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Date: Thu Apr 01 12:20:38 GMT+00:00 1999
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
2. Supporters pay for United cynicism
3. Disillusioned May hints at quitting United 
6. Stam injury scare as Zidane threat grows


Daily RED Trivia  Thursday 1st April 1999:

Billy Griffiths made his debut against Woolwich Arsenal. Griffiths was a
Centre-half  who was joint-top scorer with 11 goals in 1904, and played 175 times
and scored 30 goals between 1899-1905. 

United move closer to the title with a 3-0 win against West Ham United at
Old Trafford in a Division 1 game watched by 61,308. Scorers were George Best,
Bobby Charlton and Denis Law. Team was: Stepney, Dunne, Noble, Crerand,
Foulkes, Stiles, Best, Law, Sadler, Charlton, Aston.

Barry Daily Comment:

Please read todays Nr1 article from OUR SALFORD LASS on ticket prices.
We will run this all through Easter as it convey's an important
message to "real Manchester United fans". 
This subject will continue to be discussed for a long time!

Previous News:
 Brian Kidd Press conference, pic, real audio
Peter Schmeichel's last Season at United!

Next games: 
ALL Result/Fixture Index:3

Next Games:
April 3 Wimbledon (A)  15.00 PL
7 European Cup Semi Juventus (H)
11 FAC Semi Arsenal at Villa Park  12.30 UK Live Sky Sports Uk
17 Sheff Wed (H) 15.00 PL
21 European Cup Semi Juventus (A)
25 Leeds (A)  11.30 {am} UK PL Live Sky Sports UK 

UNITED Stats v All teams:

*** LEAGUE TABLE AS AT 21/03/99 ***

Pos Team                  P   W   D   L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Manchester United    30  18   9   3  68  31   37   63
 2  Arsenal              30  16  11   3  42  13   29   59
 3  Chelsea              29  15  11   3  44  23   21   56
 4  Leeds United         30  15   9   6  49  27   22   54
 5  West Ham United      30  13   7  10  34  39   -5   46
 6  Aston Villa          30  12   8  10  39  37    2   44
 7  Derby County         30  11  11   8  32  32    0   44
 8  Wimbledon            30  10  10  10  34  44  -10   40
 9  Liverpool            28  11   6  11  52  37   15   39
10  Tottenham Hotspur    29   9  12   8  34  34    0   39
11  Middlesbrough        29   9  12   8  39  40   -1   39
12  Newcastle United     30  10   8  12  38  41   -3   38
13  Sheffield Wednesday  30  10   5  15  35  33    2   35
14  Leicester City       28   8  10  10  28  37   -9   34
15  Coventry City        30   8   7  15  31  42  -11   31
16  Everton              30   7  10  13  23  35  -12   31
17  Blackburn Rovers     30   7   9  14  32  42  -10   30
18  Southampton          30   8   5  17  28  56  -28   29
19  Charlton Athletic    29   6  10  13  33  40   -7   28
20  Nottingham Forest    30   4   8  18  27  59  -32   20


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079
08/11/98    Newcastle United         Home     D  0-0     3    55,174
14/11/98    Blackburn Rovers         Home     W  3-2     2    55,198
21/11/98    Sheffield Wednesday      Away     L  1-3     2    39,475
29/11/98    Leeds United             Home     W  3-2     2    55,172
05/12/98    Aston Villa              Away     D  1-1     2    39,241
12/12/98    Tottenham Hotspur        Away     D  2-2     1    36,079
16/12/98    Chelsea                  Home     D  1-1     2    55,159
19/12/98    Middlesbrough            Home     L  2-3     3    55,152
26/12/98    Nottingham Forest        Home     W  3-0     3    55,216
29/12/98    Chelsea                  Away     D  0-0     3    34,741
10/01/99    West Ham United          Home     W  4-1     3    55,180
16/01/99    Leicester City           Away     W  6-2     2    22,091
31/01/99    Charlton Athletic        Away     W  1-0     1    20,043
03/02/99    Derby County             Home     W  1-0     1    55,174
06/02/99    Nottingham Forest        Away     W  8-1     1    30,025
17/02/99    Arsenal                  Home     D  1-1     1    55,171
20/02/99    Coventry City            Away     W  1-0     1    22,596
27/02/99    Southampton              Home     W  2-1     1    55,316
13/03/99    Newcastle United         Away     W  2-1     1    36,500
21/03/99    Everton                  Home     W  3-1     1    55,182


       P   Won       Drawn     Lost      For        Against    Points
Home   16  11 (69%)  4 (25%)   1 (6%)    38 (2.4)   16 (1.0)   37 (2.3)
Away   14  7 (50%)   5 (36%)   2 (14%)   30 (2.1)   15 (1.1)   26 (1.9)

Total  30  18 (60%)  9 (30%)   3 (10%)   68 (2.3)   31 (1.0)   63 (2.1)

                                         Averages per game in (brackets)


HIGHEST HOME ATTENDANCE: 27/02/99 - Southampton (55,316)
LOWEST HOME ATTENDANCE:  15/08/98 - Leicester City (55,052)
BEST WIN:                06/02/99 - Nottingham Forest (8-1)
HEAVIEST DEFEAT:         20/09/98 - Arsenal (0-3)
BEST HOME WIN:           17/10/98 - Wimbledon (5-1)
HEAVIEST HOME DEFEAT:    19/12/98 - Middlesbrough (2-3)
BEST AWAY WIN:           06/02/99 - Nottingham Forest (8-1)
HEAVIEST AWAY DEFEAT:    20/09/98 - Arsenal (0-3)

Champions League:
Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Bayern Munich   6  3  2  1  9  6  11   
Man United      6  2  4  0 20 11  10
Barcelona       6  2  2  2 11  9   8    
Brondby         6  1  0  5  4 18   3   

Dec  9 Brøndby         0-2  Barcelona
Dec  9 Man Utd         1-1  Bayern Munich


 Manchester Utd  2 v 0  Inter Milan
 Real Madrid     1 v 1  Dynamo Kiev
 Juventus        2 v 1  Olympiakos
 Bayern Munich   2 v 0  Kaiserslautern

**DYNAMO KIEV      2 v 0  REAL MADRID         (Agg:3-1)
OLYMPIAKOS         1 v 1  **JUVENTUS          (Agg:2-3)

Semi Final Draw to be played 7th, 21st April
Manchester United v Juventus  [OT 7/4]
Bayern Munchen v Dynamo Kiev 


David's Time Out picture is in the news

Subject: *IMPORTANT* Ticket Prices REDITORIAL from OUR SALFORD LASS Martin Edwards and ticket prices It must be wonderful to be rich like our Martin. To look at ticket prices from a purely objective standpoint. To be able to say that rises are fair because our prices are below most other clubs in the Premiership. Only someone who has never had to worry about money in his life can dismiss the difficulties of thousands of genuine, committed fans the way he does. To him, an extra two pounds on the price of a ticket is nothing - to many fans who have already been priced out of the game, it might as well be two hundred pounds. To people like me, who are just about clinging on to the United bandwagon, that two pounds per game could finally be the straw that broke the camels back. I (and hundreds like me) were already worrying ourselves silly about how we are going to pay for our season tickets in less than two months time. If the cost goes up by two pounds a game, it could be impossible. If I do keep my season ticket, how do I afford cup games (11 so far this season, with another two at least coming in the next week or so)? Or do I give up going to away games? I suppose that will be the answer - I've already missed a number this season because I simply can't afford it. It's not the actual cost, Martin, that will get rid of yet more of your troublesome "traditional" fans, but the increase - is it really too difficult for someone of your intellect to understand? Or is this just what you want? A stadium full of wealthy suited gents talking into their mobile phones, with their beautifully coiffured girlfriends on their arms? Well if it is, don't start asking for atmosphere for the Euro games that earn you all that money - because there won't be anyone left to generate it. I am so angry, I can barely speak. OUR SALFORD LASS
David's Time Out picture is in the news

Subject: Supporters pay for United cynicism By David McDonnell Wednesday, March 31, 1999 Manchester United took firm control of the gravy train again last night, with City experts immediately predicting that other big Premiership clubs will jump aboard for a lucrative ride. Now the richest club on earth has found the nerve to fleece season ticket holders for an extra £2 per game, the sniff of new money will be impossible to resist. Yet, United's decision comes in the very week when Government figures reveal that a quarter of the population are officially classified as poverty-stricken. Sportsmail can now reveal the extent of the glittering perks and wealth being offered to already mega-rich players, while hard-up fans are being asked to find an extra couple of pounds for watching a mere 90 minutes of entertainment. In today's multi-million pound game, where clubs pay for players' houses, their children's education fees, mobile phone bills and numerous other inducements, supporters are entitled to feel aggrieved at having to dig deeper into their pockets. In short, the modern player wants for nothing and pays for nothing. If you are one of the 15 million officially living below the breadline - and there are many within United's catchment area - what, for instance, must you think when £1.3million of Old Trafford riches is given to four players to help them buy luxury properties in the stockbroker belt of the city? United chairman Martin Edwards, who stands to make £90m if the proposed BSkyB takeover of United is approved, tried to calm the storm over the increase by stating: 'There are a lot of football clubs who are not public companies that charge higher prices than we do. 'We are still near the bottom of the table as far as prices are concerned. Some London clubs charge twice as much as us.' Condemnation from the stands was swift and unequivocal. 'It's a disgrace,' said Andy Walsh, spokesman for the Independent Manchester United Supporters Association. 'The people who are suffering are the traditional supporters who are now being priced out. The club are acting cynically.' Rebel United fan leader Lee Hodgkiss warned that the legal fee for the sale of the club could rise to £10m and believes that gives a greater indication as to why ticket prices have been raised. 'Martin Edwards has said the price of selling the club is so far £1.7m but we have had it confirmed today that the actual price is £2.2m and that could rise in the end to almost five times that figure,' said Hodgkiss. The truth is that United's decision to hike their season ticket prices to pay for the lavish lifestyles of their millionaire stars will have no impact on the capacity crowds of Old Trafford. Therein lies the hypocrisy of the mean-spirited decision. Alex Ferguson's flamboyant players earn up to £30,000 a week and lead the kind of movie-star lifestyles which those who flock to the Theatre of Dreams can only fantasise about. Yet, it is these same supporters - whose unconditional loyalty and support allows players to live in the most exclusive houses, drive the most expensive cars and eat at the finest restaurants - who are once again having to foot the bill. Those searching for a reason to justify the season ticket increase need look no further than the Old Trafford team wage bill. The acquisition of Dwight Yorke, Jaap Stam and Jesper Blomqvist, plus the contract re-negotiations of several of the club's top players, has hit hard. The reality is that even Manchester United, the richest club in the world, are having to face up to the fact that players' wages need to be contained. In the six months up to January this year, the Old Trafford wage bill rose by £3m to a staggering £16.8m. Add to that the £750,000 bonuses the team have received for progressing to the Champions League semi-finals and it becomes patently clear the financial belt will need to be tightened sooner rather than later. Yet, this dilemma is not unique to United. Wages have proved to be the costliest outlay for clubs in recent years as the power base has shifted from club to player. John Bick, of Financial Dynamics - the company which handles Manchester United's financial affairs - admitted the rising wage bill was an ongoing problem for all clubs. 'The rise in the price of season tickets is simply to keep a balance across the board but there has been a major increase in the wage bill,' he said. 'Manchester United are trying to keep a cap on players' wages and clubs in general are starting to address the cost of players, which is increasing at a significant rate. 'The demands of players have risen and the cost of bringing foreign players over has increased dramatically. 'If you want quality players you have to come up with a lucrative package and that's where a lot of the money goes these days. 'If it is considered in the best interests of the club, these packages will be offered to players. It's as simple as that.' The Old Trafford board have embarked on a £30m redevelopment of the stadium and a £20m state-of-the-art training ground at Carrington. Yet, the whispers in the City are that if the proposed BSkyB takeover falls through, the United wages will be capped in order to pay for these projects. Such a scenario would seem unthinkable for a club of United's stature but reality now bites at every level in the money-drenched Premiership. The gulf between United and the smaller clubs in the Premiership is both compelling and alarming. Former Southampton manager Lawrie McMenemy once remarked that United made more in programme sales on a match day than Saints made in gate receipts. That gulf has now become a yawning chasm which shows no signs of decreasing. Indeed, the six-monthly figures released by United showed the club makes £1.5m at every home game, yet they are determined to add a meagre, estimated £130,000 to that astonishing amount by introducing the £2 rise. All this from a club that has a yearly turnover of £56.6m. The Old Trafford megastore, where watches, socks, pyjamas, shirts, curtains and duvets proudly bearing the United logo fly off the shelves quicker than staff can replenish them, provides the club with a huge chunk of its fortune. Indeed, in the last six months, merchandising alone has been worth £12.4m while the club's television income rose from £7.9m to £9m. Work is already under way to increase Old Trafford's capacity from 55,000 to 67,400, the club's 111-bedroom Quality Hotel is reporting a surge of bookings and success in the Champions League will bring in an estimated £15m. The sound of corporate footsteps marching towards success has never been louder. Yet, there is a darker side to this. Football analyst William Davies believes the increase in Old Trafford season ticket prices will herald a similar move by other Premiership clubs. In simple terms, it is the supporters who will pay to keep up with the avaricious demands of players. 'The truth is that Manchester United could put their prices up even more significantly and not suffer because the demand will always be there,' said Davies. 'That's how strong their position is. They can afford to turn thousands of supporters away every week. 'These sorts of decisions by clubs will always prove controversial because you are mixing business principles with supporter loyalty. 'But if Manchester United are to maintain their pre-eminent financial position as the world's richest club, these decisions must be taken, however unpopular. 'It seems inevitable that there are going to be further rises in the price of season tickets following United's decision. 'The reason they have not had to raise their season ticket prices in the past is because they have been so profitable elsewhere. They were the club that recognised the power of marketing in the 1980s and have left everyone behind.' United have always relished being trendsetters yet this is one area where they have nothing to be proud of. The legacy of their greed will be felt by every football fan in the country.
David's Time Out picture is in the news

Subject: Disillusioned May hints at quitting United MANCHESTER, England, March 31 - Manchester United defender David May says he is considering leaving Old Trafford because he is not playing enough games. The 28-year-old is the first United player to show his frustration at Alex Ferguson's squad system and hint that it may drive him out of the club. May has become a regular fixture in the United reserves this season, despite being a key member of the team that won the F.A. Cup and League double in 1996 and the league title again in 1997. "I don't want to leave Manchester United but I don't want to spend the rest of my career in the reserves,'' he told the Manchester Evening News on Wednesday. "At the moment, I am just preferring to hope I get a chance and then I'll sit down and think about things. "I spoke to the manager earlier this season and he told me to stick at it and that there were plenty of matches. "(But) it's not quite worked out like that." May's career has been on hold since he was called into the England squad two seasons ago after helping United win the double. The arrival of Jaap Stam in the summer has seen May lose his status at United. The 1.4 million pound signing from Blackburn in July 1994 has played only two full League Cup matches this season. May's last first team outing for United was against Nottingham Forest on November 11 - all of 29 matches ago.
David's Time Out picture is in the news

BREAKING NEWS - Thursday 01 April 1999 Subject: BECKHAM DIDN'T MEAN TO CAUSE OFFENCE David Beckham was unaware that the pictures used by Time Out magazine showing the him wearing crucifixes and rosary beads would cause offence, according to the Man United man's Dad. The England international is pictured on the front cover of the magazine with a headline The Resurrection of David Beckham. But Beckham's father Ted insists that his son believed the photographs would be used solely for modelling purposes. ''To be honest, David was just doing some fashion photos. It was nothing to do with religion,'' Mr Beckham said. ''I think it was done about two months ago and if they have held it deliberately for the Easter issue of the magazine, it is in very poor taste. The last thing David would want to do is cause offence to people. ''David is not that stupid to do something like that. As far as he knows, it was purely for a fashion shoot. ''I spoke to him the other day and he said he had something coming out and the pictures were brilliant. ''He hasn't done anything else recently so it must be this picture. He wasn't thinking about anything other than fashion. ''If you look at the clothes, they are just fashionable clothes - not my sort I admit - but for a youngster.'' Mr Beckham added: ''It was the wrong time to have brought the pictures out. ''It is just a fashion picture. I don't think anybody thought anything of it, really. ''I have seen the picture and I suppose it is down to what you read into it. I don't think it is derogatory at all. It is just a picture.''
David's Time Out picture is in the news

Subject: SCHOLES NO PIZZA CAKE THE Italians are running scared of England hat-trick hero Paul Scholes - a week before Manchester United's Champions League showdown with Juventus. Their newspapers have given huge coverage to Scholes' treble against Poland on Saturday. One front page was devoted entirely to the exploits of the flame-haired midfield star with the banner headline proclaiming: SCHOLES THREE GOALS FOR ENGLAND - A WARNING FOR JUVENTUS. Scholes scored against Italy in Le Tournoi in 1997 and followed that with Champions League strikes against Juventus and then Inter Milan in the San Siro two weeks ago. Now Juventus coach Carlo Ancelotti has seen enough of the player United boss Alex Ferguson fondly calls 'a little nuisance'. He said: "United are in great form and we all saw the damage caused by Scholes at Wembley. But we will be at our best by next Wednesday." But one leading Italian sports writer stated: "United's defeat of Inter Milan has finally earned them the respect of the Italian public.''
David's Time Out picture is in the news

Subject: Stam injury scare as Zidane threat grows By Ken Lawrence Wednesday, March 31, 1999 Jaap Stam last night flew back to Manchester a worried man after damaging the left ankle that now threatens his place against Juventus, while the Italians' key man Zinedine Zidane vowed to be ready for the Champions League clash. Stam was due to play for Holland in tonight's friendly with Argentina, but instead national coach Frank Rijkaard allowed him home for vital treatment at Old Trafford. Meanwhile, world footballer of the year Zidane was receiving treatment on an injured knee which will keep him out of France's European Championship meeting with Armenia. But while Stam frets, Zidane insists he will play for Juventus in Manchester, despite being injured against Olympiakos in the Champions League quarter-final second leg. The absence of Stam would be a massive blow to Alex Ferguson's hopes of reaching the Champions League final - especially if Zidane keeps his promise and plays. But Stam had few words of comfort for his manager as he flew out of Amsterdam, having picked up the injury 24 hours earlier. He said: 'I am concerned about my ankle. Luckily nothing is torn, but you never know how long these things will take to heal. 'I will have two days of intensive treatment at Old Trafford then see if I can run by the end of the week. 'I injured myself in a practice game on Monday and I came straight off. I was hoping it might clear up overnight but it has not got any better. 'This worry is obviously the last thing I need right now. We have a massive month coming up with so many important games - not only in the Champions League, but in the Premiership and the FA Cup - so I wanted to be ready. 'Now all I can do is have treatment and hope that I heal quickly.' Stam looks certain to miss United's visit to Wimbledon on Saturday, but the loss of the £10.75m centre half, who has become such an influential figure since joining United from PSV Eindhoven last summer, would be an especially bad blow to Ferguson and his team in next Wednesday's Champions League semi-final, first leg. Rijkaard said: 'We are sending Stam home because he cannot twist or turn on his ankle. It would have been too big a risk for him, for Holland and for United to play him against Argentina and the best place for him now is with the Manchester United physios.' French World Cup hero Zidane is desperate to be at Old Trafford in the hope of ending the run that has left him a loser in three European finals - twice in the Champions League with Juventus and once with Bordeaux in the UEFA Cup. He said: 'It has been a bad season for me because I have not been playing well and I have had injuries. 'The only way I can erase the memory of losing to Real Madrid in last season's final is to become a winner in this year's game in Barcelona - and Manchester United are standing in my way.'
David's Time Out picture is in the news

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