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 Mirror site  Boon Wee in Singapore
Download your Free Copy of the Premiership Form Guide for Windows

Guest  Aug 97

What's the score?
All Premier Result Records!
Trophy Room!

A program for Windows that lets you pick any team and
gives you details of all the meetings between these teams since
the start of the Premiership.

It also gives a prediction based on these previous results and has a 'Trophy Room'
that lists all our previous cup and league wins.

The program is FREE to any supporter/MUFC list member.

The program and its associated files take about 3 megs since but most of these files are not required if the user already has ms-access on their system.

Also as the season progresses the database will be updated weekly and users can download  the
256kb database file

Program designer Geoff Carew <>

Part of the readme.txt file included in the mufc_v1.exe :

Hello Fellow RED'S Supporter and thanks for downloading this software.
Here's the installation instructions and any late breaking news.

1. Once you've downloaded mufc_v1.exe copy it to a temporary directory (
c:\temp) and run it.
    This will expand all the files needed to run  the Form Guide for Windows.

2. Run setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

3. IMPORTANT : After the program is set up the first time you can delete the temp directory. This is well worth your while as it's probably taking up 7+mb of valuble hard-disk space.

The other files are windows system files which are copied into your windows/system directory.

Technical questions here FREE UNITED SOFTWARE

Mirror site  Boon Wee in Singapore

Geoff is also in the process of developing a screensaver which will show different photos of the squad this should be avaliable at this site soon!

More software Mufc All-time Database

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