 20.00hrs.
- Melbourne Cricket Ground 5 minutes from the city. Good transport available
 Tickets available - starts from $60.00 - behind the goal -next up is $90.00,
   $130.00 and $150.00

    Homebush Bay, Sydney  NEW SOUTH WALES  15.00 local time 
     Tickets for Sydney game try here:
   then type MANCHESTER in the search field.

   + Far East

Wed 21/7 Shangai first time ever!!!
 This match will be watched by 80,000 fans 
  The game has sold out with the Shanghai Star reporting the home side's
  chairman Yu Zhifei as saying: ''It is unprecedented that the tickets
  should sell out for a match five weeks in advance." 

Sat 24/7 Hong Kong  Repeat of the 1997 game
 "ALL matches will be shown "the same day" om MUTV.

UNITED Stats v All teams:

Pos Team                  P  W  D  L   F   A   W  D  L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Manchester United    38 14  4  1  45  18   8  9  2  35  19   43   79
 2  Arsenal              38 14  5  0  34   5   8  7  4  25  12   42   78
 3  Chelsea              38 12  6  1  29  13   8  9  2  28  17   27   75
 4  Leeds United         38 12  5  2  32   9   6  8  5  30  25   28   67

Here are the first matches in the coming season 1999/2000 fixture list:
ALL FIXTURES at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/fix9899.htm
15 July Melbourne pre season Australia
18 July Sydney pre season Australia
21 July Shanghai pre season Shenhua
24 July Hong Kong pre season South China

1 Aug Wembley Ch Sh Arsenal
4 Aug Friendly Wigan Athletic
8 Aug away PL Everton
11 Aug home PL Sheffield Wednesday
14 Aug home PL Leeds United
21 Aug away PL Arsenal
25 Aug away PL Coventry City
27 Aug Monaco ESC Lazio
28 Aug away PL Newcastle United

Personal stories here: http://www.red11.org/mufc/barcelona.htm


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Subject: Guardian: Man Utd withdraw from FA Cup Wednesday June 30, 1999 Manchester United announced this afternoon that they are withdrawing from next season's FA Cup. The decision is subject to contractual issues which still have to be resolved. In a statement the club said: "We realise that many of our supporters will be as disappointed as we are with our decision not to compete in the FA Cup. "Manchester United see this as an opportunity to compete for the ultimate honour of being the very first world club champions." The Football Association offered to exempt the FA Cup holders from the competition in a bid to persuade them to play in the Fifa World Team Championship in Brazil in January and so help England's 2006 World Cup bid. That left United in a no-win situation, knowing that they would disappoint their fans if they agreed to pull out of the FA Cup and disappoint the FA and the Government if they refused to play in Brazil. United agonised over their decision for two days before announcing at an Old Trafford press conference that they had reluctantly agreed to accept the FA's offer. BRAZILIAN RUM The FA can call off the sanctions and put the tactical bombers back in the hangar. Manchester United have announced they will pull out of the FA Cup. "Manchester United agreed in principle to accept an invitation to take part in the inaugural world club championships to be staged in Brazil," said the United chairman Martin Edwards to the polite applause of a few Scousers. Contractual issues mean the deal is still to be completed, so in the meantime Edwards decided to state the obvious. "We realise that many of our supporters will be as disappointed as we are with our decision not to compete in the FA Cup. Manchester United see this as an opportunity to compete for the ultimate honour of being the very first world club champions." South Melbourne will be quaking already. Not content with simply destroying the World's Greatest Knockout Tournament, the FA's bigwigs and bad-lads have cooked up another plan. This time they want to reduce the number of teams in the Premiership to 18 in another attempt to ease fixture congestion. Southampton are unlikely to have been one of the teams to complain. The Premier League insist that they "are absolutely committed to maintaining a 20-club Premier League." But, just in case, ardent Saints fans are looking to borrow a mind ray. If anybody has one. * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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Subject: A Day In The Life [or Death] of the FAC From: Barry Leeming May 26th 1999 never will be forgotton June 30th 35 days later all hell breaks loose! The oldest club competition in the world This Cloud's over what our REDS did last season. The WAS the biggest Premier Knockout Competition in the world, It has become "discount" in a day Every fan wants to see their team in the FA Cup its a tradition ALL PLAYERS want to walk up those 39 steps of heaven at Wembley They are now deprived without being asked and it is the begining of the demise of the FACup We should not play in the inaugeral World Club Competition We are too good for that, we should come in future years when the competition is accepted and played OUT OF SEASON. "T.Banks" is a Chelsea fan so shouting off his mouth today he says "MUFC could lose away to Stockport County in the 3rd round" WHO IS HE KIDDING? Politicions have passed on the buck UK will NOT get the 2006 WC anyway its already obvious the African Nation will get it whatever UNITED do in Brazil **** What's it got to do with us anyway?????!! **** Who do we play in the unimportant Cup they call the ?? >>>>>>>WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2 groups of 4 teams Group Winners in final 3 or 4 games REAL MADRID [might as well be a repeat of Europe?] Vasko Brazil [S American Champs... who the hell are they?] Corinthians Brazil [current champions of host nation] Al Nasr Saudi [Asian Champs, ask Terry] + Champs of Africa .. Tarzan, Jane & King Kong? Champs of Oceania .. Neptune & the little mermaid? Champs of America/Carribean .. Boston Red & White Soxx? Call THAT a competition we should be in???? my a.s! + + + + what do they get instead? Upset stomachs, jet lag, injuries 2 weeks + travel to take the stuffing out of them. ALEX Stepney quote from "Sept 68" "Newcastle on the Sat then off to Estudiantes on the Sat arriving Mon eve match Wednesday travel thurs new match on the Sat again I WAS KNACKERED!!! Any UNITED fans in Rio? Never? ------- God, ...... I'm going to BED! end of "Barry rant"
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Subject: Old Farts at lancaster gate stir up the RED army AND 10 DAYS IN MAY PART 1 THE SWEET FA well they have managed to infuriate the majority of true reds once again, even though personally i understand why the board and the wizard have agreed to this "solution". It was my immediate feeling following the euphoria at the nou camp that something would have to give this season and i had a feeling that the atmosphere we generated at the fa cup final, was one that had more than a hint of we have done this so often , and that with the ever growing demands of the champions league and the competition in the premier league the club would have to relegate the importance of the grand old trophy,surely its better this way than demeaning the fa cup aka the league cup please do not point out its the worthington cup did we win the axacup. hope i am not offending you top reds who are against this move but maybe it will work in our favour regarding free dates on cup sats of coures thats down to the luck of the draw . I wish my typing was professional so my story of the 10 days in may could spring from my head thru my heart to my hands on the keyboard. of my getting a pass to the press box 15 mins before the spurs game. a certain PC of sixties fame was the man to thank and i have several times, myself and ben plus my brother tom appearing on mutv. Getting a red card from the cliff on media day from a right officious git' afetr the security lads had waved us in and we ewre being filmed by bbc. i met the wizard this year and i am sure he would have let us stay but unfortuneatly he was getting keano out the stir,so the atmosphere was not condusive to begging favours,so it was adios to peter stevenson of bbc north with whom i had sat and celebrated the PL being won,we agreed to get in touch in barca, the bbc were going to film the mustang(i have to sell it soon to finance tokyo and rio) any offers ? I will be sad for that car has been a good luck charm since importing it with MUFC-OK Number plates last year. back to the press box at the half time break my conversations were with kevin moran,arthur albiston who i had met before in toronto,wilf mcguinness and smudge the mutv cameraman,who knew the day before i had no tkt for the spurs match,he though it was great to see me in the hallowewd company of ex players and journalists,smudge is one of usyou see , a real fan ,he supports his home town owls, so a great party inthe PB had a hug and a big smile from paddy crerand,also some top photos. Then back to the nest to tell my story to "red kelly" duncan d,linda h ,the Hargreves,eh even got my mug shot, also met seamus gallen before the match ,but does jon leigh really exist? I know Lisa Bailey is for real was not too keen on her 'MINDERS" though they did a good job diverting her attention, but i must insist i was fully focussed on the next 10 days. It was a pleasure to meet you all some for the first time but hopefully not the last. even though i have announced my retirement from the domestic fixture list and that was done at the nou camp! so it will have to be in monaco maybe tokyo probably BRAZIL definitely. so i hung the champions flag out the open car and drove down deansgate it was relly hopping! And then out to alkrington via ancoats, miles platting collyhurst etc etc ,love this area for many reasons mainly its uniteds spiritual home and also my family roots. reached the old davids pub where my son was already returned and he was partying with my well oiled cousins and mates who had partook of many fine ales that afternoon. Still no sign of scholesy,he is known to be seen in these parts. it will be 2 more weeks and 2 more trophies before i personally greet paul scholes. to be continued HOW WE GET FA AND EURO TKTS FACE VALUE WEMBLEY AND THOSE UGLY TOONS FERRY FIASCO TO SPAIN MEET OLD DUTCH RED MATES IN SITGES HARD ROCK F..K IT WAS ALL TOO QUICK, I JUST SEEM TO PARTY ON THESE DAYS UP THE REDS ROGER THE RED DIABLO
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Subject: 'FA backed United into corner', say fans I think they meant Jon Leigh - read on. Dave Manchester United faced a backlash from furious fans after pulling out of the FA Cup to play in January's World Club Championship in Brazil. United insisted the decision was forced on them to help England's bid for the 2006 World Cup Finals but their announcement, after 72 hours of heart-searching, created a huge wave of disappointment among the supporters who believe the FA Cup should be the club's priority. Leading the protest was John Lee, a representative of the Independent Manchester United Supporters Association, who said: 'I am disgusted. This is the most disgraceful stunt the FA have ever pulled, backing United into a corner as they have done. 'They have devalued the oldest cup competition in the world, we are denied the chance to retain the trophy and the team everyone wants to knock out won't be entering.' The announcement that United would take up the FA's offer of a one-year exemption from the FA Cup was made at an Old Trafford news conference by manager Sir Alex Ferguson, club chairman Martin Edwards and FA executive director David Davies. Fans gathering outside reacted in horror. One of them, Steve Walsh of Stretford, said: 'The World Club Championship is just a stunt. 'The supporters wanted United to defend the FA Cup which is, after all, part of their unprecedented Treble. We all feel very let down by this.' Ferguson insisted there was no way out for his club, saying: 'I hate to think what the reaction would have been had we not taken this decision.' Sir Bobby Charlton, a United director and president of the World Cup bid, said: 'I will be as sad as any fan that our name won't be going into the hat but we need to make progress and it would have been an insult to turn down FIFA's invitation.' Manchester United - The Legend: http://manunited.net
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Subject: Transfer stuff: Foe, Davids (Teamtalk) Fergie to sign - but not Foe Cameroon international Marc Vivian Foe's dream move to Old Trafford is off again according to his agent Pape Diouf. The Frenchman told TEAMtalk that Alex Ferguson was yet to get in touch over Foe and that appears to confirm the manager's interest is dead. Fergie first made moves to capture Foe a summer ago but the player broke a leg and remained in France before a 2.5m move to West Ham. Diouf confirmed Fergie has yet to be in touch over the player despite earlier claims that United were in the running. "I don't think United is a possibility, I heard that they can be interested again but I haven't spoken to Alex Ferguson," said Diouf. "We are looking for a transfer but I will have to talk to the boy when he returns. We should know by Thursday or Friday." The agent said that two English clubs had shown interest plus a club from Italy and a host of French clubs including Bordeaux. Fergie was believed to have renewed interest in Foe after learning that Edgar Davids was unlikely to leave Juventus. Indeed it now appears that the reports of United's interest may have been part of an attempt to drive up Foe's price in readiness for a bidding war. However, Ferguson appears to be ready to tempt Juve with 10m offer after he pledged to draft in one more 'quality player'. The Juventus and Holland midfielder has been top of the transfer list since his stunning display against United in the Champions League game at Old Trafford .
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Subject: UNITED'S CUP OVERFLOWS Wednesday, June 30, 1999 12:00 There will be no Double this season. United have become the first team to be knocked out of the FA Cup in June. Manchester United have withdrawn from the 1999/2000 FA Cup competition, in favour of competing in the inaugural World Club tournament, to be held in Brazil next January. The FA put pressure on the Reds to take part in the new competition, in the vague belief that it will aid England's bid to host the 2006 World Cup. Being out of the FA Cup gives United more dates which can be used to reschedule domestic games which will be postponed because of the Brazil tournament. In announcing the decision, club chairman Martin Edwards said, "We have done a lot of listening with the FA and the Premier League and it seems the only sensible way is to withdraw." "This is a chance for Manchester United to become the first champions of the world," he continued. "I convened a Board meeting in my car last night, and my vote was unanimous, with no abstentions." The World Club Championships will run from January 5-14, meaning a two-week Premiership sabbatical for the Reds, away from the hurly-burly of the domestic game, and into the Latin-American silky skill and thuggery that the likes of Vasco da Gama offer, in keeping with their national traditions, dating back to Estudiantes in 1968. This decision means that the prospect of United facing 77 matches next season is gone. While that will please some people, withdrawl from the FA Cup is sure to cause outrage among other supporters. But who cares about them anyway, tradition is for sentimental sods! Paul Hinson (email p.l.hinson@ais.salford.ac.uk) MUTV Masterfan Quiz Champion 1999 Ask the STATMAN at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/statman.htm
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Subject: FA Cup withdrawal by "brendymegs" I'm absolutely sickened by our decision to pull out. The excitement of that 3rd round draw still drags me in irrespective of how well we are going in the league. We haven't always been top dogs and we won't always be either but the FA Cup was always something to hang your hat on, especially during the 70's and 80's when it was the only success we had. Now there is just a bloody big hole and a major competition that we won't even be involved in. Talk about handing the major honours to your rivals. If the best offer from the FA was our exclusion, then they should have been swiftly advised where they could insert their World Cup bid. It's amazing that Davies is claiming that it is purely a one off. If that is the case then it could have been possible to be given a bye in the 4th round as a "one off" The problem with the whole FA set up is that the major figures are not impartial. The committees consist of chairmen and directors of rival clubs . A classic example is Bates on the FA Cup committee. How could we ever expect to be given any favors from that man?. I dare say he'd probably rather strangle his dog! Incredible to think that we're not in the FA Cup but we still have to front up for the Worthless Cup. If the FA really did have the interests of the game at heart they wouldn't insist on the top clubs competing in this Football League creation and the endless rounds of useless international friendly games where the best England players don't turn up anyway (Hungary game a classic example) It's time for the FA to bite the bullet and get rid of at least two clubs from the Premier League (but again, it's difficult to do this because everyone has their own interests at heart. When it comes to the vote who will vote themselves out of the top flight?). I'm going to go and debate the subject with my four year old daughter. She seems to have a better understanding of the game than most of the idiots running it Chris Ryder (an extremely depressed and dejected Gorton Red in exile),Sydney
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Subject: Someone please tell me by "David Marshall, Brisbane, Australia" Hi All, Things ain't what they used to be are they? I know I'm still the Second Oldest Fart and thus probably have lost more cerebral neurones than most of you, and perhaps that is why I just can't see how having an English club compete in this silly thing in Brazil influences the choice of the venue for WC2006. Surely FIFA, that bastion of honesty and fair play (they do have kiddies displaying a banner about Fair Play at most internationals, don't they?), will base their decision on the quality of the bid and not whether or not they can pressure the FA into forcing the best team in the world (we know that without needing this bollocksy thing in Brazil antway) out of the best cup competition in the world. To say I'm upset is putting it mildly! How dare they???? The only upside I can grasp at is that it will extend the time since we lost a game in the cup by at least a year. I suppose we could make that forever if we simply never played in it again. Cheers, David Marshall Brisbane, Australia. Red 'til I'm dead - treble achieved, I'm ready to go!
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Subject: Re: They all laughed... From: Sean Hennessey Hi all, What we were singing at Wembley and in Barca was: They all laughed when Arsenal got the double They all laughed when we signed Jaap Stam They all laughed when Schmeichel said he's leaving Who's Who's Who's got the last laugh now! I've gotten about three versions on list so far, but I'm positive that that's what we sang at that time, anyway... Variety is the spice of life... :)
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Subject: Teams Manchester United, Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia), Vasco da Gama (Brazil), Real Madrid (Spain) and hosts Corinthians. Sportsweb The F.A. offered the Cup holders an exemption from the 127-year-old competition to help allow them represent England at next January's world club championship in Brazil. Davies was anxious that United attend the inaugural competition in order to promote England's bid for the 2006 World Cup but needed first to find a way to ease United's increasingly congested fixture list. By travelling to Brazil in the middle of the English winter, United would have missed two premier league matches, a possible League Cup semifinal and the fourth round of the F.A. Cup. "The only way to find enough alternative dates for those matches is to reduce United's load," Davies wrote in Wednesday's Times. "Squeezing in another match here, another there, is not an option...if there was an alternative, we would have found it." South Africa are the current favourites to host the first World Cup in Africa with Morocco, England, Germany and Brazil the other candidates. If Manchester United had decided to miss the club championship the losing European Cup finalists Bayern Munich would have taken their place, a possibility Davies was eager to avoid. "Manchester United's involvement in the world club championship will unequivocally help England's 2006 World Cup bid and no-one should underestimate the importance of the World Cup," Davies said. "If the World Cup does not come here in 2006, it could go to Germany." Davies added that the world club championship was likely to develop into a "glamorous competition of great significance over the next few decades". "By making a commitment to this new competition now, England, in the shape of its standard-bearers, Manchester United, can be in at the beginning." Davies drew a parallel with Chelsea's experience in 1955 when they were discouraged from entering the European Cup. "It was another 13 years before an English club, Manchester United, eventually won that competition and sealed the idea of European football as a significant part of our game. We also failed to enter the first three World Cups. Another own goal," he said. An alternative view has been expressed by Lee Hodgkiss, spokesman for the Independent Manchester United Supporters' Association. "The F.A. Cup remains close to the hearts of the fans, players and management of Manchester United," Hodgkiss said. "Let's get this right. Fans of Manchester United don't give a damn about England's national team so all this talk about us representing our country is nonsense." Ultimately money will count and Manchester United could make millions from the new competition, which is intended to be an annual event. Eight teams are to take part, one from each of the six confederations making up the world governing body FIFA, another from the host country plus the winners of the annual Cup between the champions of Europe and South America. Teams so far confirmed are Manchester United, Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia), Vasco da Gama (Brazil), Real Madrid (Spain) and hosts Corinthians. Next year's tournament is scheduled from January 5-14.
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