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Adelaide http://Red11.org/mufc/age/adelaide.txt
Australia http://Red11.org/mufc/age/australi.txt
Boston http://Red11.org/mufc/age/boston.txt
California http://Red11.org/mufc/age/californ.txt
Canada http://Red11.org/mufc/age/canada.txt
Cheshire http://Red11.org/mufc/age/cheshire.txt
Chicago http://Red11.org/mufc/age/chicago.txt
China http://Red11.org/mufc/age/china.txt
Cork http://Red11.org/mufc/age/cork.txt
Denmark http://Red11.org/mufc/age/denmark.txt
Dublin http://Red11.org/mufc/age/dublin.txt
Durban http://Red11.org/mufc/age/durban.txt
Finland http://Red11.org/mufc/age/finland.txt
Florida http://Red11.org/mufc/age/florida.txt
Gloucester http://Red11.org/mufc/age/gloucest.txt
Holland http://Red11.org/mufc/age/holland.txt
Hong Kong http://Red11.org/mufc/age/hongkong.txt
Iceland http://Red11.org/mufc/age/iceland.txt
Ireland http://Red11.org/mufc/age/ireland.txt
Israel http://Red11.org/mufc/age/israel.txt
Italy http://Red11.org/mufc/age/italy.txt
Johannesburg http://Red11.org/mufc/age/johannes.txt
Kuala Lumpur http://Red11.org/mufc/age/kualalum.txt
All Lady REDS http://Red11.org/mufc/age/ladies.txt
London http://Red11.org/mufc/age/london.txt
Malaysia http://Red11.org/mufc/age/malaysia.txt
Malta http://Red11.org/mufc/age/malta.txt
Manchester http://Red11.org/mufc/age/manchest.txt
Mauritius http://Red11.org/mufc/age/mauritiu.txt
All Male REDS http://Red11.org/mufc/age/men.txt
New York http://Red11.org/mufc/age/newyork.txt
New Zealand http://Red11.org/mufc/age/newzeala.txt
Norway http://Red11.org/mufc/age/norway.txt
Perth http://Red11.org/mufc/age/perth.txt
SanFransisco http://Red11.org/mufc/age/sanfranc.txt
Scotland http://Red11.org/mufc/age/scotland.txt
Singapore http://Red11.org/mufc/age/singapor.txt
South http://Red11.org/mufc/age/south.txt
SouthAfrica http://Red11.org/mufc/age/southafr.txt
Sweden http://Red11.org/mufc/age/sweden.txt
Sydney http://Red11.org/mufc/age/sydney.txt
Texas http://Red11.org/mufc/age/texas.txt
Thailand http://Red11.org/mufc/age/thailand.txt
Uk http://Red11.org/mufc/age/uk.txt
Usa http://Red11.org/mufc/age/usa.txt

Suggestions for more towns/countries? Mail: BArry@mufc.dk

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List Age Survey compiled by Barry J. Leeming  Denmark. 

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ICQ          NAME                E-MAIL ADDRESS 

1199123        Alan Gibson             <alangibson@hotmail.com>
1690439        Alan Dobson             <eric@united.powernet.co.uk>
1533983        Alastair Gray          <alastair.gray@virgin.net>
1448366        Andrew Falconer   <andrewf@sbooks2.frognet.net>
1539915        Anthony Smith        <
1340505        Barry Leeming       <barry@mufc.dk>
  661891        Ben Matthews         <ben_anotnac@MSN.COM>
1391687        bErNaRd                  <lokepq@PL.JARING.MY>
1527957        Bill Stevens             <bstevens@MINET.GOV.MB.CA>
1724046        Bjorn Bjornsson    <bjornfr@CENTBK.IS>
1268007        Boon Wee                <limboonw@iscs.nus.sg>
1480283        Brendan Fenney     <bren@prestwich.demon.co.uk>
  722387        Chester                     <chester@ican.net>
1505425        Christopher Yee Sit Yu <yeefamily@hotmail.com>
1450011        Colin & Caroline   <colinl@IOL.IE>
16866261      DA Red Devil          <manutd@PIPELINE.COM>
5109267        Dave West                <d.west3@ukonline.co.uk>
  995209        David Allen              <d.allen@paralex.co.uk>
1432469        David Menashe       <dmenashe@ix.netcom.com>
1422181        Dennis Hui              <bouveret@NETVIGATOR.COM>
3429627        Diana Low             <dianal@pl.jaring.my>
1428444        EinarVestheim       <evesthei@online.no >
1565976        Eternal Damage     <edwinlee@SINGNET.COM.SG>
1428986        Ethan Fry                <elf@ECI.COM>
1599451        Gavin K L Tian       <tgavin@pacific.net.sg>
6126755        Jan Tore Jaastad     <tjaastad@online.no>
2673749        Jennifer Barnard     <barnardj@hotmail.com>
1467364        Joe Parsonage         <Joe.A.Parsonage@BTINTERNET.COM>
        John Callaghan       <jackit@INDIGO.IE>
1683587        John C. Butler        <jbutler@indigo.ie>
1579183        John Kok                  <z2212864@student.unsw.edu.au>
  879709        Jorgen Trankjaer   <trankjar@post4.tele.dk>
1450638        Jorn-Are Johansen <joholme@online.no>
6617076        Jostein Holme         <joholme@mobilpost.com>
1983091        John Kellet               <kellett@omen.com.au>
1330855        Klinsmann X            <jlouey@CARY.COM>
1199536        Larry Turner           <flint@global.net.au>
5186308        Linda Borregales    <LuvKeane@aol.com>
1457797        Mark Armstrong    <markutd@DIAL.PIPEX.COM>
10764073      Noel Abela                <noelabe@GLOBAL.NET.MT>
1426509        Paul Wharton          <psw@clara.net>
1328839        Pete Hargreaves     <peter-cheswem@mail.u-net.com>
  505845        PJ Thum                   <thum@pop.fas.harvard.edu>
1565927        Red Devil Marcus  <lionel@pop.jaring.my>
4397233        Richard Arnold     <arnolr@NU.COM>
1451689        Runar Haukur Ingimarsson   <runarhi@centrum.is>
1647382        Roland Lee               <
1189822        Rowenna Bailey      <Rowenna@BTINTERNET.COM>
1285879        Sara Chow                <saraty@netvigator.com>
1178205        Simon Phipps  <jdlwpf@ECHIDNA.STU.COWAN.EDU.AU>
1411363        Sivaganesh               <cantona7@SINGNET.COM.SG>
1545282        Steven Cook            <axolotl@odyssey.apana.org.au >
1476089        Tan Yu Ming           <skymsh@pacific.net.sg>
1923509        Tan Wui Kwang     <9602548A@STUDENT.TP.AC.SG>
1449052        Thierry de Boer     <tdeboer@WORLDONLINE.NL>
1558060        Thomas Howze       <thowze@u.washington.edu>
1466159        Tim Emanuel          <temanuel@proweb.co.uk>
1451221        Toby Pilling            <toby@PATHCOM.COM>
2789492        Tony Cruz                 <tonycruz@MUSICIAN.ORG>         
1213140        Turab Hussain         <turab@erols.com>
  799845        Vanessa Cheung      <david.beckham@USA.NET>
 878095         Woraporn Poonyakanok <mufc3297@geocities.com>

Another "RED ICQ"  list here!

Info on ICQ from Barry:

If you have Windows 95, Windows NT 4 or Windows 3.x:
Click here to download ICQ   http://www.mirabilis.com/download.html

Once it is installed you will be able to dial friends easily and communicate with them.
Please note my Universal Internet Number (UIN) is 1340505
Therefore my ICQ World Wider Pager address is:  http://wwp.mirabilis.com/1340505

WHAT IS ICQ (I SEEK YOU)? The ICQ program overcame the main obstacle that prohibited the Internet from becoming a truly real-time, two way, interactive, person-to-person global communication system.

The ICQ program enables you to "dial" anyone on the Net at your discretion, without having to make any prior arrangements with him or her. In fact, the recipient of the call needs only to install this program. There after, He or she will always, when on the Internet,be alerted when you are contacting him/her. The program will indicate to you, who of your list of designated frequent contacts, is logged-in at any given point in time, ready to receive Internet communications.

With ICQ you can initiate communication with anyone on the Internet at anytime, be it by text, voice, graphics, video or games. You can even send entire URLs. Messages are delivered directly to the recipient's computer, without the need for downloading.

If the recipient is "logged in", he or she can respond immediately and open a direct line of communication with you. If not, your message will be saved and be made available to the recipient as soon as he or she comes on line.

No longer will you search in vain for friends or associates on the net. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you in real time when they sign on, thus eliminating the need to conduct a directory search each time you want to communicate with a specific person.

ICQ runs in the background and allows you to work and play on other applications while keeping track of incoming messages as well as the log-in status of your Internet associates.

Hope the above has helped all the various mailings questioning the ICQ number and good luck registering. It helps you find friends and fellow REDS easily and much quicker than before!

Cheers Barry
Greeting to Manchester United Supporters All Over the World
Barry Leeming  BArry@mufc.dk
ICQ#1340505  Web site:  

On Behalf of the List Manager: CP CHEAH
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