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Date: WED JUN 02 01:56:38 EDT 1999
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This Issue:
1. Ask The Masterfan
3. United to unveil Bosnich signing
4. Champions League 1999/2000
5. Personal Barcelona Report by RED KELLY (Part 2 of 2)
6. Personal Barcelona Report by Barry Leeming (Part 1 of 7)
7. Personal Barcelona Report by Steve Pringle
8. Personal Barcelona Report by Yoel Druker


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CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Ask The Masterfan > >I was linked to your site from Sky sports home page and have to > >say that > >this is one of the best web sites dedicated to a pro-sports team I have ever > >looked at- congratulations! > > > >The reason that I am writing to you is that I hope that you can answer a > >question. When we were watching the cup final on Saturday night, > >(unfortunately I was unable to see it live as for some reason Canadian TV > >decided to air it on a tape delay), we were trying to remember the name of > >the Manchester United player who was sent off in the FA cup final in the mid > >eighties. I think it was Kevin Moran but the person who I am arguing with > >(who just so happens to be a gunners fan so he is bitter!) thinks otherwise. > >Sorry to trouble you but is there anyway you can settle the > >argument.........please Yes, Kevin Moran was sent off in the 1985 FA Cup Final against Everton after tackling Peter Reid. He did receive his medal after an appeal by the club, and is still the only player to have been dismissed in an FA Cup Final. Paul Hinson (email p.l.hinson@ais.salford.ac.uk) MUTV Masterfan Quiz Champion 1999 http://www.red11.org The best STATS on the 1999 English and European Champions on the Web http://www.red11.org/mufc/stats.htm STATISTICS http://www.red11.org/mufc/pontin.htm RESERVES And JUNIORS Try the MUFC Quiz http://www.red11.org/miva/quiz/quiz.mv
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: FEVRE LEAVES OLD TRAFFORD Blackburn today announced the appointment of Manchester United's senior physiotherapist Dave Fevre to the Ewood backroom staff. Rovers appointed Fevre as full-time physio to replace former part-time man Alan Smith, who left the club at the end of the season. The 38-year-old is well known to Blackburn boss Brian Kidd, having worked alongside him at Old Trafford for four and a half years. Kidd said: "I am delighted to have Dave join us. It is a key appointment and he has all the right credentials. I am sure he will have a long and successful association with Blackburn Rovers." Fevre joined Manchester United in July 1994. He started his sporting career as physio with Lancashire County Cricket Club in 1985 and has since spent four years with the Great Britain Rugby League squad and three years with Wigan Warriors. PA Sporting Life
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: United to unveil Bosnich signing Mark Bosnich: "I hope everything is tied up quickly" Aston Villa's Mark Bosnich is poised to complete a move to Old Trafford this week - on a free transfer under the Bosman ruling. United chairman Martin Edwards says he is on the verge of talks with Bosnich, but has insisted the deal is far from tied up. "There is still a lot to do," Edwards said. Bosnich hopes to sort out personal terms and complete a full medical after having preliminary meetings with Alex Ferguson last week, when his fitness was also checked by the club's backroom staff. The BBC's Adam Mountford reports on when the move is likely to take place Speaking in The Mirror newspaper, Bosnich said: "I'll be travelling to Manchester (on Tuesday) and I hope everything is tied up quickly. http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/355000/audio/_357818_adam_mountford.ram "I had preliminary talks on Friday and I've had the medical. I will discover the results of those tests but I feel fine. "Although I was out for four months last season I've been back at 100% since then." United hero Peter Schmeichel will be hard to replace Bosnich has been criticised by Villa chairman Doug Ellis for making the move, but the Australian has so far refused to hit back. "Once everything is signed and sealed I will then have my say about a number of things that have been going on," he said. Replacing Old Trafford legend Peter Schmeichel will be no easy task, especially after United's Treble success in the European Cup, Premiership and FA Cup this season. But Bosnich insists he is looking forward to the challenge, saying: "That is the big bait for me. It's an opportunity I could not turn my back on." Bosnich played three first team games for United between 1989 and 1991 before returning to his native Australia to renew his work permit. He returned to England after marrying an Englishwoman but instead of rejoining United he signed a two-year contract with Villa in 1992.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Champions League 1999/2000 In the 1st qualifying round to be played on 13/14 and 20/21 July will be the Champions of the following countries Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Albania, Faroe Islands, Republic of Ireland, Wales, Malta, Northern Ireland, Armenia, Estonia, Moldova, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Finland, Iceland and Belarus. The winners of these games go into the 2nd qualifying round to be joined by the following teams-games to be played 27/28 July and 3/4 August. Champions of- Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Georgia, Cyprus, Scotland, Slovenia and Israel. Runners up from- Norway, Austria, Russia, Croatia, Turkey and Denmark. The winners of these games go into the 3rd qualifying round to be joined by the following teams-games to be played 10/11 and 24/25 August. Third placed teams from- Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands and England. Forth placed teams from- Italy, Germany and Spain. Runners up from- Portugal, Greece and Czech Republic. Champions of- Austria, Russia, Croatia, Turkey, Denmark and Switzerland. The losers from these games go into Uefa Cup. The winners go into the 1st group stage to be joined by the following eams- Champions of- Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, England, ortugal, Greece, Czech Republic and Norway. Runners up from- Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands and England. There are 4 groups of 4 teams. Top 2 qualify for 2nd group stage. 3rd place teams go into Uefa cup. 2nd group stage consists of 4 groups of 4 teams. Top 2 qualify for quarter finals. The draw for the 1st group stage is on August 6.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by RED KELLY (Part 2 of 2) I noticed a dragonfly overhead. You don't get this at Old Trafford I thought. Do these creatures only live for a day, or is it a myth? Would I chose this as my day if it was the only one I had? Up to that point I'd have said no. The grand finale was upon us. Bayern attacked their supporters and United attacked the goal in front of us. The end was nigh and when Bayern hit the post and then the bar I thought we would win. "Don't you mean you thought they would win?" "No", I was convinced we would win. I know that's easy to say now, but I can honestly say it was so. Mind you as the clock ticked relentlously on a few doubts were creeping in and then........................ I hadn't realised we were already in injury time when Becks came over to our right to take the corner. There had been a series of pressure raids on the Bayern goal and we had come very very close to scoring. And Ole was on with his accompaniment: "Who put the ball in the scousers' net, who put the ball in the scousers' net, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer." We all screamed our encouragement as the lad who has become a hero this season ran over and placed the ball by the flag. Another hero came charging downfield. Peter was in the box ready and waiting and everyone's thoughts turned to the Volgograd game. It couldn't be - could it? The ball was whipped in and what happened between then and it hitting the back of the net I've no idea, but I did see Peter rise and I thought he got a touch. We went absolutely mental. The place was out of control and the noise unbelievable. It wasn't the usual noise though, it was more of a gutteral roar, a deep throated release of pent up emotion. As we collected ourselves for however much of the game was left I found a phone on my seat. The phone was switched on and the display lit up. I picked it up and put it to my ear. I said, "hello" and the voice on the other end said, "if you think that was good - watch this." It was a beautifully expressive Scottish voice I'd heard many times before. I turned around and gave the phone back to it's owner who was scrabbling around on the floor under her chair and turned back just as the lads had forced another corner. I can't believe this I thought to myself, but there was an air of inevitability about it. In came the ball again and this time Teddy flicked it on and there was Ole and there was the ball in the back of the net again. This time we were out of control. I don't just mean we went mad - we were completely, absolutely and totally out of bloody control. I was screaming, laughing and crying at the same time jumping up and down on my seat like a demented lunatic. The poor woman next to me got the biggest hug ever and I swear the bridge of her glasses got pushed so far into her nose she'd never have got them off again. There were bodies everywhere. I ended up two rows back before being catapulted back to my own seat. I looked behind me and the phone woman was screaming her head off and she just flung herself over the seat and landed in my arms. There were bodies everywhere going completely mental and the noise was now breaking the sound barrier. No-one stopped to breathe. It was the most fantastic feeling. A huge collective orgasm of delight. 60,000 Reds coming together in celebration of a 31 year wait in the wilderness. The Bayern players were on the floor. There were at least five of them in the goalmouth strewn all over the place unable to move all completely motionless. Absolutely shattered. I've been through this before in 1979 when we drew level at Wembley and then Brady took the ball almost from the kick-off and crossed for that bastard Sunderland to score the winner for the Arse. I knew what the Germans felt like at that moment, but I didn't feel sorry for them til later. I was just far too delerious for that! The Germans kicked off and the whistle blew. Two minutes of suprnatural madness which changed the face of the earth for millions of Reds throughout the world. Two minutes that will live in my memory forever. Two minutes that even if you had to pay 20,000 to be there it would have been too little. Two absolutely priceless minutes of sheer unadulterated joy. >From that moment on it was party night in Barca. We sang at the tops of our voices, a wall of pulsating sound which echoed round the Nou Camp, the stadium was ours and will forever have a special place in our hearts. If Barca had just beaten Real Madrid in the Final it wouldn't have been any louder than this was. The players went mental. Gary Nev was running around kissing his shirt and the rest of them were leaping into each other's arms. Fergie went running around hugging everyone in sight for the second time in a week. What a feeling, what a week, what a fortnight, what a season! It always takes a while for the officials to set up the table and place the huge silver trophy atop, but we would have stayed there all night if necessary, it just didn't matter, nothing mattered, we'd won. After 90 minutes they must have been putting red and blue ribbons of Bayern Munich on the Cup but then have to take them off again and put United's on instead. I watched the Germans take their medals and applauded them as we all did. They didn't come round to see us. They should have done, we'd have clapped them and buoyed them up a little. But I suppose they couldn't face the face splitting grins we were wearing. Then our lads went up and Peter lifted the Cup. What a moment that was. The culmination of a lifetime's support. A feeling of pride welled up inside me as I saw that famous trophy lifetd high. At last I thought - at bloody last. The lap of honour lasted forever. we didn't want to leave and neither did they, but they saved the best til last. I think it was the daft Dane who started it, but he picked up the Cup and we gave a huge cheer, so he put it down and then did it again. He then did it a third time but fooled us and left the Cup on the ground. He was laughing his head off. He then decided to take things a stage further and commanded us to shut up while someone else lifted the Cup. There was complete silence, 60,000 and you could hear a pin drop. He counted us in 1-2-3 and as the Cup was lifted we roared our approval. This went on and on with everyone lifting the cup in turn. Some did silly dances and some didn't, but as the last of the players lifted it we shouted for Keano. "Keeeeeeeano, Keeeeeeeano" we screamed and with the players forming a guard of honour. Keano, Scholsey and Henning Berg came down in their suits. The Cup was stood in front of us at the end of the guard. Keano, Scholsey and Henning Berg walked through the players guard of honour and as they appeared at the end Keane and Scholes took the Cup and lifted it high to a roof-raising cheer, not that there was a roof to raise. All the time we sang our songs and danced. There was a bloke dancing and singing back and forth up and down our aisle. He just couldn't stop. The Calypso went on forever and ever. The air was ringing with delirious voices. The lads eventually left the pitch after several displays where they would link arms and dance or when James' record came on they all sat down and rocked in unison. This really was the bright side of life. About 45 minutes after the final whistle we reluctantly left our seats and after goodbyes to all my temporary mates I made my way back to the appointed meeting place just as two very excited people came rushing over to me and we had anther extended hug-fest. Practically the only words anyone uttered during that time were "unbelievable, truly unbelievable". We made our way out of the ground and into throngs of supporters. The faces around were wide-eyed and grinning - we were all in shock. Thousands piled out together and made their way up the road towards the main artery the Avenue Diagonal. TV cameras were on us and their harsh lights caught our attention so about half a dozen lunatics, including us danced and sang for them. It was mayhem and madness and nobody cared - except the Germans. We then waited by another appointed place for Steve and John and while we waited we were entertained by two lithe young girls who delighted in teasing before revealing parts of their bodies normally kept private. Eventually they were prevented from revealing "just once more" by, I presume, a boyfriend. If he wasn't, he probably is now! Just as the fun stopped John arrived having been waiting further on, he didn't seem bothered about missing the fun - something about a football match he said!! Out onto the Diagonal and the traffic had no chance of keeping us out of the road. It was one long procession of Red down to the Metro station. The weather was still very warm and to be honest even if it had been cold we wouldn't have noticed. The metro station was extremely hot though and packed full of people. We follow the crowds down under ground but we felt there was something wrong and decided to go back. Something just didn't seem right down there. Wading through the hordes like salmon swimming against the tide wasn't easy but when we got back into the night air we were glad we'd persevered. Later that night we found out there had been chaos after an old man had suffered a heart attack down there and they had to get him out and off to hospital. It stopped the Metro for a while, but the feeling was he'd survived. He was on our flight but obviously stayed in Barca, let's hope he makes a full recovery. So we walked back to town. A very long walk, but we cared not a jot. We stopped off at a bar for a drink and only Lizzie and I had beer, the rest had water. I think we were all intoxicated so who needed beer. Well, I did!! There was a TV which was showing the goals to loud approval from everyone in the bar. The cheers echoed out onto the Diagonal and the songs started to flow along with the beer. I'd have happily stayed there drinking beer til I dropped, but after two or three they were off again and so I went with them. We finally made it back to the Rambla where all the action was. Some of the bars had stayed open and were doing sound business. By this time I felt the need for a visit to the toilet and you know that one of my reports would not be the same without a toilet story! This was a small and not very efficient toilet and stacked full of Bayern fans who were well gone. My identity as a Red could not be questioned as I had my 1968 European Final shirt on so I stood there waiting for the barrage of anti United stuff, but it never came. Maybe it helped that they were all considerably smaller than me or the fact that the rest of the bar was jammed with Reds, but they didn't bother me at all. That doesn't mean we passed the time of day either, but who cares. Back on the street I bump into Leeming the daft Dane again as he conducted several interviews with TV crews and then we sat down and tried to come to terms with what had happened earlier that evening. Most of the time we sat there in silence still smiling and occasionally uttering the word of the moment "unbelievable". We were intoxicated with the experience just sat there on a warm evening taking in the revelries enacted in front of us. At 3am the coaches arrived at the Placa de Catalunya and we left for the airport. There were several flights delayed, but ours was one of the first to leave. The airport as many other places was littered with Reds. They were everywhere stretched out on the seats and all over the floors. Some had made the place their home for the last few days. The scene was more reminiscent of the subways during the blitz than Barcelona airport on a Wednesday evening. The flight was over in no time. It was for Nigel and Steve anyway as they slept all through it, even the cheese and coleslaw - how could they have missed that. We arrived back in England at 6.30 local time and the sun was shining. We made straight for the newspaper stand and bought several. There were tons of people waiting for us and it felt a bit like a returning army had come home. We'd been there and were now afforded celebrity status. Back in the car with a coffee and a sandwich I asked Nigel if it was all a dream. He said it wasn't, it was real. How could that be real I thought, things like that don't happen - do they? That 24 hours in Barca were, apart from family stuff, the most complete 24 hours I have ever known in my life. I know I will never experience anything like it ever again. It was unique and priceless, a simply stunning moment in time and a privilege to have been there. Happy Birthday Sir Matt and thanks for the tip. Postscript to A Day in the Life - a life in a day: On Thursday morning I finally got home at around 10.00am, the M6 was one long traffic jam and the journey took an hour longer than expected, but then why should we expect anything else from the M6? Nigel and I had stopped off at a service station for some coffee and people stared at us as we walked in. Whether it was because we wore United colours or just that we looked completely knackered I don't know, but they all stared at us. Maybe they knew we'd been there and done it. Maybe it was that obvious - written all over our faces. I dropped Nigel off at his place and drove the short distance to Leamington. I walked into the house on what was supposed to be a normal working day, but of course it was nothing of the sort. Manchester United were European Champions and the news was all over the papers, on every radio broadcast and TV. I couldn't focus on work, I just wanted to watch the game over and over again. I had said to Eliza as we were walking away from the Nou Camp, "savour every single second it will never ever be like this again." I wanted to relive the experience and so it seemed did everyone else who'd been there. Every now and then the phone would ring, but all the person at the other end wanted to talk about was the match, work didn't come into it. I went down to the local corner shop where they were still talking about the game, I was buying more papers and they found out I'd been there and that was it - the shop stopped still and everyone who was there wanted to hear stories about what it was like. The papers were full of tales like the man who drove into the Blackwall tunnel on 90 minutes with the score 1-0 and lost his radio signal. When he re-emerged a couple of minutes later United were European Champions! At 3.15 I wandered down to the school to pick up my daughter and everyone was still talking about the game. A few of them knew I'd been and came over to me - I had to escape for fear of attracting a crowd. How far fetched does this seem? I can assure you it's the truth - everyone wanted to know, it stops people in their tracks when they find out you were there and complete strangers come over to you and want to talk about it. By the time I climbed into my bed on Thursday night I had been awake for 65 hours continuous, I had blisters on my feet after walking over 20 miles and I was just a little tired! For the past two days I and the others had survived on pure adrenalin. Our lives will never be the same again. I wonder how the man we kept encountering outside the stadium got on. We finally left him sitting on the pavement still ticketless. He had been separated from the people he'd come with and had money but nothing else apart from what he stood up in and that was very little - just a pair of shorts. He had one leg in plaster and had even lost one of his crutches and to top the lot he didn't even have his Passport anymore. But he was still desperate for a ticket. At times like that you have to look after yourselves, it was a bit like a war zone outside that stadium, but the camaraderie was there for all to see. Thousands are in the same boat as you, all searching for tickets - you just need that bit of luck and we found ours with the Austrian. But you have to be there, it's compulsory - you have to give yourself that chance.
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Barry Leeming (Part 1 of 7) "It's Getting Better All The Time" - Barry Leeming REDS in Barce Epic Pt: 1/7 "REDS Are Going To Barcelona" Pt 1/7 It Cant Get No Worse! Dateline Sat 29th - Sun 30th May 1999 We watched the FA Cup Final on TV here in Denmark & as we all know UNITED secured the Triple/Double beating Newcastle comfortably. The European Cup Final 1999 "Danish Reds on Tour" was myself, son Michael & Henrik/Leo from Denmark in the car to be driven door to door 2200 km from Aalborg - Barcelona. We left Denmark around 22.00 hrs and drove all night stopping for breakfast South of Frankfurt at 6am. We were already halfway! We were consantly singing Andy Roberts "REDS are Going to Barcelona" many of you will have seen or heard the home made Cd I made in Spain :)) So far the journey was without hitch and we entered the "TOLL ROADS" of France early Sunday morning. Sunday early afternoon we were followed by 3 gendarme's and stopped for a routine check. They looked in the glove compartment of the car and found my 1 year old radar detector which had been lying there unused for a year. Suddenly BIG trouble!!!! Confiscated the device, we were arrested, car, passport, licence held and we were ordered to pay 5000 francs cash within 2 hours!! After protest and consultation with London we were advised to pay, obtain a receipt and leave asap. Now we felt that we were being picked on and as the detectors can be purchased in shops in Uk and Denmark then we had commited no crime owning it?? IF WE HAD USED IT THEN A HEAVY FINE WOULD HAVE BEEN OK. Anyone who has been in France on a Sunday will know that it is more or less closed everywhere. The police would not take credit cards, checks or pesetas!! All 4 members of the car chipped in and luckily we had 5000 francs in cash. We were very fortunate to find a hotel who would exchange the Pesetas to Franc and were able to pay up 2 hours later. The police released us and we were flat broke! The fine which is 600 quid amounted to the same as the whole trip including hotel & travel had cost for 4 persons!!!! I am contacting lawyers in Denmark/Uk to see if we have been fairly treated? I doubt it very much. The gendarmes were very unpleasant and impossible to discuss anything at all, they just enjoyed ruining our day. When we had driven from Denmark we had been singing but now the rest of the journey went quietly. This trip had cost 150 quid each including hotel and travel. French Police had no charged us over 600 quid for doing nothing!? Arrival at Calella "Hotel Miami" was 12 midnight 26 hrs after our departure from Aalborg including 2 hours with the French police. Pt 2/7 Monday 24th May ....... coming soon Multi media: http://www.red11.org/mufc/barcelona.htm
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Steve Pringle I live and work in germany (stuttgart) and thought i would have no problem getting a flight direct to barca, wrong ! after much grief and phoning around, me and my irish red mate from dublin francis, secured a flight normally reserved for students and teachers, so i became a teacher that day (i am a telecoms consultant) and we got our flights. This was with lanchile airways (chilean national airways !!) from frankfurt and we expected the worst. How completely wrong we were when we were met on this huge long haul plane going via Madrid (where we get off) and on to santiago, chile, by the most beautiful air hostesses i have ever seen (have you seen the haggard old bags on BA lately?). Anyway, off at madrid at 2315 on the tuesday night and there were about 300 reds already waiting around at madrid airport all connecting to the last plane that night to barcelona on spanair (did everyone use spanair ?). an uneventful flight and 1 hour and 10 later, we were there ! yippee. But we still had no match briefs. Taxi to the Ramblas and by now its 0130 wednesday morning, and no hotel to dump my holdall, but we "bumped" into 3 local girls who took pity on us and led us to a club-bar off the square half-way down the ramblas, where there were about 200 reds crammed into this bar that was meant for only about 50 people! Crashed out until 6am and headed off to porto olimpico where we had the best breakfast i had had in ages and we sat on the harbour front in the early morning sun watching more and more reds arriving, seemingly knowing one out of every two reds, all of whom had no match tickets. The rest of the day is a bit of a blur and fast forward to the robin hood late afternoon when by now, the estrela beer was rapidly taking effect. the time came to get to the stadium and off we went staggeringly drunk by now as i had resigned myself to not getting in, the ticket quest going badly during the day, but many thousands of reds were in the same boat, or was it a train ? We arrived at the station nearest the nou camp (the name "nou camp" will forever be magical words to me)and marched along with the red army in all its glory, and still, not many germans to be seen, how can you keep a low profile at such an occasion ?,to be met at the first checkpoint the ring of steel and loads of menacing looking riot-geared cops. got through that somehow, i'm not sure how. The next hour was spent asking any and every bloke if they had any spares...... nothing of course. I was standing around outside the united end near gate 5 when all of a sudden, a huge rooar rang out and these two huge gates went crashing through and i was swept into the forecourt and on to the last turnstile. I was pursued by a very irate, baton-swinging spanish cop and had nowhere to go but over the last turnstile and in and up the stairs INSIDE the stadium and into the giant bowl itself.....!! I WAS IN ! I have no idea how i managed it but destiny played a big part i guess. i would say that about 20 or 30 reds got in this way and with no sign of the maniac cop chasing me i became very emotional. The sight inside that greeted me was one that will never, ever leave me for the rest of my life, it was about 10mins to kick-off and this magnificent, fantastic stadium was full to bursting with the biggest away support for the reds i have ever seen in over 25 years of following the shirts all over europe. It was absolutely awesome. I was more convinced than ever that we would win. Behind me to my right on the middle tier behind the goal was crazy bez from the mondays looking very calm. The game started amid wild banner-waving (i had lost my flag in the melee getting in) and beside me were the red issue lads shouting themselves hoarse. The bastard germans scored! Oh no. Still, we had been in this situation many times this season and we would win in the end.....would'nt we? As the game wore on, it became clear the boys were just not firing and we badly missed keano, the fa cup final days before being too easy and keano was not needed....this was different though. half-way through the second half, i was beginning to get very very worried indeed. We just did'nt look like we were going to score, we had lots of possession but every time we got near their goal, they cleared it and their defence was looking very tight. A minute to go and its looking very bad indeed,i'm steeling myself to the distinct possibility of defeat and ridicule from the arsenal fans back in stuttgart. Teddy scores. Cue scenes of total bedlam as 60,000 reds go mental, i tumbled down about 5 rows of seats and suffered a cut forehead and staggered up and cuddled a big bear of a man, i turned round to salute my heroes for takin us into extra-time and ..... ole scores !?!?!?!?! A split second of disbelief and everyone going twice as mental as before and latent homosexual tendencies surface as large men all around me are cuddling and kissing. Ref blows his whistle.... i have tears streaming down my face. WE'VE DONE IT ! The next 12 hours are the best of my entire life (apart from the birth of my daughters). We walk the 2-3 miles from the ground to the ramblas, my voice gone, this wide grin NEVER leaving my face. Celebrations like you've never seen all night as the red army are...takin over,takin over,takin over barc-el-ona Fantastic. The airport next morning topped it all off when i sat and had a drink with the red legend paddy crerand, a top red by the way who follows the boys everywhere, shook bryan robsons hand who is hungover. The thing i can remember most that morning is the smile on every reds face and bearhugs as we bump into old friends. Arrived back in frankfurt 1830, where we got strange looks from people in the frankfurt rush hour and we are chanting "champions of europe" to anyone who will listen, all 2 of us. An unforgettable night, an unforgettable experience. Never to be repeated. Life has never been so grand. Steve Pringle
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

Subject: Personal Barcelona Report by Yoel Druker Two comments the were so appropriate THE BOSS said the his players like doing it the hard way... 'oh well, football' it doesn't get closer then this!! (good exercise for the hear?) and "hey never run out of time..."Mcclaren, well we didn't. I couldn't see the game as I am vendor for my company (the only one on site with this customer) all I could do is click on the Match Ticker, down 0:1 at the beginning of injury time, thoughts from years ago came to me ('next year' and such) I closed my eyes, my head went down all I could hear is my hart beating, I took a deep breath lift my head fearing the weariest! look at the match ticker it was 1:1 I could not believe it, I got up me hand clinched all I could say YES,YES,YES,YES,YES, it must of been 90 seconds because when I looked again to the match ticker it was showing the following: 2:1 UNBELIEVABLE!, I could not believe, I said to myself 'oh-well football' dashed to my car (I live near by) got home, switch on the TV seeing Charlton smiling face! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! a few comments on some incredible humans' (did someone say that...) THE BOSS, So many tried before and you exceeded our dreams!, it is your world, your show, we are only enjoying the light... your unmatched winning and confidence in the players has got it all to the top. no words can express the joy you led us to and no words can express our feelings to you, all I can say is THANKS and SALUTE! THE GREAT DANE The general how doesn't take any prisoners... in fifty, sixty years from now grandparent will tell the grandchildren about the great Dane with his unmatched breviary, his unsettling need to win. there are great players with great talent, there good players that are good for have in the dressing room (motivation etc..) and there are does how will not settle for No.2 and have there self believe 100% and there subcontiace is as strong as there words, in no moment they have doubt's!! we will miss him and the melody of the songs for him will not be silenced (as is Cantona), were ever he plays the are new fans! words will not cover our feelings, THANKS IT WAS OUR PRIVILEGE TO HAVE YOU WEAR OUR NO. 1 SHIRT!! BECKS I loved what Keegan said about clowning... I don't think there is a Manager in the world that wouldn't have him on his dream team! with every boo the other fans gave the more we love him and the more his shows what his made of, now they can do what ever they want to David he has shown his stuff and some bright light came out!! so we can say to all those small minded/ narrow minded ... 'take a seat and eat your heart out!, this is way it can only happen once in a blue moon' KEAN so much has been said about his great season and rightfully so, all I can add is that this came after a serious knock and he showed that he has not only talent bat caricature! what a winner! all the fans are his lawyers for a new contract! GIGGS I remember when he first came on the newspapers said the a 17 years old kid came on and played with great confidant and he will be a great player, when he drives the ball up the pitch it amazing, like Becks there's a feeling that anything can happen, I am so happy for him wining it all as he has chosen (in a brave manner) to play for his country and has shown that his soul can't be sold, in the football world were tactics are so important all I can wish is for his to go on the pitch and do what ever he wants! (leaving us breathless!!) what he does is what fantasy football is made of!! OLE not only the Spanish were saying 'ole... ole... ole...' but all over the world we were saying 'ole... ole... ole...' !! all fans say to 'if I had a chance or the talent I would have only play for ManU', but that doesn't happen players move along get there money and move on! so it was such a great having you score the goal that will printed in many books, shown in many screens on a lengthy and extended time! when he scored THE GOAL it was the fans that scored THE GOAL! earlier on when he scored another WINNING GOAL (FA cup) I couldn't but noticed what he garbed in his hand! I am so happy for him (poetic Justus) COLE (a few years ago) I was driving to work when I herd the he broke his foot in the reserve team game, I was very sadden be that and from that day on I know that I as a fan have a special bond with him - for his success, this year he has got a lot of monkeys of his back (and a lot of mouths shot!) guess what I felt when he scored THAT GOAL! (at OT) THE FANS a few years ago as at work (again) I couldn't see game, at my lunch brake I dashed to an electronics store in front of 30 screens I stood watching ESPN in the 90'th min Butt was sent off, I will never forget that seen with him leaving the pitch his head down and all the fans at OT are standing clapping there hand in a tribute for his effort! THAT'S WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT, I was so proud of the fans for doing that! I can add allot about Jap (the difference) Stam, the reliable Irwin ('that our soldier there, that us on the pitch), G & P.Neville, York (it is so hard to make it at Man Utd. and he did it from day one, that doesn't happen a lot!), Scholes (absolute devotion!) Mcclaren (fresh air) Sheringham (showing us never to give up). for all those small minded/ narrow minded ... other teams fans: * we do not need to apologize for being the best! * we are the biggest club in the word but yet look so many players came from within our ranks! (I think we have over 50$ mil. in 'home made' players, what would you say? Becks, Giggs, G & P Neville, Butt, Scholes, Brown Grining and more to come) * no other team faces the other teams with so much Motivation to play against as ManU faces but yet... so enjoy! this is our moment, have the players rested because next year the train is going again (WE WILL NOT STOP - THIS IS WHAT THE BOSS HAS COMMANDED). Yoel
CONGRATS to REDS ALL over the world.

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