Subject: Dante Poli at the Cliff today

Hello Everyone,

Just this day, we Suttons decided we had had enoughof cricket and speculation and so we threw a few autograph books and camerasinto the car and drove down for an early session at the Cliff. We presumedthat United had just regrouped following their forays in Milan and Lancaster.

Sure enough on our arrival, we seemed to recognizemost of the yellow bibs and their opponents. Was that Poborsky with allhis hair flowing in the gentle breeze? Was it Ryan Giggs running at 45degrees to the vertical, hernias behind him ;-) and hitting powerfulshots with his RIGHT foot. Kiddo's voice rang out above the applause andshouts, whilst a strawberry faced shepherd, Alex Feguson, smiled at his


Everyone was there but Eric!

I felt a pang of regret, a feeling of loss but marvelledat the skills on show. All the players looked sharp and hungry, jokes wereshared although I missed the presence and wit of David May in this gathering.He has a thigh injury but should be fit for the Spurs game. Tackling washard though Keano, taking up a role in central defence, tempered his tacklingbut showed great prowess and calm, his curls had gone

and his grit shone through.

Schmeichel was unbelievable, he punched, slapped, caught,shouted gasped and generally enjoyed every bit of the game, the shootingpractice and the crosses. He hated every shot which beat him and thosewere few. Sadly, Paul Scholes knobbled Rai and so I hope we don't needa sub goalie in the next couple of games. Ronny Johnsen took him to thesubsequent photo call in his car!

One face stood out from the rest, for it was a newface. From the back you would have been forgiven for thinking it was arather stocky Ryan Giggs. No, it was Dante Poli on his first outing inEngland facing Ole, Giggsy, Cruyff, and Poborsky. He played alongside Ronny,Denis and Phil. He looked calm on the ball and showed considerable skills,his confidence impressed me. Even If I were Paulo Maldini my knees wouldknock in this situation. He seemed relaxed, capable and enthusiastic. Hechatted calmly with Jordi, presumably in Spanish rather than English orDutch and joined in with the shooting practice. He has the look of an ItalianSouth American - which he is! At twenty two, I could not imagine any ofour current young players (outside the squad) looking so calm and confidentwith the obvious exception of John Curtis whom I think will be one of thegreat United players of the future. His games for England in the YouthWorld Cup brought to mind the best qualities of Bobby Moore. I feel I willnot be the last person to make that comparison. Dante is not a big blokeso I would prefer to see him

with a defender who is strong in the air.

Well, we had a great morning. Naomi got Dave to signthe photograph of the two of them and he posed for another one with her.We also got photographs of Pobby, Ole, and a smasher of Choccy which Iwill frame and present to Linda at the earliest opportunity.

Some smashing cars in the car park too! Not least Teddy'sred Ferrari.

He looked like he'd been playing for us all his life.Of course, he is used to Becks, Nicky Butt, Gary and Phil Neville, AndyCole, Pally etc? but I feel a strange, unnerving confidence never feltbefore at the start of a season. Yes Mark, it is weird! Teddy looked goodwith the lads. He reads the game well, defends well where necessary, holdsthe ball strongly and is big(ish). He was certainly hitting and headingthe ball well today, as were Scholes, Butt and Beckham. Applause from thegallery was heard for some fizzing shots.

I've just got a new job so I may be in a positive sortof a mood but, shoot me down in flames if I'm wrong, I think we will havea special year in 97/98.

We have a settled team with perhaps a few promisingnew faces, a great coach and manager and perhaps a god looking over usand willing us to win, even without his genius.

TrEVER the Optimist

_) _) ) ) _) Trev )

Trevor Sutton, Manchester (Newton Heath actually) born& bRED. *********************************************** **
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